June 15 | 2021
CFA News
President's Message
CFA President Darrell Newkirk
We are only a few days away from the first ever CFA Virtual Annual Meeting!! How exciting for all of us!! We had 304 delegate register by the deadline. Delegate registration is today, Tuesday June 15. Make sure you get checked in so that you can participate in the voting. The results of the votes for DAL will be at around 1PM on Friday during the delegate meeting. I am sure the candidates are anxious to hear the results. At the delegate meeting on June 18, there are many important resolutions and amendments to be considered by your club’s delegate. The board will be presenting an updated certificate of incorporation. Additionally, there are several amendments to our CFA Constitution. Please read these amendments carefully. There are some that must be passed in order for our organization to comply with New York not-for-profit law. These are amendments which I am hopeful will pass, as they are consistent with the wording of NY-NPC law..
Central Office has conducted many training sessions during the last few weeks to get people up to speed on voting during the Annual. There will be availability for help if you run into problems.
Many of my past messages have dealt with COVID-19. Many states are now fully open for business. The CDC has stated that fully-vaccinated people do not have to wear masks now. The COVID Advisory Committee has made updates to our COVID policy, and that will be discussed at the board meeting on June 17. We will also discuss changes to the COVID waiver that you have been signing as you enter the CFA shows.

I am looking forward to a very successful Annual this year. Once the pandemic is fully behind us, it will be a pleasure to get together again as we have done in the past to celebrate our winning cats.
Many clubs are scheduling shows as the states open up. I look forward to meeting you at the shows. I am always open to discuss items of importance to you and your clubs.
CFA Marketing
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing
After over a year of research, development, testing and transitions of all ads from the legacy CFA Breeder Referral Service (CBRS), we are proud to announce that the new website for cat lovers to find purrfect CFA pedigree kittens is now LIVE at https://cfa.org/find-a-breeder/ and accessible from the top menu of www.cfa.org.

All cattery advertisements from CBRS' were transferred to the new site and extended for three additional months at no cost. All advertisers were emailed login information so they can ensure accuracy and add more details and photographs. Instructions on how to access and update ads can be found here.

If you did not have an advertisement on CBRS and would like to have one on the new site, you can sign up here. You must have a CFA registered cattery in good standing and have registered at least one litter in the past 2 years.

We look forward to helping cat lovers around the world find pedigree cats from CFA registered catteries like you.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger, Editor
The June issue of Cat Talk should be arriving at any time now. We take a detailed look at CFA's COVID-19 show production practices, learn how YOUR cat can be a model, what may be behind your cat's vomiting. Ellyn Honey shares her remembrance of Gromit. We're "Up Close and Purr-sonal" with Kathy Calhoun. Our featured breed is the Balinese/Javanese. We visit with Crosby, a blind cat (and VCC contestant) who gets around - a lot!

Laurie Coughlan shares readers' tributes to their favorite cats. Don't forget to send her YOUR memory at lecoughlan@aol.com.
To say that the 2020-21 show season was unique would be the understatement of that all too unique season! But with unique events come unique stories - and we want to hear all about them!
Did you (or someone you know) have the unexpected happen because of (or in spite of) the shortened sea- son? Perhaps you sat the season in the show hall out, but things were happening in the cattery. Perhaps you were able to exhibit as soon as shows began production again - and things went even better than anticipated.
We've already heard a few great stories - but we want more for our August issue!
Tell Cat Talk YOUR 2020-21 season story (and we can write it for you - all we need is the info). Submit them to Candilee Jackson at pawdancercattery@gmail.com
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CFA Program News
CFA Foundation
Karen Lawrence
The Feline Historical Museum will be re-opening on Tuesday, July 6th. We look forward to welcoming visitors during our new hours:
11am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

The limited hours will be in effect until we feel more comfortable about it being safe to have lots of people in the museum again. Hopefully, at some point soon, we’ll get back to full operation and be able to welcome cats to run around and play with our museum visitors again. In the meantime, if you’ll be in the area of Alliance, Ohio, stop by and visit us! We’d love to show off our collection.
Legislation - What's Hot...
Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst
Burke County, North Carolina – Animal Ordinance Reform Effort Adopted in Part
The proposed Burke County ordinance, first discussed in the September 2020 What’s Hot , was amended for the May 18, 2021 Board of Commissioners meeting and adopted in part. In this revision, breeder permits were replaced by other breeder mandates. They included screening programs for “known inheritable diseases or potentially disabling health defects,” health records and certificates, and screening tools to ensure buyers will maintain the standards of care required by law. Violations would result in a first warning followed by civil penalties for subsequent violations. After three violations within a 12 month period, sterilization of unaltered animals could be required at the discretion of Burke County Animal Services. The proposed ordinance also included a voluntary Community Breeder Ambassador Program with participants subject to mandatory inspections. The Board did not vote on these sections.

