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New Digital Passport Photo System Available Exclusively From CFS 

Watch the HiTi S420 Passport System tutorial When Fuji decided to suddenly stop making their immensely popular IP-10 digital passport photo system everyone was astounded. We searched everywhere for an alternative to this best selling product and found no solution, none, zero, zip, nada! So we here at CFS decided to make our own! In fact, we think we've made one that's even easier to use than the Fuji. "Just how easy it it?" you ask well just watch our video tutorial.   

2-Minute Tuesday: Welcome To The Foam Core Focus Forum
Learn about Foam Core options It's time to lay out all the facts about Foamcore Boards, otherwise knows as foamboard, 3/16" mounting boards or just plain ol' white boards. Regardless, it's one of more popular items, so let's get to the 'core' of the matter: read more      
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