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June 2018                     June 11, 2018  Vol. 5, Issue 3
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June 29 - TCIA Plant Health Care Workshop. San Diego Botanic Garden; Ecke Building, 230 Quail Gardens Dr; Encinitas, CA. To register, or for more information,
July 18-19 - CFPC Weed Committee Annual Tour. Collins Pine, Chester, CA. To register, or for more information,  
October 3-7  - 2018 Society of American Foresters National Convention "Forest Policy and Science-Management Interactions".   Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Portland, OR. To register, or for more information,
October 21-24 - The 9th International Oak Society Conference 2018 "Adapting to Climate Change - Oak Landscapes of the Future". University of California, Davis; UC Davis Arboretum ad Public Garden, Davis, CA.   To register, or for more information,

November 13-14 - 2018 California Forest Pest Council Annual Meeting; More information will be forthcoming soon.

At your fingertips: online sources of California forest health management information

Tanoaks killed by Phytophthora ramorum, sudden oak death pathogen, between 2016-2018 in coastal Sonoma County. Photo: Chris Lee, CALFIRE


Unprecedented tree mortality in the Sierra Nevada Mountains over the past 5+ years has brought a lot of attention to forest health, insects and pathogens. That awareness is driving an increased need to answer questions and provide technical guidance about bark beetles, drought, climate and forest management. If you need science-based information about forest health in California, the following websites may be handy for anything from basic biology to the latest scientific findings.  
Let us know if you have favorite sites and we will compile them for posting on the CA Forest Pest Council website,

New executive response to California forest threats
To respond to the most catastrophic fire season in California's history, Governor Brown issued executive order B-52-18 on May 10, to address tree mortality, increase forest sustainability and bolster forest management. Included in the order is $96 million for forest management in addition to the $160 million proposed in January's Cap and Trade expenditure plan to support forest improvements and fire protection. The order establishes a Forest Management Task Force. Key provisions include:
  • A target to double the acreage of actively managed land through vegetation thinning, controlled burning and reforestation from 250,000 acres to 500,000 acres.
  • New training and certification programs to promote forest health through prescribed burning.
  • Increased education and outreach to landowners on effective ways to reduce vegetation and fuels on private lands.
  • Fast tracking of permitting on projects to improve forest health and reduce fuels on private lands. 
  • Support for innovative uses of forest products in building construction.
  • Grants, training and other incentives to improve watershed health.

The order and funding aim to implement the California Forest Carbon Plan, also released May 10, to improve forest carbon capture and forest health. 

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