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In this issue...
  • New to the Community Farm Store 
  • This Chocolate Saves Bears!
  • Events & Announcements
  • CFS Staff Picks for Living a Plastic-Free Life
  • Bring your own Containers
  • Coconuts, Citrus and Coleslaw, Oh My!
  • Clean Up Your Act
  • T.R.E.E.
  • Vanilla Bean Update
  • Chances to Win Until April 30th!
  • Bulk Feature: Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • New Bulk Bagged Organic Popcorn Seasonings
  • Get to Know Us: Jenny Shrewsbury
  • Coming Soon...
  • Recipes
  • Inspiration...

New to the Community Farm Store
Enerchi Kombucha
Enerchi Kombucha is a spell to savour and a dream to drink! 
We are super excited to be have this kombucha arriving on Monday, and the Farm Store is their first location outside of the greater Victoria area to carry it!
They have amazing varieties too! We'll have their  Honey Rooibos Turmeric Lime & Black Pepper and Holy Basil Rose
Check out more about this great local company  here.

DeeBee's TeaPops
Every day feels like summer with these amazing frozen pops!
DeeBee's created these refreshing treats to give to their own children in place of high-sugar frozen treats or other low-nutrient snacks. TeaPops are full of luscious organic fruit and antioxidant-rich teas, and contain no refined sugars. Best of all - they're made in Victoria!!
The Farm Store will be carrying four yummy flavours - Raspberry Citrus, Tropical Mango, Chocolate Fudge and Berries 'n' Cherries - all caffeine free!

Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth
This new organic bone broth is multi-species, made with organic beef, chicken, and pork bones (most from their own farm!). This produces a flavour that's delicious and balanced, containing the specific benefits of each species. Six different powerful tonic herbs and mushrooms are added to kick this ancient remedy into overdrive. Everything is blended together with herbs and organic veggies, sealed and simmered for 42 hours. All the work is done so it's easy to access this powerful, healing drink!

Lucky Iron Fish
The Lucky Iron Fish is a carefully formulated health innovation that has been shown to significantly reduce iron deficiency and anemia. Super simple to use, o ne Lucky Iron Fish provides your family with a good portion of the daily recommended intake for up to 5 years. All you have to do is cook with it! Read more about their story  here.

This Chocolate Saves Bears!
Our friends at Denman Island Chocolate and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation are helping to end the commercial trophy hunt - forever! You can help too, and it involves eating chocolate!!

Denman Island Chocolate has made a special chocolate bar, the Grizzly Bar, in their decadent Simply Dark chocolate.  Proceeds from the Grizzly Bar will go towards the Raincoast Conservation Foundation's Save the Great Bears campaign. Along with Coastal First Nations, the Raincoast Foundation is working to end trophy hunting of grizzly bears in BC's Great Bear Rainforest. Where does chocolate come in? Well, Denman Island Chocolate will be making a donation to Save the Great Bears for every Grizzly Bar sold. Left Coast is also supporting this bar. 

For more information about the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, go to

Eat Chocolate, Save Bears, Enter to Win!

There are  two ways  to have your name entered into a draw for an unforgettable journey to the Great Bear Rainforest:

Make a donation before July 1st


Share a photo of you with your Grizzly Bar on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtag #GrizzlyBar

Let's show the support of the Cowichan Valley! Why not add a bar to your next purchase to support this awesome cause?!!
Events & Announcements
Happy Earth Day to all of our earth family that co-exist on this beautiful planet! We hope that you, like us, celebrate Earth Day every day. What we choose to purchase, eat, wear, throw out... every action has a huge impact on this planet of ours. Let's support each other in our mission to keep our home clean, healthy and happy for all the generations to come!

How about acknowledging Earth Day with a donation or volunteering time to one of our wonderful local organizations? There are so many great groups in this valley, but here are a few  suggestions: 

CFS Wellness Talks
The Importance of Tissue Salts
Thursday, April 27th  5-6:30pm

No registration required. Presented by Mitchel Mahler, CNSA, Dip.Bio.Med., CSP, also the Director of Training and Education for Hylands Homeopathic Canada.
Learn about t issue salts and their functions in the body, how to i mprove the results for products you are currently taking, t issue salts for sports, skin, digestion and cold & flu, and much more. 

Cowichan Healing Arts Expo
On  May 6th and 7th, the beautiful Duncan Community Lodge, overlooking Quamichan Lake will be the site for a weekend of wellness for the whole family.

Learn about products to enhance wellness of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Experience deep healing sessions with readers, bodyworkers and energy healing practitioners. Attend fascinating free lectures by leaders in the wellness field. Enjoy the creative expressions of our community artists, craftspeople and musicians. Bring the kids for fun outdoor programs, and feed your cells with tasty nutritious food.

