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Making Sense of Kids Workshop
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For parents, grandparents, care givers, educators, and child/health care professions.

Dr. Deborah MacNamara will be presenting:
  • Rest, Play, Grow: Helping Young Children Flourish 
  • Tears and Tantrums: Understanding Frustration and Aggression
  • Who's in Charge? Why Adults Need to Lead
When :    Saturday, October 20, 2018
Time:     9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Registration 8:30 am.
Where:  Okanagan College, Lecture Theatre
               583  Duncan Ave. W., Penticton
Cost:     $30

Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program
Parents of children from infants to 5 years of age, discover positive ways to parent! Mondays - October 22nd to November 26th, 2018 (5 Sessions) from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs,
1295 Manitoba Street, Penticton, BC.  Click here for more info.  Click here to register.

Help with the After School Attitude 
When things get hard, we fall apart on the people we feel safest with. Kids do the same thing. It takes a great deal of emotional and mental work to follow the rules throughout the day, especially for little kids. 

Each time your child refrains from hitting that boy who took his toy, holds up her hand and covers her mouth so she doesn't speak out of turn, or stops himself from running down the hall to recess, they have to restrain themselves. 

This restraint builds and builds, almost like a bubble. Then they walk into their safe place, and POP! They can finally let loose and stop having to restrain themselves. How can you help your child with the transition from home to school so they don't have to struggle, and you don't get so frustrated? 
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A Compassionate Response to Tantrums
" We don't have to make a new sandwich and cut it the right way, buy them the toy, or let them stay up an hour later nor do we have to send them to their room or ignore them completely. Neither approach is the best for fostering emotional health. Children must learn that kicking and screaming on the floor is not the way to deal with upsets, but they don't learn how to handle those emotions by kicking and screaming alone. They learn by watching how we handle our upsets and by what we teach them before and after an emotional meltdown."  Read more. 

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Foster Caregivers Needed
Right now more than 1,000 kids across B.C. need temporary foster families. Many of these babies, children and teens come from tough places, but fostering can have a huge positive impact on their lives.

Could you be the amazing individual or family to support a young person in developing their full potential?

Learn about the possibility of becoming a foster caregiver at an upcoming session on November 28 at 1:30 at the Ooknakane Friendship Centre, 146 Ellis St., Penticton, by calling 250-770-7524 or by  visiting the website

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