One of the Board members stated that feedback received was almost 50/50 for and against the proposal. He further commented the Board is failing the community if there were not 75-80% people supporting an ordinance change. He was also the only Board member to vote against the sections that were adopted. These sections were 6-12 chaining and tethering, 6-73 reclamation by owner, and 6-131 general enforcement.

Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:
What’s Hot………… California AB 702 – California Breeder Licensing Bill Update
Please report legislation happenings in your area to the Legislative Group – legislation@cfa.org  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
EveryCat Health Foundation
submitted by Virginia Rud
A list of our honored donors for the month of May is available here
June Webinar
“Putting the FIP Puzzle Together”
June 23rd, 2021, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT

Join Drs. Vicki Thayer and Susan Gogolski “Putting the FIP Puzzle Together”! Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) has been an enigmatic, life-threatening disease of cats for several decades. This webinar updates how to put together the FIP puzzle involving viral cause, pathogenesis, diagnosis, the complexity of treatment, and management strategies for prevention of disease in multi-cat environments. RACE approved!
Tax Tips with George Eigenhauser, Esq.

Urban legend suggests that the only way to prevent anyone from contesting your Will (or Trust) is to leave that person $1.00. However, the typical grounds for contesting a Will include failure to sign it correctly, lack of mental capacity, undue influence, or fraud. None of these grounds can be avoided by leaving someone $1.00. Often Wills have “no contest” clauses, which deter contests due to threat of disinheritance. But the threat of taking away a $1.00 bequest isn’t much of a disincentive. Even if the Will is contested alleging pretermission (the inadvertent omission) of the heir this can be avoided by expressly stating that you disinherit them, there is no need to leave them $1.00. On the other hand, leaving $1.00 to a person may create a few problems administering your estate or increase probate costs. State laws require that persons named in your Will to receive any money must be notified of that fact. It may also require notice to them at various stages of the legal proceedings. When your estate is ready to close, each beneficiary must receive their share, even if it’s just $1.00. The heir may then refuse to sign the check, making more work for your Executor. You should consult with your attorney for the best way to leave someone out of your estate plan.
Corporate Affiliates
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CFA Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy, Regional Director
Welcome back, Region 1!
Region 1 was able to host their first show since the beginning of the Pandemic. The Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers and Siamese Alliance of America hosted a show in York PA on May 22 and 23rd. It was a show enjoyed by all who were able to attend.
The North Atlantic Region will host their long awaited Regional show, July 17 and 18th in Morgantown PA. The show is being hosted by the North Atlantic Region and National Norwegian Forest Cat Club. Theme is “Come Spend the Holidays with the North Atlantic Region.” Our regional awards banquet is Saturday night and will honor all the winners from the past two years.
Region 2
Terri Zittle, Regional Secretary
Region 2 is excited to announce that Vicki Jensen (right) has taken on the roll of regional NewBee Chairman. Vicki attends almost all the shows in Region 2 and is enthusiastic about helping our newer exhibitors. She has some great ideas about how to make the exhibitors welcome to our CFA cat shows.

Kathy Durdick has updated the regional website and she says it is now mobile friendly. She has posted the region’s winners, including three new DM’s:
  • GC, RW Faerietail Dark Opal, DM. Owners Lyssa Paul & Trisha Carlson 
  • CH Kasanovakatz Dynah, DM. Owner Stephanie J. Mohr
  • CH Windyvalley’s Bumbleberry Pie, DM. Owner Heidi Murphy
The rest of the winners and further information can be found at NWR website . Thanks, Kathy for the terrific work that you do.

Region 2 is planning to hold the annual picnic on August 14, 2021. The location is Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, Oregon. The usual events of fundraising auction, potluck and Pam’s famous bingo game. It will be good to see everyone after more than a year of “stay at home.”
Region 3
Paula Noble, Regional Secretary
While we approach our virtual Annual meeting, I am reminded of a very interesting story that occurred earlier this year while the Region 3 was busy trying to move our Annual merchandise. I received an order from Australia (Lynne & Martin Moorman) that requested Priority delivery. I contacted Lynne to be sure that was what she wanted (International Priority mail is expensive), and discovered Lynne is a teacher and her class would be participating in an event called “Simultaneous Story Time on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 11:00am”. This event takes place all across Australia and the book they were reading was “Give Me Some Space.” She was so excited about the design on the shirts & pins and planned on wearing her shirt on the day of the event. As you can see from the displays, our T-shirt design fit right in. Lynne & I had several conversations and got to know a bit about each other. I feel I have a new friend in Australia!!

