Week of August 24, 2020
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Returning to the Classroom During COVID

DATE: Tuesday, August 25, 2020
TIME: 1:00-2:00 PM
Is your child experiencing stress and anxiety around returning to school? Discussion of strategies to manage stress and anxiety as we negotiate this new territory in the age of COVID-19 at school. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. and REGISTRATION! This event is being presented by the Quincy Family Resource Center
COVID-19 Related Stories For Schools
More and more states and cities have put together plans for going back to school for the 2020-2021 school year. Each area in the country has somewhat different plans. Some are starting out with 100% distance learning, some are implementing a hybrid model and others are going back to in person learning with modifications. As we start to go back, using any of those approaches, children are going to need INFORMATION. What will they see that is different? What are the new norms? Are masks required? What about on the bus?
WATCH: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Today, a new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood special episode explores all of the ways that life might look a little different right now, and offers children strategies and songs to help them cope. Then, to help your child learn to express their own...

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Please check our calendar for the story starter each month at http://selfhelpcpc.org/CALENDAR/ For this at-home activity, each month families/children are given a different concept to think about and then write about along with an illustration!!! Click Here for more info and to regitster!
Choose any of the fun science activities from the links (will be sent in the confirmation email, once you register), then print and mail the observation sheet back to us. You may also email the observation sheet.
The ASQ Program is a parent reporting questionnaire that gives you insight on how your child is doing developmentally! You do not need to have concerns, it’s just a great tool to see where your child excels or may need some support!  Everyone that participates receives a
FREE Children’s Book! 
**Please click this link for more information http://selfhelpcpc.org/our-programs/asq/      
** If you would like to participate this is the only thing you need to complete (the consent form) to get started!! click on the link below: https://www.cognitoforms.com/SelfHelpInc1/ASQ3ASQSECONSENTFORM
Looking for something to do with your kids?
Try Summer Tours at Soule!
This Summer we have an awesome opportunity for you to visit Soule. Want to snuggle a rabbit? Feed a sheep it’s breakfast? Collect eggs and show your kids your chicken catching skills? You can do all that and more at Soule! In order to keep our visitors as safe as possible, we are not offering our First Farm Fun story hours or our Soule Summer Camp program. In the place of these programs we are instead offering small group visits so that you can still do many of your favorite activities on the farm. Each program has a limit that you can work within to have your extended family or friends join you. We require at least one adult per each group visit. On the farm we have a bathroom which is cleaned daily, we have an outdoor hand washing station and our staff will wear a mask the entire time they work with your group. We ask that everyone in your party (over the age of 3) brings a mask to wear for moments that they will be in close contact with our staff.
20 minute tour, 6 people max, $20 for Soule Homestead Members, $30 for non-members. 
This Week at CFCE
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Monday, August 24, 2020 - all day Virtual Event: Miss Jen and Miss Gina
Science Discovery Time - Lava Lamps and Density

We hope you can join Ms. Jen and Ms. Gina from home to watch our Homemade Lava Lamp teaching kids about density. Watch the video, gather the supplies, and make one of your own!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - all day
Grandma Glasses Story FUN!!!
"Get off my tail lil' Whale"
Hope you can join me every week - any time - on Tuesdays for some songs, movement and a story time together!!! I will share a simple art project you can do together at home PLUS one of our favorite activities...FEATHERBALL !!! So make sure your child brings a scarf, facecloth, hankie or a dish towel to this videotaped session each time so they can participate!!! Would love to have you join me and enjoy this time!!!
Nature Time w/ Ms. Jen
Wednesday August 26, 2020
All Day
Virtual Event:
Fantasy Storytime: The Magicians Hat
Magician's Hat Story time: A fantasy themed summer story time for children and their families. This program is based on the book “The Magician’s Hat” by Malcolm Mitchell. After reading the story, children will be asked to participate in art related to the story including drawing a picture of what they want to be when they grow up. Click Here for all the info. and video link, also learn how to get a Special Surprise from Miss Carol!
Thursday, August 27, 2020
All Day
Virtual Event with Miss Jen and Miss Gina: Science Discovery Time - Mentos and Soda Experiment!
We hope you can join Ms. Jen and Ms. Gina from home to watch our Mentos and Soda Experiment.
Watch the video by clicking the picture, gather the supplies, and try it at home!
Thursday, August 27, 2020
All Day
Virtual Event from Your Therapy Sources- Sidewalk Chalk Fun & Games!
Try this simple activity at home! This activity encourages gross motor skills, motor planning and muscle strengthening in the hands. Click Here for the Video!
Friday August 28, 2020
Science Discovery Time with Ms. Jen and Ms. Gina
Exploding Colors
Hi Everyone, check out the video of Ms. Gina and Ms. Jen exploring science with our Exploding Colors Experiment.

Watch along, gather the supplies and try it on your own at home.