There will be practitioners offering a variety of sessions, and vendors will be offering crystals, lightworker tools, jewelry, natural medicines and herbal remedies for sale.

Also included is a full roster of free workshops and a keynote talk by Dr. Joachim Fuchs, MD, on the benefits of Integrative Medicine.

There will be wood-fired pizza, smoothies, juices, ayurvedic foods, and vegan and gluten-free options available.

Outdoors you can sample free workshops of Qi Gong, Rewilding Dance, Sacred Chant, Plant Medicine Identification, a Grandmothers' Circle and a Spiral Dance. There will also be nourishing musical offerings by Masimba Marimba, Cheko Soto, Matthew Kinumen and Genevieve Charbonneau. Fred Roland of Cowichan Tribes will drum and sing to open the event  on Saturday morning.   

Full workshop and speaker schedules can be found at  www.cowichanhealingarts.org.

Surfrider Vancouver Island Beach Cleanups
All cleanups are from 11am-1pm. 
Check out  https://vancouverisland.surfrider.org/ for more information and how to get involved!
  • Clover Point - May 14, 2017
  • Esquimalt Lagoon - June 11, 2017
  • Willows Beach - July 9, 2017

CFS Staff Picks for Living a Plastic-Free Life
Let's start with the obvious...eliminate the plastic shopping bag with one of these beautiful and functional options:

Baby Baskets
Baraka African Baskets
They are just so darn beautiful, I swear I find my new favourite basket every time a new shipment arrives! As functional and sturdy as they are pretty, we love these fairly traded handmade baskets so much we carry them in just about every size and colour you can imagine. You will never look at a bag again.

Their amazing string bags are easy to stash in your pocket or purse, and they can hold as much as you can carry! We also carry their recycled cotton shopping bags (find both kinds with all of our yummy chocolate) and produce bags (down our produce aisle of course).

After single use plastic bags, drinking straws are one of the 
worst offenders. If you must use a straw, try one of these 
planet-friendly choices. 

Enviro Glass Straws
Enough with the plastic straws! These straws are not only awesome, they are also locally made. They are durable, easy to clean, and paired with an Enviro Glass lid (which has a great rubber seal to prevent your straw from falling out) make the ultimate smoothie vessel out of a mason jar. They come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Have you noticed our incredible new line of mason jar accessories? Everything from stainless steel drink lids to soap pumps, cheese graters and even a fermenting kit, EcoJarz is a new favourite when it comes to mason jars!

Onyx Stainless Steel Containers & Straws
We've used our stainless steel straws for over 5 years and we love them! Super durable and easy to clean, they're a great choice for the small set. At our home, the kids use small mason jars and rings with a Cuppow lid and their straw - nature's coolest sippy cup! 
Onyx also makes amazing, high quality stainless steel tiffins, sandwich and snack containers, popsicle molds and so much more! Get rid of that plastic and use something safe that will last a lifetime.

And guess what? Our long awaited CFS shopping bags 
will be finally returning soon! They have a beautiful  new design incorporating our neighbouring 
Sol Centre with our  CFS sunflower. 
We love them! 
Look for them very soon at both locations. 

 Need some more information or inspiration to help eliminate that plastic from your world? Check out the  Life Without Plastic website. It's packed with loads of great info and ways to take action!

We have countless more options and ideas when it comes to 
eliminating the plastic and toxins in your household! 
 Any member of our CFS team will be happy to help guide you along!

Bring your own Containers!
You can bring your own containers for all of our bulk items! Have your containers weighed at any of our tills to get a Tare weight, and then fill them up as usual! You'll only get charged for the contents, avoid using that single-use bag, and you end up with exactly the amount you need.

Forgot your containers? Never fear! Our wonderful Bulk team has new, pre-washed mason jars of various sizes available to purchase, already weighed with a Tare and ready to fill! 

Coconuts, Citrus & Slaw Mix - Oh My!
We have fresh, whole organic coconuts from Mexico - and they're only $3.49!!  Raw coconut offers a spectrum of benefits to nourish your body while tasting delicious. Fresh coconut meat offers up a healthy serving of fiber and minerals, plus it helps boost immunity. So delicious!

Bagged organic citrus is still an amazing value! We have 4lb bags of juicy and delicious Valencia oranges for only $5.99 and grapefruits for only $6.49!

Our wonderful produce team has been busy chopping so you don't have to! We will soon be Introducing our new organic coleslaw mix - a blend of green and red cabbage and carrots, just waiting to be dressed and enjoyed. A great item to add to your springtime picnic basket! 
Look out for bagged stir fry vegetable mixes coming soon too!

Don't forget to peruse our Inglorious Produce section just outside our Highway Store. Our society relies too much on perfection - and perfectly good food gets tossed out. 
At the Farm Store, we first move our slightly mis-shapen, overripe 
or bruised produce to our Inglorious baskets. 
 The selection changes every day.
We also donate a lot of our produce to our local farmers 
for animal feed. If it cannot be used as feed, 
 then it gets composted.
Let's all try to waste less!

