March 15 | 2021
CFA News
President's Message
CFA President Darrell Newkirk
Recently, the CFA board approved two new special committees. A COVID Advisory Committee was formed and has held several Zoom meetings under the chair, Rich Mastin. Additionally, a Virtual Annual Meeting Committee was formed, with Rich Mastin as its chair. Along with input from Allene Tartaglia, it is working on a smooth Annual Meeting to be held on the Zoom platform. The issues of delegate registration, ballot counting for DALs, and in-meeting voting are being addressed.  

The China Associate Judging Program (T1) was a huge success. The board has now approved a name change to: CFA Associate Judging Program. The board has also approved the next phase of this training. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore are the countries that will participate in the next class, dubbed T2. Cat fanciers from these countries should contact Anne Mathis if interested.

Many of our fanciers are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations! Hopefully, herd immunity will be reached by summer. Until that time, please follow CDC guidelines. Hand washing, social distancing, and wearing a mask are still recommended, even after receiving the vaccine. It has been a year now since the pandemic was recognized. People are growing tired of the precautions we are taking, but the end is in sight!
CFA Judging Program
Anne Mathis - Chair, China Associate Judging Program
CFA Associate Judging Program Announcement-Team Two Kick-Off!

At the February 2021 CFA Board Meeting, a proposal was approved by the Board of Directors to open the Associate Judging Program to other areas of the world. The next phase (Team Two) will include candidates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

If you live in any of those areas and are interested in applying for this program, we invite you to request an application and submit it by March 28, 2021.

 Please contact Anne Mathis at to receive an application.

CFA Breed Orientation and Awareness School
Barbara Jaeger - BAOS Chair
An ONLINE CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School will be held April 9-11.
Complete information and registration form are available here.

Reservation deadline for the ONLINE BAOS is Wednesday, March 31.
CFA COVID Committee
Marilee Griswold, MD - on behalf of the CFA Covid-19 Advisory Committeer
Writing an article on CDC recommendations and guidelines regarding Covid-19 is a little like trying to hit a very fast moving target. However, the CFA Covid-19 Advisory committee would like to remind you of a few policies and procedures that are current at the moment of this writing.

The CDC still recommends that everyone over the age of 2 wear a mask, be socially distant from others (6 feet apart), wash your hands often and avoid crowds and travel. If you must travel, they recommend you wait 2 weeks after getting your second vaccination dose as this gives you time to build the immunity. They also recommend you get tested 1-3 days before you travel and of course, if you are positive, to stay home.

Please check travel requirements for the state you are traveling to, as they may require you to quarantine or present evidence of a negative Covid-19 test. Masks are still required on planes, buses, trains and other forms of public transportation. When you return from travel, the CDC recommends that you get tested for Covid-19 again 3-5 days after your trip and self-quarantine for 7 days. If you do not get the test upon return, they recommend you self-quarantine for 10 days.

On the positive side, the flu is at its lowest rate in the last 25 years, which is how long they have been collecting data. Compared to the flu vaccine, which runs between 40-60% effective, the Covid-19 vaccines have much higher rates of protection and have been proven to significantly decrease hospitalizations and deaths. Although there are several variants of the Covid-19 virus, the CDC notes that natural infection and vaccination produces “polyclonal” antibodies that attach to the virus at several points. A virus would need to accumulate significant numbers of these mutations for our vaccines to be ineffective. There is currently no evidence of this happening.

Please do take care of yourself and others, as we are not out of the Covid-19 “woods” yet!
CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski, Chair
The following club has applied for CFA membership and will be considered at the April 6, 2021 CFA Board meeting. Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding the applicant should do so in writing and send the comments to Committee Chair Carol Krzanowski no later than March 24, 2021.
As stated in the CFA Constitution - Article III - Membership, Section 3 - Election to Membership: "If negative information is submitted regarding the applicant, the information will be provided to the applicant with enough time for the applicant to prepare a written rebuttal prior to board consideration.”

Fengtian S Cat Club
President: Zhang Meng
Secretary: Sun Xin
Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
CFA Marketing
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing

Bridge Building Activities Continue

As the finish line for the 2020-2021 season is in sight, so is the foundation of the bridge we’re building to connect two historically opposing cat worlds - rescue and breeders.
CFA is opening channels of communication, establishing relationships, and engaging in joint projects with rescue and feline welfare organizations. By focusing on our commonalities, we can accomplish much more for the sake of ALL cats.

