November 15 | 2020
CFA News
President's Message
Fall is in the air! We are rapidly approaching much cooler, and in some places, colder temperatures. We don’t see many deciduous leaves changing colors here in Nevada. However, when I visited the Midwest last month, the trees were beginning to take on some beautiful hues.

Congratulations to all the fanciers working on the CFA Top Cat Challenge. The various regions are hosting their Virtual Cat Competitions with a good entry and the profits from these events are helping the regions and some of the newly-formed committees that are taking on new projects.

We all are anxiously awaiting the return of CFA shows in the continental United States. Our first event was Cotton States on November 7-8. A great deal of preparation went into making certain that they complied with state and local laws that govern assembly of crowds. They also followed the CDC guidelines for masks and social distancing. Please be aware that there is no admittance of the public to our CFA shows. Hopefully once the COVID-19 vaccines are finalized and the public becomes vaccinated, we will see the eventual decline of COVID-19 infections across the USA. The CFA Board has made public the disclaimer that must be signed by all judges, show committee members, and exhibitors as they enter the show facility.

The RD for Region 7, Kenny Currle, and I held a short meeting before the start of the Cotton States show. It was great seeing so many of you at the show. I am sure some of you are as happy as I am to see the return of CFA cat shows!

CFA cat shows are returning to China! It has been nearly a year since we have had a CFA sponsored show in China. Our legal team has worked hard and diligently to formulate and implement contracts with clubs in China to help them meet the NGO approval documentation they need to conduct temporary activities in China. The first show was held in Chongqing on October 24 and 25. It was a 2 AB ring show judged by Amanda Chang and Chloe Chung. Congrats to Zhi Ning for his successful show.

As we resume show production around the world, please be mindful that the COVID-19 virus is still active. Please adhere to the guidelines of wearing a mask, frequent washing of your hands with soap and water, and social distancing. We want to protect the health and well-being of those that need protection from exposure to the virus. Many of us are over 50 years old and we all are more susceptible to the untoward effects of a viral infection with COVID-19.

Darrell Newkirk
CFA President
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Central Office Report
Allene Tartaglia
CFA Executive Director

November and December is the time of year when mostly everyone is focused on the upcoming holidays…except those of us in the Central Office. Our focus is deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.
Breed Council members for the current membership year will be receiving an email during the week of November 16 with a personalized link to the online ballot(s) for which they are a member. The deadline to complete the ballot is Monday, December 14. If you need a paper ballot, please contact Amber Goodright.
Clubs dues and membership notices will be sent to all club secretaries of record in December and will include the club’s status regarding payment of 2021 dues. Starting in December, all clubs must also submit a membership list for 2021 calendar year. Membership lists submitted BEFORE December 1, 2020 do NOT satisfy the requirement for 2021. Club dues and a membership list must be submitted for a club to be considered in good standing. Questions regarding a club’s status should be sent to Amber Goodright,

A reminder that Show Sponsorship requests must be filed at least 7 days in advance of the show date. Once the request has been approved, funds will be sent to the show/club after all materials needed to score a show and related fees (show entry surcharge, confirmations, etc.) have been received in the Central Office. Contact Melissa Watson to request a show sponsorship application.
CFA Judging Program
Submitted by Applicants and Trainees Chair Ellyn Honey

Boots on the Ground Observations on the Cotton States’ Show

I flew Delta to Detroit and then drove to Atlanta with Anne Mathis. I felt safer flying, than in a supermarket. Middle seats empty, amazing cleaning, masking protocols. We only had 35 people on the flight, although the flight attendant said they are usually busier. They told us to spread out so we had a whole row to ourselves. We boarded from back to front, and when we deplaned we were asked to stay 6 feet behind the people in front. Las Vegas had almost no one in the airport but I had a 6:00 AM flight. Snacks and water were in a plastic baggy.

