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December 18 | 2019
CFA News
Memo From Mark
I spent Thanksgiving in the air, flying to Shanghai, China. I went to meet with a number of government officials to discuss CFA cat shows in China in hopes of helping to return CFA shows to China. As you probably know, this past year has presented us some challenges. That weekend I attended a well-run show which encountered no government issues. It was a 6x6 with 12 CFA judges. The show was sponsored by the Shanghai Hong Kou Commercial Federation. CFA’s China Rep, Allen Shi, worked closely with the local government to make sure the show had all the proper paperwork. Sindy and Peter did a great job managing the show. Our other ID Rep, Matthew Wong, was in attendance and provided support for my meetings with the local officials. The entire team is to be congratulated. 
The many loyal exhibitors who attended this show were thrilled to see the return of CFA shows. The following weekend the same management team produced another show without any problems. We hope we are working our way back to a full show schedule in China. The success of these two China shows has encouraged a number of others to seek help in producing more shows this season. I was delighted to be able to attend the first of these shows and am appreciative for the great hospitality extended to me while I was there.
Our Development Director, Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell, coordinated a large CFA booth at a Pet Expo in Pittsburgh the weekend of November 16-17. There was a huge gate and CFA received wonderful exposure. A number of CFA staff members worked the booth that weekend: Allene Tartaglia, Desiree Bobby, and Amber Goodright. Jim Flanik was also a big help in the booth all weekend. The Great Lakes Region held a show in conjunction with this Expo. Thanks to Regional Director John Colilla and his team for pitching in and producing a well-run show that the many visitors to the Expo were able to visit and enjoy. The next Pet Expo with a CFA booth will be in Edison, New Jersey in early February. Members of the Garden State Cat Club will staff the booth along with Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell. CFA will be providing displays and handouts while the club is bringing along some Pet Me Cats for the enjoyment of the visitors. These large events help educate the pet loving public about our hobby and our many exciting breeds. We also explain the many ways they can participate in CFA.

The Ambassador Cat Program, co-chaired by Karen Lane and Joel Chaney, has once again coordinated a CFA calendar. We handed out thousands of them at the recent CFA International Cat Show as well as at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo. We also made them available to our show-producing clubs from November and into January. If you attended a CFA show, you should have received one. Teresa Keiger did a great job with the design of these calendars. I hope you got one.

The Board of Directors met on Tuesday, December 10 th. Hopefully, you read Kathy Black’s notes from that meeting. Treasurer Kathy Calhoun reported that we have had a very successful year financially. Our core business is registrations and once again we saw increases this year over last year. We have invested heavily in marketing and in IT. It has been a very successful year and I thank each of you who have participated in our wonderful hobby. 
The holiday season is upon us. I hope each of you enjoy the holidays and I wish you the best in the New Year.
Central Office Report

Allene Tartaglia, CFA Executive Director

Club dues notices regarding the submission of membership lists and dues for 2020 were sent the beginning of December. Thank you to all the clubs which have already responded. A second reminder will be sent in early January to all clubs with an up-to-date status of your dues and membership list. If you have any questions about dues and membership lists, please contact Amber Goodright,.

The partnership with Wyndham Hotels (formerly LaQuinta) and CFA continues into 2020. Receive 10% off the room rate by visiting and using corporate code 1000026977. Enter the code under the Special Rates drop down.

Below is the holiday schedule for Central Office closings. Thank you for your understanding with these reduced hours so that CFA’s employees can enjoy time with their family and friends over the holidays.

  • Friday, December 20 - close at 2:00PM

  • Tuesday, December 24 - close at 3:00PM

  • Wednesday, December 25 - closed all day

  • Tuesday, December 31 - close at 3:30PM

  • Wednesday, January 1 – closed all day
Meet the Central Office Staff
Brian Buetel
Geri Fellerman

One of Central Office’s early employees when moving to Alliance was Brian, who joined the group in January of 2011. He was originally brought on to be the renovation coordinator of the building. His duties included demolition/finish work, getting bids and coordinating with contractors and CFA. Lots to be done as quickly as possible. His stellar work on the project led to his being hired on a full-time basis as building maintenance supervisor. His general duties included all building repairs, janitorial, snow removal, mail, shipping and receiving special items needed for shows, and many, many, other items that crop up on a daily basis. Brian is truly a jack of all trades and master of many.

