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September 15 | 2019
CFA News
Memo From Mark
It’s mid-September and Fall is right around the corner. Most of my flowers have seen the last of their blooms for the season and I am anxious to see the last of the 90-degree weather. Autumn colors can be exquisite in my neighborhood and will be here soon.

The first weekend of October brings us an in-person board meeting in Cleveland. We will come in a day early for a Strategic Planning Session with Peg Johnson serving as our facilitator. Peg served on CFA’s board for ten years and the past several years she has proven to be quite talented in helping us with leading these sessions. Mary Auth accepted the task of pulling together our agenda for this all-day event. While we have three board meetings a year via conference call, the three face-to-face meetings tend to be more fruitful and I expect this one to be as well. We had been meeting in Alliance OH in the CFA Foundation’s museum on the ground floor of CFA’s building but many board members were flying to Cleveland and renting cars to drive to Alliance, so we opted to move the meeting to Cleveland to make it more convenient for those who fly. If you have something you want brought up at this board meeting, contact your regional director.

A few days after this board meeting, we will return to Cleveland for the CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin. This is traditionally the largest of CFA’s shows and chock full of excitement. I have no doubt you are aware that Lorna Friemoth has been soliciting sponsorships for this show and we appreciate both her efforts as well as the many donations from within the cat fancy. Desiree Bobby who handles our marketing efforts has been very busy working her magic to bring in a tremendous gate. Last year we set a record for the number of spectators visiting the show and she plans a dramatic increase this year. Once the spectators get to the show they will have lots to entertain them including the Savitsky Cats who were such a hit on “America’s Got Talent.” There will be Celebrity Cats that are well-known on social media, a cat costume contest, Agility, an Education Ring, and much more to entertain and educate the visitors to the show. Lots of vendors and three feline photographers for you. Show Manager Linda Murphy and her committee have been hard at work to make sure this show runs smoothly. Mary Kolencik has been keeping everyone up-to-date with her posts on the Blog: . Make sure you check it out.

Dick Kallmeyer's ongoing analysis came up with this interesting statistic for last show season: "North American NW championship cats showed an average of 34.0 times, RW cats 14.6 times, non-award cats 2.8 times."

I hope to see many of you in Cleveland next month!
Central Office Report

Allene Tartaglia
Executive Director

Feline Agility has a new face!
Please use the new logo for Feline Agility in conjunction with advertising the availability of CFA Feline Agility at your show. You can find the Agility logo here
"Where are my grand points? "
It’s a question often asked the office starting Monday after a cat show. Following is a brief summary of the timetable in the Central Office for posting show results. Show records are usually received in the office by Monday or Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday, after a show. Records are sorted and organized in preparation for data being entered into the scoring database, data entered and scoring completed. Depending on the number of shows being scored this process normally takes up until the end of the week following the show and grand points are posted by the Friday afternoon following a show.

CFA International Cat Show Reminder: Entries close at noon on September 24 and there are still sponsorship opportunities available. Don’t miss out on participating at this year’s show in Cleveland at the I-X Center on October 12-13, 2019,
Did you know…
that “Other Characteristics” provided on cat registration applications range from “folded ears” and “stumpy tail” to “sweet and adorable”, “likes long walks and cuddle parties” to “fat and sassy”? Obviously, some of these characteristics are used for registration purposes (folded ears and stumpy tail) but the Central Office staff particularly enjoys the non-registration characteristics and thought you might too.
CFA Development & Sponsorship
Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell
Director of Development

Building the CFA Brand Experience

The CFA Brand Experience. It is more than the fact that CFA maintains the largest registry of pedigreed cats in the world. More than its hundreds of member cat clubs with thousands of club member; more than the 300+ CFA cat shows every year. It is a Journey offering multiple paths and gateways, all converging at CFA’s mission: to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of the pedigreed breeds of cats and enhance the well-being of ALL cats.

This journey takes CFA brand messaging to the next level, promoting CFA in fresh new ways, telling the story of what CFA is all about, and enticing the public to lean-in, learn more, follow their own paths, and become part of CFA .
To achieve this, CFA is focusing on program development that helps build the CFA Brand through outreach strategies that create opportunities for interaction with the general public. The recently launched Companion Cat World (CCW) program is a great example of that new approach. CCW’s welcoming messaging, “Your cat deserves the best!” and “You don’t need a show cat to join the party!” invites cat lovers to take a closer look.

While CCW may seem to be just about the “ordinary” companion cats that people love, in reality, it is far more. It is an enticing gateway to CFA. Through CCW, people from all walks of life will begin to know CFA. While they come to CFA through their pet cats, their journeys lead to learning about CFA, it’s a mission, the people of CFA, and the beautiful cats, both pedigreed and non-pedigreed, that we love.  

The expanded Feline Agility Competition is another example of a great gateway to CFA, creating opportunities for interactive participation and telling people who wonder how their companion cats can be involved; they too can “Join the fun!”

Whether people discover CFA through CCW, Feline Agility, Ambassador Cats, seeing CFA at a Pet Expo, or simply attending a CFA show, the CFA Journey begins with the love of cats. Our outreach programs and new initiatives all lead to more people learning about pedigreed cats, attending shows, participating in Feline Agility, showing cats in Household Pets competition, getting to know breeders and exhibitors and, for many, falling in love with a breed and acquir-ing and showing their first pedigreed cat. 