at right: Lynne Moorman with her Region 3 shirt
As more and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 shows are beginning to open up to vendors and spectators. Please remember to stay safe as we move through these changing times.
Region 4
John Colilla, Regional Director
no report received
Region 5
Howard Webster, Regional Director
no report received
Region 6
Cathy Dunham, Regional Director
With an unusual year completed, the MWR Planning Team chose an unusual but fun way to celebrate our winners for 2020-2021. We had a wonderfully relaxed fun show and an awards luncheon. We broke for lunch and presented the region’s top cats in style with our OTRA, awards slideshow, awards booklet. The region provided lunch and swag bags for all. Congratulations to our regional winners. The season may have been shortened but the placement of each winner was hard fought. We had the excitement of watching regional history unfold before our eyes: Jim and Susan Charles showed their beautiful Persians to best in each of the pedigreed categories. (trophy at right) What a highlight to this crazy season! Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.
The region would like to also shout out a huge thank you to Sonja Griffith for designing and creating all the adorable pawprint rosettes for the MWR Awards Show!

Thank you to all for the help I have received from our regional family. We had to deliver the awards from the previous season. Brian Pearson, Lucy Drury, Pam DeGolyer, and LeAnn Rupy all stepped up to help with the delivery chain, and I am eternally grateful for the help. My regional planning team, John Spinder, Larry Atkison, Brian Pearson, Candillee Jackson, Troy Weier, Paul Patton, and Jim Charles have been active as well.  Thank you for your insights and help. Thank you to Tornado Alley, Cats Kansas City, Frontier Feline Fanciers, Topeka Cat Fanciers, Lincoln State Cat Club, and World Wide Feline Fanciers for taking a chance by hosting shows within the region under extreme circumstances. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to my husband, Roger, for listening when needed, for helping when I am on a deadline, for understanding when a meeting runs too long, and for supporting me in my vision for the region.

To the members of the Midwest Region, thank for being part of the region, for supporting our shows and each other, and helping to weave the history of our region one show at a time.
Region 7
Kenny Currle, Regional Director
Things have been quiet this month in the Southern Region. But we've been busy checking out our options for a regional show and awards celebration later in the year. Stay tuned for details!
Region 8
Yukiko Hayata, Regional Director
Delight Cat Fanciers had their 7th show in Asakusa, Tokyo on May 15, 2021. This is the first show of new show season. The entry was 65 as the government restricted the number of persons in the show hall. The show hall was not so small and nice that exhibitor enjoyed with safety space and some vendors.

There were many open and champion cats in Championship and many cats were able to become new Grand Champion. Congratulations !
Region 9
Pam DelaBar, Regional Director
No report this month
Asia (outside of China)
Bob Zenda, Chair

Hong Kong

Except for the one show in Hong Kong on November 14, 2020, all shows were deferred due to COVID-19 until April, when the HK Pet Show 2021 was granted a license by the government allowing the annual pet event for the public on the condition that strict social distancing and other protective/protective measures would be strictly observed.  The Kong Black Cat Club, led by Phebe Low, took advantage of this opportunity to sponsor a CATOLYMPIC event April 16-18.

Phebe Low and Matthew Wong in the
Agility room (also shown below)
The event featured a fun agility event that attracted 31 cat & kittens competing in the “Agility Room” designed ay the Pet Show organizer as a kindergarten playroom. Since agility is very new in Hong Kong, some of the kitties had no idea what was expected, and it was fun to watch the owners trying whatever means to guide their kitties taking steps, jumping over the hurdles, and navigating tunnels. Spectators watched and enjoyed the event through large windows and were amazed that cats can do agility. Phebe reports that this event was a great opportunity to reconnect cat fanciers, introducing the agility concept and promoting CFA to the public.
Foreign visitors are still not permitted entry to any of the countries in the International Division, Asia, so CFA shows can only be held when the local governments permit such gatherings in the three countries where CFA Judges reside (China, Hong Kong, and Thailand). The Siam Cat Fancier’s Club took advantage of the opportunity, sponsoring the HOT SUMMER CFA CAT SHOW on April 11th, at a large mall in Nothaburi, Bangkok. Their advertising included an attractive Show Flyer. The show was judged by Allan Raymond and Douglas Myers, the only two CFA judges who reside in Thailand. They are shown here presenting the Highest Scoring Cat in Championship award to proud exhibitors of the Blue British SH male CHLOEADORES MIGHTY OF SIAM AQUA. Thanaban Authongmak, one of the show organizers, reports that all participants at this successful show followed government COVID-19 restrictions and procedures.
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