CFA Southern Region Newsletter
December, 2017

by Jean Duggar 
Regional Director 

Southern Region Show and Awards Banquet Update
The Southern Region team has diligently worked for the past two years to find a location for the 2018 awards banquet in the northern part of the Southern Region. Deb Curtis began the search while we worked on planning the 2017 regional and could find no venues for last year or this year. Next Dave Peet and Mark Hannon began searching over the last two months to attempt to secure a location in the Baltimore area on the 2nd weekend of June, which is our traditional date.  However, the only option in this area which was available available was only available for the first weekend in June. This would have caused complications in ensuring that all preparations would be ready in time for the banquet.  Special thanks to Dave and Mark for all of their help.
Thankfully, Star City Cat Club was one of several clubs which stepped forward, with Charlotte Shelburne offering to put the show on in Roanoke, with Star City Cat Club taking full responsibility for the show.  We are very thankful to Charlotte for coming forward and assuming this tremendous responsibility, as the club will assume total responsibility for the show, all losses or gains will fall entirely upon the club and not the region as it has in the past. Thank you, Charlotte, for this brave move and for supporting the Southern Region in this way!  Please watch for Charlotte's announcements about the show, judges and hotel. 
Not to be remiss, it should be noted that a few other clubs were interested but were unable to secure the 2nd weekend in June for a show hall. Hopefully these clubs can continue to work on 2019 show date for a change in venue.
A few side notes that are worth mentioning. Since all show costs related to the Southern Regional Cat Show will go directly to Star City, Charlotte is paying close attention to all costs and the judge selection was based on less expensive flight fees, and some of the judges will come from outside of the Southern Region but they have judged in the Southern Region many times.  Other judges from our region were invited, but unable to accept. While in the past, we have aimed to honor Southern Region judges at the awards show and banquet, we certainly understand Charlotte's decisions based on cost.  
Charlotte has asked Dave Peet to serve as co-show manager and Sue Robins has volunteered to also serve on the Star City show committee. Special thanks to Charlotte Shelburne, Dave Peet and Mark Hannon for all their support in this effort in making this event happen.
The Southern Region will continue to update you on our awards show and banquet and the Annual via our newsletter and our website.

Southern Region Social Media

Congratulations to Vivian Baylor on being named Southern Regional Social Media Director.  She has been very successful in helping clubs expand their advertising dollars on social media as well as bring in more spectators to their shows.  She builds on the platform originally established by the Southern Region leadership team and we anticipate her greatly expanding our media outreach.
Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers, Inc. (which Vivian is president of) has had positive experiences the last few years in promoting their show in Knoxville using social media (primarily Facebook boosted posts).  The SR Leadership Team decided to experiment with assisting clubs by promoting clubs' upcoming shows via boosted posts on the CFA Southern Region Facebook page, (  The club pays for these boosts (hopefully using their money for advertising from CFA). This advertising is via Facebook and targets the zip codes and profiles of people near the show hall. 
The first show to be advertised in this manner was the Cotton States Cat Club show on November 4-5. Three boosted posts reached over 25,000 people, and resulted in almost 2000 reactions, comments, and shares. The next promoted show was Capital Cat Fanciers show on November 11-12 which reached almost 17,000 people with nearly 500 reactions, comments, and shares. Currently we are promoting the Greater Baltimore Cat Club's Santa Paws show on December 2-3 and we've reached over 26,000 people with nearly 1000 reactions, comments, and shares.
Most of the comments are along the lines of "let's go!" which we hope has resulted in increased gate. During the month which we've been promoting shows, the number of people "liking" the CFA Southern Region Facebook page has increased from 200 to nearly 350. During each show we have been posting photos on our page, and we are also highlighting activities from outside the region in which CFA Southern Region had a major presence or impact. We are also "liking" the pages of all the Southern Region clubs which have a Facebook presence, so let us know if we've missed you.
And if your club would like assistance in promoting your show via Facebook, just contact us (preferably with a credit card number :-)) If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see on the Facebook page, let us know. And don't forget to "like" the page and invite all your friends to do so also!
Vivian is in the process of getting more information out to everyone.  If you have a show coming up, reach out to her and see if she can help you bring in more spectators to your venue.

