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May 15 | 2019
CFA News
Memo From Mark
Well, the 2018-2019 show season has wrapped and the Central Office has done a tremendous job of getting Epoints for the end of the season online the following Friday. Owners of the winning cats have been officially notified, the regions have received the data on their regional winners, and the Breed Council Secretaries will have the list of their winners this week.  Many thanks to the office staff who handled everything so well for us.

Congratulations to all of our winners world-wide! Achieving a CFA win is not easy and those who achieved the various wins have some remarkable cats. 
Dick Kallmeyer has performed some initial analysis of the past show season and has some interesting observations. Our registrations increased 10.5% over the previous show season. We have registered cats from more than 100 countries around the world. China again leads the way with 62.4% of our registrations this past show season. North America is a distant second with 19.9%, followed by the rest of the International Division with 8.9%, Europe with 6.3% and Japan with 2.5%. Very strong numbers which shows how valuable a CFA registration is.

Regarding shows, there was a decrease in the overall numbers due to issues with show production in China. North America had a 7.5% increase in the number of shows and a 3.8% increase in the number of entries. The accompanying chart provides additional information. CFA provides various types of sponsorship to our show producing clubs. I encourage our clubs to apply for the types for which your show is eligible. Many of our clubs have a difficult time financially and CFA has some help available.

The five Director At Large seats are up for election this year. Ballots must be RECEIVED in Central Office by June 1 st. Faxed or emailed forms must be received by 11:59 PM EDT that day. Make sure your club has voted. The CFA website has a list of all the ballots received to-date. If you have any questions, refer them to Sean Dobbins . Please note that the unopened envelopes will be taken to the CFA Annual and handed over to the Credentials Committee. Do not include anything in your envelope other than the marked ballot.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Meeting next month.
Central Office Report
May - the beginning of the new show season in CFA and the month the first issue of the printed Almanac was released. Read about the Almanac in the Did You Know section below. The month of May also brings deadlines and more deadlines. A few are already listed on the first page of this newsletter, however, some bear repeating. The first two deadlines have come and gone but are important to note since they affect voting at the Annual Meeting.

May 1 - WAS the deadline for Delegate information to be filed with the Central Office or postmarked if sent via regular mail. 
May 9 - The date when clubs dues and membership lists must have been received in the Central Office to be eligible to have the club’s delegate participate at this year’s Annual Meeting. This is in addition to the filing of the delegate information/form.
May 15 - Photos of National Winners to be submitted by this date to Shelly Borawski . These photos are used for the national awards booklet and slide show at the banquet.
May 22 - Photos of National Breed Winners submitted by this date to Shelly Borawski. 
May 17 - Deadline to order duplicate national awards,
May 31 - Deadline to reserve a room at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino at the CFA rate. Some room types are already sold out.
June 1 - Director At Large ballots/information must be received by Central Office. Contact Sean Dobbins with any questions
June 1 - Club dues and membership lists must be received by this date or the club will be dropped from CFA membership.
Did you know...
that the debut of the printed Almanac was May 1985? The monthly Almanac changed to bi-monthly starting in April/May 2004 and the last issue of the printed Almanac was October/November 2007. Prior to 1985, CFA’ers received their news via the CFA Quarterly (yes, it was published four times a year - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter editions). The first issue of the Quarterly was February 1970 and the last issue was Summer 1985. Pre-Quarterly was CFA (Cat Fanciers’) News, a somewhat short-lived publication - January 1968, although some issues show the year of 1967, through 1970.

Right: the first issue of the CFA News
January 1968
Last issue of the Cat Fanciers' News
December 1970
First issue of the CFA Quarterly - February 1970
Last issue of the CFA Quarterly
Summer, 1985
CFA Almanac - May, 1994

The last CFA Almanac - October-November 2007
Meet the Central Office Staff
Cristal Oesch
by Geri Fellerman

On December 11, 2017, Cristal joined the CFA’s Central Office with the title of Finance Coordinator. Her current duties include the accounting, payroll, accounts payable and even agility scoring, all of which she finds interesting and exciting (to varying degrees, of course).