This is the CFA Journey, the CFA Brand Experience!
report continues here...
Meet the Central Office Staff
Desiree Bobby
Geri Fellerman

Desiree joined CFA’s Central Office group in April/May 2018, although she resides in Michigan and works from home. A Sphynx breeder for a number of years, Desiree became more involved with CFA when she started with the new Lykoi breed. Working with getting approval for the Lykoi, she became familiar with the workings of Central Office and was able to fit into the open position of Director of Marketing. She is able to bring to CFA the perspective of the “newer” exhibitor. Well versed in social media and technology, she has been able to bring a new generation of cat lovers in through the doors of CFA.

A graduate of Wayne State University with a B.S. in Fine Arts Education, Desiree went on to earn an M.B.A. in Management of Information Systems. This training has provided Desiree with the tools needed to be successful in her current position. Prior to joining CFA, Desiree was Director of Web Services for AAA which involved managing the content and creative team for, as well as several related positions.

She loves that she can both enjoy her hobby and work in the same area. Being able to bring new ideas to CFA and share insights to many people is exciting and keeps her going. Interaction with the outside world also brings a lot of insight into how the cat world can be part of their lives. Of course, she has nothing but good things to say about the CFA staff.

Home life consists of her husband of 20 years, a 19 year old son who is studying music business and a 15 year old daughter who is high school. Besides breeding and exhibiting both Sphynx and Lykoi, Desiree also enjoys traveling and engaging in as many adventurous life experiences as possible with her husband and two children
CFA International Show Catalog Deadline
Carmen Johnson-Lawrence
Ad Coordinator, CFA International Show Catalog
A great way to promote your upcoming show, business or cattery; or recognize that special feline in your life is by placing an ad in the Show Catalog! We'd love to include your ad!

All ads must be submitted camera ready (jpg or PDF) and BLACK & WHITE

Full Page - SHOW FLYER ONLY - $25
Full Page Ad - $40
Half Page Ad - $25
Full page ad size is 7.5" wide x 10" high
Half page ad size is 7.5 wide" x 4.75" high

Camera ready means they are ready to go into the catalog with no additional work needed. If you would like to place an ad but do not have something already prepared or need something revised on a previous ad, please reach out to me and I can connect you with a number of different creative fanciers who can work with you. (Note there may be additional fees for this payable directly to artist).

Send ads directly to
Questions can also be emailed, or call/txt 585-329-1325

You can pay online at

Ad receipt deadline is Tuesday, September 24th.

I look forward to receiving many ads from everyone!
Tim Schreck
CFA IT Committee Chair
You’ve probably noticed a few IT issues and glitches recently. We want to assure you that we are aware of these and are working with our vendors to assure they are resolved as quickly as possible. Our goal is always to provide our users with reliable service. Thank you all for your understanding and patience. We continue the transition of the remaining programs from the older HP system to the current system and this is our major priority for this fiscal year.
I want to take this opportunity to again encourage everyone to enter shows in a more timely manner. Over 50% of our entries are submitted within the last 2 days before closing. It puts an unnecessary burden on our entry clerks and makes correcting any mistakes nearly impossible. Please take this into consideration while you continue to enjoy CFA shows.
CFA Marketing
The CFA Marketing Team
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing
Kathy Black, Marketing Committee Chairperson
Mike Altschul, Marketing Committee Membe r
The CFA International Cat Show Presented by Royal Canin:
The Greatest Cat Show on Earth
The Marketing Team is working hard to make our 2019 International Show Exposition (I-X) Center in Cleveland, Ohio on October 12-13, 2019 the greatest cat show on earth! With an entry limit of 1,000 cats and a whopping 125,000 square feet show hall, this will surely be a weekend of pure-cat bliss. This is the CFA Cat Show you will not want to miss.

This year, we expect over 10,000 spectators to join us. Therefore, we expect heavy isle traffic, long lines, a great deal of talking and lots and lots of petting! Therefore, please remember to be patient and kind and always take breaks for yourself. 
As experts in the fancy, our fans will look to us to guide them in the proper ways of making emotional connections with our cats. Please help us make this a positive experience for them as every guest is a potential fancier themselves. Perhaps one day they would want to own a pedigreed cat or compete in one of our cat shows.

We all know very well what it is like to admire a cat and have a strong desire to pet them. In order to prevent having to repeat your policy on petting over and over again, you can hang a sign on your shelter. “Pet with Permission,” “Cat Napping,” or “Pet with Your Eyes” are gentle statements that could be used.
In addition to the 16 rings of judging, there are many more activities that exhibitors may want to participate in:
  • “America’s Got Talent” Savitsky Cats Performances
  • Cat Costume Contests
  • Saturday & Sunday at 12 noon
  • CatWalk Human Dress Up Contest
  • Saturday at 4:00 pm
  • Children's Stuffed Animal Contest
  • Saturday at 2:00 pm
  • Agility competition and practices
  • EduCATional presentations
  • Roaming Selfie Station
  • Green Screen Selfie Station
  • Meet and greets with celebrity cats and Savitsky Cats 
  • Shopping from over 80 vendors
If you have already entered the show, we look forward to celebrating a successful show with you. 
If you have not entered the show, the closing date is quickly approaching so sign up now!

