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The CFS Wellness Advisory Team is a unique group of

compassionate, knowledgeable, and committed Holistic Health Care professionals. 

Setting the bar high, in the health-food industry, is our on-going mission. 

We strive to meet each of our customers where they are at,

in their uniquely individual journeys, with friendly curiosity and humility.

Our enthusiastic team is stacked with credentials in

Holistic Nutrition, Herbology, Reflexology, and Energy Medicine.

We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest leading-edge research that can

help us to serve our customers and community to the best of our ability.

It is our collective calling to serve and we are always here to help!  

Meet the Wellness Advisory Team

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Tiffany C. Brawn, R.H.N.C. (Wellness Department Manager)

Dayana Robinson, R.H.N. (Wellness Department Manager)

Katherine Dorie, Herbalist (CFS Apothecary Manager)

James Day, R.H.N. (Chef, CFS Cafe Manager, & Wellness Purchaser)

Jenny Shrewsbury, R.H.N. (Wellness Advisor & Purchaser)

Ashley Clark-McKay, R.C.R.T. (Wellness Advisor & Purchaser)

Ashley Pequin, R.H.N. (CFS Apothecary Assistant, Holistic Advisor, Purchaser)

Maria-Theresa (Wellness Advisor)

Veronica Carpenter, D.S.H.M. (Wellness Advisor)

In this issue...

  • January Online Wellness Draw
  • Monthly Promo Products
  • What's New in Wellness
  • Apothecary Attraction
  • Homeopathic Heroes
  • Fantastic Ferments
  • Supplemental Spotlight
  • Herbal Helpers
  • Tincture Treasure
  • Superfood Sensation
  • Essentials & Essences
  • Bodacious Body Care
  • Purrfect Pets
  • Brilliant Books

January Online Wellness Draw

wellness giveaway.jpg

Check out this fabulous Orion Wellness prize filled great products from Harmony, EnerC, and Ki (including their awesome new throat spray - read more about in What's New, below). Purchase a wellness product from our online store during the month of January for your chance to win!

Shopping online an easy, time saving way to shop for all your favourite Farm Store essentials from the comfort of your home, including all of our fantastic wellness products.

Head here to get started.

Monthly Promo Products

mush powders.jpg

Harmonic Arts Mushroom Products - 15% off

During the month of January, save 15% on Harmonic Arts Concentrated Mushroom Powders, Mushroom Tinctures, and Chaga Syrup!* These amazing formulas support immune system intelligence, balance and focus, and promote whole body harmony with antioxidants and essential nutrients.

*While supplies last


Boiron Coryzalia - 20% off

Coryzalia is available in Adult and Children’s formulations at 20% off during the month of January.* This Homeopathic formula is used to help treat colds and cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose. It comes in an easy-to-take chewable tablet for adults and the children’s formula comes in a sugar-free, drinkable doses. With no drowsy effect, as well as being safe with other medications, Boiron Coryzalia is a great first choice for sniffles of any sort!

*While supplies last

What's New in Wellness

ki sore throat spray.jpg

Ki Sore Throat Spray

Ki Sore Throat Spray combines three natural active ingredients with Manuka honey to deliver both immune system support and symptomatic relief. It even has a 360-degree rotational spray to allow application directly to the site of pain to reduce the severity of symptoms of sore throat and the common cold.

Japanese Honeysuckle is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve sore throat, mild inflammation and fever. Echinacea helps support the immune system and boost the body’s natural defenses to fight the common cold. Clove oil has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

This product is recommended for adults only. Find it with our seasonal remedies!


Organika Vitamin D3 2500

Sunshine in just one drop! Organika's new Vitamin D drops contain 2500 IU per drop in pure olive oil. They are non GMO, gluten free, and free from: eggs, dairy, artificial preservatives, colours, yeast, artificial sweeteners, corn, and soy. Vitamin D3 is a nutrient that plays an important role in building strong bones and teeth while also regulating the body’s calcium and phosphorus levels.