Some of the most enjoyable aspects of her job include assisting Allene and the Board in an attempt to make things run smoothly for everyone at CFA. Try as I might, I couldn’t get her to admit to a single negative aspect of the job – she is a happy employee.
At home, Cristal has been blessed with two very gifted children. Her daughter will graduate high school this spring and is looking forward to being a junior at Kent State in the fall. Her son attends middle school while also taking advanced classes through the gifted program. Other household residents include a horse (a Paint named Whiskey), an Olde English Bulldog (Rocky), a Maine Coon (Toby) and a random bred cat (Cricket) as well as fish.

One of her biggest extracurricular activities is working with Save 22, a non-profit raising awareness for veterans’ suicide prevention. She serves as treasurer and sits on the Board of Directors for this organization and participates in its annual hike.

Cristal attended the International Show last year and was very impressed. She is looking forward to attending again in October.
CFA IT Committee
Tim Schreck - IT Committee Chair

As usual, show year end processing is currently the main focus of IT and Central Office. Congratulations to all of this past years' winners.

Meanwhile transition of all current programming that is still on the HP is well underway. The main focus for IT for this coming year is to complete the transmission of all programing from the old HP system to the new web-based system now being hosted by Sonit Systems. Clubs, judges, and show scheduling programming on the new system is being tested through our upcoming Annual to assure the results of both systems agree. Once testing is complete, information won't have to be entered into each system to keep them both in sync.  

Additional items already scheduled for this coming year are a genetics-based system to aid online registration with correct possible color selection based on parents' colors. This is a major undertaking that will certainly improve the accuracy of our registrations.
IT is also working with Marketing on their Companion Cat World project

We have recently had some issues with the clerking program reported to me and to Dynamic Edge through the online ticket system. Please remember when reporting these issues to include your club/show name and date. This will greatly assist us in locating the show in question. There are now hundreds of shows in the system when looking from the administration side and searching for the correct show will only slow the process. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Delegate Booklet Advertising
Deadline - Friday May 30 FIRM
All ads must be submitted camera ready (jpg or PDF). Email your ads to
Teresa Keiger -

Advertisement Pricing

Show Flyer (Color) $70.00
Show Flyer (B&W) $35.00
Full Page - All Others (Color)   $75.00
Full Page - All Others (B&W) $50.00
Half Page (Color) $55.00
Half Page (B&W) $35.00

You may pay online here
CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski - CFA Clubs Committee Chai r

The following clubs have applied for CFA membership and will be considered at the June 27, 2019 CFA Board meeting. Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding the applicants should do so in writing and send the comments to Committee Chair Carol Krzanowski no later than May 30, 2019.   
As stated in the CFA Constitution - Article III - Membership, Section 3 - Election to Membership: "If negative information is submitted regarding the applicant, the information will be provided to the applicant with enough time for the applicant to prepare a written rebuttal prior to board consideration.”

Cat Bahrain Club
President: Mohamed Ahmed
Secretary: Ayesha Al Rayes
Location: Al Fateh, Kingdom of Bahrain

China Feline Fanciers Alliance
President: Zidai Huang
Secretary: Kang Yu
Location: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

Dear Meow
President: Andy Yeung
Secretary: Patrick Au
Location: Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong

Manila Cat Fanciers Society
President: Joaquin Gaw
Secretary: Jason Ivan Cua
Location: Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Pharaonic Cat Fanciers
President: Ehab Soliman Ibrahim Soliman
Secretary: Heike Anne Hagenguth
Location: Giza, Egypt
Place a full or half page ad in BOTH the 2020 Yearbook
and the August issue of Cat Talk for one low price.
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Deadline for Special Combo Ad Offer
June 20, 2019

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CFA Marketing
Congratulations to all the National and Regional winning cats and owners. You market CFA with every cat registration, show entry, clubs show and announcements.

The marketing team is here to help your show be successful. We can all learn from each other. Please join us at the CFA Annual on Saturday, June 29 th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm for an open session “How to Have a More Profitable Show”. Look forward to seeing you there! 

