September 15 | 2020
CFA News
President's Message
As I sit to write my message today, I am reminded that 19 years ago today, America was attacked by evil forces. While the impact of the downing of the World Trade Center Towers, the crash of a plane into the Pentagon, and the failed attempt of Flight 93 were different than the current pandemic, both incidents have had a big impact on the cat fancy. I think almost everyone is keenly aware of where they were on September 11, 2001!

Currently, CFA and other cat organizations around the world are trying desperately to cope with how can we bring back live events and still comply with regulations imposed on the clubs around the world. CFA has two domestic clubs which are in the planning stages of hosting their first shows since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. What can we expect when we enter and attend that first show? It will be a new experience for us all, judges and s exhibitors alike. COVIS-19 also has impacted how the CFA clubs produce shows. One new judging system will incorporate bay judging style. This is a system used in Australia and England. The judges and exhibitors are a resilient lot and I am sure that they will be more than happy to comply with the rules and set up by clubs in order to get back to live shows.

NEMO is hosting a Virtual Cat Competition and they have over 600 entries competing in several different categories. This show platform that is being used is new to CFA. We all are looking forward to a successful event hosted by NEMO.

Work is also in the planning and implementation phase for the CFA International Top Cat Challenge. Lorna Freimoth is taking the lead role in this production. Regional events are the first step in this Top Cat Challenge. Please contact Lorna if your region will be joining the other regions for this event.

We have had a very hot and dry summer on the West Coast. As a result, many fires are burning out of control in California, Oregon, and Washington states. Many of these are barely contained. If you are in danger, be prepared to leave on a moment’s notice. It could save your life and the lives of your pets.

Please stay safe and healthy. COVID-19 remains an extremely dangerous health hazard!

Darrell Newkirk
CFA President
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Central Office Report
Allene Tartaglia
CFA Executive Director


The folks in CFA's registration department share some items for fanciers to keep in mind when submitting registrations.

If you are using eCats to register a cat, please include the color description, not just the color code. For bi-color cats, we need the full description of the color, for example blue and white, red and white, etc.

Owners – if two people share the same last/family name, e.g. husband and wife, this is considered two separate owners and the owner information needs to be filled out for both individuals.
Hard copy applications - if actual paperwork is being sent to the office, please do not send cash and keep in mind that checks must be issued from a U.S. bank in U.S. funds. Include an email address so we can contact you with any questions.
More tips from the registration department next month.
CFA Judging Program
Guest Judging Program
Vicki Nye - Chair

Guest Judging Announcement for Both Clubs and Judges

In response to clubs wishing to be able to put on a show with local judges during our recovery from the pandemic, the CFA Guest Judging Program proposed, and the Board of Directors have passed the following two motions at the 9/1/2020 Board of Directors Meeting.

Motion #1: Effective immediately, CFA clubs are permitted to contract licensed ACFA, TICA or CFF judges of good standing for the 2020-2021 CFA show season only, provided the Guest Judge’s residence is no further than 200 miles (322 Kilometers) away from the event show hall, and no CFA judge with a residence no further than 200 miles away from the event show hall is willing and available to officiate the show. All guest judging approvals shall be determined at the discretion of the Guest Judging Committee and subject to all present rules, with the exceptions of Guest Judging Rules 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3, within which only the prohibitive or more restrictive language contrary to this motion will be waived for the 2020-2021 CFA show season only. Requests declined by the Guest Judging Committee shall be reviewed by the CFA Executive Committee only by written appeal submitted by the requesting club to the committee.

