CFA Southern Region Newsletter
September, 2017

by Jean Duggar 
Regional Director 

As summer draws to a close, the Southern Region got back to the business showing cats! Our exhibitors enjoyed shows produced by Hidden Peak CC in Timonium, MD; a new show venue in Griffin, GA from our Rebel Rousers club; and Ocicats International holding a regional fundraiser in Oakwood, GA.   Hurricane Harvey tried to put a damper on the show but we still managed to make money on our raffle and on the wonderful food that Jacqui prepared!  We sold lots of Southern Region Annual pins, along with beautiful, collectible "Atlanta 2018" cat teasers, made and donated by Jennifer Herr.     Read about that show later in this newsletter.
Even though I was a little incapacitated with my arm in a sling during the Ocicats International show, it didn't stop me from welcoming "Dr. Elizabeth" (from the TV show "The Incredible Dr Pol") to the cat fancy as a new exhibitor and Bengal breeder!  Not only do we have a celebrity in our midst, but also another vet!    For those of you who are fans like myself, "Dr. Elizabeth" assured me that Dr. Pol is the same in person as on TV.  Now we just have to lure him to one of our cat shows! 
I would like to extend a special note of thanks to Graham Stevens for all of his hard work and years of service as Southern Region Treasurer. I wish we could have presented this award to him in person but I wanted him to know how much I personally appreciated everything that he did for me as regional director.    Thank you Graham again for everything!
I am happy to report that I talked to Chandler Bussey at the Ocicats International show and he has agreed to be our YFEP coordinator!   I am hoping that along with help from Karen Thomas, Teresa, Marilee and myself, we can find some ways to grow our youth program in the southern region!  If anyone has a child at home that would like to participate in our youth program we welcome you!  Our young people are the future of our cat fancy!  

2018 Annual - Atlanta

We have several fundraising activities going on at present. You all know about the wonderful pins that we have (see left). Jennifer Herr has created and donated a wonderful fur-tipped cat toy with the Annual name on it. 

And best of all - we have a raffle going on for not just o ne, but TWO Amazon Echo devices!! Many thanks to Krista Schmitt for donating them!! 

Read about them here (and wouldn't they be great for monitoring queens and kittens?).

You can order any and all of these items from Karen Boyce. Complete details are on the region's website. She plans to be at the show in Timonium, so plan to get your pins, toys, and raffle tickets there. Remember: you're not just purchasing an item - you're helping to make the upcoming Annual a memorable event!

We keep hearing that individual clubs are working on their own small fundraising activities.  Please let Karen know since we are developing a page on our website to show our progress and future activities. This will be a great venue to advertise you fundraising event. 

Fundraising Last Month:
  • Fundraising Pins
    • Lead: Jean Dugger, Karen Boyce
    • current amount raised: $620
  • 2018 Annual Cat Teasers
    • Lead: Jennifer Herr
    • current amount raised:  $150
  • Fundraising Show - Sept 2-3
    • Ocicats International, Jacqui Bennett
    • amount raised:  est. $200
  • Echo Show Raffle
    • Lead: Karen Boyce
    • current amount raised:  $108
Supporting the Southern Regional fundraising activities helps the 2018 Annual, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. More information will be available soon, and please know that the Southern Region Team is hard at work making this a fantastic event for all of CFA to enjoy and we all very much appreciate every ounce of your support.

We Want To Know

The steering committee is laying the groundwork for both the 2018 Annual AND for the 2018 Regional.  To do that, we need everyone's input.

1. You can expect to see shortly a survey regarding hospitality at the Annual. What do you prefer, and how much is it worth to you. This survey will be released to CFA as a whole (but y'all are the first to hear about it!)

2. Speaking of Annuals - we know that people have LOTS of questions about the Annual. Some are based on facts...others, perhaps not so much. We plan to run an ongoing question and answer feature in the Newsletter and in the Announcements section of the Southern Region website.  Who decides what? Who pays for what? 

Got a question that you'd like to field? Send it to Annual Chairperson Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell.

In the meantime, we'll start off with one question that most Annual "newbies" ask.

