FY2020 EHE Implementation Science Supplement Opportunity

Eligible CFARs and ARCs must collaborate with partners in the 57 jurisdictions: local, county and state health departments, CBOs, and clinics funded by the CDC, HRSA, SAMHSA, or IHS. These implementation science research projects should be developed by the team of CFAR/ARC investigators and local partners to support the local ending the HIV epidemic plans with input from the local community. CFAR/ARC investigators must coordinate with the local jurisdictional team to ensure the proposed project supports and informs jurisdictional plans.
Internal Competition
1) Interested investigators must submit a 1-page single-spaced outline
2) Outlines will be reviewed by the HU CFAR Developmental Core Review Committee and must include:
  • List of lead investigators and institutions
  • Application title
  • Aim(s)/Objective(s)
  • Brief summary of rationale and approach

3) A maximum of 6 outlines in the following categories will be selected to move forward for a full application in the following categories:

One-Year FY2020 EHE CFAR/ARC Supplement Announcement
  • EHE Team-initiated Implementation Research - $200,000 Direct Costs (2 applications)
  • Reaching Cisgender Heterosexual Women with PrEP - $150,000 Direct Costs (1 application)
  • Evaluating and Developing Data-Driven Messages and Communication Strategies for EHE - $150,000 Direct Costs (1 application)

Limited 2-Year FY2020 EHE Implementation Science Supplement Opportunity ( Open to FY19 CFAR/ARC EHE Awardees Only )
  • $200,000 Direct Costs/year for up to a maximum of 2 years not to exceed time remaining in parent grant (2 applications)

Please submit your outline  by  12 noon on Wednesday, April 1 2020 Final decision as to which outlines will be selected to move forward will be made the following week. Applications will be due to the NIH on May 18, 2020 with earlier internal deadlines for institutional approvals that will be conveyed to applicants.

Contact Amanda Gorey  amanda_gorey@harvard.edu  or Mark Ingaciola mark_ingaciola@harvard.edu with any questions.