The CFA Marketing Team
Desiree Bobby, Kathy Black, Mike Altschul

CFA Breed Council
Breed Council Membership Renewals were sent electronically from the Central Office on May 1 to all 2018 members. There is no hard copy mailing this year and the e-renewal reminder sent on May 1 is the only mailing you will receive. Members who previously qualified for Rapid Renewal can renew their membership online here,

Membership materials for 2019 members will be mailed on a regular basis starting the week of May 13. There are no membership certificates this year and you can confirm online that your application has been processed using the link from the renewal page to various breed councils. Here is a link to the list of the individual codes and associated breeds,

Contact Melissa Watson, , with questions.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger - Editor
The June issue of Cat Talk is almost complete. It contains the second in our series on "Nature Vs. Nurture" in which Ann Strople takes a look at the factors influencing feline behavior. She'd love to hear your stories, so please email her.
The August issue is always our "Year in Review" issue where we take a look back at the previous year. We always try to seek out unusual and interesting news about the past season's breed, regional, national, and DM winners. Not a listing of winners, but accomplishments for the breed, relationships among the winners (or previous winners), and significant achievements for the breeders and exhibitors.

We've reached out to various people, including breed council secretaries and regional directors, and received little information so far. In fact, we're considering dropping the feature after this year, as perhaps that's to be taken as a sign that there's little interest in the piece. But for this year, should you have some item that you'd wish to share with us, please email me. It doesn't have to be an article as we create the article as a whole - a couple of sentences is actually preferred.
CFA Yearbooks
Special Pricing for Annual Meeting Attendees
Save the cost of shipping on a CFA Yearbook(s) and take advantage of a limited time reduction in prices for past Yearbooks. If you are attending the Annual Meeting in Verona NY, you can prepay for a Yearbook and pick it up at the Annual. 2019 & 2018 Yearbooks are $45, 2017 is $35, 2016 and prior are $10 (there are some older volumes which are no longer available). Contact Shelly Borawski if you are interested in pre-purchasing a Yearbook for pick up at the Annual. 
CFA Awards Sponsorship Available
Ready to Sponsor an Award?
Sponsorships are available this year for national winning trophies in addition to rosettes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to honor a breed or sponsor a friend’s award. Link here for rosette sponsorships, and here for trophy sponsorships,

Wondering if your photo for the awards booklet and other uses has been received? If your cat is receiving a top win (Championship, Kitten, Premiership, HHP, Agility) check here, For national breed wins you can find the information here,
CFA Program News
CFA Foundation

Karen Lawrence

Some great reasons to LIKE our Facebook page –

The CFA Foundation has several upcoming fundraisers that we hope you will find enticing, and will support to help us raise money to continue the work of the CFA Foundation and the Feline Historical Museum.
On Monday, May 27 we will be holding an ONLINE AUCTION on our Facebook Event Page. It includes seventeen seasonal and holiday figurines, mostly on the large side, valued at over $1500. The auction will begin at 1pm, with photos and description of each new item added every 15 minutes until 5pm; bids must be made in the comments section, and bidding on each item will close 5 hours after it is first listed. 
We’ve covered all holidays – New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4 th , Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

LIKE our Facebook page, and FOLLOW our event listing for additional information and the auction itself. We hope you’ll take part!
During the summer months, we’ll be running a raffle for a pencil drawing by Chuck Hoppe of Arizona, to be drawn from any photo of your choice, be it family, cats, dogs, birds, etc.  See an example of his work at the left. Chuck does amazing work, and is favored by numerous cat fanciers, as you can see by these two drawings.  Details of this raffle will be posted on our Facebook page, so be sure to LIKE us and watch for more news.

Our sincere thanks to Chuck for donating his talent.
The recent large estate donation has gifted us with an extremely large number of figurines that are lovely, yet not suitable for a museum collection, or are duplicates of pieces that we already have. Many are not even of cats – we have a menagerie of elephants, dogs, wild cats, as well as jungle and savannah animals. 

We will be holding an in-museum sale of hundreds of figurines and books on a date yet to be determined, but definitely mid-summer (late July-early August). Again, LIKE our Facebook page and watch for a posting with details. Our recent Facebook posts show some of the items, as we continue to unpack boxes. 
CFA Ambassador Cats
Karen Lane - Ambassador Cats Co-Chair
The Ambassador Cat Program is now “all things cat” in CFA. Beside the Ambassador Cats we also have Pet Me Cats, and both of these group participate in cat events.