Another happy employee, Brian particularly enjoys his co-workers and the ability to make choices on his own. While everyone has work days where some aggravation sets in, all-in-all Brian is very happy working for CFA.

Prior to joining CFA, Brian worked in the automotive field and managed an automotive parts store for fifteen years, after which he went into building repairs for a company that managed four builds with over 550 units. He also had a small locksmith and maintenance company before coming onboard with CFA.

Home life for Brian includes his lovely wife, Patti, and together they have five adult sons, four grandsons and two granddaughters who keep them busy. On the pet front, Brian and Patti have three dogs (one a paraplegic) and two rescue kitties. Heavily involved with the Boy Scouts of America for the last 45 years, Brian takes great pleasure in working with the youths. His other hobbies include working around their four acre “little hobby farm” and working on antique farm and garden tractors.

You will find Brian at the International Shows where he is in charge of coordinating all of the supplies along with set-up and several other duties associated with the show. While he is also in charge of coordinating and getting supplies to and from the Annuals, he has yet to attend one, although it is definitely on his bucket list.
CFA Judging Program
Melanie Morgan
CFA Judging Program Chair
Changes in status:
Many well-deserved congratulations to Bethany Colilla who was advanced to Apprentice SH at this meeting! Bethany is already approved LH, so she is now free to take LH, SH or double specialty assignments!

Guest Judging Policy changes:

We will not be approving any guest judges to judge in Mainland China at this time.

New procedures for classifying guest judges were approved and will go into effect May 1st.  

Show Rule Changes that affect advancing judges: 

Effective May 1st the entry limit for split rings lowered from 180 to 150. 
CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski
CFA Clubs Committee Chair

The following clubs were accepted at the December 10, 2019 CFA Board teleconference:

Al Andalus Cat Club
President: Teodoro Vargas Huesa
Secretary: Raquel Dominguez Lopez
Location: Villamayor, Salamanca, Spain 

All Cats Are Beautiful
President: Hyun Chul Kim
Secretary: Hana Kim
Location: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

American Shorthair Lovers of Europe
President: Ulrike Knueppel
Secretary: Michael Hans Schleissner
Location: Limburgerhof, Germany

Cat Fanciers Club of Turkey “Angora”
President: Anastasiia Gungor
Secretary: Tetyana Mironova
Location: Kucukkoy, Istanbul, Turkey

FCC (Fluffy Cat Club)
President: Cho Long Park
Secretary: Son Heekyung
Location: Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

German Phoenix - Cat Friends Europe
President: Ulrich Gnath
Secretary: Alice Rosol
Location: Kleinich, Germany

Hong Kong Shorthair Cat Club
President: Edmond Tang
Secretary: Christine Shek
Location: Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Malaysia Cat Fanciers Club
President: Calvin Thoo Chee Seong
Secretary: Muhammad Hafidz Rahmat
Location: Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Nebraska Fine Whiskers Society
President: Jim Kee
Secretary: Selma Kessler
Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Palatine Blue Cat Club
President: Leonie Drebing
Secretary: Michael Hans Schleissner
Location: Limburgerhof, Germany

Sherwood Manx Club
President: Marika Lahti
Secretary: Kaisa Ylinenpaa
Location: Kerava, Finland
CFA Development
Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell, Director of Development
The Pittsburgh Pet Expo, held on November 15-17, featured the CFA Booth and the Great Lakes Region Cat Show. Exhibitors new to Pittsburgh were surprised to find such a beautiful, easy to navigate city with an amazing skyline. Convention center parking was nearby and reasonably priced. Special thanks to Great Lakes Regional Director John Colilla for managing the details of the cat show, and to all the volunteers who made this cat show and event possible. 
As spectators arrived at the CFA booth area, they were welcomed by staff members Allene Tartaglia, Amber Goodright, Desiree Bobby, and Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell. Jim Flanik also assisted in welcoming the pubic and managed the process of keeping other animals out of the cat show area. 

The CFA story was told through engaging conversations, amazing signage, promotional materials, calendars, coloring books, brochures, and interactive activities. The Pet Me Cats were very busy throughout the expo, and spectators patiently waited in lines to pet the cats. After spectators learned about CFA, they moved toward the Feline Agility Ring and the cat show. Special thanks to Jill Archibald and Niki Faniak for bringing CFA Feline Agility to the Pittsburgh Pet Expo. 

