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July 31 | Summer 2020
A Look Back at 2019
The year 2019 was an exciting one for us at CFNS. We added several new funds to our fold, and participated in many exciting initiatives. To showcase all this great work, we created our first Annual Report. For a look at some of the highlights, click on the image below.
Special Initiatives
This year we have participated in a number of special initiatives. Some planned, and some as a reaction to the events of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read about two of these programs below.
Investment Readiness Program
In 2019, Community Foundations of Canada, alongside the Government of Canada and several partner organizations , announced the Investment Readiness Program (IRP), a program that helps social purpose organizations scale up their social enterprises to prepare to accept investments. The goal of the IRP is to support these organizations in the social finance market, generating a return for investors while having a positive impact on their communities.

CFC launched its first round of funding through the IRP in January of 2020, the results of which are now publicly available here .

Across Canada, 257 organizations have received IRP funding in CFC’s first round of applications. In Nova Scotia,CFNS awarded $297,735 in funding to six organizations:

Visit for more details about CFC’s funded projects, as well as projects funded through the various partner organizations.

The second and final round of funding through the IRP will open on September 8 th , 2020.
Emergency Community Support Fund
We are proud to have partnered with  Community Foundations of Canada  and the Government of Canada to deliver the  Government of Canada's Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF)   across Nova Scotia. 

Launched on May 19, 2020, we've invested nearly $1.12M through the ECSF towards local charities and qualified donees supporting populations experiencing heightened vulnerability during this crisis.

We had a large number of applicants who required financial support during this difficult time, and while we were unable to help them all, we feel it is important to share with you our experience throughout the process. For more information, we invite you to read the following report.
New Funds
Gaelic Community Development Fund
The Gaelic Community Development Fund was created by concerned Gaelic community members for the specific purpose of supporting the continuance of Gaels as an ethnocultural group in Nova Scotia by supporting Gaelic language, culture and identity capacity building initiatives, projects and programs. This fund, supports the broader well-being of communities through the strengthening of the common good, improving quality of life, and addressing challenging issues in thoughtful and meaningful ways. The fund supports the social needs and broad interests of Gaels as a people including language and culture that may pertain to education, arts, heritage, health, wellness, recreation, sport, and spirituality of our vibrant communities.
Gluten-Free Pantry Fund
Amidst COVID-19, it became clear that individuals with celiac or gluten intolerance in the Dartmouth North community were struggling to afford safe gluten-free food.

For those living with Celiac Disease, they understand all-too-well the high cost of groceries, and the challenges of managing a 100% gluten-free diet. Due to COVID-19, employment for many of these people has been reduced or eliminated, making it even more challenging financially to access safe GF foods. This is happening in communities across Nova Scotia, and all over Canada.

The Gluten-Free Pantry Fund was established to address this issue. To find out more about the fund and how you can donate to the this important cause, click on the link below.

Mountains and Meadows Fund
The Mountains and Meadows Fund was established by an independent group of caring individuals who wanted to raise funds on behalf of the Mountains and Meadows Care Group for the comfort and benefit of the residents living there.

The Mountains and Meadows Fund values the interests of the residents living in one of three communities: Mountain Lea Lodge, The Meadows, and Willow Vale Apartments, and all proceeds that are secured through the fund will be used for the enhancement of the lives of the people living there.
Willow Vale Supervised Apartments
The Meadows
Mountain Lea Lodge

Fund Update
The 2020 Buddy Daye Scholarship Recipient
Since 2009, the Buddy Daye Scholarship has provided financial assistance to African Nova Scotians between the ages of 14 and 24 who are pursuing an education. This year's recipient, Mya Slawter, took the time to share with us a special message of gratitude.

Being Awarded the Buddy Daye Scholarship for me meant all my work as a student athlete was 100% worth it. Being recognized at such a level for all my hard work and dedication meant more than I could ever put into words. In addition, being awarded this scholarship I have proven that not only women but women of colour are capable of anything and everything. This year did not end exactly how I had planned, no senior season of rugby or softball in high school but with this scholarship I can look forward to playing rugby at the varsity level with StFX in the upcoming school year. This scholarship will not only assist me financially but it will also give me the drive to work for what I have earned and make the Buddy Daye Foundation proud in choosing me. Sadly I was not given the opportunity to have a full graduation this year due to Covid-19. This year we had a “drive by” graduation at CHDHS. Even in these circumstances I am so happy with how accommodating and supporting the staff of CHDHS along with my principal Dunovan Kalberlah and the Buddy Daye Foundation were in making sure I was still recognized for my award and graduation, I could not think of a better way the day could have gone! All in all this year was not what anyone saw coming, however I am so grateful for everything I have learned during this experience and I wish the best to all the other graduates of 2020! 
Pictou County Launches New Vital Signs Report

 In August, Pictou County released a Vital Signs® report whose purpose is to help focus the community action based on identified needs. Its intention is to spark conversations that lead to planning, collaborations, and collective action for big impact in their community.

The report is a snapshot and is but one of many possible stories about life in Pictou County.
Community Foundations of Canada
Community Foundations Canada offers a Learning Institute with ongoing educational experiences and learning resources. In this time of COVID-19, Gender Inequality and Black Lives Matter, there are some fantastic webinars you can watch, such as:

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