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'Public Charge' Changes Would Harm California 
Over the weekend, the Trump Administration proposed an anti-family, "public charge" regulation that threatens hundreds of thousands of California immigrant families for the lawful use of food assistance and healthcare for which they are eligible. 

CFPA, along with a powerful California coalition of health, nutrition, anti-poverty, education, children's and immigrant rights providers and stakeholders, denounce this attack on immigrant families.  We're fighting to stop it, and we need your help.

These days, working overtime isn't enough to get by, let alone get ahead. From CalFresh and Section 8 rent vouchers, to MediCal coverage and Medicare prescriptions, public programs close the gap for families all over California. This new rule would put any family of four making less than $62,000 a year under scrutiny. When California families can stay together, keep themselves healthy, and contribute to our economy, that makes things better for all of us.

But under the proposed "public charge" rule, using public programs can be counted against lawfully present immigrants seeking to obtain permanent residency (also known as a green card). Every meal or doctor's visit could put a loved-one's immigration status at risk. It allows officials to consider not only an immigrant's use of public programs, but also programs like CalFresh and MediCal that benefit whole families and communities.

It's hard to overstate the consequences for California. As our neighbors lose access to nutritious meals, healthcare, or housing, every problem our state faces will worsen.

Californians must be at the forefront of rising up, speaking out, and fighting back against Trump's attacks on hard-working families. Diversity is a strength- when we've joined together across racial differences, we've won fights for Civil Rights, health care and better jobs. With your help, we can win again!

Together, we can protect immigrant families and build a brighter future for California and our country.

What's Next?
If you have not already,  please sign your organization on to the Protecting Immigrant Families statement in opposition  to the public charge rule by  2 PM PT   today

Stay tuned for calls to action once the proposed  rule is published. We will all need to comment in opposition to this rule- as individuals and organizations - at that time.

Get Informed
Its important to note that this proposed change WILL NOT impact anyone who has used public benefits before this rule becomes final. For more info on the proposed change, please visit our coalition partners:

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