Fundraising Last Month:
  • Fundraising Pins
    • Lead: Jean Dugger, Karen Boyce
    • current amount raised: $1450
  • 2018 Annual Cat Teasers
    • Lead: Jennifer Herr
    • current amount raised:  $1000
      SOLD OUT!  Thank you Lyn Knight for helping to finish off this fundraiser at the Santa Paws show last weekend!
  • HoneyBaked Ham Gift Cards 
    • current anticipated funds: $585

Shameless plug for HoneyBaked Ham cards: we are heading into the home stretch for both the holiday gift-giving season AND the end of this promotion (ending on Jan. 5th). NOW would be a GREAT time to finish up your shopping with a little online shopping (and it's a lot less stressful than going into the stores! AND HoneyBaked Ham will send the card for you!)

Gift cards are in the denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100, which gives you lots of options. And yes, they have more than just ham! They also have turkey, beef, and chicken, a large variety of sides, sandwiches, and deserts. Take a look at what all they offer here. Cards are good in ALL stores AND online.

These cards are perfect for:
  • Cat sitters
  • Veterinarians
  • Family
  • Friends (esp. those living far away)
  • Raffles (because who doesn't like winning a gift card?)
  • Thank you gifts
  • Office and other gift exchanges
YOU get the full value of the card; the region gets 20% of the amount of the purchase. Win-Win for both of us!

 You (and your friends) can order them online here .

While planning for both the regional and the Annual, we realize that everyone has different expectations and experiences with both events. We'd like your input on what you think is most (and least) valuable for both of these events.  Below are links for two surveys: one for the regional, the other for the Annual. All responses are anonymous, and used for this purpose only.

Regional Survey: Click here
Annual Survey: Click here

Club Dues  
We have recently lost several of our regional clubs simply because they did not pay their annual dues. This is a gentle reminder that all club dues are due into CFA Central Office no later than January 2, 2018 to be considered in good standing. 

Show News
Entry Clerk Shirley Peet and Show Manager Sarah Sieffert
The Greater Baltimore Cat Club held their annual "Santa Paws" show on December 2-3, 2017 in suburban Baltimore.  This show has long been a tradition for local cat fanciers with a number of vendors with interesting gift ideas for Christmas, an incredible raffle table, and this year a full 225 entries!  The judging slate combined some from within driving distance and some judges not often seen in this area.  It was clearly a mix that interested the
hibitors since the show filled.  

Mrs. Claus, one of Kathy Pritchard's Ambassador Cats
The incredible raffle table

There were awards for the best holiday-themed cage as well as crowning Mr., Mrs. and Baby Santa Paws in the HHP class with 37 cats entered. Free coffee, doughnuts, and hot cider added to the holiday cheer.  Many thanks to the hard-working club members who made this such an enjoyable weekend.

Upcoming Shows
No lack of shows in our region in January, so no reason not to get out there and have fun!
  • December 30-31 - Nashville Cat Club; Nashville, TN
  • January 6-7 - Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Cub; Jacksonville, FL
  • January 13-14 - Cat Club of the Palm Beaches; Ormond Beach, FL
  • January 27-28 - Birmingham Feline Fanciers; Irondale, AL
  • January 27-28 - Star City Cat Fanciers (also Central Carolina Cat Fanciers); Roanoke, VA

Clerking School
There will be a clerking school in conjunction with the Cat Club of the Palm Beaches show, on Friday, January 12. You do not have to be planning to enter/be in the CFA Clerking Program to attend. Clerking schools are a great way for exhibitors to learn more about ring mechanics and show rules!
  • Location: Nova Community Center, 440 North Nova Road, Ormond Beach, FL 32174
  • Sponsored by: Cat Club of the Palm Beaches
  • Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Cost: $25 (covers supplies, does not include lunch)
  • Instructor: Teresa Keiger
  • Contact person: Stephanie Boulter
  • Closing date: January 3, 2018

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