Everyone had on a happy face as they departed the CFA cat show and booth area and headed back to dog-kingdom. There were many positive comments, including from John Colilla, who said, “I feel it was a great success, and the exhibitors seemed to have a wonderful time. A lot was learned from this experience and several ideas were bounced around on how to make improvements for next year. I enjoyed hosting this event and the chance to showcase CFA and all it has to offer.”

And from Mary Kolencik, who said, “The show this past weekend in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Pet Expo was terrific! It was very well run, I noticed no glitches, and I had zero problems getting to the show hall. This was a show to benefit the Great Lakes Region and to promote CFA to a large metropolitan audience, and it was totally enjoyable. I loved all of the shopping, and I have to say that the bargain that I got on the freeze-dried raw kibble paid for the parking!”
While barking could be heard at the other end of the spacious Pet Expo, the cats did not seem to be bothered by it. Throughout the two-day cat show, exhibitors enjoyed the many animal activities, the yummy offerings at concession stands located right beside the cat show, and pet care shopping for unique products. But among the many firsts for CFA at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo, perhaps one of the most memorable was Jim Flanik asking the little horse to leave the CFA booth area.

Take a quick look at the expo in this video

Happy New Year!
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger - Editor
The December issue of Cat Talk is out! Many thanks to all of the contributions from our readers whose cats "explained" about those incidences that may just put them on Santa's "Naughty List." Thank you also to Larry Johnson whose photo was the basis for our front cover.

We're working on a couple of ideas for new series based on our readers' contributions - stay tuned for more information!


Working on your gift list and trying to decide on a gift for your long-distance friend, or a fellow cat-lover? Please consider a Cat Talk gift subscription. It's easy, and available online here.

Speaking of online, remember that Cat Talk is also available on the Kindle Newsstand and via Magzter.
CFA Program News
Ambassador Cat Program
Karen Lane
CFA Ambassador Cats Chair

This is the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" for everyone, no matter the holiday you are celebrating. Our CFA Shows are all decorated for the holidays and our Ambassador Cats and our Pet Me Cats are taking extra time to wish everyone a joyous season.
Our Ambassador Cat Program is also announcing a change on our board going into the New Year. We are fortunate and feel grateful that Marianne Toth is joining our board. She has been a Pet Me Cat for many years and we are feel fortunate that she has agreed to be on our board and bring her unique perspective and expertise to us. Marianne will be assisting Joel Chaney with the best part of our program, our cats and the dedicated people that take the time and effort to bring CFA to the public. 
We hope everyone has seen our 2020 CFA Kitten Calendar, as they are going out everywhere. If your club has a show between now and the end of January, please contact CFA Central Office to see if we have any left, and get them for your show. Everyone loves them!
Right now, we have asked Jacqui Bennet to assist us in editing our "Colorful World of Pedigreed Cats" coloring book. The editing of this book will increase the coloring chart section and better explain the colors of our cats and their properties. Also Jacqui and Teresa Keiger have been asked for their expertise in the production of our newest publication, due out next year called “A Kitty for Me”. The new book will be an activities book featuring coloring and stickers, this book, like all of our other CFA publications is entertaining and educational. “A Kitty for Me” will give some insight into the differences in our breeds. Although all of our cats, are cats, they are each uniquely different.
2019 has been a great year for us and the coming of 2020 seems exciting and full of promise for our members and what we do to bring CFA into homes everywhere.

All of our members wish everyone, and all you hold dear, a “Holiday" and a "New Year" filled with warm and loving times, and great memories of past times together.

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
and Happy New Year.

Karen Lane, Jim Flanik, Joel Chaney, and Mariann Toth
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
 Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison

As 2019 Draws to a Close, Stay Aware of Legislative Happenings

As the year draws to a close, remember to keep a watchful eye on legislative happenings. With most state legislatures out of session during the holiday season, it is hard not to be distracted by the glitz and glamour surrounding us. Yet while the more public legislative processes may lie dormant, other activities continue. Some states may already be accepting the pre-filing of bills in preparation for the next legislative session. There are also background efforts that often lead to bill creation. This is true even in states, such as Texas, where the legislature convenes only in odd-numbered years. For other states, sessions start as early as January 1, 2020, so these background activities may be gathering momentum now.

