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June 15 | 2020
CFA News
Memo From Mark
The ballots for the CFA Officers, Regional Directors, and the China Rep are being tabulated this week. We hired an outside accounting firm this year rather than have the members of the Credentials Committee travel to perform that task due to health concerns with COVID-19. The ballots will be sent via overnight mail to Nancy Dodds, chair of the Credentials Committee, for verification. The results will be announced via a CFA-News announcement Friday afternoon (June 19). That is when the results would have been announced had we held our Annual Meeting this year. A remarkably high number of eligible clubs voted this year which I take as a sign of the interest in the competitive races. Nine of the board seats up for election this year have only one declared candidate; however, there is competition for President and Regional Directors in Regions 3,6,7, and 9.
The last meeting with the existing Board will be held, as usual, on Thursday, June 18 th . The first meeting with the new Board will be held on Sunday, June 21 st . Traditionally, the Sunday board meeting is brief and includes the appointment of committee chairs. Darrell and I coordinated on the time for the Sunday meeting since we did not know who would be President on Sunday. It will start at 12:00 noon Eastern time.

The Board of Directors approved virtual shows and approved guidelines for those shows. The guidelines were listed in a CFA-News announcement distributed on June 14 th . CFA-News announcements are our official means of communication. 

While our in-person shows have been cancelled for now, Desiree Bobby, our Marketing Director, has been very busy on social media. Lots of different contests are taking place with more on the way. Check out the CFA Facebook page for her latest efforts to keep everyone engaged in our wonderful hobby.

CFA is, as usual, printing an awards booklet with photos listing the national winners for the 2019-2020 show season. The awards will be shipped to the winners in mid-July and a copy of the booklet will be included. We will place a PDF version online for anyone who does not receive a hard copy. Once again, congratulations to the winners. We had terrific cats shown last season and it is unfortunate that we can not gather in person to celebrate. 

That’s it from me this month.
CFA Breed Council Membership
Annette Wilson
CFA Breeds and Standards Chair

Just a reminder that renewals and new applications for Breed Council/Breed Committee membership are due no later than August 3, 2020, for membership in your Breed Council for the May 1, 2020-April 30, 2021 term (a two year membership option through April 30, 2022 is also available for Rapid Renewal Members only).

Here's the link to review your current membership status and to find the application information

Here's the link directly to the on line renewal process:

This is also an election year for Breed Council Secretary/Breed Committee Chair, for the two year term May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2023.  Here's a link to the declaration form:

Note: The declaration form should be sent to the attention of Allene Tartaglia in Central Office.
Tiered Champion/Premier Titles Now Available for Claiming

If your cat is a confirmed Champion or Premier, it may be possible to claim a new Tiered Champion/Premier title. Claiming tiered titles is optional and may be claimed as each level is achieved or for the highest level achieved. The fee to claim a Tiered Champion or Premier title is $15 for each level.

Cats which have already achieved the title of Grand Champion or Grand Premier are not eligible to claim a Tiered Champion title. Any Champion or Premier title is superseded by the Grand title and there is no purpose to claiming a Tiered Champion title if the Grand title is already awarded to your cat.

Qualifications for Tiered Champion/Premier Titles
  • At least one win of Best or 2nd Best Champion/Premier or 3rd Best Champion, OR
  • A final award of Best-15th Best Cat in either a specialty or allbreed final, AND

Grand point minimum as follows:
  • Bronze – 50 Grand Championship; 20 Grand Premiership (CHB or PRB title)
  • Silver – 100 Grand Championship; 40 Grand Premiership (CHS or PRS title)
  • Gold – 150 Grand Championship; 60 Grand Premiership (CHG or PRG title)

Claim the Tiered title now using this link (under the Claim Forms heading)

A PDF certificate will be emailed to you once the tiered CH/PR request has been processed.

