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Getting Out Of A Bind - With The Velo Debinder Tool

Velo Debinder Tool If you've ever been in the situation where you need to open an already Velo bound book, you may already be feeling that frustration return - no doubt Velo binding is one of the most secure and most difficult binding methods to open. Well fret no more, the Velo Debinder Tool is here to save the day. We wrote a recent blog about just how easy this handy tool is to use.   Read more        

Holiday Recipe Idea - Ever Consider Brining Your Turkey?

Yummy Brined Turkey A brine solution allows the turkey meat to take in more moisture through a process called osmosis. In simpler terms, soaking your bird in bath of water, salt and other seasonings allows the meat to become pre-seasoned throoughout. Plus this helps prevent the breast meat from drying out in case you just have to make sure it's really done. But we've never had dry turkey, right? Learn more  

Video Vault: Learn All About High Speed Imprintable Copier Tabs 
Copier Tabs Did you know CFS carries index divider tabs? And that you can print on them with a high speed copier? Even the plastic/mylar coated tabs? It's true! You can get them formatted in 3 bank (1/3rd cut) to 10 bank (1/10th cut). This video will show you everything you could want to know and more! Watch Now  

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