Clean up your Act!
Do you still have toxic cleaning products lurking around your house? Many of the ingredients they contain are quite dangerous for people and animals alike, leaving a chemical residue on surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. It's time to get really clean - and it doesn't have to cost a lot or break your back! And it really works!

The Farm Store is proud to carry products to make your house spotless, while being kind to earth and all her creatures (including ourselves!). We also carry everything you need to create your very own cleaning products (baking soda, soap flakes, borax, etc.).

Not sure where to start? The 7-Piece Starter Kit from Clean Conscience has everything you need for a sparkling home in one handy caddy. 

Check out our Spring Cleaning Newsletter for more great ideas to keep your sanctuary clean and chemical-free. Remember, Earth Day is every day! Be kind to her!

We have a few simple goals...

1. Plant as many native TREEs as we can!
Studies show that planting TREEs is one of the most effective ways to take action against climate change. And Native TREEs in particular, have so many other environmental benefits too; reduction in water use, freedom from chemicals, support for local ecology and wildlife! We want to get as many native TREEs in the ground each year as possible, locally (South Island), during the Fall season (to increase success!)

2. Inspire and educate!
We want to reach people... And hope to teach the importance of TREEs specifically, but also our environment in general. We want people and children to understand that there are things that we can ALL do, EVERY day that makes a difference! And we must.

3. Build a community!
In a time of so many ways to communicate, we often seem to be missing meaningful human interactions. We want to bring people together to assist and support, share and learn, celebrate and protect... our amazing environment together!

Donate your purchase points at any  Peninsula Co-op
Simply enter our TREE account code, 83495, before pumping your gas to support Local, Native, TREE Planting!

Pick up a decal the next time you're at our Highway Store (right above the carts inside) to remind you of the number.

Just think, every time you fuel your vehicle, you are helping to plant trees in our valley! If we do need to drive our cars, this is a great way to make it positive for our earth!

Vanilla Bean Update
Have you noticed crystals on your vanilla beans?

These are the natural vanillin crystals, and when the beans are really flavourful, the vanillin will often crystallize on the outside of the bean. It is often an indicator of exceptional quality.
It is safe to consume and does not alter the flavour of the vanilla. You can simply remove it with a damp cloth if you wish.

Chances to Win Until April 30th!

Until the end of April, receive a ballot with any PVL product purchase for your chance to win an awesome duffle bag loaded with workout essentials!

Our St. Francis Deep Immune draw also goes until the end of April! Each Deep Immune purchase gives you a chance to win a Consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor! 

Bulk Feature: Sun-Dried Tomatoes 
What can you do with Sun-Dried Tomatoes?
Sun-dried tomatoes can be used in a wide variety of recipes and come in a variety of shapes and colours. 
Sun-dried tomatoes may also be preserved in olive oil, along with other ingredients such as rosemary, basil, dried paprika and garlic.
Our bulk team bags 3 different kinds of certified organic sun-dried tomatoes: unsalted fresh dried, unsalted diced or with sea salt.
They all need to be reconstituted before use. Just let them soak in warm water for thirty minutes until soft and pliable, drain (reserve the liquid to add flavour to stocks and sauces),  pat dry and use as directed in your recipe. If you're using oil, cover the tomatoes with oil and refrigerate for 24 hours. You can also use wine, broth or other cooking liquid to reconstitute. Once soaked, use them within several days or pack in olive oil  and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

When using oil-packed tomatoes, drain them from oil before use, and make sure those left in the jar are completely covered with oil.
That lovely oil will pick up flavour from the tomatoes and be great for using in salad dressings or for sautéeing.

Cooking with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
The flavour of sun-dried tomatoes is quite intense, concentrated and slightly salty, so a little goes a long way. Although they are wonderful with pasta, you'll enjoy using sun-dried tomatoes with  many other foods, including vegetables, meats, breads, vinaigrettes, frittatas, wraps, pizzas and salads.
Summer Frittata with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Feta, and Zucchini
Simple, fresh and delicious. Plus it looks rather beautiful on your brunch table!

  • 1 zucchini, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, divided
  • sea salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 12 large eggs
  • 1/2 c. sour cream
  • 1/4 c. freshly chopped basil, plus more for garnish
  • 1/4 c. red onion, finely chopped
  • 3/4 c. crumbled feta, divided
  • 3/4 c. sun-dried tomatoes
Get the full recipe  here!

New Bulk Bagged Organic Popcorn Seasonings!
It's pretty clear based on the sheer joy of our customers on popcorn day that most of us are indeed popcorn fans! Why not shake things up a bit and try one of our kitchen goddess Marisa's new popcorn seasonings:
Sweet SavourySalsa Verde Superfood and  Turmeric Taco Superfood.