The Seacoast Cat Club had a huge event and 12 of our Pet Me Cats were in attendance. This was a terrific weekend and this club took full advantage of the special appearance by our CFA Pet Me Cats.
Many people are not fully aware of the difference between the Ambassador Cat and a Pet Me Cat.  The CFA Ambassador Cat is a cat and owner committed to attending a certain number of shows and we expect feed back from our CFA Ambassador Cats so we can track exactly what they are doing. The CFA Ambassador Cat is has larger commitment to CFA and the CFA Ambassador Cat has some requirements that the Pet Me Cat does not have. The Ambassador Cat is generally not entered into the cat show, whereas the Pet Me Cat does not have that restriction. The Pet Me Cat is a more casual commitment and the Pet Me Cat is generally seen at their local shows only. Both Ambassador Cats and Pet Me Cats can be invited to attend shows, and both Pet Me Cats and Ambassador Cats are a true asset to CFA and is huge way to engage the public in learning about our cats and cat ownership.
CFA Pet Me Cat Event, May 2, 2019 at NH State Capitol
On May 2, 2019, the Souhegan Kennel Club (member of the AKC) hosted a "Meet the Breeds" event on the lawn at the Statehouse in Concord NH. This was the second year it was done but this year, purebred cats were invited to attend. The purpose was to show NH lawmakers the merits of purebred dogs and pedigreed cats bred by responsible preservation breeders. The latest legislative session has included some breeder-unfriendly legislation and it is our hope to expose and educate our lawmakers on what, how and why we do what we do. We were able to attract curious lawmakers to discuss our hobby and share our opinion with regards to pending legislation. Representing CFA was Marilyn Conde with her British Shorthair, Levi, Andrea Hantz with her Persian, Dorothy, and Sharon Roy, Region 1 Director. We were pleased that NH Governor Chris Sununu came to visit us and meet our breeds. 
The following weekend our Pet Me Cats were in Concord, NH at a cat show. 

Before the show opened to the public on Saturday, 10 senior veterans from the NH Veterans Home in Tilton, NH visited our show with several of their staff members. Chris June met them as they arrived and assisted them in maneuvering through the show hall to enjoy our Pet Me Cats.
All of the Veterans got to handle and love our 12 Pet Me Cats plus others, whose kind owners offered their cats to this wonderful group. Chris explained to the group what a cat show is and what will go on that day. After about an hour with our Pet Me Cats. We loaded them up with coloring books for their grand and great grandchildren and invited them back for next year.
Both the Pet Me Cats and the Ambassador Cats can be invited to any cat show. If the club is diligent in the placement of the Pet Me Cat and/or the Ambassador cat, and these cat can be easily seen or found, this is the best way for our spectators to learn about our different breeds or just learn about the care and ownership of a cat. All of the Pet Me or Ambassador Cat people are well educated and very willing to spend time with spectators. Certainly placing Pet Me Cats or Ambassador Cats in some obscure place in the back of the show hall defeats the real opportunity that a club has to reach out to their spectators. All clubs spend money to advertise to get people to attend our shows and special events, offering our spectators a good experience will bring them back next year.  
 The CFA Ambassador Cat Program is exploring many new and different ways to highlight how cats can bring joy and comfort to people, and we are open to suggestions from everyone in CFA.
Carmen Lawrence - Committee Chair

Can you believe it? The show season ended just a few weeks ago, and we're already going into the next season! The members are already busy! And last season all across CFA they rocked it! We had close to 30 members actively participate and submit activity for last season. The regional coordinators and myself are tying up the scoring and will be ready to present the Regional and National Divisional winners at the regional banquets starting on June 1st. Those winners will also appear in the June newsletter. To say I am proud of what the youth have accomplished this season is an understatement. Showing, stewarding, clerking, making toys for exhibitors and as ring prizes, volunteering at local shelters, shadowing veterinarians, writing reports, putting their artistic and writing skills to work - there is no limit to what these kids can do! There will be some familiar faces and some NEW faces too in the national placements!