Motion #2. Effective immediately, CFA Judges are permitted to guest judge for ACFA, TICA or CFF feline organizations during the 2020-2021 show season only, providing that the contracting organization’s planned show hall is within a 200 mile (322 Kilometers) distance of the CFA Judge’s residence. All guest judging approvals shall be at the discretion of the Guest Judging Committee and shall be subject to all present show rules and guest judging rules, with the exceptions of Guest Judging Rules 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3, within which only prohibitive or more restrictive language contrary to this motion will be waived for the 2020-2021 CFA show season only. Requests declined by the Guest Judging Committee shall be reviewed by the CFA Executive Committee only by written appeal submitted by the CFA judge to the committee.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding this process, please contact Vicky Nye.
Judges' Continuing Education Report
Anne Mathis - Chair

The CFA judges have had several opportunities this summer to earn their required Continuing Education Credits. At the Annuals, we usually have a Judge’s Workshop, at which the judges are presented with several breed presentations, usually done by the breed secretaries of those breeds, with the opportunity to handle these breeds after the presentation. We obviously couldn’t do the handling portion this year, but we did have three Zoom sessions with breeds that were scheduled-the Singapura, Bengal, and Ragdoll. All were well received, and plans are underway to continue monthly breed presentations, with judges presenting their breed of expertise. We will probably start those in November of this year. At the 2021 Annual, we hope to cover the Chartreux, the Cornish Rex, and the Devon Rex.

Judges also took the 2020 Judge’s Examination this year, which covers rule and standard changes from two years of standard and rule changes, and Judge’s Code of ethics items. Judges could choose to take the exam online, by email, or snail mail, and had to pass with a score of 85% or higher. We had a very high number of perfect tests, and those that had to take the retest passed with flying colors.

China Associate Program Report
Anne Mathis, chair
  • Gavin Cao, translator
  • Chloe Chung, coach and translator
  • Pam DelaBar, coach
  • Barbara Jaeger, coach
  • Darrell Newkirk, translator
  • Teresa Sweeney, coach
  • Bob Zenda, coach

The China Associate Program was developed by the prior administration to fill a need for judges in China during this time of difficult to impossible travel for our CFA judges. The associates, five longhair and five shorthair, will, at the completion of this program, be able to judge their single specialty in shows in China only.

The associates participated in multiple Zoom sessions about the breeds of their specialties that are seen in China, and took and passed post tests about those breeds. They also had sessions similar to those that are presented at the Breed Awareness and Orientation School, which are conducted at the International every year, in addition to other international locations. Currently, we are working on handling. The associates have recently submitted videos of themselves handling cats they own, evaluating them and presenting them as they would in a final. The coaches and myself were very impressed with these early handling submissions. Our upcoming work will include them handling cats that they do not own, with emphasis on breeds of different body types. When the coaches are comfortable with their abilities, they will complete their training with a post test and final interview. We hope that some of them will ultimately apply to the judging program and complete the requirements to become a CFA judge 
CFA's First
Online Breed Orientation & Awareness School
CFA's first online Breed Orientation & Awareness School (BAOS) will be held October 15, 16 and 17. Anyone can attend, but if you are planning on applying to the judging it is a requirement or if you are already a CFA Judge you can attend for CE credits. This first class will be held in USA time zone and will not include a handling portion. All participant must attend all three days for credit.

Additional information on the school is available on the CFA Website or you can contact Barbara Jaeger . Ready to register? Register here. Registration closes October 7.

Notes From the CFA Judges' Association
Wendy Heidt

The current COVID-19 is forcing people to be innovative and creative to find ways to work and play. The cat fancy is no different.

CFA and the member clubs are looking for ways to keep people interested in pedigreed cats and several new endeavors have come from those efforts.

A group of clubs has applied for a show license in December for a bay style benching show. This is a popular format in Australia. A variation of this, called row judging, is also used in some areas. These formats require the CFA board to review and approve as it will violate a few CFA show rules.

Bay style is typically set up where the benching cages and judging cages are the same. Cats are benched in “L” or “C” shaped groups, called bays (think regular judging ring), in numerical order with one cat per cage. The judge will then move from bay to bay completing judging of each entry. In CFA, a clerk will accompany them to assist with the record keeping of awards. A CFA steward is not needed as the cats are returned to their own benching cage. At an appropriate time, after the judge had completed all entries of a class, finals may be presented. 