In addition to state legislative activities, state regulatory processes are in play year-round. Earlier this month, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship published the final changes to the state animal welfare rules. Under state law, a commercial breeder means “a person, engaged in the business of breeding dogs or cats, who sells, exchanges, or leases dogs or cats in return for consideration, or who offers to do so, whether or not the animals are raised, trained, groomed, or boarded by the person. A person who owns or harbors three or fewer breeding males or females is not a commercial breeder. However, a person who breeds any number of breeding male or female greyhounds for the purposes of using them for pari-mutuel wagering at a racetrack as provided in Iowa Code chapter 99D shall be considered a commercial breeder irrespective of whether the person sells, leases, or exchanges the greyhounds for consideration or offers to do so.” Iowa cat fanciers meeting the definition of a commercial breeder can find more information here .

Local lawmakers are generally busy year-round as well. Despite it being the legislatively quiet time of the year, the CFA Legislative Group has posted eight articles (and fielded more) relating to local ordinances on the CFA LegislativeNews Facebook page from November 11, 2019 to December 11, 2019. Represented locations are in Hawaii, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Texas. Among the topics included in these proposed ordinances are pet limits, use of mandatory microchipping instead of city licenses, exercise requirements for pets, retail pet store sales bans, and a more general ban on the sale of animals.

Although legislative activities may be less frequent at this time of year, they are not nonexistent. Amidst the seasonal festivities, it pays to watch for legislative happenings impacting you. It is too easy for such things to go unnoticed during the holidays - potentially leading to unwelcome surprises in the new year.

Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:

Mandatory Microchipping Law Development: the Proposed Honolulu, HI Ordinance, November 15, 2019.
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Winn Foundation
Julie Legred - Executive Director, Winn Feline Foundation
A list of Winn's October Honor Donors is available here
Winn Feline Foundation’s 2019 Year in Review is now available.
View the document here and see what Winn has been able to do with your general support!

Planned Giving by George Eigenhauser - If you wish to name Winn as a beneficiary in your estate plan, but need help finding the right language, the following is one possible wording:
“I give to the Winn Feline Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia and exempt from tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) with its headquarters at 637 Wyckoff Ave., Suite 336, Wyckoff, NJ 07481, [choose either: the sum of $__________ OR ________ per cent of my residuary estate] to be used for general purposes.” 
When adding Winn to the beneficiary designation for insurance, pensions or other payable on death benefits you should use Winn’s legal name “Winn Feline Foundation, Inc.”. If requested you should include our address and if needed Winn’s Federal Tax ID # 23-7138699. 

2019 Winn Feline Foundation’s Year End Appeal is underway.  Announcements have been mailed out and we will also be providing more information about this important fundraising piece via email notification, social media and articles. If you have not received yours and can’t wait to see it, you can view here. Thank you in advance for your support! Every cat, every day benefits from Winn funded research and this is thanks to our generous donors like you.

Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium: PURRsuing FIP and WINNing was a huge success! Thank you to all that attended in person and online. We are currently processing transcripts from the two day event and our Education Committee is coordinating a group of individuals who will be creating articles, white papers, consensus statements, etc. to get all the great information that surfaced at the event to as many people as possible to build awareness surrounding the most current information on FIP prevention, treatment and research that is out there around the world. Watch for much more to come in 2020!
2019 Cures4Cats Campaign
2019 Cures4Cats Campaign is underway and will run until December 31st, 2019.  

Winn Feline Foundation kicked off the inaugural Cures4Cats Campaign October 21st, 2017. This annual day of awareness is dedicated to highlighting Winn-funded research, the critical need for evidence-based medicine, early-stage biomedical research, and health answers involving cats. 

Each year since its inception, Cures4Cats focuses on a specific area to raise funds for feline health research, but also to bring awareness of signs and symptoms of each disease or condition for owners and bringing the veterinary community together for these efforts to help cats live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Last year the Cures4Cats focus was chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Winn was able to reach the goal of raising $50,000. Winn then matched the funds for a total of $100,000 to go towards CKD research. With last year being only the second year, Winn was thrilled with the success.

2019 Focus:
The 2019 Cures4Cats campaign focus will be an extension of last year's campaign focus, chronic kidney disease (CKD). This year we will keep with the CKD focus, but with an emphasis in the area of feline hypertension.

Feline Hypertension is quite common in cats and can be seriously detrimental to a cat's health. It is the culprit for a variety of conditions relating to the kidneys, eyes, heart and could be indicative of other potentially fatal underlying systemic conditions. However, with timely detection due to regular monitoring and screening, most treatment plans are successful in managing hypertension. 