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education Program, you may contact Carmen at carmenlawrence.yfep@gmail or reach out directly to your Regional Coordinator!

North Atlantic Region - Lynda Smith & Sandra Polcaro
Northwest Region - Sande Kay
Gulf Shore Region - Anne Paul
Great Lakes Region - Lorna Friemoth & Bethany Colilla
Southwest Region - Kelsey Friemoth
Midwest Region - Emily Conaway & Jill Sullivan
Southern Region - Chandler Bussey & Karen Thomas

You can also visit our website at
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
By Kelly Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison

Massachusetts: Senate Bill 114 Creating Breeder Licensing for Cat Fanciers and Rescue Regulations Proposed by MDAR

Fanciers do more than just bathe, fluff and primp their cats in preparation for a show. Most of our CFA feline aficionados have active breeding programs, and many provide valuable services in cat rescue as well. Massachusetts lawmakers have their eye on regulating both activities.

Senate Bill 114

Senate Bill 114, presented by Senator Harriette L. Chandler (D - First Worcester) by a bipartisan petition, is an act with the stated purpose of protecting the health and safety of kittens and puppies in Massachusetts. The bill would make several changes to existing animal law including licensing for cat breeders. To add cats to the existing dog breeder licensing law, the bill would strike out the existing Chapter 140 §137C and insert a new §137C. The new §137C would require the inspection of both kennels and catteries. The definition of cattery is modeled after the definition of kennel and reads as follows:

“’Cattery’, a pack or collection of cats on a single premises, including a commercial boarding or training cattery, a commercial breeder cattery, a domestic charitable corporation cattery, a personal cattery and a veterinary cattery.”

The new §137C is similar to existing law with some differences besides the addition of catteries. The draft language specifies the hours during which inspections may take place and the extent to which private residences may be inspected. It also allows for unannounced inspections should the inspector feel such measures are necessary. Another change is the provision for escalating fines for operating a cattery or kennel after the license was revoked or suspended — the fine ranges from $250 for the first offense to $1500 for third or subsequent offenses. Currently, the fine for each event is $250.

Senate Bill 114 also directs MDAR to promulgate rules and regulations for “the maintenance and inspection of commercial breeder kennels or catteries and personal kennels or catteries in which not less than 5 sexually-intact female dogs or cats are kept for the purpose of breeding the dogs or cats and sell the offspring as household pets.” The rules are to address proper housing, standards of care, responsible breeding practices, and regular inspections. MDAR is required to draft additional rules for boarding kennels and catteries and daycare facilities, regardless of size or whether the entity is home-based. If S B. 114 is enacted, the regulations are to be promulgated not more than 18 months after the bill’s enactment date.

Regulations for Shelters and Rescues

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) has promulgated new rules for the licensing and operation of animal shelters and rescue organizations. The stated goal of the regulations is to control the spread of diseases associated with such animal welfare activities. As many fanciers are involved with pedigreed cat rescue, it is important those fanciers thoroughly review the proposed rules (click here) .

Under the proposed regulations, a rescue organization is an IRS 501 (c) (3) entity not otherwise required to be licensed under Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 129 §39, 39A, or 45, or M.G.L. Chapter 94 §152A. The primary purpose of the organization must be “the placement of abandoned, displaced, unwanted, neglected or abused animals.” The entity must not pay or compensate breeders for the cats or dogs.

The proposed rules set forth licensing procedures and requirements for facilities, animal care, and foster care, importation of animals, restrictions on placement, reclamation of owned pets, record keeping, inspections, and quarantines. In drafting the rules, lawmakers differentiated between facilities of the organizations and their foster homes. The organization is responsible for having completed written agreements with each foster home at least once every two years. The foster home must also provide the organization a signed acknowledgment they have read and understood “Best Practices for Providing Foster Care” provided by MDAR. It will also be the organization’s responsibility to ensure the foster home is compliant with the animal care requirements under §30.06 of the proposed regulations.