Most of us don't get enough Vitamin D during the darker winter months so it would be wise to supplement to avoid deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the root causes of a number of chronic conditions including heart disease, cancer, stroke, depression, osteoarthritis, and more. Sunlight, the best source of Vitamin D, is limited during our short winter days, or avoided if there are concerns with safe sun exposure. Organika's Vitamin D3 offers an excellent alternative.

Apothecary Attraction

mush powd.jpg

Culinary Mushroom Powders

Culinary mushroom powders have many more uses than just making our dishes very tasty, they have a whole host of amazing benefits. You can find these mushroom powders on the Apothecary. Try adding them to your mushroom soup or in gravies by themselves or in

combination. They are also in our delicious Mushroom Veggie Blend in the Spice Blend section.

Maitake Mushrooms

The maitake mushroom, also known as the hen of the woods, is a type of edible fungus commonly grown in China, Japan and North America. Known for their medicinal properties, maitake mushrooms have been shown to help balance blood sugar, boost immune function, lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, and promote fertility. Maitake mushrooms are also low in calories but contain a good amount of protein, fiber, niacin and riboflavin. The hen of the woods taste is described as strong and earthy, delicious when added to noodle bowls or pasta dishes, or even steeped into a tea.

Read more here: https://draxe.com/nutrition/maitake-mushroom/

Oyster Mushrooms

Powdered oyster mushrooms are very versatile with a mild flavour and licorice-like aroma. They are an integral part of many Asian dishes, from soups to sauces and beyond. Oyster mushrooms can lower cholesterol levels, alleviate inflammation, are are packed with antioxidants, and boost brain health.

Learn more: https://draxe.com/nutrition/oyster-mushrooms/

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms have a rich, earthy flavour and a distinctive taste best described as

meaty. These mushrooms have one of the highest amounts of natural copper, a mineral

that supports healthy blood vessels, bones, and immune support. Studies have shown that they can help fight cancer cells and infectious disease, boost the immune system, promotes brain function, and serves as a source of B vitamins.

Read on to learn more: https://draxe.com/nutrition/shiitake-mushrooms/

Homeopathic Heroes

tissue salt.png

Kali Mur

Kali Mur is useful in clearing a congestive state, when mucus is thick and white. If lymphatics have become sluggish there may be some swelling of nodes or blocked feeling in the ears. Thick mucus may collect in the throat and sinuses may feel stuffy. This remedy is indicated when rich, fatty food disagrees with the stomach and congestion has set in.

Key sign: Greyish-white coating of the tongue

Dosage: 2-3 pellets 2-3 times a day or for acute issues take every 20 minutes for the first 2 hours

Nat Phos

Nat Phos can help after some food and drink indulgence has left digestion out of sorts. When a sour, acidic stomach feels upset with the least bit of food, this alkaline cell salt brings balance. There may be some flatulence, abdominal discomfort or diarrhea when nat phos is required. For headaches with gastric troubles -hangover feeling, when the body fluids have an excess of acidity, it is used to restore harmony. 

Key sign: Creamy-yellow back part of the tongue 

Dosage: 2-3 pellets 2-3 times a day or for acute issues take every 20 minutes for the first 2 hours

Fantastic Ferments

la holy basil.jpg

Living Alchemy Holy Basil

Holy Basil is an herb that helps calm frazzled nerves and improves mental clarity and focus. The power in Living Alchemy Holy Basil Alive is that it is fermented, organic Holy Basil. By fermenting the herb, they have created a complete profile of activated, bio-available nutrients that your body recognizes and can use to its benefit.

This formula is effective at strengthening the immune system. It calms the mind, uplifts the spirit, promotes relaxation, reduces stress hormones - all while providing a whole host of nutrients. Give your nerves a break and let Holy Basil help you!