Overall it was a fabulous show. Safety protocols were in place all over the show hall. We signed a waiver coming into the show hall, stating that we understood the rules including the mandatory masks and social distancing. We also had our temperature taken both days and recorded on our wrist bands. Blue for Saturday and Orange for Sunday. This will help with contract tracings if there is a problem.

The way the trainees and training judges worked was very well done. The classes were conducted like solos. An entire ring of cats was brought up. In the beginning both Darrell and Jacqui judged the ring of cats first, then the trainees judged. The two trainees and Darrell and Jacqui discussed the approach in the morning before the show. Once both trainee and the training judge had judged the cats, they had a discussion about the cats. The judges wore face shields during these discussions as an extra precaution. It took longer, but under the protocols that we had to follow it was appropriate. Later in the show, both judges changed it up and the trainee handled the cats first. I am sure the training judges wanted to make sure that the trainees could handle the cats comfortably at first. Towards the end of the day Saturday, the judges brought up half a ring at a time to speed things up. Both trainees worked both days.

The cats were surprisingly good, although timid in some cases. But only one cat was really scared, and did get better as the day wore on. I did not hear or see any cat being frightened of the masks. On another note, the masks made it much warmer judging. But all understood the importance of wearing the masks.

The exhibitors were benched with a double cage between each exhibitor and double double if there was a groom as well. Six ft social distancing was not well-observed, but most people stayed 3 feet apart. Finals had more people but you could socially distance. There were two rows of 3 chairs each well-spaced in the judging rings. Joanne Hardeman went around the show hall and if someone was not wearing a mask (of which there were very few) she told them to put it on. We did have a number of people wearing their masks below their noses and Joanne took care of that.

There was a bit of confusion as to whether you had to wear your mask while at your benching area. The first instructions were you did not have to, but then that was changed and there were posters in the benching area telling everyone that unless they were eating or drinking, masks were to remain on.

For me it was a test to see if I could wear a mask all day. Yes you can.

It was interesting to see many at-high risk people at the show. I saw no extra precautions taken by these people. It would not have been my choice, but that tells me how much people miss in person, social interaction.

The bottom line is this: Our trainees can work safely. Our judges can work safely. Our exhibitors can come to the shows and feel safe. We can do live shows even with this virus in venues that will allow it. The proof will be in 2 weeks to see if there are any COVID cases that come from this event.

Thank you to Cotton States for not only being willing to do a live show, but for allowing our trainees to work the show as well.

For all of us it was a “slice of normal” in an otherwise chaotic world

New CFA Judging Program Applicant
Kathi Hoos- CFA Judging Program Applications Administrator

Applicants for Consideration at the February 2021 Board Meeting:
Nadejda Rumyantseva
Approval pending AB
Moscow, Russia

Information concerning the moral character, temperament and ethics, and the spectrum of experience concerning the breeding and showing (and agenting) of cats would be helpful to the CFA Executive Board in the evaluation of applicants to the Judging Program. The manner in which an applicant's cats are housed and cared for is also pertinent. See Judging Program Rules, Section V under 7. Recommendations: a,b,c,d,e,f, as well as the Judges' Code of Ethics for more information on what the Board of Directors will require in an excellent candidate.
Recommendations or concerns are encouraged so that the Judging Program Committee and ultimately the CFA Board of Directors may make an informed decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of any individual making an application to the CFA Judging Program. All letters require a signature. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Negative letters must be documented and substantiated. All negative letters will be shared with the applicant to offer the opportunity for rebuttal. All letters and responses, if any, will accompany the application.
Please send letters by email or snail mail to the Applications Administrator (see below) by the deadline indicated:

Letters due by December 14, 2020

Letters of recommendation, or copies thereof, must not be sent to the applicant, nor may the applicant ask for any preview of recommendations. Multiple recommendations stemming from one source will be treated as a single recommendation. Please send letters to:
Kathleen Hoos
1753 Blakewood DR
Chambersburg, Pa 17201
Phone: 717 263 5915
CFA Breeds and Standards Committee
Jacqui Bennett - Chair