Winn Feline Foundation wants to increase awareness of the importance of routine monitoring and management of feline hypertension. Raising funds for further research will enable an even more hopeful future for all cats.

For more information and to view the entire press release click here.
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933 
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director

Happy Holidays to All!!
I hope everyone has a great New Year.

Region 1 has in the past few weeks lost a few old time exhibitors.
  • John D’Angelo, former Norwegian Forest Cat Exhibitor from NJ.
  • Tom Smith, from Bermuda
  • Bonnie Malick, Scottish Fold breeder from NY.

Please consider supporting Region 1’s upcoming shows.
  • Straight and Curl, December 21st and 22.
  • Finicky Felines, December 28th.
  • Vermont Fancy Felines and Fleur De Lys, Burlington Vt.  January 11-12.
Region 2
Terri Zittel - Regional Secretary 

We just finished the 48th Annual Lewis & Clark LH SP Cat Club show in Portland, Oregon. As usual it was a well attended fun event. Lots of laughter and other good things. We celebrated Richard Katris’s and Ann Segrest’s birthdays with two huge cakes and lots of cards. It was Ann’s 80th birthday and she requested that she spend a day at the show as means of celebration. Ann is a very successful retired Korat breeder and we have missed seeing her at the shows. Richard as you know is our show photographer better known as Chanan.

In January, we look forward to the Emerald Cat Club show in Seaside, OR on January 7 & 8. This is the 2nd show for the club in Seaside. It was lots of fun last year with a very neat offer from the Ebb-Tide Ocean Front Inn for exhibitors and their cats. Poppy State Cat Club is holding a one day show in Auburn, CA on Jan 18th. Both shows are listed on under the show calendar.

Pam will hold a regional meeting at both of the January shows. She has some vital information so please try to attend.

Debbie Browne, one of our household pet exhibitors, just underwent surgery. Her husband, Morgan, reports that all went well. We all hope that Debbie in on her feet again soon. She is always helping the clubs with their raffles and set up. Let me know if you want to send a card and I will email you her address.
My daughter Deana thought that our use of a single rosette for each cat and plaques for their awards should be mentioned. With the rising cost of shows and especially rosettes, some of the clubs have copied the awards method from that other association. I first saw the plaques in No Cal at a Poppy State show. Linda Ahrens kindly sent me the template. Lewis and Clark had three different rosettes to choose for you cat. I have included some pictures from around the show hall. 
Cost is certainly an issue but I have noticed an added benefit! There are very few rosettes left laying around the show hall at the end of the day! When cleaning up, we used to have dozens of rosettes tossed here and there. Now, less than a dozen and this was an almost full show! Another point, we put the plaques in coin envelopes so that they are easy for judges to place with the cat. 
Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from Region 2 
Region 3
Leesa Altschul, Regional Secretary
What a great show we had on December 7 th in Orange, TX, by the Brazos Valley Cat Club. While there wasn’t a high count, the quality was sure there, in all the categories. 
Judge Ellyn Honey hosted a costume contest at noon which got a lot of attention from the visitors and exhibitors. Every cage was filled with contestants (cats) dressed in various costumes. Every chair was full, and it was standing room only around the ring. Everyone had a great time. Ellyn Honey awarded the best costume to Patsy Tokoi’s Oriental Shorthair - the Angel.
We had New Bees attending their first show, Leeann and Robert, with a Norwegian Forest Cat kitten. They were excited to make a final in Judge Kathy Black’s ring. They have asked to be mentored and are planning their next show.
We were happy to have Ambassador Cats at the show. Children and adults really love petting them and finding out more about the breeds. Ambassador Cat Diablo loves to be petted and held by everyone. 
They also had a raffle which exceeded their goal of over $500. Interestingly, one-third of the tickets were purchased by the gate. 

The vendors were very happy with the gate. Twelve of the GSR fundraiser T-shirts were sold to the gate as well.

It was great to see they had four New Bees at the show, and a returning New Bee from the Gulf Shore Region fundraiser show from October was there, too. Show mentors helped each New Bee at the show.
BUY AN ANNUAL PIN! We are selling the 2021 Annual pins for $20. To purchase, see Traci Whittenberg or Beth Grant-Field. The pin design is a cat in space to represent our Houston Annual. They are very popular and everyone wants one! 
Hot Off The Press!
Gulf Shore Region 2021 Annual T-Shirts. As one of the fundraisers for the 2021 Annual, we will be selling T-shirts with our Annual theme on the front. The logo will be in full color on a quality navy T-shirt. Shirts are only $20 for S, M, L, XL, 2X and 3X. The next show they will be available at is the December 7 th Orange, Texas, Brazos Valley Cat Club. . We are not able to ship them.