To learn more about the show:
To enter the show as a competitor:
Show flyer, breed summaries and all show information:

To view some of the marketing activities we are doing to make the 2019 CFA International Cat Show the best cat show on earth, click here
CFA Judges' Association
Tips for Handling Judges
On Communication...
by Wendy Heidt

We all like to know what is going on and your show’s judges are no exception. Especially when it comes to travel plans.

Show rule 5.05 states that the show secretary must send a copy of the show flyer to the officiating judges and the regional director.

Beyond the show flyer, judges appreciate knowing things such as:
  • Who should they contact for issues and the best phone numbers to reach those people.
  • How to get from the airport to the hotel and where the hotel is located.
  • Many times, the judges are staying at a different hotel than the one listed on the show flyer.
  • Are there restaurants nearby?
  • Is a judge’s dinner planned?
  • How and what time are they going from the hotel to the show hall?
  • Who might be taking them back to the hotel or airport at the end of the show?

Having the answers to all these and maybe more questions will help the show run smoothly for both the show committee and the judges. The communication can be mailed or emailed. I find that an email to all the contracted judges at the same time works well. This way all of them will have the same information. Timing of the email can be anytime from the contracted date to a week prior to the show but I find 3-4 weeks out for the show works well. Not so far out so it can be forgotten and not too close to make one feel concerned.  
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger - Editor
We love our "Cat Talk" readers - and we love your contributions to our magazine! We have a couple of segments coming up which we would love your stories for.

December issue: Candilee Jackson does a twist on the annual kitties' letters to Santa! This year, she's looking for letters with the theme of "But Santa...I Can Explain!" And you just know that there's going to be kitties with a lot of 'splaining to do!

Please email your cats' letters to Candilee by October 1.

February issue: We all have that special very first cat. The one that we had as a child, or perhaps later when we had a home of our own. Or perhaps found us, and we didn't realize that we needed a cat until then. We'd like to share those stories in our February issue, and Laurie Coughlan will be compiling them.

Please submit your story about your first cat to Laurie by December 1.

Remember that we would love to have your suggestions for upcoming articles. Some of our best pieces have come from our readers' ideas. And often, directly from our readers! We are always seeking article submissions. Want to share and idea or an article? Contact Teresa Keiger with details.

Need to get your (or a friend's) subscription started? Subscribe here or get a digital edition via Magzter or the Kindle Newsstand.
CFA Program News
Carmen Johnson-Lawrence - Committee Chair

Here it is…September. In less than a month we’ll be converging on Cleveland, OH for the CFA International Show. I hope everyone is as excited as I am! A quick reminder that CFA Youth are needed to help in various capacities at the International Show, most importantly as ring stewards and in hospitality. Interested youth should reach out to me and I can point them in the right direction of who to speak with. The show definitely needs stewards and those who are interested in stewarding should contact Linda Murphy. Seventeen stewards are needed for the CIS. This is a paid position and lunch is included.

Youth have been active participants at shows in the last month showing their cats, stewarding and clerking. At the August Monroe Shorthair Club show in Brockport, NY YFEP was represented by three regions, Heather Wilde from North Atlantic, Edward Goatseay from Great Lakes and Abby Vaughan from Southern. Heather also joined in the fun at the New England Meow Outfit show in Sturbridge, MA! Abby and Edward were found lurking around at the National Siamese Cat Club Show in Rochester, NY on Labor Day weekend and Asha Weier from the Midwest Region joined her father, Troy, at the American Gothic show in Peoria, IL the weekend after! Our youth are active throughout North America in various capacities!

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education Program, you may contact Carmen at carmenlawrence.yfep@gmail; or reach out directly to your Regional Coordinator!
  • North Atlantic Region – Lynda Smith or Sandra Polcaro
  • Northwest Region – Sande Kay
  • Gulf Shore Region – Anne Paul
  • Great Lakes Region – Lorna Friemoth or Bethany Colilla
  • Southwest Region – Kelsey Friemoth
  • Midwest Region – Emily Conaway or Jill Sullivan
  • Southern Region – Chandler Bussey or Karen Thomas

You can also visit our website at and check out our Facebook page
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
 Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon A Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst

City of Los Angeles Feral Cat Program Delayed Years by Bureaucracy, Now in Comment Period

The City of Los Angeles engaged in minimal Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts since the early 1990s. In 2005, recognizing that extermination of feral cats was neither humane nor cost-effective, the City started to develop an official policy for modest TNR efforts.  Environmental and bird groups 1 sought (2008) and in January 2010 obtained a permanent injunction against the City. The injunction prohibited the City from engaging in or facilitating others’ work in the TNR program until it meets the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Case No. BS115483. In March of 2010, the injunction was modified in two ways. The City was allowed to release feral cats to groups who agree in writing to not release the cats at the trapping location and its animal shelters were permitted to distribute publications that included information on TNR among the topics covered. In 2013 the City prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration but modified that plan to the program proposed in the current Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), Section 15082 of the State CEQA Guidelines. In 2017, the City approved the plan covered by the current City of Los Angeles DEIR now in the comment period in the fall of 2019.