Central Office is working hard on finalizing the breed council ballots and getting everything ready for the voting. The plans were to get the ballot emails out to members by Monday, November 9 with a deadline for their return of Monday, December 14.
Our next set of projects will surround developing processes and guidance to clarify and simplify standard creation and modifications, qualifications of new colors within a breed and a glossary of standard wording and definitions.
New CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski - CFA Club Membership Chair

The following club has applied for CFA membership and will be considered at the December 1, 2020 CFA Board teleconference. Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding the applicant should do so in writing and send the comments to Committee Chair Carol Krzanowski no later than November 18, 2020.
As stated in the CFA Constitution - Article III - Membership, Section 3 - Election to Membership: "If negative information is submitted regarding the applicant, the information will be provided to the applicant with enough time for the applicant to prepare a written rebuttal prior to board consideration.”

Shadowcats Feline Fanciers
President: Sisi Wu
Secretary: Ruijie Zhong
Location: Guangzhou City, China
CFA Millennial Outreach Committee
Lorna Friemoth - Chair

Greetings from the CFA Millennial Outreach Committee! It is hard to believe that the Regional Qualifying Virtual Events are coming to an end. The final qualifying event, which is hosted by the International Division’s Pharaonic Cat Fanciers, a new club in Egypt, that will be using funds raised from this event to fund their first in-person show. Please support them with entries and spectators’ choice votes. Any cat can enter any qualifying event, including cats not registered or registerable in CFA. The deadline to enter has been extended until November 21st, and Spectators’ Choice voting will take place from November 15-27. Please go to to enter, and click on “gallery” once spectator’s choice opens to vote for your favorite cat.
The CFA International Top Cat Challenge to benefit the WINN Feline Foundation will accept entries from November 23rd through December 8th. Cats qualified for the photo portion of the event can enter the photo event, and those who have won free or discounted entries will be contacted via email prior to this date. The video handling portion of the event is open to all cats. Videos are to be 30 seconds in length and while we love to watch your cats play with toys, these videos should demonstrate handling techniques as though you are mimicking a judge. We have many answers to frequently asked questions on the blog as well as a demonstration handling video, and examples of how to take photos of your cats at home to enter them in the last qualifying event.
We have listened to your feedback and will have an “almost famous” class featured at the CITCC wherein only amateur photos of cats that have not attended an in-person show will be judged. These will be divided into two classes: pedigreed and household pet cats. We will need prize sponsors to make the CFA International Top Cat Challenge a success. Please watch the portal to open at for sign up information.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this series of events! We look forward to your participation in the finale and hope you will enjoy the diverse slates of judges that we have selected for the photo event, video event, and fun rings.
Virtual Cat Competition Committee
Iris Zinck - Chair


The Virtual Cat Competition Committee will soon be ready to work with CFA clubs interested in running virtual events, to be scheduled after the Top Cat Challenge is complete. Regional Director approval is still required, as are all the other virtual show guidelines established this fall. What’s different is that now, the Committee will provide training and guidance for clubs that wish to use the CFA Platform, to help enable the events to run more smoothly—and more profitably! We will also try to manage scheduling conflicts between clubs and keep tabs on non-CFA virtual events to help prevent overlap.

We do want to emphasize that clubs seeking to utilize the platform need to have several people on their team, such as a tech-savvy entry clerk, someone who knows PowerPoint, and someone with a Zoom license so that finals can be recorded for uploading to the platform. Facebook marketing knowhow is also important to successfully promote your show. One person cannot manage a virtual competition alone. The Committee will help train the show team to address these tasks but we cannot do them for you.