For example, let’s say there are 20 longhaired kittens and those longhaired kittens have 2 bays holding 10 kittens each. The kittens are benched in numerical order starting with entry number 1 in the first bay. The judge starts there then goes around the bay judging all the entries. When they have completed bay 1 they will move to bay 2 and finish judging the longhaired kitten entries 11 through 20. If there is not a judge working in Bay 1 then the judge can present the longhaired kitten final if they are doing single specialty or move on to the shorthaired kittens. They would work their way through the shorthaired kittens in the same manner.

No two judges are in the same bay at the same time. The entries may be visited by their owners/agents when there is no judge in that bay. It will be helpful to keep items in the benching cages to a minimum as the judge will need to be able to remove the entry from the cage for judging.

This is just an example of how an in-person cat show could be like in the near future as we grapple with social distancing but desire to enjoy the competition with our cats and camaraderie.
New CFA Clubs
Carol Krzanowski - CFA Club Membership Chair

The following clubs have applied for CFA membership and will be considered at the October 3-4, 2020 CFA Board teleconference. Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding the applicants should do so in writing and send the comments to Committee Chair Carol Krzanowski no later than September 17, 2020.
As stated in the CFA Constitution - Article III - Membership, Section 3 - Election to Membership: "If negative information is submitted regarding the applicant, the information will be provided to the applicant with enough time for the applicant to prepare a written rebuttal prior to board consideration.”

China Fashion Cat Club
President: Jun Shen (Lawrence Shen)
Secretary: Haodi Wu (Daniel Wu)
Location: Shanghai, China

China Skyline Feline Fanciers Alliance
President: Jie Jie Shi
Secretary: Ke Lu Chen
Location: Chongqing, China

Leffair International Cat Fanciers Club
President: Yanan Wang
Secretary: Xisan Wang
Location: Beijing, China

Magic Wing International Cat Club
President: Peng Mingchen (Gigi Peng)
Secretary: Liu Jia (Stella Liu)
Location: Shanghai, China
Shanghai Crown International Cat Club
President: Jilin Han
Secretary: Bingqin Ma
Location: Shanghai, China

Siam Cat Fanciers’ Club
President: Chayathorn Satirasilpin
Secretary: Pongpan Ittipoonchai
Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand
CFA Breeds and Standards
Jacqui Bennett
CFA Breeds and Standards Committee Chair

The Breeds and Standards committee is happy to announce they have completed the review and submission of all breed ballot items for formatting. This year we had ballot items from 12 breeds.

Our upcoming focus projects will be surrounding a poll of the breed councils concerning grammatical corrections to standards and a guideline document for standards including common descriptions, definitions and terms.
CFA Marketing Committee
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing
Free Workshop Webinars - Provided by The National Kitten Coalition
The National Kitten Coalition (NKC) is presenting a series of caregiving workshops specifically for breeders, rescues, friends, fans and followers of CFA. This month, Speaker Susan Spaulding, Director of Neonatal Programs for The National Kitten Coalition, will be presenting:

Defeating Diarrhea Workshop Webinar
Thursday, September 24th 6:00PM-7:30PM EDT

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge you need to minimize – and even defeat – diarrhea. By understanding the many causes of diarrhea, kitten caregivers can better prevent it and respond effectively when it does happen. Learn what can be done ahead of time to prevent diarrhea and what to do immediately when soft stool starts. Don’t get discouraged – diarrhea can be defeated!  

Register today to secure your spot.
Can’t make it? Still register because all registrants will have access to watch the recorded webinar at a later date.