We'll be sampling these tasty flavours at our next Customer Appreciation Day - Sunday, May 7th!

Get to Know Us: Jenny Shrewsbury 
Hi, my name is Jenny Shrewsbury!  I recently joined the team here at the Community Farm Store, in Customer Service and Wellness. 

Last October, I moved from Newmarket, Ontario to the Island with my partner Keiffer, first to Cobble Hill and just recently to Quamichan Lake.  I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2015). I am passionate about wellness and nutrition; in the power of our bodies to remain well and self heal, given proper nutritional support.  

When I became an RHN, I knew it was my passion from then on!  I am a very spiritual person and love the healing arts and exploring the mind-body connection. I am excited to learn so much from living out here, and growing and connecting as a person. 

I love to travel and have been to places like France, Thailand, Laos and a few other cool places in between. I love being outdoors  surrounded by nature and can't wait to start my own garden! 

My zodiac sign is Leo which can tell you a lot about me! I am the middle child of three and I enjoy reading, movies, outdoor activities, yoga, and hanging out with my partner on my time off. 

It has been a crazy and exciting journey so far in this chapter of my life, and I will continue to trust my intuition and in the magic of the Universe to take me where I need to be. Right now it's here at Community Farm Store, working with like-minded colleagues and meeting amazing customers every day! 

Hope to see you around, 
Jenny Shrewsbury RHN

Coming Soon...
We are so excited! Our purchasing team has just returned from CHFA (the Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show) with loads of great new products to add to our already amazing inventory. Keep an eye out for the following products over the next few weeks, with many more arriving soon too!

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee
Paradise Mountain Organic coffee spans over 200 acres and is the only Thai coffee farm certified as bird friendly by the Smithsonian.  Nearly invisible from the air, the farm was created without cutting down a single tree, leaving its lush canopy intact.  The farm is tended by local villagers  who are paid above fair-trade wages. The coffee grows in an undisturbed forest, home to local and migratory birds. 
The quality and flavour of this coffee is outstanding. Read more about this incredible coffee company here.

Nature's Farm Organic Pastas
The Farm Store is bringing in a new organic line of  pasta , made in small batches, slow dried from prairie-grown organic Canadian durum wheat and their own organic farm-fresh  free-run eggs. Nature's Farm Organic Pastas have a  golden colour and rich flavour, and they are nutritionally dense. Look for these pastas in  Pappardelle Vermicelli Orzo and  Einkorn Linguine.

Olli Pre-Sliced Salame
Another great way to enjoy Olli's gourmet old world salami - pre-sliced and ready to enjoy. Perfect for packing along on that last minute trip to Renfrew! You'll find their Sopresseta (robust) and Genoa (mild) Salame in our cooler soon!
Earth Water
*We always encourage plastic reduction, but if you do need to purchase water in a plastic bottle, this is a wonderful alternative that gives a lot back. 
Coming soon exclusively to our Garage Location!!
Earth Water is bottled local to each of the markets they operate in. They also source the caps, labels, and bottles as locally as possible, which means a significant reduction to their carbon footprint. 
It is bottled by The Earth Group, which exists entirely to provide food, water, and education to children globally. They do this through a worldwide agreement with the United Nations World Food Programme where they donate 100% of their profits to WFP to fund school meal programmes. 
Read more about their awesome story here!
Stonewall Jams
Delicious, award-winning recipes made with all organic ingredients to add a gourmet twist to your next brunch or charcuterie platter!
The Farm Store will proudly be stocking the  Maine Blueberry Cherry, M aple Apple Onion, S trawberry Vanilla and S weet Chilli Jams. 
Tonnino Tuna Fillets
Decadent 100% Yellowfin tuna fillets that are low in mercury, Dolphin safe, wild-caught and hand-packed into glass jars. We'll have them packed in water or in olive oil. 

Did you know you can use masa flour in lots of different recipes?  Like Tortillas, Arepas, Gorditas, Tamales, Cookies, Corn Cakes, Cornbread and Atoles.  We will share one recipe with you...
Mexican Atole
Atole is a popular Mexican hot beverage, thickened with masa flour and flavoured with cinnamon and panela sugar or honey. Try this soothing beverage after dinner or in the afternoon with some cookies!
½ cup masa flour
5 cups water or milk
5 tablespoon ground cinnamon
5 tablespoons panela sugar or honey
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  1. Place the masa, water or milk, cinnamon and sugar or honey in a blender. Blend until smooth, about 3 minutes.
  2. Pour the contents of the blender into a sauce pan and bring the mixture to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. When the mixture reaches a boil, turn the heat to low and continue to whisk for 5 minutes
  3. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour into mugs and serve hot and enjoy! 
You will find masa flour bagged in our bulk area!



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Can't wait to see you soon!
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