Place a full or half page ad in BOTH the 2021 Yearbook
and the August issue of Cat Talk for one low price.
Full Page Color ad Yearbook/Cat Talk Combo........$350.00
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Half Page Color ad Yearbook/Cat Talk Combo........$200.00
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Please contact Shelly Borawski (  or
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Deadline for Special Combo Ad Offer
June 23, 2020

Full Page Color ad $300.00
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CFA Marketing Committee
The CFA Marketing Team
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing
Kathy Black, Marketing Committee Chairperson

June and July Bring Cat Food Shopping Sprees Prizes
If you haven’t participated in a CFA photo contest yet, don’t you worry because you still can. Our monthly sponsored online competitions are ongoing throughout the summer. You can find links to them on the CFA Schedule of Events , CFA social media and most-likely on the Facebook pages of your CFA friends who have already entered.

It’s easy for you to enter too; simply upload great photos of your cats and share a little bit about them. The photos are voted on by your peers so the more friends you share your entry with, the higher the chance you will have to win. Our photos contests are free to enter and the prizes are plentiful.

Currently running through June 20th is a chance for 15 cats to win over $400 in prizes from As a special bonus, all contestants and voters will receive a 30% off coupon code for any products on the Evanger’s website .

If you have not tried Evanger’s canned food lines yet, you won’t be disappointed when you do. From Chicken Lickin’ that makes weaning a breeze to Rabbit & Quail for the fancy and finicky felines, you're bound to find something your cats will obsess over.

Starting July 1, 2020, you’ll also have a chance to win a shopping spree from another delicious brand, Against The Grain. Although their food looks good enough to eat yourself, it is made for cats.
CFA Sponsors and Provides Scholarships to The Community Cats Podcast’s 2020 Online Kitten Conference
As documented in the CFA Constitution, our first priority is the welfare of cats. That’s why we often partner with and support organizations that also strive to enhance the well-being of all kittens and cats; no matter where they come from or where they live.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association is a proud sponsor of The Community Cats Podcast and their virtual conference which took place this past weekend. The Community Cats Podcast provides education, weekly informative audio episodes, mentoring and grant programs which empower people to help all community cats.

The Community Cats Podcast’s 2020 Online Kitten Conference, co-hosted by the National Kitten Coalition, featured presentations by feline experts and veterinarians from the University of California Davis, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Best Friends Animal Society, national research foundations such as Maddie’s Fund and more. CFA awarded scholarships to three individuals that exemplified a dedication to cats and kittens in their community and were in pursuit of knowledge to better help them. Feline UpRoad Cleveland, an organization whose efforts decrease the number of homeless pets and lessen the strain on shelters and rescues, helped qualify the candidates.

Stay tuned in the upcoming months as we highlight the topics and guests scheduled to be on The Community Cats Podcast and what CFA is doing to support their efforts.
CFA on Instagram
Are you following CFA on Instagram yet? If so, you may have noticed that we now have over 10,000 followers. You will also see an increase in engagement opportunities and posts as we strive to keep you informed and entertained.

Please follow us and tag us in photos of your cats along with stories about their accomplishments and antics. Profiles that highlight that they are a CFA Cattery or use the CFA logo in their posts will get priority.
Tag @cfacats or use hashtags: #cfacats #catsofcfa