Since the comment period for the proposed regulations ended on May 7, 2019, MDAR should be in the process of compiling, analyzing and considering the comments prior to the development of the final rules.
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933 
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director

A new show year has begun. Congratulations to all of Region 1 winners. I 
hope everyone achieves their dreams for the new season. 
We welcome all to Region 1 annual awards show and banquet "Through The 
Looking Glass"in Cromwell Ct. Save the weekend June 15&16. 

The annual is right around the corner. Region 1 has a very special 
hospitality planned for Friday night. Plan on attending and enjoying the 

Do not forget to enter the Region's upcoming show May 25&26 sponsored by 
Siamese Alliance and Greater Lancaster Cat Club. 
See you all in June.

Region 2
Terri Zittel - Region 2 Secretary 

Region 2 finished out the show season with two 225 filled shows! First the Crow Canyon Cat Club show on April 6 & 7 filled and then the Puget Sound Cat Club show filled on April 13 & 14. Quite a feat for our small region that extends from British Columbia down to parts of Southern California. A bit of controversy but both shows were a rousing success with lots of fun events.
The Region 2 awards show and banquet will be held this year in Longview, WA at the Cowlitz Regional Conference Center. This is a new location for the year end celebration. Lots of motels in the area and the facilities are very nice. The Event Center is about an hour from the Portland International Airport. It is an easy drive north or south on I-5. The date is June 22nd.

Tammy Roark has put out an email regarding regional sponsorships. She points out that there are no region 2 shows in May so everyone should have a little extra change in their pockets. Details can be found on the sponsorship page .
Information for photo requirements, duplicate awards/rosette orders can also be found at .

Shortly after the Puget Sound Cat Club show, Alice Juan lost her husband, JJ. He had been ill for some time. Our thoughts and prayers go to Alice and her family. 
Region 3
Leesa Altschul
On April 13-14: Foot of the Rockies Cat Club. Loveland, CO, had their cat show.
Denver had wonderful weather and a great venue in Loveland! The count wasn’t as high as they had wanted it to be, but boy was there quality there. Lots of cats granded and there were celebrations with grand parties
The club also had a great raffle and made a huge profit thanks to the raffle auctioneers Mary LaRoy and Donna Waskiewicz. and the exhibitors who contributed to it! They also raffled off a huge hand-made quilt, which was a huge hit!
They even had special visitors come help set up and tear down the show – Jimmy & Stephanie Thompson. It’s always great seeing them at the Denver shows.
On April 20: North Texas Cat Club and April 21: Fort Worth Cat Club had their shows in Mesquite, TX.

WOW What a great end of the show season show it was. They had a great count and plenty of new spectators visit the show. On Saturday Cheryl Dorrell and Carol Booth had their Grand Party (for multiple cats) and served home made strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, and cupcakes! A delight for all! They also had a great costume contest that was a crowd favorite! The raffle was quite a hit too and included some great prizes including a paid night at the Hampton Inn. This show had 12-rings and a lot of cats granded and earned one of Crystal’s over-the-top new grand rosettes! Helmi Flick Photography was at the show for the last-minute pictures for new grand photos to Regional and National Winner Photos!
Be sure to mark your calendar for this upcoming Region 3 show:
June 15-16: Gulf Shore Regional, Mesquite, TX. The show is open to all and we will have agility, too! Please enter at:

The Gulf Shore Regional Banquet is almost here! Get ready to celebrate the season’s special times with friends! The season ending GSR Banquet will be held at the Hampton Inn/Mesquite Convention Center, Mesquite, TX on June 15, 2019. We want all of you to attend as we are planning a night full of celebration for you! Here is the reservation block link to make your room reservations at the Hampton. Room rate is $109 1-king or 2-double beds (1-4 people) or $119 for a suite! BOOK BY MAY 24th to reserve your room! 

Cocktails start at 6:00 pm ~ Dinner 7:00 pm ~ Awards Presentation to follow dinner. Banquet tables are round and will seat up to 8 people. Table reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to make a table reservation, please fill out the reservation form. Reservations and Payment MUST be received no later than June 5th, 9PM CST!  Here is the link to the table reservation which have already been made. Feel free to join a table that has empty seats or start a table of 8.

