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New Padding Video: Using Magic Glue NCR Carbonless Adhesive

Watch our new video on carbonless pad glue July is Padding Madness month at CFS and we're proud to announce our new padding video on How To Use Fanapart Carbonless Adhesive. Its a video that many have been asking for over the past several months and hopefully it helps a few folks out. The new Mini Ultrapad padding press is featured in the video and we're just mad about too. To further continue our Padding Madness, when you buy a quart of padding compound throughout the month of July, we'll give you another at no charge!  Watch now

Padding Compound Mileage: How Many Pads Can Padding Compound Pad?  
Padding Mileage Test
With a first name like Chuck I cannot tell you how many times I've heard people say that 'classic' tongue twister about the woodchuck who could chuck wood. Actually, that's a bit of the inspiration behind this blog entry. I was trying to find the right words for how many pads can be made from a jar of our padding compound and I just kept coming back to that tongue twister that occupied so much of my past. It's actually a question that we get asked every few months and we really haven't had an answer until we did some research. Read the padding mileage test results here   
Plastic Bagging/Wrapping With The New MiniPack MailBag     
Minpack Mailbag Plastic WrapperSo you've probably seen the bag-like, plastic wrapping sleeves that go around magazines or catalogs that are mailed out. Now you can provide this same sealed, protective over wrap for your publications thanks to the new Minipack Mailbag. It doesn't truly shrinkwrap, rather it wraps a plastic sleeve around your printed materials and then heat seals the open ends automatically. Just set the feed throat width, up to 10" wide and drop in your catalog, etc. up to 12" tall and 1/2" thick. Learn more        
As always, please feel free to send your binding or finishing questions to me via email. We'd love to hear from you and know how we can help. You can also learn more at    

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, and thanks so much for being a CFS customer. We truly appreciate you.


All the best,

Chuck Kossuth   

Binding Product Specialist  


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