Please note that we now only follow clubs, judges, partners, vendors, organizations and confirmed CFA cats back only. Each week we get hundreds of tags and followers, and found that implementing a policy of not following catteries back is the best way to support engagement opportunities for active accounts and eliminate any suspicions of favoritism.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger - Editor
LOTS of news from Cat Talk this month, so let's get started!
Our June issue is now out, and I have to say, I think that it's the best issue that we have ever produced! That's especially remarkable when one realizes that we completely changed content at almost the last hour to reflect how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected cat fanciers. Many thanks to our staff, and to all our our readers who contributed stories and photos for this special issue. Even the cover was a collaborative effort. Trisha Seifried and Lucy Drury (Siberian and black domestic cats ) and Martin Potgieter did special photoshoots of cats with PPE which Teresa Keiger then used several photos from to create the special wraparound cover (below)
SO very proud to announce that Cat Talk and its staff made a good showing in the Cat Writers' Association's 2020 Communications' Contest! We won 11 Certificates of Merit (meaning that 3 judges' average score was 90 or above - not easy to do!) and CFA-related entries earned an additional 6 awards! The highest-scoring entry in each category will win the Muse Award.
Please congratulate:
  • Drury, Lucy - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
(15 certificates awarded)
  • Zinck, Iris - Allergic to Cats?
  • Zinck, Iris - Can Kitty's Teeth Be Saved?
(3 certificates awarded)
  • Coughlan, Laurie - Establishing a Good Relationship With Your Veterinarian
  • Dow, Leah T. - Impressions on Our First Show Season
(6 certificates awarded)
  • Keiger, Teresa - Pay It Forward
(3 certificates awarded)
  • Keiger, Teresa - CFA Ambassador Cats 2020 Calendar
(4 certificates awarded)
  • Keiger, Teresa - Cat Talk Magazine (Aug., Oct. and Dec. 2019)
(5 certificates awarded)
  • Jackson, Candilee - What You Don’t Know About….
  • Strople, Ann - Nature vs. Nurture (Parts 1-3)
(8 certificates awarded)
  • Keiger, Teresa - September Back-to-School
  • Keiger, Teresa - Cat Talk - December 2019 cover
  • Keiger, Teresa - Cat Talk - October 2019 cover
(6 certificates awarded)
  • Keiger, Teresa - Proper Caregiving For Your Cat
  • Keiger, Teresa - CFA Cat Show Guide
  • Keiger, Teresa - CFA International Show branding and materials (Flyer, Poster, Tickets, Show Guide)
  • Keiger, Teresa - Welcoming Your New Kitten or Cat Home
(10 certificates awarded)
Did you know you can advertise your cattery and its accomplishments in Cat Talk?

Did you know readers from all over the world can subscribe to Cat Talk online via Magzter and the Kindle Newsstand ?

Did you know vendors and small cat-related businesses can take advantage of special advertising pricing?

Check out our pricing, or contact Teresa Keiger for more details.
CFA Program News
CFA Foundation
Karen Lawrence
First of all, our Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support given to our fundraiser on Facebook to cover our re-opening expenses. We more than exceeded our $3000 goal, and are excited to start with planning to re-open the Feline Historical Museum.
We’ve been busy creating flipbooks on interesting topics. First, we did one comparing the “old days” of CFA with the more current ones. The second one is a very detailed look at the history of the Empire Cat Club and the historical club artifacts in our collection. These can be found at:

The Cat Fancy – Then and Now

Centennial of the Empire Cat Club 

THE HISTORY PROJECT has introduced a history of a new breed – Rex – which can be found at

A brief history of the discovery of the rex-coated gene, includes a link to the newest photo gallery on our site. The Rex photo gallery includes approximately 75 photos of Cornish, Devon and some German Rex from 1950 through 1995. Note we are adding photos of additional cats as they become available. We welcome submissions of photos!

Karen is expected to return to Ohio on July 3rd, and will begin all the necessary cleaning and preparations for re-opening the museum. Date is still TBA, but we hope it’s in the near future!
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
 Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst

Chicago, IL Retail Pet Store Ordinance’s Troubled History with “Rescues” would Force Licensing of All Cat Breeders

Licensing all cat, dog, and rabbit breeders is a problematic side effect of a proposed ordinance meant to fix problems arising from the 2014 Retail Pet Store Ordinance. Each breeder would be subject to license fees (currently $275), inspections, facilities and care requirements if enacted. To understand the rationale behind the proposed ordinance, presently assigned to the council’s Committee on Health and Human Relations, one must know the troubled history of the current law.

In 2014, the city of Chicago was one of the early local governments to amend its Animal Care ordinance in hopes of curtailing the local market for “puppy mill” puppies as advocated by a growing national advocacy network. For good measure, cats and sometimes rabbits are included in these laws, and the newly enacted provisions were effective in 2015. Rather than simply prohibit retail pet stores from selling animals that they purchased as inventory for retail sale, the ordinance allowed stores to acquire, or “source” from animal rescues and resell these animals to the public. In 2017, the 10th Circuit Federal Court upheld the ordinance in a challenge by one of the local pet stores. Not to be deterred from satisfying local demand for puppies, USDA licensed commercial breeders created their own “rescue” organizations to channel selected puppies to the Chicago pet stores and others to pet stores where there were no restrictive laws. A 2018 investigative report in the Chicago Tribune exposed these practices as “outsmarting city ordinance.” (Designer and purebred puppies from other states sold as rescue dogs in Chicago, outsmarting city ordinance, Chicago Tribune 5/18/2018 . Fast forward two years, and proposed remedial amendments are in the legislative channel but raising new concerns.