In February, CFA held two events specifically strategized for the purpose of building the bridge. The Trapking “From Feral to Fancy” VCC and the Pregnancy and Birth Workshop Webinar presented by the National Kitten Coalition. These events brought over 1000 rescues and breeders together to celebrate, support and learn.
March Education Workshop Webinar

CFA offers workshop webinars at no cost to anyone who wants to learn about caring for cats. This includes breeders of all levels and frontline feline rescue heroes. The workshops are presented by The National Kitten Coalition, who has gathered information from the best practices of various veterinary schools, research programs, practicing veterinarians, responsible breeders, shelter programs and tried-and-true foster parents. The curriculum is thoroughly researched and taught in a way that is accessible, clear and practical for attendees.

In the March webinar, “Basic Critical Care,” Speaker Susan Spaulding, Director of Neonatal Programs for NKC, will discuss how to recognize issues and provide care-givers of both rescued and intentionally-breed kittens the info needed to start intervening for ill kittens.

This workshop webinar takes place on Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 6:00 PM (EST) to 7:30 PM (EST.) Advance registration is required and all registrants will also receive a link to a recording of the webinar so they can review it later if needed. Register here
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger, Editor
The April issue of Cat Talk is wrapping up and on schedule to arrive on time.

Have you noticed that we've added some new features to Cat Talk? Many of our stories and features come from our readers, and we LOVE that you share your ideas with us. Keep them coming in!

Don't forget that Laurie Coughlan is still collecting stories about our readers' special cats, and we've been reading some very touching tales. Do contact her with your own memories of your special cat.
Did you know you can advertise your cattery and its accomplishments in Cat Talk?

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Check out our pricing, or contact Teresa Keiger for more details.
CFA Program News
CFA Judges' Association
Barbara Jaeger - Secretary CFA Judges Association 

Every year, there are members of the CFA Judging program who truly go the "extra mile". CFA's Judges Association has developed an award to recognize those members with a special thank you. The Judges Association is now taking nominations for the 2021 Spotlight Award. Please tell why you think your nomination should receive the award.
If you know of a Judge who has performed "above and beyond" in support of CFA, the cat fancy or cats in general, this is your opportunity to nominate them for the Judges Association Spot Light Award. Any Judge with Approved or Approval pending status is eligible. The nomination should be made based upon contributions or achievements while actively judging.

The following examples are some (but by no means all) of the type of service and contributions that can be considered:

  • Public speaking as an ambassador of the cat fancy (i.e.., "speaks to U of Penn feline vet school about CFA breeds")

  • Serves as a mentor for new judges by accepting trainee judges at shows, serving on past judge training programs or committees, presenting at breed awareness workshops or judges workshops, development of training materials for judges.

  • Serves to mentor and encourages new and existing exhibitors through activities such as participation in clerking or newbie exhibitor programs, coordination of grooming classes.

  • Participates in local "grass-roots" animal welfare efforts in the community such as service to local agencies, works with local purebred rescue in breed identification, does educational programs at local schools or any activity which benefits cats or domestic animals in general."

We will be doing an on-line JA meeting in the near future where the a recipient will be announced.

Please submit any nominees by June 1, 2021 to CFA JA Secretary Barbara Jaeger, and please contact me if you have any questions.
Youth Feline Education Program
Rich Nolte, YFEP Chair

Big news is coming for CFA’s Youth Feline Education Program in 2021!

New shirts have been ordered for our current youth exhibitors so they can be “shining stars” in the show halls and around town.

Our YFEP Virtual Presentation contest will launch on 3/15/2021. Each of the contests will offer cash prizes for the TOP 3 presentations and include a rotating panel of CFA’s finest judges. Check out our Facebook page and be on the lookout for our Instagram page coming soon.

If your child is currently an active participant in YFEP or interested in becoming a part of the program please email We want to make sure your child or grandchild gets the correct size shirt.

We look forward to see y’all in the show halls when you feel safe to be there!
CFA Ambassador Cats
Karen Lane, Chair

This past month many of us said goodbye to a great lady and a wonderful friend of CFA, Nancy Jo Bueno.

Nancy helped with so many different CFA projects and programs. She, and her cat, Danny, were one of the original Ambassador Cats. They attended most of the West Coast CFA shows for years. This is was amazing feat of determination, as for many years Nancy used a walker and did not drive a car. She was also a part of the CFA NewBee Program from its beginning, and loved helping new exhibitors make their foray into CFA.
She stood tall at the beginning of our Ambassador Program when clubs didn’t quite know how to handle our Ambassadors and their cats. Nancy would call me on Monday, after a show weekend, and tell me that she was put in the vendor area of yet another show. It took her shear determination and good will to make clubs understand that the Ambassador Cats attended show to market CFA and to give our spectators a friendly ear and a kind word. She gave her time to listen to our spectators and listen to their stories, without “having to run to a ring.” She and Danny will be remembered by so many spectators and their children.

