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What Happens In Your Baby's Brain When You Talk, Sing & Read To Them? 
It does more than make them smile. It turns out, what happens in your baby's brain when you talk, sing, and read is more beneficial than you might realize

Daddy Matters
"Daddy Matters," is a 4-part web series that explores why dads matter and what matters to dads. Check out all the resources on fatherhood and the  role that fathers play in their child's development here. 

The Lost Art of Play: How Over Scheduling Makes Children Anxious 
Ask any busy working parent if they have enough free time to play and many might answer with a resounding no.  But it's not just adults who are have no time for playtime. It's also kids these days, said one expert.
Johanna Simmons, a Vancouver-based play therapist and family counsellor, said children across the province lack opportunities for free, unstructured play and this is affecting their mental health.   Read more.

26 Phrases to Help Calm an Angry Child
Whether a child has a slow-burning fuse or explodes like a firecracker at the slightest provocation, every child can benefit from anger management skills. As parents (and teachers and care providers), we lay the foundation for this skill set by governing our own emotions in the face an angry outburst.  Next time you are dealing with a tantrum from a toddler, put your best foot forward by trying  one of these 26 phrases .

Taking the Stress out of Back to School Mornings
School mornings can be stressful for both parents and kids. The morning can be very hectic with limited time to eat breakfast, get dressed, gather belongings, and get to school on time. Here are some ideas for families to lower the stress and create a smoother school morning.

And at the other end of the day . . . .

5 Sure Fire Ways to Stop The After School Attitude
When things get hard, we fall apart on the people we feel safest with.  Kids do the same thing.  It takes a great deal of emotional and mental work to follow the rules throughout the day, especially for little kids.  Each time your child refrains from hitting that boy who took his toy, holds up her hand and covers her mouth so she doesn't speak out of turn, or stops himself from running down the hall to recess, they have to restrain themselves. This restraint builds and builds, almost like a bubble.  Then they walk into their safe place, and POP!  They can finally let loose and stop having to restrain themselves.  How can you help your child with the transition from home to school so they don't have to struggle, and you don't get so frustrated?  Read more.

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Check out the interesting topics being offered:

Triggering Children's Curiosity in Outdoor Play
Just imagine the possibilities when children's curiosity is triggered and nourished. This interactive presentation will help you explore new ways to support children in embracing a sense of wonderment, intrigue, exploration and discovery

Self Regulation and Emotional Resiliency in Children
This workshop is designed to equip parents and caregivers with knowledge to support their child's social emotional development and ability to manage their own behaviour. 

Reconnecting: Keeping Human Connection in a Technological Era
This thought-provoking workshop talks about how to find a balance to keep and nourish the social connections between us and our children, in an era of cell phones, TV, computers and social media.

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