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Children and Play  
Play is a natural and necessary activity for children of all ages. It helps them to grow, learn, and develop in all areas of their lives. D epending on their age, personality, abilities, and experiences, children play in a variety of ways. Find out more about play, the stages of play and how you can encourage children to try many different kinds of play activities, while also respecting their individual needs, skills, interests, and choices. 

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (0-4 years)
As young children grow and develop they need to move, sleep and sit the right amounts each day to be healthy.  All types of movement matter, and a balance of moving, sleeping and sitting is required for best health. Even if a child is getting enough physical activity in a day, the health benefits can be reduced by too little sleep, or too much sedentary behaviour.  Movement guidelines.

30 Encouraging Alternatives to "Have a Good Day"
Whether they're saying good bye in the morning, or having struggles during the day, children can use a little encouragement along the way.  Sometime, "Have a good day" just doesn't cut it. Here is a list of encouraging words that can set our kids up for the best they can be.

How Caregivers Can Boost Young Brains
When adults, whether at home, in daycare, or in preschool react and respond to young children's babbles, gestures, and cries, they are doing more than providing good, nurturing care. They're actually laying the groundwork for children's future growth and development that support communication and social skills.  Here are 5 simple steps to doing just that.

15 Things Kids Say That Could Mean 'I'm Anxious' 
"When children are anxious, it can be difficult for them to articulate exactly what's happening for them. It will be clear that something isn't quite right, but it might not be as obvious that anxiety is behind it."  Hey Sigmund  provides a list of things kids might say when they're feeling anxious, along with some strategies you can implement.

BC211 Available to Everyone Looking for Community Resources
Province-wide access to BC211.ca is now available.  Created in partnership with United Way, BC211.ca is a BC-wide resource that links residents to community, social and government resources on a comprehensive range of topics from employment assistance to mental health support to house assistance.  

You can also visit our website at www.communitiesforkids.ca for a directory of services by community.

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Join the wave of people telling the government what makes up a strong poverty reduction plan.

March 7th from 10:30 am to  2:00 pm at the Sonora Community Centre in Osoyoos

Community pressure has pushed the government to commit to a poverty reduction strategy. Now we need community action to ensure that it's a strong plan with legislated targets and timelines. You can be a part of this effort to make BC's government take action against poverty.  Please plan to join us.

Okanagan Similkameen Healthy Living Fair

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