In the original litigation, the City agreed that environmental review would be done eventually but its activities were so early in the planning stages and the review process stopped for budget reasons, this had not yet been accomplished. The City also contended that its activities to date did not constitute a TNR program, but the court rejected this argument. The final judgment and injunction prohibited the city from implementing a “trap, neuter, release” program until a CEQA environmental review was completed. Contemplating a lengthy, expensive process that could delay implementation for many years, in February 2010, two organizations attempted to intervene in the litigation. The No Kill Advocacy Center (), a policy organization led by Nathan Winograd, and the Stray Cat Alliance , that operates in the County of Los Angeles and advocates for every cat’s “right to be safe, healthy and valued,” brought an ex parte motion to intervene claiming that a CEQA review is not required before implementing a TNR program.

The motion was denied and the denial affirmed on appeal, finding the issue moot and never a claim in contention. Rather the City claimed in the original litigation that its plan had not developed to the extent requiring a CEQA review, not that the City wanted to oppose the need for CEQA review. 2

The question of whether CEQA review is required for this TNR program was acceded to by the original parties. The program has already been delayed by over a decade. Moneys that could have been spent for the welfare of cats have instead supported years of bureaucratic process and largely redundant documents. Now, the time has come for action. The plan evaluates the potential environmental effects of the proposed Citywide Cat Program and seeks input on the DEIR from public agencies, residents, and other interested project stakeholders. The DEIR and its separate Appendices are lengthy but contain information of interest to anyone concerned about cats and the environment and how the CEQA process works. Comments can be submitted in writing until October 28 th or at a public meeting on Monday, October 7, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at the Ramona Hall Community Center, 4580 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles.

The DEIR contains comments from the 2017 Public Scoping Meeting, an in-depth discussion of the Environmental Impact and Alternatives analysis, a discussion of the County of Los Angeles free-roaming cat policies, along with other information that contributed to the development of the Citywide Cat Program. The Program addresses funding issues, whether changes to applicable law would be required, how to implement the program, establishing collaborative relationships with TNR organizations, and public education. One item of particular interest to resident pet owners is that the City proposes to amend the Los Angeles Municipal Code to allow up to five cats per household. Before LA fanciers get too excited, that increased number would be subject to restrictions. Any household with more than three cats must keep them inside at all times, sterilize and microchip all the cats, and the household must register with the Department of Animal Services.

The only environmental impact concerns with the program include biological resources, public health, and water quality. Those who support euthanasia over TNR argue that free-roaming cats impact populations of birds, rodents, and other prey. There are public health concerns potentially affecting humans, such as fleas and parasites. Finally, there is the concern that cat feces may contaminate bodies of water. Researchers determined that the proposed project would result in no impact or less-than-significant impact for all resource areas .

The DEIR discusses a total of 13 possible alternatives to the recommended Citywide Cat Program. These include increased enforcement of the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance, cat licensing, enact a no-roaming ordinance for owned cats, and reduce the permissible number of cats per residence from the three cats currently permitted. None of the alternatives met all of the program objectives.

Additional documents on the proposed Citywide Cat Program, including the DEIR, its Appendices and how to provide written comments, are located at the City’s Bureau of Engineering website ( ).

1 Urban Wildlands Group, Endangered Habitats League, Los Angeles Audubon Society, Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon Society, Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society, and American Bird Conservancy.

Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:

1. What’s Hot, August 2019: Fort Smith, AR: $500 Breeder Licenses
Tulsa, OK: Pet Limits and Exemption Permits 8/17/2019
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Winn Foundation
Julie Legred - Executive Director, Winn Feline Foundation
Winn at the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention (AVMA) and Fetch – Winn participated in the exhibit hall at both the AVMA Convention in Washing DC August 2nd – 6th, 2019 and Fetch Conference in Kansas City, MO August 23rd – 26th, 2019. We love seeing so much interest in Winn. We also gain the opportunity to tell people who Winn is and what we have been doing through the past year and what’s to come. What our events page on our website for where Winn will be in the upcoming months.

2019 Miller Trust Call for Grant Proposals – The deadline for submitting grant proposals for our 2019 Miller Trust grants was August 30th, 2019. We received a number of great proposals and will now be moving forward with the grant review process. These grant awards should be announced in December.

Winn Feline Foundation 2020 Call for Grant Proposals – Press release has just went out for our 2020 Call for Grant Proposals. All information can be found on our website under the grants tab. Deadline is December 9th, 2019 with the reviews being done mid-March. 
Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium: PURRsuing FIP and WINNing an interactive presentation and panel discussion concerning topics and updates on FIP will be held November 16th and 17th, 2019 at UC Davis.  
We have an outstanding line up of experts from around the world. Registration is now open, to Winn’s website for more information and to register for this exciting Symposium.
Climbing For Cats!
A special fundraising journey to benefit the Winn Feline Foundation
Janette Biehler of Rochester, NY is an aspiring 46er (one who is attempting to climb all 46 high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains) and, having just climbed her 45th peak on September 7th, expects to reach her goal by the end of this month. 
With the realization that her dream was within reach, she felt compelled to turn her final five climbs into charity events with a program she calls “Climbing For A Cause.” In less than two weeks, Janette will be attempting her 46th and final high peak, earning her the title of ADK 46er while raising money for The Winn Feline Foundation. That doesn’t leave much time, so she is working hard to spread the word with help from her friends at CFA.