Ringworm can be a frustrating fungus affecting your kittens. In this webinar you will learn how to minimize risks ster because all registrants will have access to watch the recorded webinar at a later date.
Cat Millennial Outreach Committee
Lorna Friemoth - Chair

The CFA International Top Cat Challenge's Regional Virtual Qualifying Events will soon be underway, with the first scheduled competition to be held by the Great Lakes Region. It will be open for entries shortly. Please keep your eyes on, or on Facebook at for all shows as they become available. The current CITCC guidelines as approved by the CFA Board of Directors can be found here. We hope that you'll support all of the regional qualifying events.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger - Editor
With the finishing touching being completed on the October issue, it's time to begin looking towards Cat Talk's December issue - or rather, Cat Talk is seeking contributions from our readers! Two are specifically for the December issue, and the third is a reformatting expansion of a current feature. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and stories!
"...and Then I Got Put In Time Out"
A December tradition continues as Candilee Jackson is again collecting kitties' letters to Santa. As we all know, where there is cute, mischief often isn't far behind. Does your cat need to tell Santa about something that landed him in time out? Help your cat send his letter to Santa (via Candilee) and share with all of us. High resolution photos optional.
"All I Want For Christmas..."
It's happened to all of us: we get our furry ones a special something, and they're more interested in the packaging that it came in.

So...what would YOUR cat say that she really wanted for Christmas? An extra-large box from Amazon? The highest ledge possible in the house? A big handful of green beans?

Share that item that your cat would ask Santa to bring him (if your cat had opposable thumbs), but first, share it with Cathy Scarbrough
My Special Cat
All of us have had "that" special cat - a heart cat that we had a deep connection with. It may have been a cat that you exhibited and formed a lasting bond with. Or convinced you that he/she should stay - and you are thankful it did. Or maybe a non-pedigeed cat who knew that you needed him/her and consoled you like no other cat ever did.

Laurie Coughlan is taking her series to the next level with "My Special Cat" and she would love to include your story. Think of this as a love letter to that special cat in your life. Please send her your story and a photo if you wish.
Did you know you can advertise your cattery and its accomplishments in Cat Talk?

Did you know readers from all over the world can subscribe to Cat Talk online via Magzter and the Kindle Newsstand ?

Did you know vendors and small cat-related businesses can take advantage of special advertising pricing?

Check out our pricing, or contact Teresa Keiger for more details.
CFA Program News
Legislation – What’s Hot . . . . . . .
 Kelly S. Crouch, CFA Legislative Information Liaison
Sharon Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst

Burke County, North Carolina –-- From Animal Services Reform Efforts to Mandatory Sterilization with Breeder Permit Proposal

After making multiple animal services reforms, Burke County is now considering requiring permits for any breeding of cats or dogs and other adverse provisions. The county is located in western North Carolina and includes part of the Hickory–Lenoir–Morganton, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area. Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) focuses on this area as part of its effort to end “the killing of dogs and cats in U.S. shelters by the year 2025.” According to BFAS, North Carolina is the third worst state “in the country for pet shelter deaths.” While this designation can inspire workable reforms and better outcomes for pets in the shelter system, it can also open the door to coercive measures detrimental to fanciers and other pet owners. As a result, many changes have been made, including prior revisions of the animal code. Then in August 2020, Burke County Animal Services received an award from BFAS for being “one of three shelters with an animal intake between 2,001-6,000 to be recognized with the award for highest reduction in shelter killing” (“Burke County Animal Services receives prestigious award” , The News Herald, August 27, 2020 ). Despite these strides, yet another substantial revision to the ordinance is now pending that would increase the size of the current ordinance from 25 pages to 49 if enacted.

...continue the article here
Recent CFA Legislative Group Blog Posts:
What’s Hot………… Retail Pet Store Sales Bans, What’s New and What’s Old?
Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group –  Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page and the CFA Legislative Group Blog to see the current legislative news.
Winn Feline Foundation
A list of our honored donors for the month of August is available here
Winn Feline Foundation/American Veterinary Medical Foundation 2020 Scholarship winners:
Mary Coleman, 3rd year vet student at The Ohio State University and Rebecca Rosas, 2nd year Vet student at the University of California-Davis. Each student will receive a $2500 scholarship.

2020 AVMF/Winn Feline Foundation Excellence in Feline Research Award Recipient:
Dr. John Kruger, a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.
Dr. Kruger is the inaugural Carrigan Chair Endowed Professor for Feline Health at Michigan State University, and a professor of Internal Medicine. He co-founded the university’s Center for Feline Health and Well Being and has served as its director since 1998. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and a member of the American Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology. His research has focused on advancing the understanding, prevention and treatment of the widespread issues of urinary disorders and infectious diseases in cats. His specific interests include feline idiopathic cystitis, nutritional management of urolithiasis, evaluation of renal function, feline viral uropathogens and development of feline herpesvirus vaccines.