To reserve your size, place your order via PayPal (send money via “Friends and Family” option) to (or you can pay at the show.) List your size and quantity in the PayPal comment section. Get yours before they are all gone! 
WE NEED YOU! if you have any fundraising ideas and/or wish to serve on a committee for ideas for the 2021 Annual, please contact Traci Whittenberg (our Annual Chair).

Upcoming Shows

  • December 21: TX, Mesquite. Show and Tell Cat Club 
  • January 11 & 12: TX, Houston. Houston Cat Club
  • January 18 & 19: TX, Mesquite. Ozark Cat Fanciers
  • February 1 & 2: KS, Wichita. Wichita Cat Fancy, Inc. 

Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

The Great Lakes Region Fundraising Committee is busy producing the 2020 CATS OF CFA CATENDAR which will be available late summer. The proceeds from the sale of the Catendar and other fundraisers helps offset expenses for things such as hospitality, entertainment, etc at the CFA Annual. 

GLR is having a raffle for 2 pieces of Waterford Crystal for our 2022 Annual. Tickets are $5 each and we will sell only 200 tickets. Winner announced after the sale of 200. 

The 2022 CFA Annual will be held in Louisville, KY and the Great Lakes Region is looking forward to many of you joining us for this event!!
Upcoming Shows
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:

More information can be found online at

Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director
Well Christmas is all most here and we just finished the Phoenix Feline Fanciers Christmas show. We had a lot of spectators on Saturday and All About Animals adopted out 22 rescue cats.

We had a cat costume contest and the best decorated cage contest. Debi Gomez won the best decorated cage contest with her fabulous cage design.
Next moth we have the Crown City Cat Club show, January 11-12 which is a 10 ring show in Ontario, CA. Be sure to make plans to come out to sunny southern California and get out of the winter weather. 

Just two weeks later, January 25-26 we have the San Diego Cat Fanciers show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Two big shows and great weather!

Also if you have been wanting to learn just how to clerk or just mark your own catalog correctly, Rhonda Avery, is having a clerking school on the Friday before the Del Mar show. It is at the fairgrounds from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm, Contact Rhonda Avery at or (805) 443-1311 
Region 6
Mary Auth - Regional Director
Looking ahead to 2020:  

January offers a bit more activity than the last month. We start out with two shows on the same weekend. World Wide Feline Fanciers will host a 4-ring show in Lawrenceburg, Indiana – about as far southeast as you can go and still be in the Midwest Region.
Meanwhile Frontier Feline Fanciers/Topeka Cat Fanciers/KC Cats will host a 6-ring one day show in Gardner, Kansas. This is the first show where their loyalty program kicks in. Reach out to Allene Keating for details ,  

The month of January ends off with the Saintly City Show in St. Paul in conjunction with Winter Carnival. This is a particularly fun show with the King and Queen of Carnival being crowned near the end of the show – cats of course.

Plan ahead to join Hawkeye State Cat Club in Altoona (suburb of Des Moines, Iowa) on February 8 for a one-day, six-ring show. They are featuring the 2020 Iowa Clawcus as their theme – you can vote Democat or Republikitty. 
Lincoln State Cat Club will host a clerking school on Friday before their show February 22-23. Reach out to Leann Rupy for details. As soon as we have the details, we will post on the Midwest Region web site.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. May all your kitties be warm and cozy. It is a time of giving – think about donating to your local shelter. 
Region 7
Kenny Currle, Regional Director
We wish the rest of our CFA family (and their cats) the best of the holiday season, and a prosperous New Year.