The Winn Feline Foundation was founded by CFA in 1968, and is dedicated to advancing feline health through medical research. Janette’s love of cats and work with CFA inspired her to celebrate them in her final hike. With your help, she is hoping to quickly reach a broader community of animal lovers to achieve the fundraising goal before the big climb.  
This summer, “Climbing For A Cause” has helped The Open Door Mission, Cookies For Kids Cancer, Colden Charities, and Operation Freedom Ride. Now it is time to rally for the Winn Feline Foundation, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

Janette is imploring animal lovers to help her expand her story beyond her small Facebook community, and to join in her effort: 
“I need help to make this finale a success for the Winn Foundation, and to continue the spirit of care and compassion for the people and pets who enrich our lives. I’m putting all my strength into this goal because our furry friends deserve our best efforts. It’s been an amazing journey and a joy to connect with caring people along the way. Any support is greatly appreciated.”  

To help Janette on this quest, visit Janette Lapointe Biehler on Facebook, or visit Climbing For A Cause
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933 
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director

Congratulations to NEMO for another successful show.  It was great to see the Region 1 banners in the show hall highlighting some of top cats from previous years.  Thanks to all the HHP exhibitors for supporting this show.

Photos From the NEMO Show
Stacie Egeler dressed as a baker. Her Burmese is an apple pie, and her spatula is a litter 
Kiwi, a Burmese Pet Me Cat, told all her problems to her many fans.
Bob Zinck, as a Pilgrim, and Iris Zinck, as a Native American, served up an early Thanksgiving dinner with a live Turkey. . .er. . .Turkish Angora.
Brenda and Heather Wilde recreated Disney's Lion King with cats as the lion characters
We have several shows coming up in our region. 
Next weekend, Cats without Borders and Salt City CC team up for a 6x6 show in Syracuse NY. Always wonderful to have shows again in the western part of our Region.

October 5 th Greater Lancaster CC is again hosting their traditional show in York PA. This is a long-standing show in Region 1 and always well attended.

We hope to see lots of Region 1 exhibitors at the year’s International Show. Region 1 is honored to have had three judges chosen to officiate this year.
Region 2
Terri Zittel - Region 2 Secretary 

In the good news department, the Annual CFA Northwest Picnic was a rousing success! Approximately 58 exhibitors raised over $3700 for the CFA 2020 Annual in Spokane, Washington. What I particularly enjoyed was the number of families that came to the picnic this year. Several of the younger members were allowed to place bids on the items up for auction. A few got carried away! Good for the region and I hope it didn’t bankrupt their allowances.  
My husband, Dan, kindly took some photos from the picnic
On the not so good news, George Eigenhauser was hospitalized with blood clots on his lungs. Please keep George in your thoughts and prayers. Mary asks that you do not send flowers but cards are welcome: George Eigenhauser  4079 Donald Dr., Olivehurst, CA 95961.

Many of you possibly saw that Brian Moser cancelled a scheduled show in California. Brian fell and broke five ribs. Pam says he is on the mend now but what a horrible thing to have happen!

September brings us the annual Seattle Cat Club & Grandview Cat Fanciers show on Saturday 9/28/19. This is a one day six ring show with Agility to be held in Longview, WA. The flyer and details are found here. This club offers a Special NewBee package. If it is your first CFA show, you get a free double cage, 10 raffle tickets and special benching with mentor or another helpful exhibitor. This offering has brought many new exhibitors to our Region 2 shows.

The regional website also has the flyers and dates for the upcoming shows in October, November and December. 
On October 19 & 20th the Emerald Cat Club will be holding their annual show in St. Helens, OR. 
The Golden Gate Cat Club will be holding a one day show on October 26th in Pleasanton, CA. The Utah Cat Fanciers will present their annual two day show on November 9 & 10th in Salt Lake, UT. And on December 7 & 8th the Lewis & Clark LH Cat Clubs will host their annual show in Portland, OR at the DoubleTree hotel.

What many of you do not realize is that the website allows you to access the flyer, enter the cat show, and even pay by Paypal if the option is available. Kathy Durdick our webmistress does a fantastic job at keeping the website updated with the show information. This is very handy because not all of the clubs use the for show advertising.
Region 3
Leesa Altschul, Regional Secretary
Judge Carolyn Owen cuddling with a Ragdoll
The Cenla Cat Fanciers show in Alexandria, LA, on August 31st and September 1st, was held in memory of Dr. Warren Joubert. It took place at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center. It was great having a hotel show again.

There were great prizes for the raffle table. The cat costume contest was a crowd pleaser on Saturday. Kathy Black did a superb job showing off the cats and their costumes to the large crowd. Exhibitors and spectators all enjoyed the fun. We also had one New Bee at the show, who had a great experience. Everyone seemed to have a great time. We sure miss Dr. Warren. We appreciate Kris Joubert stepping up to continue the club’s show. We look forward to Cenla having a show next year. 
Talk about creating a FUN SHOW for exhibitors and visitors. Coastal Cat Club, on September 7th and 8th in Deer Park, TX, at the Jimmy Burke Activity Center, had their Fall Feline Festival. They had a lot going on in addition to the cat show, which made it fun for everyone. From young families to seasoned exhibitors, there was something fun and interesting going on at all times. Hopefully they won’t mind if other clubs incorporate some of the same ideas into future shows!
Show Manager Michelle Piatt was quoted “We love having kids at our Feline Festival, so we try to make it fun for them!” There was a lot of slime-making going on, plus making bracelets and cat masks at the Free Craft Corner. A great face painting vendor, too, which kids, as well as some adults, participated in.