Any club interested in planning a virtual competition or just looking to learn more about what platform use entails is encouraged to contact Iris Zinck, chair, at
Household Pet Committee
Jenny Wickle - Chair

New Club For HHP Exhibitors

The Half Moon Club is seeking new members to include HHP exhibitors and exhibitors who are interested in promoting HHPs in CFA. This will be a first time CFA Household Pet Club. If you are interested in membership please contact Vice President, Julie Benzer, at The club is also working on hosting a Virtual Cat Competition (VCC) as a fundraiser. Please be on the lookout for more information on dates soon.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger - Editor
The December issue of Cat Talk is in layout, and on track to arrive in the middle of December. We celebrate the holidays with our nearest and dearest felines, asking them what THEY really want for Christmas. (although a few of them had some explaining to do - and they told Santa why they got put in time out.

Our featured breed will be the Bombay.

PLUS: the Cat Talk staff found a special way to both celebrate the coming of 2021 - and make certain that 2020 really left!
My Special Cat
All of us have had "that" special cat - a heart cat that we had a deep connection with. It may have been a cat that you exhibited and formed a lasting bond with. Or convinced you that he/she should stay - and you are thankful it did. Or maybe a non-pedigeed cat who knew that you needed him/her and consoled you like no other cat ever did.
Laurie Coughlan is taking her series to the next level with "My Special Cat" and she would love to include your story. Think of this as a love letter to that special cat in your life. Please send her your story and a photo if you wish.
Did you know you can advertise your cattery and its accomplishments in Cat Talk?

Did you know readers from all over the world can subscribe to Cat Talk online via Magzter and the Kindle Newsstand ?

Did you know vendors and small cat-related businesses can take advantage of special advertising pricing?

Check out our pricing, or contact Teresa Keiger for more details.
Statistics Committee
Dick Kallmeyer - Chair

After the first ¾ of 2020, CFA’s most popular breeds are:
The distribution of registrations by region or International Division Area:
Eddie Goatseay - Action Figurine!
Most cat fanciers have watched Eddie Goatseay grow up in CFA. He's attended the last several annuals, and could often be found clerking at Great Lakes' Region shows.

This young man turned 13 last year, and his mother, Carmen Lawrence-Johnson wanted to do something special. She had found a Baltimore-area gentleman who created personalized figures. However, when she reached out to him in April of 2019, he was already booked out six months. Then of course, Covid-19 put a kink in everything! Finally this past August, she got the figurine.
And does that shirt look familiar? Carmen also decided that the figure should be wearing Eddie's all-too-familiar to many exhibitors red CFA polo shirt!

Eddie's reaction? "He died laughing" says Carmen. Now, he declined to put the infamous red shirt on for the photo above, but Carmen noted that he loves the figure and has shared it with a lot of his friends.
CFA Program News
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
 Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst

The San Antonio, Texas Animal Ordinance Becomes More Restrictive Once Again

San Antonio, Texas, is again intensifying restrictive animal ordinances already in place. The changes include punitive measures in the seller's permit section, changing the definition for licensed rescues, and an unworkable plan restricting the cats and dogs a pet shop may sell. Considerable advance work included a slick campaign and a series of Animal Care Services ("ACS") Animal Advisory Board meetings to get the ordinance drafted for quick staff briefing and discussion with the City Council’s Community Health and Equity Committee on September 24, 2020 by Heber Lefgren, Director, Animal Care Services and passage at the October 29, 2020 city council meeting. The over-the-top marketing campaign began in July 2019, with the first of two surveys. The second survey took place in February 2020.

article continues here
Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:
What’s Hot……..Whatever happened to this Legislation? CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IL, KS, and NH
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Winn Feline Foundation
submitted by Virginia Rud
A list of our honored donors for the month of October is available here
This year’s focus is Feline Diabetes Mellitus and our goal is $15,000. We also have matching funds available, so every dollar given will be doubled, up to $15,000.
Consider this- $15,000 in gifts, + $15,000 in matching funds = enough to completely fund one feline health study. Visit for more information and to help us reach our goal!

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director
Many thanks are in order for the success of our Regional Virtual Competition with Region 9 Paws across the Sea. I do not think any of us realized the amount of time and hard work that went into the coordination and execution of a virtual competition.