Last month, at a virtual City Council meeting, the proposed ordinance was explained as allowing “pet shops to provide space to an animal shelter or rescue organization to house and display dogs, cats and rabbits for adoption” and further:

But it also states: “The pet shop shall not have any ownership or monetary interest in the animals displayed for adoption. The animals may only be transferred to an adopting individual for a nominal adoption fee.” ( )

Over the years of the “adopt don’t shop” campaign transitioning from outside advocacy to legislation, drafting approaches were like replacement windows that were often “stuck into” existing law with haphazard efforts to fit the local framework or consider future needs. Municipal attorneys vary in drafting standards that can avoid future problems by using narrow, clear prohibitions that help to avoid the kinds of unclear and unnecessary exemptions that lead to “loopholes.” The “stop puppy mills” objective has often trumped the realities of local consumer demand for puppies that could be filled with some modest restrictions on existing USDA licensed breeders and persists in the current efforts. There has never been a viable business model for stores to “acquire” their own inventory for resale, particularly when the traditional humane sources were unwilling to sell to stores for resale even if stores were willing to forego profit potential. Now, the “fix” is to prohibit stores from reselling but ensure that they can legally “showcase” for “adoption” from the “humane sources.” The critical issue is whether the humane source should continue to include rescues and, if so, how can these be defined to exclude de facto for-profit sales. The current effort involved redefining “rescue” with a list of exclusionary requirements and whether this new definition applies only in the pet store law context or across all the laws involving rescue and the newly added provisions. This effort not only includes “fixes” as in Chicago and currently amending California state law but also in newly enacted ordinances such as North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the first known local ordinance in the state enacted in August 2019 with the new type definition of animal rescue organization containing restrictive elements referring to breeders.

For Chicago, divorcing “commercial producers” from rescue means redefining the rescue organization and animal care facility definitions terms. The proposed rescue organization definition would be changed by adding the following underlined language:

any not-for-profit organization that has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, whose mission and practice is, in whole or in significant part, the rescue and placement of dogs, cats or rabbits. "Rescue organization" does not include any person that (i) is a commercial producer: (ii) obtains dogs, cats, or rabbits from a commercial producer: (iii) facilitates the sale for profit of a dog, cat, or rabbit for a commercial producer: (iv) has common personnel with a commercial producer, including, but not limited to, any employee, manager, or board member: or (v) is an "affiliated business." as that term is defined by 44 111. Adm. Code § 20.540(b), of a commercial producer.”

A commercial producer is defined as “a person that breeds dogs, cats, or rabbits for the purpose of selling the offspring” thereby excluding rescues in which breeders are involved.

Redefining animal care facility as proposed eliminates the consistency with the state breeder licensing law that excludes from state cat or dog breeder definition anyone who “owns, has possession of, or harbors 5 or less females capable of reproduction”. The revised definition would be changed by striking the exemption for breeders with five or fewer females capable of reproduction and the one for those who had only occasional sales of animals they produced and raised. However, the definition would still include those who are engaged in the business of breeding (and other activities). But the proposal stipulates that “engaged in the business” of breeding means anyone who owns, possesses, or harbors a female cat or dog that reproduces. The only “breeders” exempted are those who surrender the offspring and mother to an approved animal shelter or rescue facility within 30 days of the birth of the litter, or provide documentation within three months of the birth to Chicago Animal Care and Control that the mother and the offspring have been sterilized and microchipped.