There was a Petting Zoo set up, which was a designated row of Pet Me cats. Spectators and exhibitors alike loved that idea, and it was a huge success.
The Feline Agility was active and a crowd pleaser, to say the least. We were without an official scorer, but many took advantage of the setup to train their cat for agility in the future.
Sunday’s Winner, Chief Silver Hawk
The costume contest was a huge success and a big draw for the exhibitors and spectators, too. There were 15 participants in just 16 cages! Jacqui Bennett judged Saturday, and Wendy Heidt judged Sunday. They did a superb job showing off the cats and their costumes to the huge crowd. Exhibitors and spectators all enjoyed the fun! An awesome trophy was awarded to the best costume and 2nd and 3rd places were given gorgeous rosettes made by Crystal Wood. 

We had eight New Bees at the show, and each one had a show mentor. Thank you to those who volunteered to be their show mentor! You made a difference in a new exhibitor’s experience with CFA. We hope to see them back at another show.

The club also had special awards for People’s Choice Favorite Cat, Friendliest Exhibitor, and Best Decorated Cage.
Saturday’s People’s Choice Award went to Aharon, the Norwegian Forest Cat.
The winner of Saturday’s Friendliest Exhibitor was Juliann Brooks.
The Best Decorated Cage went to Wanda and David Grass, with their New Orleans-themed cage.
The club has an excellent working relationship with local shelters, and their mission is education about responsible pet ownership. Twenty-four cats were adopted from the rescue groups to their new forever homes.

BUY AN ANNUAL PIN! We are selling the 2021 Annual pins for $20. To purchase, see Traci Whittenberg, Beth Grant-Field, or Kathy Black. The pins are of a cat in space to represent our Houston Annual. They are very popular and everyone wants one!
hot off the press!
Gulf Shore Region 2021 Annual T-Shirts. As one of the fundraisers for the 2021 Annual, we will be selling T-shirts with our Annual theme on the front. The logo is in full color on a quality navy T-shirt. Shirts are only $20 for S, M, L, XL, 2X and 3X. The pre-ordered shirts were handed out at the Deer Park, TX, show. The next show they will be available at is the GSR Fundraiser Show, October 26 and 27. We are not able to ship them. To reserve your size, place your order via PayPal (send money via “Friends and Family” option) to List your size and quantity in the PayPal comment section. Get yours before they are all gone!
Upcoming Shows
  • September 28-29: CO, Loveland. Foot of the Rockies Cat Club. (Additional sponsor: National Maine Coon Cat Club.). Larimer County Fairgrounds – 1st National Bank Bldg, 5820 Arena Circle 6AB, 2SP, HHP. (Back-to-Back) Judges: Pearson(AB), Orlando(AB), Webster(AB), Rothermel(AB), Zenda(AB), Honey(AB), Jaeger(LH/SH), Janzen(LH/SH).

  • October 26-27: TX, Mesquite. Gulf Shore Region Fundraiser. Mesquite Convention Center, 1700 Rodeo Dr. 7AB, 3SP, HHP, Back-to-Back) Judges: Adkison(AB), Owen(AB), Rogers(AB), Bizzell(AB), Sweeney(AB), Ammons(AB), Watson(AB), Bassett(LH/SH), Pearson(LH/SH), Black(LH/SH). 

  • November 9: TX, Seguin. Alamo City Cat Club. Seguin Events Complex, 950 South Austin Street, 5AB, 1SP, HHP. Judges: R. Anger(AB), K. Black(AB), M. Ammons(AB), C. Dinesen(AB), J. Dinesen(AB), J. Rogers(LH/SH)

Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

The Great Lakes Region Fundraising Committee is busy producing the 2020 CATS OF CFA CATENDAR which will be available late summer. The proceeds from the sale of the Catendar and other fundraisers helps offset expenses for things such as hospitality, entertainment, etc at the CFA Annual. 

GLR is having a raffle for 2 pieces of Waterford Crystal for our 2022 Annual. Tickets are $5 each and we will sell only 200 tickets. Winner announced after the sale of 200. 