Danny was one, of only two, Ambassador Cats to ever receive a CFA Silver Star. This honor was given at our Annual Meeting in Reston, Virginia in 2014.

Nancy was a woman of many talents, she helped produce our very first CFA Youth Program Handbook. Nancy’s graphics were an early addition to the Youth Handbook and she helped create our first program logo.

Nancy was preceded in death by her love, Danny. I am sure they are together again.
Nancy Jo with Danny
Legislation - What's Hot...
Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst
State Breeder Licensing Bills to Pet Shop Bans and Traveling Circus Legislation are Filed as Legislative Sessions Gather Steam: CA, TN, CO, UT, and OR

Filing new legislation to be considered continues in the fast paced world of state legislative sessions. While it is still early in most state’s sessions, the Utah and Virginia legislatures have already adjourned. The legislation discussed this month include breeder licensing bills, pet store bans, and a prohibition on traveling animal acts. The bills come from California, Tennessee, Colorado, Utah, and Oregon.
Click here to read more.

Please report legislation happenings in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
EveryCat Health Foundation
submitted by Virginia Rud
A list of our honored donors for the month of February is available here
Grant Review

The EveryCat Health Foundation Grant Review Committee, including the veterinary and scientific advisors, will be reviewing 67 grant proposals on March 12th, 2021. Announcement of the proposals selected for funding is expected to be made in May.

Research Update

Final report on W14-035: “E.coli, a gastrointestinal infection – looking at a cause of death in kittens and determining whether probiotics offer a protective effect.”
Press Release available here.
New President-Elect
EveryCat Health Foundation is pleased to announce that Board member Ms. Vickie Fisher, has been elected as the Board’s President-Elect. She is expected to take over the presidency at the Board’s June Quarterly meeting.
To read more about Ms. Fisher, visit the EveryCat Health Foundation’s staff page.
Tax Tips with George Eigenhauser

Tax time also brings out scams by criminals pretending to be the IRS. These criminals often threaten taxpayers with arrest, seizure of assets, deportation, and more. Their goal is to steal your money. The IRS makes first contact by mail and does NOT initiate contact with taxpayers by email requesting personal or financial information. The IRS, or any authorized collection agency working for them, will not:
  •   Leave pre-recorded, urgent, or threatening messages on an answering system.
  •   Threaten to immediately bring in local police or other law enforcement groups to arrest the taxpayer for not paying, deport them or revoke their licenses.
  •   Call to demand immediate payment with a prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer.
  •   Ask for checks to third parties.
  •   Demand payment without giving the taxpayer an opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed.

If you have ANY doubts about the source of the contact, do not reply to them. Instead, you should contact the IRS directly. For additional information please see IRS Tax Tip 2021-30 “Tips to help taxpayers spot and avoid tax scams” at:
Corporate Affiliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Budget Car Rental
Discount Code # #U285933
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
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CFA Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy, Regional Director
There is still time to enter Garden State Cat Club’s Virtual show. Enter here
They are featuring
  • 8 new fun classes with 2 judging in each class!
  • 8 professional judges for all the conformation classes.
  • Over $2,250 in prizes for lots of winners!
  • An “extra” conformation class for cats that have never been shown in purrson!
Please vote for Spectators Choice. All funds collected from voting will be donated to EveryCat Foundation and BAP, equally.

Seacoast Cat Club has cancelled their May 1 show for this year. They hope to be back next year.
Region 2
Terri Zittle, Regional Secretary
Betty with granddaughters Denise and Lynette and Lynette’s friend Beth
Betty Denny just celebrated her 102nd Birthday! Betty had been a great part of the Cat Fancy Association community for many years in the Pacific Northwest. After retirement from judging Betty relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be with her grand-daughters.

Just to give a little history, she judged her first show on February 28 – March 1, 1959 which was an ACFA show. When ACFA split into two groups she decided to move to CFA. She was instrumental in putting on a show in Eugene, OR with the McKenzie River Cat Club.

Betty and her grand-daughter Lynette came to Portland for Betty’s 100th Birthday. It was a memorable show and we were so happy to share it with her. Sadly, we missed the 102nd birthday party. Lynette says she had over 50 people and many cards and presents.

Happy Birthday Betty. We miss you and wish you the very best. Stay safe and hug your kitties
Region 3
Paula Noble, Regional Secretary
Well, here we are once again with disastrous side-effects from the weather we’ve had. As most of you know, Texas/Louisiana/Arkansas very rarely get the type of winter storm we experienced beginning Valentine’s Day and lasting for nearly a week. We have had many people without power and without water for several days. The continuous days of sub-freezing temperatures resulted in frozen and/or ruptured pipes, resulting water damage when the water came back on and poured through those ruptured pipes. Anyone wishing to help, please consider making a donation to our Disaster Relief Fund, as the weather this year has taken quite a toll on that fund as we try to help out those in need throughout our region.

