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  • Surviving the Summer: Family Reunions
  • Making the Most of Family Vacations
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Administrative Position Opening!

We are looking for personable administrative help. We are looking for someone long term who can work late afternoons until 7:00 pm. M-Th 4:00 Friday (starting time flexible).
Surviving the Summer: Family Reunions

Summer is a time for "baseball and apple pie", for relaxing and being outdoors. Children are out of school and families take vacations. It's also a time for family reunions. Although these reunions are exciting, they can also lead to increased stress for individuals and families. For some, family reunions are a time to reconnect with relatives and meet new additions to the family. For others, being with extended family is difficult. Whether it's trying to maintain a happy facade when your marriage is struggling or enduring Uncle Bob's lengthy stories, these gatherings can be highly emotional. If there has been discord or abuse in the family, reunions might reignite uncomfortable memories. These gatherings can also be difficult due to missing family members who are deceased. It's important to be aware of your own state of mind and emotional well-being prior to entering this possibly stressful situation. ( read more)
Making the Most of Family Vacations

I love vacations. I have been accused, and I can't disagree, of having a Vacation Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I particularly enjoy family vacations to anything Disney, and trips with my wife to go diving. Why is this? I think a good part of the reason has to do with the opportunity to have fun with my wife and/or my boys. The fun with them, is ten times greater than without them. ( continue reading)
How to Keep Romance Alive in Marriage

Romance can be defined in a number of ways. Emotionally, romance is the feeling of excitement experienced in a loving relationship. Behaviorally, romance is a special outward expression of love experienced in an intimate relationship. The first, you develop within yourself and the second you share with another person. One thing that I know about romance is that the term has become very ambiguous in its use in our society. So the first thing that I would suggest in order to keep romance alive in your marriage is limiting the use of the word. Instead of using "romance" in your discussion with your spouse try being specific and descriptive with your wants and desires. ( read more)
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