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Hot Car Warning
On days that seem almost mild, as well as on summer days of searing heat, the passenger compartment of a car can turn into an oven, with potentially deadly consequences for children.  And l eaving a window slightly open, or "cracked," does little to prevent the inside of the vehicle from becoming dangerously hot.

In the confined space of a car, temperatures can climb so rapidly that they overwhelm a person's ability to regulate his or her internal temperature. In a closed environment, the body, especially a small body, can go into shock quickly, and circulation to vital organs can fail.  Read more.

Ideas for Getting Your Kids into Nature 
Tearing your children away from their screens and into the backyard, let alone the woods, can be difficult, but the slew of  benefits that the outdoors provides kids' minds is ample reason to give it a try.

Happily, there are lots of ways to make nature as stimulating as the activities kids like to do inside. Here are some ideas:

The Expectation Gap: When Do Toddlers Have Control Over their Behaviours?
One reason parents and care givers can feel so frustrated about toddler's behavior is the "expectation gap." Many assume that tots are capable - or should be capable - of doing things that their brains simply aren't ready to do yet.  Read more.

A Year of Play
You are your child's favorite toy. There is nothing in the world your child would rather do than play with you!

Browse fun seasonal activities by month to find play activities that promote your child's development all year.
Use the ideas as a starting point for the many joyful ways there are to explore, play, learn, and discover with your child.

Answers to Questions about Perinatal Anxiety
Whether you are a new parent experiencing perinatal anxiety, a partner to someone who is, a friend, or a family member, know that you are not alone. These conditions are very common. Having information about what you might be experiencing and knowing where to get support can help. Read more.

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Canada Day
What's happening in your community for Canada Day?

Pancake breakfast, activities & entertainment and fireworks. Details.

10:30 to 4:00 at Memorial Park. Free cake, BBQ, ice cream & pop, live entertainment, kids games & prizes, clown and face painting.

Okanagan Falls
Pancake breakfast, crafts, BBQ, entertainment.  Details

Free pancake breakfast at the Community Centre 8:30 to 10:30 am. Community Pool loonie swim 2:00 to 4:00.

Cherry Fiesta. Pancake breakfast, parade, children's activities at the beach, fireworks and more.   Details.

Food, music, kids games, vendors and more.  Details.

Canada Day Swim, pancake breakfast and duck race.  Details