The proposed ordinance not only removes the consistency with the state breeder licensing law, it deprives some legitimate rescues of an important adoption tool. Since all these “bans” are really about dogs and not cats (and rabbits where included), consideration should be given to local cat rescues that have for years had arrangements with local pet stores to display their own community cats for adoption and could be at risk from these “new” definitions, as well as risks to fanciers from poorly conceived amendments or even exclusion of private rescue organizations.
Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:
What’s Hot…………Legislative Hearings and Government “Lockdown” Orders
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Winn Feline Foundation
Julie Legred - Executive Director, Winn Feline Foundation
A list of Winn's May Honor Donors is available
Planned Giving
by George Eigenhauser

 Not all income tax breaks require you itemize your deductions. Some are also available to people taking the standard deduction. Many are “above-the-line” and work by reducing your adjusted gross income before calculating taxes. They are available to you whether you itemize or take the standard deduction.

 This year there is a charitable deduction available for people taking the standard deduction. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act creates a new $300 “above-the-line” charitable deduction for donations made during 2020 and claimed on your 2020 return next year.

 If you own a business or work for yourself (including contractors and “gig” workers) you may still deduct your ordinary business expenses. These expenses are used to determine the “net profit” on your business, which is
then added to your other sources of income to determine your adjusted gross income.
 If you work for yourself you may be able to write off up to half of what you pay in social security tax. Self-employed taxpayers may deduct costs of health insurance for themselves or their families. (You generally can’t claim this adjustment if you or your spouse are eligible for health insurance through an employer.)

 If you own a rental property, expenses associated with the property are deductible against rental income, regardless of whether you itemize or take the standard deduction.
 Contributions to a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) reduce your taxable income. Money used to fund a health savings account may reduce your income if you made contributions with after-tax money. For the self-employed, contributions to certain retirement plans reduce your taxable income.

 Educator expenses of up to $250 each year for supplies purchased for your classroom may be claimed as an adjustment to income.

 Interest on student loans up to $4,000 per year may be claimed to reduce your taxable income. This is subject to certain restrictions, including income limitations, and has been extended through 2020.

 Penalties for early withdrawal from CDs or other deposit accounts may be an adjustment to income.

These tax breaks are available to taxpayers who itemize as well as those who take the standard deduction, although some may be subject to restrictions. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
Winn Feline Foundation Brings You Another Webinar

Winn held another webinar June 11th, 2020 from 1:00pm EDT – 2:30pm EDT. The title of this webinar was “From Health and Morphology to Complex Genetic Traits, the Path of Progress in Feline Genetics” and presented by Leslie Lyons, PhD, with Anthony Hutcherson moderating. We had close to 400 registered for this event. Dr. Lyons was very gracious in staying on well past the proposed time to ensure everyone’s questions were answered. This event was recorded, so the link will be sent to all registrants and will also be posted on Winn’s website as soon as it is available. We would like to thank Dr. Elsey’s, TICA and CFA for their continued support of Winn Feline Foundation.
Winn to Host Monthly Webinars
The Winn Education Committee has decided to continue with at least monthly webinars thru March 2021. We have had such great feedback and participation, we want to continue bringing great information to as many as we can.

With the continued support that Dr. Elsey’s, TICA and CFA has provided Winn, we have a platform and audience that have made our efforts successful.

The Education Committee met after our last webinar and have identified topics such as:
  • Kittens
  • Pain Management
  • Genetics
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Heriditary HCM
  • Behavior
  • Dermatology
  • Vaccinations

Most of these sessions will be RACE approved for continuing education and recorded, so they can be viewed on demand. More information will be available as we confirm speakers, dates and times.
Adopt-A-Cat Month
Winn Feline Foundation has decided to help during these challenging times of COVID, to extend their efforts is helping cats and kittens. The week of June 15th – 21st, 2020, we will be raising money for AHA’s Adopt-A-Cat Month. We are hoping to raise $25,000 to offset cost for shelters and helping in their efforts to find cats and kittens forever homes. To donate, please go to Winn’s website at We thank you in advance for your help in these efforts.
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director
Many Many Thanks to Julie Keyer….
Our Regional awards booklet for 2019-2020 is finished.  You can access the booklet via this link or this one, and you can also access it by visiting the NAR Facebook page or the NAR website.
Also thank you to all of our advertisers.