First, I would like to thank the virtual competition committee for all their help and guidance.
Iris Zinck, Deirdre Gerhardt, Nancy Kerr, and Mike Altschul.
Thanks for Lorna Friemoth as coordinator of the CITCC.
Also special thanks to the Region 1 members who put in many hours work Chris June, Jim and Teresa Land, Shirley Peet.

Many thanks to all of our judges who officiated Gary Veach, Melanie Morgan, Lorraine Rivard, Jeri Zottoli, Rachel Anger, Suki Lee, Iris Zinck, Russell Webb and BOB judge Irina Kharchenco.
I would also like to thank all the clubs in the Region that supported the shows with Donations. Finicky Felines, Bombay enthusiasts, N.E.M.O., Delaware River Cat Club, National Norwegian Forest Cat Club, Seacoast Cat club. Thanks to our many corporate and individual sponsors.
Next month, we will have pictures of many of our top winners.

It is with great regret that I have to let everyone know about the cancellation for this show season of three of our traditional shows:
  • Vermont Fancy Felines, January 9th and 10.
  • Finicky Felines, January 31
  • Black Diamond-Ramapo Cat Club February 20 and 21.
All these traditional shows are planning to return in 2022.

Region 2
Terri Zittel - Regional Secretary 
To all our Veterans, we honor you for your service to our country. During these troubled days, we reach out to thank you again. These are worrisome times with the continuation of the upsurge in the Covid 19 epidemic. Hopefully the coming new year will bring some resolution.

We recently lost another beloved member of our Region 2 cat fancy, Linda Humpage. With her husband Mark they raised Chartreau and Egyptian Maus. Karen Godwin just posted on Facebook a banner from the 2014 CFA World Show of GP, NW Maison Dukat’s Mojave of Jewllz. Mojave is a Bronze Egyptian Mau. Linda was one of our trio of fabulous ring clerks; all Lindas! She will be truly missed by her family and the cat family of the Upper Northwest.

Stay safe and hug your kitties,
Region 3
Paula Noble - Regional Secretary
It seems as though the fall weather has had the lead in this region’s newsletters of late. The latest were the ice storms that hit Oklahoma & Kansas and have affected several of our region’s exhibitors. Several homes have been affected with trees and power lines downed with the weight of the accumulated ice. Some continue to be without power and are awaiting damage repairs to their homes. Please continue to keep those affected in this latest, and previous disastrous weather events in your prayers. Thanks to donations, the Region’s Disaster Relief fund has been able to help those in need.
The Annual Committee continues hard at work on our fund-raising projects. The latest being ‘Recipes That Are Out of This World” cookbook. This cookbook contains recipes from all over our CFA world. Within a week of receiving our first shipment, ¼ of the cookbooks were on their way to those that ordered them. I know many have said they plan on using these as gifts.  Thanks to Cotton States show management, we were able to take all of our fund-raising merchandise to Georgia so fellow exhibitors could purchase items without the added shipping expense.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family out there.
Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

Some of you may recall that prior to the pandemic, the Great Lakes Region had sold raffle tickets for a chance to win 2 beautiful Waterford crystal pieces. Since the shows were all cancelled earlier this year, the decision was made to hold the tickets and draw whenever there was a CFA show.

At the Cotton States show, Judge Teresa Sweeney drew the winning ticket for the crystal. The winner is:

The 2022 CFA Annual Fundraising committee would like to sincerly thank Judge Teresa Sweeney for her help and to the management of the Cotton States show, we are eternally grateful for allowing Judge Sweeney to draw the winner.

The 2022 CFA Annual Fundraising Committee
Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director
Greetings to all, I hope you all are safe and keeping healthy!
The SWR is not having any shows in the foreseeable future.
Rhonda Avery did a really great job on the virtual show! Our hats are off to Rhonda for her effort in doing this for the region.

Thank you, Rhonda!