The 2022 CFA Annual will be held in Louisville, KY and the Great Lakes Region is looking forward to many of you joining us for this event!!
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:

More information can be found online at

  • Oct 5 - Kentucky Colonels – Louisville KY - 5AB, 1 SP, HHP
  • Oct 19-20 – Hallmark Cat Club –Brockport NY – 7AB 3SP
Show Report

Monroe Shorthair
The Monroe Shorthair Cat Club held their annual show on Sunday, August 18 in Brockport, NY. The morning started out dreary due to rain that had come through, but throughout the day the skies cleared up for a lovely August Sunday. Due to spectator focused advertising on Facebook as well as print media, this show brought in the best gate it has seen in the last five years. Monroe Shorthair even with six rings in one day tends to be a more laid back show with opportunities to socialize and catch up with friends and there was no lack of either. As always, the show had plenty of vendors, and delicious food concessions by Dr. Betsy Arnold.
National Siamese Cat Club
The National Siamese Cat Club held their annual show on Labor Day weekend in Rochester, NY. This year was a return to “Cats in the Castle” with the show being at the historic Rochester Main Street Armory. The Armory, built in 1905 holds a certain character with its castle-like structure. With 35,000 square feet of floor space the club easily set up judging rings, benching area, numerous vendors, and for the first time in Rochester, NY offered Feline Agility. Seventeen total Siamese were entered in the show. 
A Top 3 in each Siamese class and Best of the Best Siamese was held at the end of the show with the following results:
The top three in each class were awarded. Congratulations to:

1st - GC Injoi Olympia of Shera Len - blue point female bred by Beverly Frenzel and owned by Betsy Arnold
2nd - GC Ayuthaya Reyjkavik of Thaifong - lilac point male bred and owned by Susan Perkins and Virginia Wheeldon
3rd - CH Joyofkitties Witch Hazel - blue point female bred by Joy Day and owned by J. Day, S. Perkins and V. Wheeldon
Yodan Sensa - lilac point female bred by Elise-Daniel Yoland De Cotret and owned by Daniel Yoland De Cotret
tied with
Shera Len Siena - blue point female bred and owned by Betsy Arnold
1st - GP Injoi Heaven Sent Must Be Kismet - blue point neuter bred by Beverly Frenzel and owned by Deborah Mahoney
2nd - GP Bijoux Gabriel - seal point neuter bred and owned by Melissa Hayden
3rd - GP Alexy Cortado - chocolate point neuter bred by Dianne-Bruce Alexy and owned by Mischa Taylor and Earle Brown

Best of the Best Siamese was awarded to GC Injoi Olympia of Shera Len.

Betsy once again hosted her Saturday night party and the food prepared by guest chefs John Adelhoch and Tony Nardone was wonderful!!! National Siamese thanks everyone who supported the show!
Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director
In August we had just one show in the Southwest Region but it was a big one! We had a full count and lots of spectators. With the combined talents of Lisa Kuta and Debi Gomez the gate was the largest in the history of Opposites Attract Cat Club. The targeted advertisements and videos really paid off.  I have attached Chuck Ober’s thank you to this report.

Last weekend we had the Hemet show and next weekend we have the Santa Monica Cat Club show in Ontario, CA. It is a two-day show and it has a great line up. So come Southern California and join in the fun. The next show will be the Superstition Cat Club show October 19th. It is their annual Halloween show. Go to our one stop show page and enter any show anywhere .  

From Chuck Ober:
For those of you that didn't attend our show, you missed out on a fantastic spectator
gate, the largest in Glendale history. They were there learning about kitties, they were there adopting
kitties, a lot of them went to forever homes. A lot of NEW people learned about CFA and pedigree cats. 
The thank you for our amazing spectator gate goes to our publicity team of Lisa Kuta and Debi Gomes. 
Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!

Again, if you missed the show, you missed out on breakfast and lunch by Mark Campbell and Jennifer Redding. They worked the show from the first arrival till the last of you left, everyone had food and drink for the entire show, thank you Mark and Jennifer.

Ok, here is one teeny tiny thank you to all the cat fanciers, from all over the country that flocked to our show and made it such a success! You made our show absolutely wonderful. We had a TOP 15 IN KITTENS; we were only 6 entries short of a FULL SHOW. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANKKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!
From all the members of the Opposites Attract Cat Club, Thank you for your wonderful support.

Chuck Ober
OACC Show Manager
Region 6
Mary Auth - Regional Director
The region hosted three shows since the last newsletter.  

Topeka Cat Fanciers Show on August 10 and 11 helped increase the revenues for two other clubs, Lincoln Cat Club and Creative Cat Club took part in their show in Gardner, Kansas. Exhibitors celebrated Vicki Edward’s birthday on Saturday and Nancy Brown’s birthday on Sunday. As a way to celebrate both Birthdays on both days, home-made ice cream sandwiches were made by Chef Mark Zimmerman and given to exhibitors.  

The next weekend saw the first show for Hair of the Cat in Noblesville, Indiana. While it was a small entry, it was a well-received show by those who managed to find their way north of Indianapolis. The show hall was light, large, clean and comfortable. The six-ring one-day show had a good gate to expose the community to CFA. The show will continue again next year. 

On September 7-8, American Gothic Cat Club hosted their annual show in Peoria. We missed Terry Bierrie, who had been a part of the club for so many years. She is concentrating on her quilting. Jill and Cindy and their gang once again hosted a robust raffle, raising a few hundred dollars for the profits. Sueann kicked her FaceBook marketing skills into high gear and attracted a big gate.