Supplemental Spotlight


Bernard Jensen's Liquid Chlorophyll

Made from the finest alfalfa leaves available, liquid chlorophyll allows humans to take advantage of the same green pigment found in plants. Chlorophyll helps to cleanse the blood and change blood pH to a more alkaline state, and also helps to neutralize body odours. Bernard Jensen's Liquid Chlorophyll is an effective, yet gentle detoxifier after the holidays as we prepare for spring cleanses. Let this fabulous help get you back on track after a season of indulgence. We offer it in both natural and mint flavours.

Now Calcium Carbonate.jpg

NOW Calcium Carbonate Powder

NOW Calcium Carbonate is a calcium supplement containing one of the highest concentrations of elemental calcium available (about 40%). Its high calcium content makes it an excellent form for the support of healthy bones and teeth. Adequate calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. It also helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth: especially in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.


NOW's formula is powdered and pure - free of fillers and preservatives, much lower in cost, easy to digest, and can be taken in desired potencies. It's easy to mix into green drinks, smoothies, or used to make a toothpaste. Head here for a great homemade remineralizing toothpaste recipe!

Herbal Helpers


Botanica Kava Root Liquid Capsules

Racing minds and bodies need help to achieve a state of stillness, calm, and balance. Botanica Health Kava Root is ecologically harvested from the island of Vanuatu and promotes emotional balance.

Some of kava's benefits and common uses include:

  • Supports emotional balance and wellbeing
  • Helps relieve restlessness
  • Commonly used to relax the body and reduce symptoms of substance withdrawals

The convenience of a capsule, with the concentration of a liquid herb, and no aftertaste. Each serving contains a guaranteed 75 mg of active Kavalactones to help you achieve the calm you need.

Tincture Treasure



Clinging to the branches above, the usnea herb acts as the "lungs of the forest." Commonly called old man's beard, this lichen isn't a plant but instead a complex relationship between an alga and a fungus. The fungus provides a strong inner core, while the green alga gathers energy from the sun.

Beyond herbal medicine, usnea offers us other ecological gifts. As the "lungs of the forest," usnea acts like a sponge which absorbs particulates in the air. This makes it very susceptible to pollution. As the American Botanical Council points out, "When lichens disappear, they give early warning of harmful conditions. 

Its uses include fighting and preventing:

  • pneumonia
  • urinary tract infections
  • sore throat
  • fungal infections
  • vaginal infections
  • sinus infections
  • colds/flu
  • mastitis
  • boils

It is recommended to use usnea with herbs such as echinacea, yerba mansa, or osha when treating colds, flu, and sore throats when bacterial infection is suspected. 

Usnea is cooling and has a slightly bitter taste. It's often used when there are signs of heat, inflammation, and infection, which can include redness, pain, and itchiness. It has a special affinity for the lungs and the urinary tract.

You may see warnings about usnea toxicity, especially in relationship to the liver. The basis of these claims comes from studies (or case studies) using isolated usnic acid, not from using the whole plant.  

ha cold defense.png

You can find this powerful herb in Harmonic Arts Usnea single tincture as well as their Cold Defense formula.


You can also tap into the healing power of Usnea in St. Francis Herb Farm's Respirafect and Fungafect tinctures.

Superfood Sensation

yellow maca.jpg

Miski Organics Gelatinized Yellow Maca Powder - 20% off

Maca is native to the Peruvian central Andes and has been used for centuries in the region for nutrition and stamina. This natural adaptogen is filled with amino acids and minerals essential to help the body function. Miski Organics dried maca products are gelatinized (cooked) using low temperatures to heat maca under pressure for a few seconds. This process separates the starches making it easier to digest, while preserving all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Save 20% on this powerful superfood!*

*While supplies last

Quick Facts:

  • A single serving of yellow maca contains 7 grams of dietary fibre, equivalent to 26% of the recommended daily intake
  • Yellow maca contains 4 grams of protein per serving
  • High source of iron, with 25% the recommended daily intake
  • Source of essential minerals such as calcium and potassium


Read on to learn more about the health benefits of maca.