Upcoming Webinars, presented in association with CFA and TICA
“For Me to Know and For You Never to Find Out: Cats and Pain”
with Dr. Robin Downing and Steve Dale.
September 23rd, 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Save The Dates: 
October 14th, 2020, 8:30 to 9:30 PM EDT- Dr. Kari Mundschenk will present “Work Smarter, Not Harder for PURR-fect Health: A Preventative Care Perspective”. This webinar is presented in celebration of National Veterinary Technician/Nurses week, October 11th-17th, 2020 and will be sponsored by IDEXX. This presentation will be submitted for RACE approval. Watch for registration information.

October 15, 2020, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT- Dr. Jody Gookin will speak about GI issues in Kittens, based in part on Winn-funded research.

Coming in NOVEMBER! Diabetes Webinar! Watch for more information!
Tax Tips
by George Eigenhauser

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020 creates two, temporary changes to federal tax law to encourage charitable donations. As part of CARES, individuals and corporations who itemize their deductions may be able to claim much larger amounts of their charitable contributions. Individual taxpayers may deduct gifts of cash to public charities up to 100% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income (up from the previous maximum of 60%). Corporate taxpayers may be able to deduct gifts of cash to public charities up to 25% of their taxable income (up from the previous maximum of 10%). These increases in allowable charitable deductions only apply to cash donations to public charities, not to donations to private foundations or donor advised funds.

CARES also creates a new “above the line” adjustment to income which allows taxpayers who do not itemize to receive a tax benefit from charitable donations. It is estimated that almost 9 out of 10 individual taxpayers do not itemize their federal tax deductions. For 2020 the amount available is up to $300 per taxpayer ($600 for a married couple) in charitable contributions. The amount of the charitable donation, up to the dollar limit, is subtracted from their gross income before calculating the standard deduction and taxes due. It reduces their taxable income without the need to itemize deductions on their federal tax return.

Please remember that you may not take a charitable deduction for your contribution unless the organization is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations. Some organizations, such as political, social, or civic groups, may be tax exempt but you cannot deduct contributions to them as charitable donations. The Winn Feline Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All of your donations to Winn are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed under federal law.
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of CPOAPHHT. There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.
Discount Code # CPOAPHHT
Code: 1000026977
or call 877-999-3223 and ask for the discount code CFA CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION
Discount Code # 526223
Discount Code # #U285933
Link to Avis
Discount Code # Z926291
Regional News
Region 1
Sharon Roy - Regional Director
Congratulations to NEMO Cat Club for a fantastic entry in its virtual competition. The club members worked very hard with advertising to draw entries in from all over. I understand the “Spectators choice” contests raised a really nice sum for their charities.

Special thanks to Mike Atschul working with club member Wendy Carson for help with the online advertising for this Region 1 virtual competition. The club could not have done it without the technical help of members Nancy Kerr and Deirdre Gerhardt
Links to the videos are below

Another Region 1 virtual competition is on the way! Region 1 will be participating in the Virtual qualifier. Details forthcoming.
Region 2
Terri Zittel - Regional Secretary 
Region 2 held their first meeting via “Zoom”. It was truly spectacular and we so enjoyed seeing and hearing many of our exhibitors and judges for the first time in what seems like forever. Pam Moser orchestrated the meeting with help from Mary Auth. (Thanks, Mary!)

The various clubs gave reports and status of their coming shows. As most of you know, the Lewis and Clark December show has been cancelled. Also the regional show that was to take place the first weekend in January has been cancelled. Barb Callison just sent me a note that the IdaCats show in Boise, ID in March has also been cancelled.

Wendy Heidt said the Emerald Cat Club show that is to be held in February this coming year is in the planning. She is working on an idea to hold the show similar to the shows in Australia. She has experience with this format and hopes to implement it here in the USA.