Coming up at the end of September is the Twin City Cat Fancier’s in Crystal, Minnesota. The club has expanded its format to a two-day show this year. Our upcoming October shows include the Lucky Tomcat show in Springfield, Illinois and the Indy Cat Club show in the Indianapolis area.
Cathy Dunham made the rosettes for the American Gothic Show in Peoria.
Nancy Brown was presented with flowers for her birthday at the Topeka Cat Fanciers Show
I Spy, household pet shown by Amy and Gary of Iowa shows off his tongue for the photographer
Region 7
Kenny Currle - Regional Director

Things have been relatively quiet in Region 7 for the past month. We were relieved that although Hurricane Dorian brushed the Atlantic coast that it seems that most of our fanciers in the region were relatively untouched. Not so for the Bahamas, and we invite fanciers from the region and across CFA to remember them and contribute as you can to recovery efforts there.
Cat Fanciers of Washington
September 7 - Winchester, VA
(submitted by Mark Hannon)

The Cat Fanciers of Washington (CFW) is one of the oldest clubs in CFA and has been producing shows since the 1940s. As the club name indicates, the early shows were held in Washington, DC. Over time the show moved to the suburbs and now is held in a sports activity building in scenic Winchester, VA which is about 75 miles from Washington but conveniently located right at an exit of a major interstate highway. This year the club used the date previously used by the National Capital Cat Show and opted for a one-day show. The theme was “Cats in Holiday Hats” and both the ring decorations and rosettes made good use of the theme with cats wearing appropriate head gear for Halloween, Easter, New Year’s, etc. The rosettes were the much-loved ones created by Mary K. David Raynor coordinated the advertising, with a heavy emphasis on Facebook but the club also advertised in the local newspaper and used Groupon. The resulting gate was terrific. He estimates that 1,000 visitors attended the show which delighted the vendors, exhibitors, and judges. The spectators enjoyed the Agility Ring, asked lots of questions, rooted for their favorites, and supported the vendors and the local shelter that was present.
Upcoming Shows
  • Sept 21-22 - New Vision Cat Club - Plant City, FL
  • Sept 28-29 - Freestate Feline Fanciers - Timonium, MD
Region 9
Michael Schleissner, Regional Director
The Northernmost CFA Show in CFA History
Cat Fanciers of Finland set another milestone in CFA history and held the northernmost CFA show ever in CFA history. It took place at Lempaala, Finland, over 100 miles up to north from the capital city of Helsinki and only 400 miles away from Arctic Circle, where the real Santa Claus lives. This was the club’s ”traditional” 3 allbreed rings one day show and even the show was held in new territory it gained 110 entries for Pam DelaBar, Carol Fogarty and Russell Webb to be judged.
Carol Fogerty with exhibitors
Pam DelaBar with exhibitors
Rescue cat area
Show was held in the one of the biggest shopping malls in Finland, Ideapark Lempaala. Ideapark’s Sports Arena offered excellent facilities to held a CFA show with 600 seating stand for visitors and marvelous sound and lightning system. Gate was amazing from early morning to late afternoon. 15 Pet Me cats attracted visitors and lot of questions were asked from the owners and breeders of the 26 different breeds presented at the show hall. There were also Kissankulman rescue group present with 5 cats ready for adoption. All cats have found new homes after the show and rescue team has long list of volunteers who are willing to adopt a new family member in the future. Also exhibitors donated lots of needed stuff for rescue group.
Satu Hämäläinen with a "Pet Me" American Curl
Breed Presentation
Spectators watching judging
Cat Fanciers of Finland also offered some additional program at the shopping mall, not only just a cat show. Club’s President Tuija Aaltonen and secretary Pauli Huhtaniemi did breed presentations during the day at main square of Ideapark shopping mall. They presented breed legends, known history and key points of standards of Persian, Manx, Birman, Maine Coon and Siamese cats.
Thanks to Pauli Huhtaniemi for sending in the information.

Upcoming shows in Region 9 Europe
  • October/27/2019 Chatte Noir - Moscow - Russia
6 AB Kit + PR, 4 SSP + 2 AB championship

Watch also our upcoming announcements on the regional homepage !
International Divison
Dick Kallemyer
Congratulations to all the International Division winners!  The ID had its banquet in August in Sentosa, Singapore on August 17, 2019 at the S.E.A. Aquarium. Special thanks go to the Singapore banquet team: Nadia Jaffar, Amanda Lim, Norhayati Yusoff, Emma Hamzah, Jason Ong, Jonathan Teoh, Ernie Ismail, Izaddin Syah Yusof, Sein Abdul and Zulkifli Duad.

The ID would also like to congratulate the 2019 Clerk Award and Star Award winners! Clerk: Zhen Hao Gao (China), Patrick Au (Hong Kong), Jelita Julinar Damayanti (Indonesia), Crystal Al-Shatti (Kuwait), Amir Sariff (Malaysia), Wan Ashraf (Singapore), Sung Jun Kim (South Korea), Francie Chao (Taiwan) and Pattama Weeranon (Thailand). Star Awards: Meng Wang (China), Adham Abdou (Egypt), Matthew Wong (Hong Kong), Patria Sandi (Indonesia), Alon Bigler (Israel), Ahmad Shafiq (Malaysia), Amanda Lim (Singapore), Jonathan Teoh (Singapore), Wu Kao Hsien (Taiwan) and Keeratiya Cruvongpaiboon (Thailand).
Members of the banquet committee
Jonathon Teoh and Amanda Lim receiving their Star Awards
Next year’s banquet will be held in Macau in the last half of August, date still to be determined.

Congratulations to the new ID club: Man Miao Club (Shenyang, China).

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