Are you getting a Regional Win or Grand of Distinction? If so, look through your pictures and email them to Leesa Altschul at . If you are getting one of these awards your photo will be printed on a beautiful plaque. The photo needs to be a minimum of 4”x6” and 300 dpi minimum resolution. Plaque photos are due by May 20, 2019. Please identify your cat's full name and placement(s) when submitting your photo.

Additional photos for the Awards Banquet, which include best, 2nd, and 3rd best of breed in Championship, and best of breed kitten and best of breed premiership, and don’t forget about your cats which granded this season –being in the Grand Parade is quite an honor. Please send photographs to and they are due by June 1, 2019.

Sponsorship are available. Check out the list to sponsor your favorite cat! Please visit the list, surprise a friend, and help the region!

Now that the final listings are up on the sponsorship page, please consider if you want a duplicate of any of your Top cat/kitten rosettes or plaques as well as duplicates of your breed rosettes. Find out if your co-breeders or co-owners want a copy too! Go here and find out all the info you want to know about pricing, ordering and cut-off dates. The May 20th due date is very firm so don’t miss out!

IMPORTANT! Kathy Black needs “On the Road” pictures for the Regional Awards Banquet slideshow!! This is always a crowd pleaser at the Banquet (June 15th) but we need your contributions to make this happen. Please send your photos to Kathy at
Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Our regional celebration show is coming up and we are back on our original date the second weekend of June. We have a slate of 8 great judges and we are offering Agility again this year as well. Come celebrate all the GREAT cats and their accomplishments this past season in the Great Lakes Region.  

Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:

More information can be found online at

  • May 25 – Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers – Cambridge ON, 5AB 1SP 6HHP
  • June 8-9 – Great Lakes Region Celebration Show – Akron OH, 6AB 2SP 8HHP
  • July 6-7 – Great Lakes Great Maines & Sternwheel Cat Fanciers – Columbus OH, 7AB 3SP, 10 HHP
  • July 13-14 – Triple Crown Cat Fanciers – Lexington KY, 7AB 3SP 10HHP
  • July 27 – Motor City Jazz Club – Taylor MI, 4AB 2SP 6HHP
  • July 28 – Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers – Taylor MI, 4AB 2SP 6HHP 
Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director

Las Vegas Cat Club held their annual 10 ring show, “Roll The Dice” in Henderson, NV on April 27/28, 2019.

We had a full entry of 225 cats, again, and the best gate we have ever had! There was a fabulous raffle table, a food truck who took care of everyone’s feeding needs, and a wedding was held between a Silver and a Golden Persian!

Donna Isenberg was also there for the Abyssinian Midwest Breeders who sponsored Larry Atkinson’s ring in honor of our dearly departed Bruce Isenberg. We will always miss his smiling face at our shows. 
There was a hospitality suite on Friday celebrating Pat Jacobberger’s retirement after 35 years serving of CFA. We will miss her judging, but we look forward to your participation in our future shows. You can't keep a great woman down! Las Vegas loves holding the end of season show, celebrating with everyone, both near and far. They look forward to seeing you all next year for another fun time in Henderson, NV!
On a sad note another of our long time exhibitors, Thomas Brosnan, Seeneekats cattery, breeding and showing Russian Blues, crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday April 27, 2019. Thomas was a clerk and a Master clerk here in SWR region. I remember Thomas and Sydney from the late 1980's being at all of the shows. We extend our thoughts and prayers to Sydney. We will miss Thomas and his sunny personality at our SWR shows.
Upcoming, we have the annual "Remember Them All" Memorial Day Show in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, May 25th. This is always a popular show, and we look forward to seeing everyone's bright, shiny faces for the first show of the season in the Southwest Region! The raffle is always amazing, the friendliness boundless, and cocktails are served! You can register through our website, Just click on the link! Remember, closes on May 21nd! Entry clerk email: PayPal is available.
Region 6
Mary Auth - Regional Director

The Midwest Region closed out the 2018-19 show season at the historic America’s Heartland show in Springfield, Illinois. AHL is not a club, but a consortium of clubs that celebrates the end of season. A good time was had by all. See photos from the show below.