We are planning a Region 1 Zoom regional meeting. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 27, in the morning. More details and times will be sent to Region 1 clubs and on the NAR list. Please keep watch. Many thanks to Kathy Calhoun for helping us facilitate this meeting.
Region 2
Terri Zittel - Regional Secretary 
The NW Region would like to thank all of you that participated in our quilt auction. 
The winner was Jason Huff from the Great Lakes Region, I’m sure he will enjoy the lovely quilt.
Anne-Marie Burrell has entered “Mattie” in the Evanger’s Photo Contest. Mattie is LadyDi’s Material Girl of Rain City. She is a Chinchilla Silver female Persian. You can vote for her by going to You can also enter for a chance to win an Evanger’s Cat Food Shopping Spree! Mattie’s photo entry is show here to the right
Our very own Maureen Clark is making cat themed masks. We in Washington State, King County, are still required to wear them. Many of us are also in the “danger zone” so we are staying safe. You can order them from Maureen at Some of the designs are shown at left.
Deena Stevens has been working on gathering photos for this year’s regional awards and putting together the booklet and the OTRA. Pam says all the awards have been ordered and she is working on ways to get them delivered.

For those of us in the Upper Northwest Region, we usually have a picnic, auction, and Pam’s famous Bingo! (Yes, really infamous! LOL!) The date of the picnic is 8/15/20 held in Rainier, OR at Hudson-Parcher County Park. There will be modifications but it is an opportunity to pick up your regional awards. Ariel Bartelmes is trying to work out how to do an online auction with details to follow. For those of you who have never had an opportunity to attend this event, the auction is really big and raises a lot of money for the region.

For California, Pam and Brian will meet someone half-way between Salem and Sacramento with the awards. Heidi Murphy will then deliver the awards to the winners. Thanks Heidi!
Everyone stay safe and well,
Region 3
Leesa Altschul, Regional Secretary
Wow! An article Leah Dow wrote in CFA’s Cat Talk Magazine has received a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers Association!!! In addition, all Certificate of Excellence winning entries are now finalists for the MUSE© Medallion for their Category. MUSE Medallions (plus Special Awards) will be presented to the winners later this summer in a virtual awards ceremony at a date to be determined. Good luck, Leah.

Leah wrote “Impressions on Our First Show Season” in the June 2019 Cat Talk edition. If you haven’t read it yet, go back and do so. It’s a great story.

Kathy is moving forward with the awards, rosettes, and sponsorships. She just put together the "On the Road Again" video and it's available online. Thanks to everyone who sent in photos. We will have an awards booklet and trophies to hand out. Where and when will be determined later.

The Region's website includes the 2019-2020 GSR award-winning cats. Take the time to sponsor a cat or two at on our website.

We will be printing the sponsorship notes on the award plaques, the backside of the award rosettes, and in the awards booklet under the award winners’ photos, so your message will be acknowledged in three visible places. We encourage you to honor a friend with your sponsorship, or, if you’d like, you can donate in memory of a special cat or friend that is very meaningful to you. A special page will be devoted to this honorarium.

Sponsorships are available for the following: Breed Awards, Top Cats, Distinguished Merit, Agility, Household Pets, and Grand of Distinction.
We are selling the 2021 Annual pins for $20. To purchase, see Traci Whittenberg or Beth Grant-Field. The pin design is a cat in space to represent our Houston Annual. They are very popular and everyone wants one!
Hot Off The Press!
Gulf Shore Region 2021 Annual T-Shirts. As one of the fundraisers for the 2021 Annual, we will be selling T-shirts with our Annual theme on the front. The logo will be in full color on a quality navy T-shirt. Shirts are only $20 for S, M, L, XL, 2X and 3X. We are not able to ship them.

To reserve your size, place your order via PayPal (send money via “Friends and Family” option) to (or you can pay at the show.) List your size and quantity in the PayPal comment section. Get yours before they are all gone!
WE NEED YOU! if you have any fundraising ideas and/or wish to serve on a committee for ideas for the 2021 Annual, please contact Traci Whittenberg (our Annual Chair).
Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

No report for this month
Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director
I hope everyone is well and and staying healthy during this Covid19 pandemic. As everything is opening up we still need to be careful and safe. That being said we do need to come back to a more normal lifestyle.