Lots of shows coming up in the Southern Region!
  • December 31-January 1 - Nashville Cat Club - Nashville, TN
  • January 4-5 - Absolutely Abyssinians - Jacksonville, FL
  • January 18-19 - Cat Club of the Palm Beaches - Ormond Beach, FL
  • January 25-26 - Star City CF - Roanoke, VA
  • January 25-26 - Birmingham Feline Fanciers - Irondale, AL

So we welcome y'all to come on down South!
Region 9
Michael Schleissner, Regional Director
44 Gatti - Bologna
The American Cat Show in Bologna was back for its second edition in one of the biggest fair centers of Italy. The show attracted thousands of visitors. Italy is "longhair country" and so there were many gorgeous cats, primarilyl in Persians and Exotic divisions.
Cooperation between 44 Gatti and the Pet Expo Show created an incredible event with reptiles, fishes, birds and lots of pet animals. A big dog show was also included and of course, cats. This helped 44 Gatti Cat Club to give CFA more visibility in Italy with new breeders of different breeds.
Club Felino Español - Madrid
Club Felino Español held a show in Moraleja de Enmedio (Madrid area / Spain) on Nov/24&25/2019. 

114 cats entered for this show. First time in CFA Spain that we get 25 cats in the shorthairs!
In total the club had 61 Exhibitors (out of 10 exhibitors 4 were from other countries) 57 % from Spain and 43 % from other countries like Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Russia & Korea. This was also another first time in CFA Spain history that we have had so many exhibitors from outside the country.
Another superlative for this show season, a 10 ring show, the only show with this format in R9 for the season 2019/2020. 
11 Judges: 8 AB Judges (5 USA, 1 Hong Kong, 2 Belgium) + 1 SH guest from Belgium + 1 LH Spain (first assignment as CFA LH Judge) + 1 LH/SH Spain.
Lets talk about newbees, at least 7 newbies exhibitors with Exotic Shorthairs, Maine Coon, Persians, Bengals, Somalis, Sphynx cats. All these cats were entered with TRN numbers and the best they also asked for registration.
Wonderful atmosphere, warm welcome for everyone, attentions with everyone present (exhibitors, judges, clerks, sponsors ...). Exhibitors fell comfortable and were happy! 
Edelweiss Cat Club
Moscow region, Russia
7th & 8th December 2019
After a long long time the power of the dark side is fading - at the horizon a new hope appears - noble white is rising to a new level of excellence.
With no fear of shadow-dark, the local noble white star Alla Ipatova developed a new international cat show with multiple cat organizations, from the first idea through rough economical conditions to a safe and stunning first event - the Winter Cat Show 2019 in Moscow - the real place for excellent quality cats of all associations. 
Strengths are essential, but without financial energy no target can be reached. Edelweiss Cat Club is very grateful for the named main sponsor Nestle Purina PetCare / Purina-ProPlan, and for the interdisciplinary team work between the leaders of the executive clubs of CFA, TICA, WCF, ICU and AFC. We all are proud to be the strong pillars of this first instance of Winter Cat Show in Moscow and look for a bright noble white future
Edelweiss Cat Club follows the theme 'act local - think regional - trust global' which leads us to two local Russian guest judges Nadeja Rumyantseva & Victoria Pohvalina with Regional judge support from Pam Delabar (Finnland) & Michael Schleissner (Germany) supplemented with Global experience from Russell Webb (U.S.A.) & Kit Fung (Hong Kong). These 6 cat judges together with the support of the clerking team and the fast acting exhibitors are the fantastic base to find within 2 days and many working hours the best quality cats of CFA. 
The true final part of an International Cat exhibition is the Best-of-Best cat presentation where selected judge members of all organizations defines the three overall 'Winter Cat Show' winners in the Kitten, Championship, and Premiership class. Under the great attention of visitors, exhibitors, club officials and sponsor delegates our two CFA judges Pam Delabar & Russell Webb were sitting in the front row when first a CFA cat won the award WCS-2019-Best-of-Best Kitten (calico female Persian - above right) and second a CFA cat won WCS-2019-Best-of-Best Adult (blue lynx point Siberian - above left) award. This two fantastic wins - these two fantastic awards of these two fabulous cats proves the quality attributes of CFA - proves the quality attributes of our CFA breeders - and that Winter Cat Show in Moscow is the place to be present! 

Edelweiss Cat club looks forward to see you again next year, please continue to 'act local - think regional - trust global', take care of animal welfare and enjoy the upcoming X-mas season.
International Divison
Dick Kallemyer
CFA had 2 successful shows in Shanghai China at the end of November and the beginning of December. 

The CFA logo was prominently displayed in a very large banner outside the show venue and the logo was displayed throughout the show hall.

Many more China shows on the way!
View of two judging rings
Show hall banner
CFA President Mark Hannon in the show hall
Show venue for the 2 CFA China shows
Judges and exhibitors
Judges and exhibitor dinner
Celebrating the show

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