As we begin to hear of more and more of our regional exhibitors as well as exhibitors across our CFA family getting their COVID-19 vaccines we hold more and more hope that our shows can return to a more normal state during this next season.

Everyone stay safe and healthy!!
Poor Anne Paul can’t get a break! She's taying at her Dad’s in Houston while they rebuild their Louisiana home after two hurricane hits last fall! His pipes burst and ceilings came down in several rooms.
Region 4
John Colilla, Regional Director
The Great Lakes Region is still holding its raffle to benefit the 2022 Annual in Louisville, KY. We received a donation of a 1/4 carat diamond solitaire pendant on an 18" 14K Singapore chain.
Tickets can be purchased online by contacting Nannette Schindler Tickets will also be available when shows resume in Region 4 and at select shows in other regions. The winner of the pendant and neck chain is scheduled to be announced during the 2021 CFA Annual in Houston, TX.

Tickets are a donation of:
4 tickets/$10.00
10 tickets/$20.00

In other news, The 2022 Annual pins have arrived. Information on the sale of these pins will be released later this spring.
Region 5
Howard Webster, Regional Director
No report received
Region 6
Candilee Jackson, Regional Secretary
Worldwide Feline Fanciers held it's long-awaited show Saturday, February 13th, in Lawrence, Indiana. The snowy trek to the show wasn't too bad, and the weather cleared just in time for the show. With one hundred entries, a great deal of fun
was had by all, and the words of the day included such statements as: "I haven't seen anyone in soooo long! So good to see you!" "I almost didn't recognize you with long hair!" "Wow! You've lost weight!"

Pictured is judge Sharon Powell with two of the show's wonderful and hardworking stewards.
Hear ye! Hear ye! SAVE THE DATE! The MWR invites you to calendar Saturday, June 5, 2021, for the fabulous, long-anticipated IN-PERSON Regional Awards Banquet in Gardner, Kansas!!! Detail to come.
Region 7
Kenny Currle, Regional Director
The Southern Region is delighted that areas are opening up more and we're able to have in-person cat shows again! Exhibitors are so delighted that both shows within the past month filled early! Cat Club of the Palm Beaches held their show March 6-7 in Sanford, FL, and then Crab and Mallet held their show in Timonium, MD this past weekend. We are pleased to note that show managements and exhibitors are doing their best at complying with remaining masked-up and maintaining social distancing

The region recognizes that clubs are taking a financial risk in holding shows without spectators. These clubs are helping to keep breeders and exhibitors involved in CFA when it is safe to do so The region is happy to be able to offer $500 to those clubs who did not break even through the end of the 2020-2021 season and requested financial assistance.
Exhibitors and "Mother Crab" (show manager Janet D'Agostino - center with crab mallets) masked up and having fun at the Crab and Mallet show in Timonium, MD. Photo courtesy Chanan.
Region 8
Yukiko Hayata, Regional Director
Two writers for Pet World Magazine visited the Japan Regional show and they interviewed several exhibitors and took photos at the show. They were very happy to see the various breeds of cats with their owners, and the owners were happy to be interviewed. I also gave them the CFA pamphlets to help them understand how cat shows work. Their article was in the March issue of Pet World, and it contained the history of CFA in Japan, the purposes of breeding and showing, how to enjoy the show, and explanations about ribbons and rosettes. I feel that this article will be very helpful for cat owners inside and outside of CFA. I hope that it also brings many new cat fanciers in the near future.

Click here to view the article
Region 9
Pam DelaBar, Regional Director
CFA Region 9 Europe is gearing up for the first European time zone online Breed Awareness and Orientation School. This will be held 9, 10, and 11 April. The course will be conducted by six seasoned CFA Allbreed Judges: Loretta Baugh, Pam DelaBar, Barbara Jaeger, Anne Mathis, Vicki Nye and Peter Vanwonterghem. Enrollment is open until 31 March.

With COVID-19 rates hopefully declining throughout Europe, we are starting to look forward to planning shows. Cat-H-Art has been planning shows and already has two approved shows in exciting locations: La Seyne sur Mer, France on 29-30 May 2021 and on 16-17 October 2021 - Monaco!!!

We have just heard of fire in the cattery of CFA Judge Nadejda Rumyantseva on around 02:30 AM on 6 March, possibly caused by lithium batteries. Twelve cats were lost to the fire. Our hearts are with Nadejda
No report received
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