Other traditional shows are waiting to see what the state and counties will allow in the coming months. Several clubs, such as Boise, have very small show halls which can be problematic.
All in all, it looks at best to be a three month show season. Discussion then ensued about regional awards for the show season. The consensus was not to have them for the 2020-2021 year.

We all wanted to express our sincere thank you to Deena Stevens who created the “On the Road Again” and the regional awards booklet, both of which can be viewed online at If you get a chance, please take a look at these two creations. They are beyond wonderful!

Several more ideas were presented. Brian Moser suggested that we wear our masks in the house so the cats can get used to them. Dee Johnson brought up that the kittens she was presenting to prospective parents took flight when they saw people with masks. We could all picture those little cats leaving the room! LOL!
As the meeting was ending, we received the sad news that Carroll Muck had passed away. Carroll is a longtime exhibitor in our region. She has shown Household Pats and recently a beautiful Manx, GC, GPD, AW Ocigato’s Rocket Science. GHD HRW Lucas and Rocket were Grands of Distinction this year. She also bred Scottish Folds for many years under the cattery name Ocarma. Carroll was very active in animal rescue with the Cascade Animal Protection Society. She was the co-founder of the organization. She also was frequently seen at her booth, First Class Cats. Carroll was a great advocate of Cat Agility. We are going to miss her. Rest in Peace, Carroll.
Region 3
Paula Noble - Regional Secretary
Summer is saying GOOD-BYE and Fall is beginning. The weather change has been pleasant in North Texas, but in other parts of the Region not so much!!

Hurricane Laura came in the end of August and left quite a mess is some of areas of the Region. Westlake, LA (where Anne Paul lives) was hit hard. 
Damage in Westlake, LA. Anne Paul's house (above) with downed trees, power lines, and missing siding (insert). At right, the remains of a laundromat in a shopping center in Westlake.
The latest unexpected weather was the early snow fall in Colorado. In Denver temperatures went from 101F on 9/5/2020 to the low 30’s on 9/8/2020 and reports of 6-18 inches of snow in different areas of Colorado. Snow continues falling today in many areas  Thanks to all who contributed to the GSR Disaster Relief Fund. For those what would still like to contribute, please send via PayPal to and designate that it is for the Disaster Relief Fund.

Crystal Wood is hard at work putting the cookbook together. Thank you all for the submission of sufficient recipes to make this work. We will let you know when these are available for ordering.
The Annual Committee ordered masks as an additional fund raiser. The ear loops are adjustable to make it easy to make it fit your face. Face masks are selling for $10.00 ea. or 2 for $15.00 which includes shipping within the US. You can order and pay for these through the Region 3 PayPal address
Region 4
John Colilla - Regional Director

No report for this month
Region 5
Howard Webster - Regional Director
Well, another Covid-19 month has passed and no shows! For those of us who love going to shows, It has been quite dreary without them. Hopefully, we are all well and taking care of ourselves.
Some places are having shows in November, so let's keep our fingers crossed that they will happen, and that all participants will stay safe!