Q.  How did we end up in Atlanta (or Chicago, or Las Vegas...)?
A.  A lot of people think that the region gets to choose where the CFA Annual is located. In reality, CFA Central Office (with the assistance of Pat Zollman of HelmsBrisco - a professional meeting and event site procurement agency) select both the city and the venue.  This is because an event this big has a LOT of requirements in regards to meeting spaces and sizes, catering, banquet/meeting room, and such. No region could really be expected to know this information nor negotiate with the property. While the region may make suggestions in regards to venues, Central Office actually does the site visitations, evaluates the venues, and makes the final selections.

Upcoming Shows

Now that the peak of summer holidays are behind us, we are starting to see more shows in the region. Remember to support the shows in your region!

Upcoming Shows

September 23-24 - Freestate Feline Fanciers
   Gaithersburg, MD
October 14-15  - Cat Club of the Palm Beaches,
  Sanford, FL
October 21-22 - Huntsville Cat Club,
  Huntsville, AL
October 21- Cat Fanciers of Washington
  Winchester, VA

Show schedules available at the Regional website,, and the CFA website.

Show Stories

Ocicats International/Southern Region Fundraiser
from Jacqui Bennett, show manager
The Little Show that Could or HOLD MY BEER

When a traditional show that averages 180 entries tries to do a fundraiser for the region and gets a count of 114, it looks pretty grim.  But when hurricanes and a variety of things conspire to make murphy proud hits all at once and hits your gross profit by several thousands of dollars, the amazing people of the Southern Region come through with a vengeance.
Small, but mighty, the show went on with great fun, great cats and unparalleled comradery.  I can't thank enough the amazing generosity of the show team including judges and clerks and club members, our great local exhibitors who donated raffle items, helped with set up and tear down, as well as helping decorate 2 of our rings, and even stepped in and ran the concession on Saturday while I was judging and took care of gate and raffle tickets.

I am also thankful of the amazing appetite of our 69 exhibitors who ate all the home cooked food for the concessions making sure I didn't have to bring home any pork, beef, chicken, cole slaw, or macaroni and cheese!

  • So how do you make manage a successful fund raiser for the region with 114 entries?
  • Homemade rosettes
  • Homemade concessions
  • Homemade show service
  • Blood, sweat, and tears
  • And the SIMPLY OVERWHELMING SUPPORT from our amazing Southern Region!
National Capital  Show
from Mark Hannon, show manager

National Capital held its show September 9-10 in suburban Washington, DC.  It was the largest CFA show held so far this show season.  There are many extras that make this show so special.  Each year the show features one or two breeds.  This year the Exotic was the featured breed. The show tries to both educate and entertain the many spectators and this year the show had its best gate ever.  There was a Breed Presentation Ring, lots of breed booths, Agility, and a very popular feature at this show over the years has been the Meet & Greet area right by the front door.  Two of three cats and their owners are at a table where the visitors can pet the cats and ask questions of the owners.  The exhibitors take turns throughout the day so the cats don't tire and the owners can enjoy other aspects of the show.  There was a crowd at this area all weekend.
The slate of judges include some of CFA's most popular judges and that included Danny Tai who flew in from Hong Kong to judge his first USA assignment.  Danny is very popular at CFA shows in Asia and the National Capital exhibitors had many compliments about this fresh face judging in Region 7.
With Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on our minds, Regional Director John Colilla conducted a 50/50 Raffle to raise funds to help felines in need.  He raised more than $1,400 which was split between the winner and the relief fund.  The lucky winner was kind enough to donate back $200 from their winnings so more than $900 went to the cause

How did the show attract such a large gate?  This year they placed ads in the Washington Post and commercials on a local radio station, as they have in the past.  This year they advertised heavily on Facebook and tried out Groupon.  140 tickets for two or for a family were purchased via Groupon and the show achieved more than 95,000 views on Groupon.  While Groupon tickets are sold at a discount and the company takes some of the sale price for themselves, the show likely was exposed to many people who would not have known about the show otherwise.

The Region is in great hands with our team - let's all come together and show everyone why the Southern Region is the best!

my best,

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