And now we are planning for the region’s celebration in Bloomington Illinois on June 1. There is still time to join us for the festivities as we celebrate this last season’s achievements and special awards.

Coming up is the region’s second in-conjunction show with ACFA in Fremont, Nebraska. The show revives a vintage club – Lincoln Cat Club – to sponsor the show and tests the skills and patience of new Cornish Rex exhibitor and Omaha resident, Selma Kessler. So far, so good. We are hoping for a good entry.

In July, World Wide Feline Fanciers is back on July 20 with its World Wide Cat Entertainment in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. This is the region’s twice a year 4-ring show that has proven to be quite popular. Later this summer we have a new show in Noblesville, Indiana. Another club is revived to host this new show – Hair of the Cat.

In early August, the Midwest TGIF Fanciers and National Birman Fanciers host their six by six show in Gray Summit, Missouri. 

Hope to see you all this summer at a show.
GRC Dalbodre Where You At traveled with Jinson Choi all the way from South Korea to compete in the show. He looks pretty relaxes after his long journey. Jinson reports it was worth the long trip.
Affectionately known as Sister Helen – well because she is a Sister – was full of smiles at the AHL show in Springfield showing Rosso Perisano Smooshie (not pictured)
This clip (right) from a video from the show gives regional OTRA viewers a sneak preview of what they will see on June 1 at the Regional Banquet. Clerk Gena Garton witnesses the nonsense of judge Brian Pearson, who wholly embraces the drama of a final.
Region 7
Kenny Currle - Regional Director

The region kicked off the season in "grand" style as there were many shouts of "new grand!" at the Rebel Rousers and That's My Point shows held in Lawrenceville, GA the first weekend of the season. This show is always a fun show to begin the new season, and this one was no exception.

June 1-2 brings the region not one but TWO shows! Up in Parkville, MD the Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers host their annual show. Then in Plant City, FL the New Vision Cat Club hosts their first solo show. So there's no excuse not to enter a Southern Region show that weekend.

June 22-23 brings the Southern Regional show in Timonium, MD in conjunction with the region's awards banquet. A great venue at the Maryland Fairgrounds.

Speaking of the Regional Awards banquet - we know that a lot of folks will be wanting to support their friends in the Southern Region by attending the banquet, sponsoring an award, perhaps submitting OTRA photographs. Complete Regional info is available here and look under the "Southern Stars" tab in the menu.
Region 9
Michael Hans Schleissner
Regional Director

First of all I wanna congratulate with all our Regional Winners - it was an amazing season with amazing cats! Now it's time to focus on our celebration, so please help us to make our upcoming banquet a great event. We already have more than 70 guests confirmed for the special dinner on the 22nd of June in Legnano. To reserve your dinner please contact me as soon as possible. We have a limit of 120 guests and the deadline for the reservation & the payment is the 31st of May, so please don't wait the last minute to make your reservation & to confirm your payment.
Don't forget to reserve your room directly with the hotel. If you are sure to come, reserve it now because the hotel will keep a group of rooms reserved for us until the 31st of May. You could not find a room there after this date. Please use the following email to confirm your room : or 

Many of you already sent high resolution pictures for the awards. We have a very strict deadline to receive your pictures due the company that will produce our awards. The deadline was 10th of May, without a picture received within this date your award WON'T GET the picture of your cat. The pictures must be sent to with full name and title of your cat, breed & colour, full name of the owner. 

Let's talk about sponsorship : many of you are showing an incredible support sponsoring many of the winners awards. This is an incredible help for the Region. Only 19 cats need a sponsor now, the cost is 35 € per cat, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you wanna support one the cats. The list is published on our region 9 FB page.
This is submitted by Giulia Di Natale
Thank you Giulia for this information. I also want to point out, that in conjunction with our regional awards banquet on Sunday 23rd we will have a 4 ring show. 44 Gatti Cat Club will be happy to receive your entries. 
I don't want to forget to remember that the region will have its first show on May/18&19/2019 in France; entries should be still open when this newsletter gets published.
Thanks also from my side to all of you who made CFA happen in Europe and for a wonderful show season 2018 / 2019. 
We will see us in Legnano / Italy.