***Cyndy Bird***
I remember meeting both Cyndy and Andrea over 20 years ago when their mentor introduced these new British Shorthair breeders. Well, a long time has passed since then, and Cyndy and Andrea have become top British Shorthair breeders in CFA, with many award-winning cats, both nationally and regionally awarded.
Cyndy has always been there to help and lend a hand, especially for the regional banquet. For those who do not realize it, getting the regional banquet and awards ceremony put together is a TON of work, but Cyndy is ALWAYS up for the challenge, wheeling and dealing to get the best package at the most reasonable price. And every year, it goes off without a hitch! With humor, embarrassing skits, and a thoroughly calming voice, she makes the awards show something to be seen, as well as a pleasure to be seen! And she gets us through the damned thing in record time!
This year, without a banquet, Cyndy and Andrea coordinated the delivery and distribution of the Awards. From sorting and boxing, to driving all over Southern California and Arizona just to get the awards to the people for pick up. This has saved the region a lot of money, but it is a HUGE amount of work. And, just because she has SO much time on her hands, she has recently added CFA Director-at-Large to her repertoire. Congratulations, Cyndy!
This is just a small part of the effort Cyndy has put forth to help Region 5. So, it is with great pleasure that I am happy to give the Spotlight Award to a very worthy recipient! Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for our region!
Speaking of all of the work that went into the regional awards, I wanted to thank Nancy Jo Bueno for her PHENOMENAL job on our award banquet booklet! She has done it every year for quite some time now, and this year's was even greater! Thank you, Nancy Jo, for all of the labor and effort you put into an amazing book!
For all of those affected by the California wildfires, my deepest condolences. Remember, if you need help, please reach out!
Everybody, please stay safe out there!
Region 6
Candilee Jackson - Regional Secretary
You’re Invited!!!
Please come to the MWR Zoom meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7pm CDT to celebrate the winners of the 2019-2020 show season!
Grab your favorite drink, dinner, (or snack) and dessert and dress up formal** for the occasion!
**Definition of formal:  formal dress or formal jammies!
A Zoom link will be posted to the MWR website as well as the io group email list.
A second Zoom meeting is in the planning stages for October with some special guests. Please look at the MWR website and io groups for the date and time.
Region 7
Kenny Currle - Regional Director
The Southern Region will host its virtual qualifying contest beginning this Saturday. Entries accepted September 19-October 3; judging takes place Oct 5-9th.

Complete information will be available here.

Entries will be $10 per entry, 4th one free.

$1 per vote for spectators choice with those proceeds to benefit CFA Breeders' Assistance Program
Region 8
Yukiko Hayata - Regional Director
Nishinihon Cat Club had first show of this season on August 2, 2020 at Osaka. We had 5 AB and 1 SH/LH with 7 judges including 5 judges from Tokyo. Because of COVID-19, entry was about 50. Before the show, club was able to get Osaka mayor’s permission for this event.

When all participants passed gate, club members checked their temperature one by one. When they have no fever, under 37.5C they could pass the gate. All were fine! They recorded their temperature by themselves on their benching poster at the gate. If something happened after the show, this record will be helpful.
During show club, exhibitors, judges, clerks and stewards were so careful to protect themselves from Covid-19. Club prepared face shield to all participants, thin rubber gloves for clerks and stewards, four disinfection sprayers at show hall.

Club also prepared double space for all benching. Benching was designed just like the islands as entry was not big. Disinfection vendor, Ofrir perfectly supported this show with lots of disinfection.
Club also made screen door at the gate and opened all windows 15~20 cm wide for ventilation during show. These windows were back of the judging cages and had curtain so that cat was not able to escape easily. Club announced about opened windows and asked exhibitor being careful not to miss their cats.
Show started, at first I made a short speech about current situation of Covid-19 and thanked club which had such a well arranged show with courage. We felt ventilation is very important when we have events indoors with many peoples.

Only one small problem was noone could have food at show hall. However, show started at 13:00 pm so we were able to have lunch before passed gate. Drinks were ok to have.
After the show, we hope that we will have no infected person later..
Fortunately, all participants are fine as of September 3.
We appreciate the club and all participants for their understanding
and corporation.

Our next show by Comodo Cat Fanciers will be held November 28.
We hope every shows in the world will be successful and safety.
Region 9
Pam DelaBar - Regional Director
Sections of Region 9 are getting excited!!! Starting 18 October, we will have a series of three one day shows in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Sherwood Manx Club leads off with their show on 18 October. Cat Fanciers of Finland will conduct their show 8 November, while Sophisto Cat Club wraps up this series of 3 shows on 29 November.

Region 9 is setting a trend of having regional Zoom meetings the day after the monthly CFA board meetings. After the information exchange, the majority of time is spent enjoying the company of friends. More and more of Region 9 is opening up, though the majority of these areas are in the Baltic and Nordic areas. The border situation is very fluid and can change weekly.
International Division

No report received

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