From Rhonda Avery :
Desert Cats Cat Club 'hosted' the Southwest Region's first Virtual Competition, one of the many virtual competitions being held as a prelude to determine CFA's first virtual international Top Cat winner, a competition that will take place in December. Ending up with 234 entries in the conformation classes and 96 entries in the fun classes, each "Best" cat received a $25 electronic gift card, in keeping with the virtual theme of the event.

We raised approximately $2,100.00, which will be divided between the Region ($700, including donations from two of the competition judges, Darrell Newkirk and Lorraine Shelton), the Wildlife Disaster Network associated with UC Davis ($750.00), and the club ($650, including a donation from Jennifer Reding.) Thank you to everyone who entered, voted, donated, and judged.

I would also like to thank Pat Jacobberger, who was of great assistance in uploading the photos into the Powerpoint presentation and conducting Zoom conferences with the judges to record their finals, Lorna Friemoth for her encouragement and publicity assistance, and Lisa Kuta for being there to accept the requests to upload the contest information to Facebook and other advertising avenues. Iris Zinck and Nancy Kerr were a big help as they walked me through the use of this virtual platform, and Debi Gomez helped create the home page theme for the event.
Region 6
Candilee Jackson - Regional Secretary
On November 2nd, the MWR hosted a Zoom meeting to acquaint the region’s constituency with the new regional planning committee and present the current MWR treasurers’ report. Kathy Calhoun, CFA Treasurer, was on hand to present the CFA profit/loss statement, and Executive Director Allene Tartaglia introduced the Central Office staff and their duties so we can have a better idea of who does what at CO. Melanie Morgan presented strategies and brainstormed ways to save the CFA Yearbook. This was an exceptional productive meeting, and everyone came away updated and educated! Thank you, ladies!
At this writing, the MWR is in the middle of judging is VCC, Feline Fall Classic. Lots of excitement surrounds not just the conformation rings, but the nine “fun” rings as well. There are some darling kitties in costume, guaranteeing a chuckle from online visitors. Spectator votes from these nine fun rings will benefit:
  • IL - Sangamon Co Animal Control – Meow Mobile
  • IA – Happy Tales Ranch and Rescue
  • IA – Best Friends Rescue
  • MO – Siamese Rescue
  • MO – Animal Protective Association of Missouri 
Thank to our Regional Sponsors:
Indy Cat Club, Scottish Fold Allbreed Alliance, Hawkeye State Cat Club, Twin City Cat Fanciers, IvyCat Cattery

As we head into the holiday season, the MWR wishes everyone a wonderful, tasty and socially distanced, Thanksgiving, and we thank our military veterans for their service!!! Semper Fi!
Region 7
Kenny Currle - Regional Director
Cotton States Cat Club held the first in-person show November 4-5 in Duluth, GA. The feeling of camaraderie was palpable throughout the show hall.

Many thanks to the members of the club, and to C. A. Johnson Folds for submitting the report (below) on behalf of the club.
It was a long wait for cats and their humans to return to the show hall, but on Nov. 7 & 8 at the Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, GA, more than 200 exhibitors came together for the 82nd annual Cotton States CFA Championship & Household Pet Show. Participants came from all corners of the country to show their cats, collect points, and visit with old and new friends. Every safety precaution was in place from required masks, social distancing which included the benching assignments, and with hand sanitizer provided throughout the show hall. Signed waivers were likewise required in order for all to enter the building.

(right: Jacqui Bennett's ring was The University of Georgia)
This year’s show theme, “Georgia On My Mind,” was interpreted by the club decorators in each of the 8 rings: Coca Cola, The Master’s Golf Tournament, Peaches, the University Of GA, Savannah, GA Flowers, the Big Chicken of Marietta, and the Okefenokee Swamp. Even behind the masks smiles were evident as maximum points were collected with top 15 across the board, kitten, championship, and premiership. A plethora of new grands were rewarded with elaborately decorated champagne bottles, a tradition at Cotton States.