Essentials & Essences

rosemary essential oil.jpg

Rosemary Essential Oil

Research shows that simply inhaling the aroma of rosemary essential oil can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood. High cortisol levels are caused by stress, anxiety, or any thought or event that puts your body in "fight-or-flight" mode. When stress is chronic, cortisol can cause weight gain, oxidative stress, high blood pressure, and heart disease. You can combat stress instantly using an essential oil diffuser or even by inhaling over an open bottle. Adding rosemary essential oil into a bath can soothe your body and soul at the end of a long day by creating a relaxing calming, relaxing environment that allows you to take a break—both mentally and physically.

Poor circulation is a common complaint. You may notice it most in your hands and feet. If you experience cold fingers and toes — even in relatively warm temperatures — rosemary oil is worth considering. Rosemary oil may help by expanding your blood vessels, thereby warming your blood so that it reaches your fingers and toes more easily. Rosemary oil even helps with hair loss and memory!

We carry rosemary oil from Divine Essence in our essential oil apothecary in the Wellness Department to help you create your own calming oasis.

Bodacious Body Care

sweet leilani.jpg

Sweet Leilani Cosmetics

The Sweet Leilani makeup and beauty line was created by Leilani herself after working in the television & film industry as a hair & makeup artist for 30 years. She has specialized in paramedical corrective makeup and tattooing and was inspired to created this clean, effective, and totally natural line from her 20 years of volunteering with the burn, trauma, and cancer unit, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.

Sweet Leilani Cosmetics offers ethical, sustainable, and clean products that are plant based, fragrance free, paraben free, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, and recognized by the medical community for effective skin treatment while being gentle enough for those who have especially sensitive skin. Their promise and mission is better beauty for a better planet!

This skincare line is considered 'medical makeup' as it is for both those looking to enhance their natural beauty, as well as for those working on healing their biggest organ from any sort of trauma or health issues. The products themselves are created with the intention to heal and nourish your skin while protecting it from day to day damage, and they're easy to apply.

Some of our favourite details:

  • This makeup is anti-inflammatory in nature
  • It is calming for rosacea, eczema, vascular damage, or itchy and inflamed skin
  • The foundation is waterproof and acts as a second skin with natural SPF support
  • This line is formulated using actual skin tones to create a perfect match - for men as well!
  • These products are suitable for pre and post operative care, and are highly recognized by medical professionals
  • The packaging is 100% recycled and uses soy ink

Naturally, we feel this line is a great fit for our store and community as we share so many core values. Come in and try these fabulous products for yourself!

Purrfect Pets

rescue remedy pet.jpg

Bach Rescue Pet

Our pets are an important part of our families. So, when something seems to be wrong, it's a great worry because they cannot tell us how they feel. This combination flower essence remedy can support your pet’s emotional balance and healthy behaviour. 

Bach Rescue Pet can effectively help reduce stress associated with:

  • Visits to the vet
  • Adapting to new surroundings
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Excessive barking or hissing.
  • Separation anxiety
  • Shock, trauma or mistreatment
  • Obsessive cleansing
  • Any emergency situation

Find this remedy in the pet section of the CFS Pantry.

Brilliant Books

oh she glows for dinner.jpg

For more than a decade, Angela Liddon has been one of the biggest names in the healthy cooking blogosphere. Famous for her flavourful, creative, and whole foods approach to plant-based cooking, Angela's recipes are beloved by all, whether you are vegan, plant-based curious, or simply looking to add more energizing ingredients to your meals without sacrificing an ounce of satisfaction. Now, in her third, much-anticipated cookbook, Oh She Glows for Dinner, Angela gives readers her foolproof recipes, tips, and tricks for creating super tasty, always nourishing dinners that will have the whole family glowing from the inside out.

Full of great inspiration to start the new year off right, and a wonderful gift to share!

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