November 2021
It's Community Foundation Week!
November is one of our favorite months!

We celebrate our anniversary (November 1972) and we also celebrate Community Foundation Week!  

Community Foundation Week was created in 1989 by former president 
George H.W. Bush. The special week recognizes the work of community foundations throughout America and their collaborative approach to working with public, private and nonprofit sectors to address community problems.

CFOV is proud to serve the Ohio Valley and the team looks 
forward to continuing the great work made possible by 
our donors, partners and friends of philanthropy.

We hope you'll click the button below and take a few moments to read an
editorial by CFOV's Susie Nelson to learn more about the power and importance of giving

You are invited to join us in making a difference - there's room for everyone!
Barth Trust Grants Announced
Several organizations in the Sistersville and greater Tyler County area have been awarded grant funds totaling $148,451 from the Harry E. and Olive T. Barth Charitable Trust.

The Barths established the Trust to extend their dedication to the Sistersville area after their death. 
Through this, the Barths’ interest in supporting animal rescue and refuge, community organizations
and beautification efforts can continue in perpetuity. 

In addition to the support provided through the competitive grant program, the Trust provides designated annual funding to the Nature Conservancy and Olive Branch Animal Rescue and Refuge, Inc.
Help Belmont County's Little Learners!
The holiday season is approaching! We have an opportunity for you to be involved in making a different kind of gift possible - a gift that has the power to transport, transform and inspire and will last a lifetime for Belmont County’s youngest residents.
Surely a gift so robust has a hefty price tag? Nope! This gift costs just $25 a year!
Make plans to attend a meeting on November 30 at 2:00 p.m. at the St. Clairsville Public Library to learn more about the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library. This is an initiative that puts FREE books in the hands of Belmont County’s little learners each month. Literacy is the building block to educational success and opens important doors to lifelong learning.
A community-based program needs community-based support and that’s where YOU come in!
Your ideas and contacts can help this dedicated, grassroots committee secure the necessary funding to continue this program for years to come!

Interested in learning more? Reach out to!
Bayer Center Webinar - November 18 - Nonprofit Accounting
Check out this Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management webinar!
Understanding Accounting Principles Unique to Nonprofit Organizations

Here's the course description:
This webinar, designed for nonprofit board members, Executive Directors, and management, who have a basic understanding of accounting concepts, will focus on the differences in accounting concepts between for-profit and nonprofit entities.

Topics will include recognition of contributions, impact of donor restrictions to the financial statements, financial statement presentation differences from for-profit entities, timing of recognition of income and expenses, how recent accounting standards are impacting nonprofit financial statements, plus many other topics unique to nonprofit accounting.
Grant Opportunities
WV Tax Credits Available - Act Now!!
Tax credits are still available and issued on a first come, first served basis.
Don't delay if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity
that improves the places we call home!
CFOV has received West Virginia Tax Credits to support
efforts focusing on addressing critical needs in area communities.

Several opportunities at CFOV are specifically designed to benefit our
neighbors and organizations in need, read on to learn more about accessing tax credits:       
  • CFOV's Critical Needs Project for the Northern Panhandle will provide grant support to organizations addressing issues in our area's most distressed neighborhoods

  • The Women's Giving Circle is building a community of women philanthropists and creating a permanent legacy to address the needs of women and girls. The goal is to assist women and girls achieve lifetime goals that might not otherwise be attainable without the support provided by the giving circle.

  • The FACTS Impact Fund was established in 2019 by a group of caring and influential community members with a desire to address regional challenges through philanthropy. Grants from this fund support organizations helping those in need overcome challenges, learn new skills, gain confidence and make connections.

Here's how it works (it's easy!):  
  • Make a gift of $500+ to CFOV for the benefit of the Critical Needs Project, Women's Giving Circle or FACTS Impact Fund (checks must be payable to CFOV with the designation in the memo line)
  • Receive West Virginia Tax Credits for 50% of your gift 
  • Credits are awarded on a first come, first served basis and are often exhausted soon after announced

The fine print - 
If you itemize deductions on your Federal Income Tax Return, please be aware that the IRS is currently reviewing State Tax Credit Programs. As a result of this review, taxpayers who itemize may have their deductions reduced by the amount of State Tax Credit they receive. 

Taxpayers who do not itemize will see no change based on State Tax Credits.  We encourage all taxpayers to consult with your tax advisor for professional tax advice regarding this matter.

Support change through philanthropy by taking 
advantage of this beneficial opportunity! 

 To take part in this program or to learn more,  
call Nick at 304-242-3144 or send an email to
CFOV and FDO - a Partnership to Support Your Grantseeking!
We invite you to accept our invitation to explore the resources available through
Foundation Directory Online!

Grantseekers of all experience levels can benefit from this comprehensive service!
Plus, there's no time limit attached to your research when you use CFOV's resource center!

As a member of Candid's Funding Information Network, CFOV can share free public access to
databases and resources designed with grantseekers in mind.

The Foundation Directory Online (FDO) is a GIANT database of funding opportunities and details.
Thanks to CFOV, this resource was previously available on the campus of Wheeling University
some years ago and under the umbrella of the Foundation Center. 
After some rebranding and fine tuning, the service is now a Candid product.  

Not only is it much more robust, but it is available
in our building and we'd love to see YOU!

CFOV's commitment to area nonprofits is certainly strengthened through this partnership. 
A dedicated space on the second floor of our building serves as a nonprofit resource center
and features workstations connected to the FDO.

When you are ready, reach out to us and make a reservation to use the
dedicated FDO database space on our second floor.

We look forward to supporting your grantseeking and thank the Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation for providing the funding that allows us to offer this resource to our community!
A Look Ahead
Dates to Remember
Dates in November - grant applications available for WGC and Belmont County Enrichment Fund
November 30 - Belmont County Imagination Library meeting, 2 p.m. @ St. Clairsville Public Library
January 1 - CFOV scholarships open