Right: John Adelhoch's ring, the Okefenokee Swamp, amazed most exhibitors with its details. What the photo doesn't show is the dark water of the swamp - and the snake - in front of the ring.
Cotton States hopes that this show will encourage other clubs to follow the CFA guidelines and plan more shows for this season. We look forward to welcoming everyone back here next year!
Region 8
Yukiko Hayata - Regional Director
no report this month
Region 9
Pam DelaBar - Regional Director
Region 9 has now held two 2 ring allbreed shows in the past 30 days: Sherwood Manx’s first show and Cat Fanciers of Finland, the first CFA club in Finland and host of over 40 shows since its inception. We are having one more 2 ring allbreed show on 29 November sponsored by Sophisto Cat Club hosting its first show in Finland.

Left: Pam DelaBar judging at the Cat Fanciers of Finland show November 8.
Usually the first weekend in December is the largest cat show in the world - the Grand Prix in Moscow - Edelweiss Cat Club has joined with the other associations to have a 2 day virtual cat competition. This format is very special in that judges will view the cats in “real time” through a Zoom format. We will be happy to report on this event in the December CFA Newsletter.

Right: Tuija Aaltonen, Pauli Huhtaniemi and Kaisa Ylinenpaa at the Cat Fanciers of Finland show
International Division
China - Mainland
submitted by ID-China Chair Russell Webb
Photos from the two ring show in Chongqing with Amanda Cheng (above) and the show hall (right)
Our first CFA approved show was held on October 24, 2020 by The Mountain City CF Club in Chongqing, China. It was a two ring AB show and the show got 101 entries. We had two CFA AB judges for the two rings they were both from China. The exhibitors came from all different parts of China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing). I received many emails from exhibitors letting me know they were excited to have CFA back in China. A great weekend was had by all.
Our next show in China was held on November 7, 2020 which was also a success. (Chloe Chung judging at left)

Many are excited about our show on November 14, 2020. This show will be a 10 ring Specialty show. I'm proud to announce this is the first show that we will be hiring our new CFA Associate Judges or what they like to call themselves T1 judges. I'm happy that The Skyline Cat Club allowed these T1 judges to prove their skills. Anne Mathis and her team have put them through a training course and have assured me that they all did an excellent job on handling. Thank you Anne. Good luck to all our T1 judges.. It truly is a great experience!! Most of all have fun...
One last update on our WeChat App I am informed that it is 60% done. That is good news..
Stay Safe Everyone....
submitted by Allan Raymond Id, representative India
Written by Saquib Pathan, President CFAI
The Cat Fanciers Alliance of India with the Feline Club of India till date have hosted one Championship CFA show, 3 Funshows under CFAI and 10 shows under FCI, a total of 14 shows. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the organising of shows and on ground events, CFAI and FCI conducted a number of online events to keep engagement with cat parents.

Education of cat parents has always been a high priority for us. We have conducted more than 80 Feline Conventions across India in the past. The online webinars were conducted live on Facebook and YouTube wherein an expert speaker would speak on a specific feline topic like UTI (urinary tract infection), pain management, nutrition in various life stages, pruitus (Itching) in cats, grooming, breed orientations, etc. A total of 18 educational webinars have been hosted so far with great response from the viewers, gaining thousands of views for each video.
Veterinary Panel Discussion
Veterinary panel discussion is a platform where we invite some of the expert veterinarians to have a discussion on the present scenario of cat hobby in India, the medical issues faced by cat parents, challenges faced by vets in diagnosis and treatment of cats, new feline medical treatments available in India and around the world, the growing market for cat products etc.
CFAI/FCI has conducted 2 Veterinary Panel Discussions which where moderated by Prof. Utpal Tatu, a scientist with Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), and have more lined up. The interaction is viewed by veterinarians, veterinary university students and cat parents alike.

the article continues here

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Teresa Keiger
CFA Newsletter Editor