So my question is, what is CFA without cat shows?
We all are missing the shows, the cats and the people! CFA is a registering body for registered cats. It is not CFA putting on cat shows; the clubs do. So, who should decide when we do that, the clubs or the CFA Board?

My opinion? I think the clubs should decide based on their local government prescribed protocols.  That is the opinion of approximately 50% of the board members. I suggest you contact your regional and directors at large and let them know you want the clubs to decide when, and if, you want to have a show or not.

The SWR is in the last days of sponsorship of awards, and, the way it’s going, we may not have any awards to present next year if we don't have any shows. The SWR sponsorships are due by June 20th. Debi Gomez has a splendid website up and running making it quick and easy to do.

Let’s sponsor these cats, since next year may not happen.  Let’s enjoy the season we had and celebrate 🎊 now while we can!
Region 6
Mary Auth - Regional Director
No secret here: We have lost five shows to COVID19. There is only a possibility now of one or two in December. Indy Cat Club is planning a virtual show for fun and for funds. The closing date is very soon (June 15) with categories for Best Dressed, Funny, Tiny Tots and Rainbow Bridge.  Here is a link to enter (open to everyone).

As we continue to work from home and get even more engaged with our furry critters, I reached out to learn more about the antics of Midwestern cats. As they say (whomever “they” are): A picture is worth a thousand words.
Leave it to a Cornish Rex at Selma Kessler’s house to challenge the boundaries. I think she is looking for the family’s secret recipes.
Could this be the family’s secret recipe for soup?
Allene Keating shared this photo that looks like a gang of European thugs whose greatest weapon is their cuteness.
“Hey Hooman, can I bring you a beer?” Susan Norbury is pretty certain, with time, she can make that happen..
A former exhibitor has returned to CFA and settled in Topeka. Jane Rhys share this photo of six Balinese in a pile.
Suzy Newell, a new household pet exhibitor submitted this photo of Perry and Blueberry.
Region 7
Kenny Currle, Regional Director
Although we did not have our planned regional awards banquet this past weekend, the awards team has been busy organizing many banquet-related items. Trish Blees has been hard at work verifying addresses and ordering our winners’ trophies. Krista Schmitt has been organizing photos and Powerpoint presentations. Leslie Carr, Tracy Petty, and Jenny Wickle painstakingly worked on and proofed sheets and sheets of data. And Charlotte Shelburne and Teresa Keiger are busy compiling the awards booklet. Many thanks to them for all the hours that they’ve put in for this event. Expect to be seeing awards arriving and the presentations and booklet uploaded soon. Unfortunately, Cheryl Coleman received so few photos that we’ve decided to forego our traditional “On the Road Again” compilation this year.
Here’s looking forward to when we can all celebrate our 2019-2020 winners in person!
Our COVID-19 Go Fund Me raised over $5000 and we have closed it. We are happy to report that most clubs were able to work through issues with show halls and cancelled flight, although we are loaning a couple of them funds until they have been reimbursed. We will also be making a donation to our two regional show services to help support them while we have no shows. The largest balance of the funds will go to our regional BAP program, as we’ve certainly had individuals who needed assistance during this crisis. Many thanks to fund raisers Jacqui Bennett and Teresa Keiger, and regional treasurer Karen Boyce.

Last month, Regional Director Kenny Currle asked Rich Nolte if he would be willing to organize CFA's first virtual cat show in the United States. Entries are now OPEN TO EVERYONE ANYWHERE! Just go here to enter your cat and go to the region's Facebook page for more information. Click here for the show flyer. PLUS: Best in Show will receive a trophy, a rosette, and a $50 VISA gift card! Top 3 in each class will win one of Chastity Rider’s fantastic cat toys! Many thanks to show manager Rich Nolte and committee members Jacqui Bennett and Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell for producing this fundraiser for the region!
Entries close June 30, so get your entries in now! Winners announced July 7th.
Region 9
Michael Schleissner, Regional Director
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