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The CFS Wellness Advisory Team is a unique group of

compassionate, knowledgeable, and committed Holistic Health Care professionals. 

Setting the bar high, in the health-food industry, is our on-going mission. 

We strive to meet each of our customers where they are at,

in their uniquely individual journeys, with friendly curiosity and humility.

Our enthusiastic team is stacked with credentials in

Holistic Nutrition, Herbology, Reflexology, and Energy Medicine.

We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest leading-edge research that can

help us to serve our customers and community to the best of our ability.

It is our collective calling to serve and we are always here to help!  

Meet the Wellness Advisory Team

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Tiffany C. Brawn, R.H.N.C. (Wellness Department Manager)

Dayana Robinson, R.H.N. (Wellness Department Manager)

Katherine Dorie, Herbalist (CFS Apothecary Manager)

James Day, R.H.N. (Chef, CFS Cafe Manager, & Wellness Purchaser)

Jenny Shrewsbury, R.H.N. (Wellness Advisor & Purchaser)

Ashley Clark-McKay, R.C.R.T. (Wellness Advisor & Purchaser)

Ashley Pequin, ( Grocery Manager & Holistic Advisor)

Veronica Carpenter, D.S.H.M. (Wellness Advisor)

Debbie Whitburn (Wellness Advisor)

In this issue...

  • Monthly Wellness Draw
  • What's New in Wellness: Joni
  • Monthly Promo Products
  • May is Fair Trade Month
  • Apothecary Attraction: Harmonic Arts Women's Moon Tea
  • Homeopathic Heroes: Boiron Arnicare
  • Fantastic Ferments: Vita Biosa Chaga
  • Supplemental Spotlight: Organika Enhanced Collagen Pure Beauty
  • Herbal Helpers: Aeryon Restöre
  • Tincture Treasure: Prairie Doctor Brand Hops

  • Essentials & Essences: Bach Original Flower Remedies
  • Bodacious Body Care: VIVA Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Pet Wellness: BiologicVet
  • Brilliant Books: Two Little F Words

Monthly Wellness Draw


We have a fabulous Mother's Day prize for one lucky mama to enjoy, filled with all kinds of great products to encourage adventuring and self care. Simply place an online order including a wellness product during the month of May for your chance to win.

Visit https://shop.communityfarmstore.ca/ to get started!

Congratulations to            , the winner of our April Online Draw! We hope you enjoy all those fabulous goods from           .

What's New in Wellness



Joni is an organic, all-natural line of feminine care, locally made in Victoria. Joni gives you the best of both worlds — all-natural AND products that work, plus a social mission that gives back to the communities we all live in. Their products are certified organic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and in plant-based compostable wrapping (wrappers are compostable in both BC and Alberta).

They are also big supporters of menstrual equity. Joni has donated over 100,000-period products since they launched in 2020 and is just getting started. 5% of their revenue supports period equity initiatives like educational programs, product donations, and research projects to empower everyone who menstruates.

Monthly Promo Products

silver biotics creams.jpg

Silver Biotics Skin Creams - Save 25%*

Silver Biotics Skin Cream was designed to protect, hydrate, and beautify your skin, while promoting healing with its anti-microbial and nourishing formula. Utilizing the SilverSol technology, this therapeutic cream is made with simple ingredients including Hyaluronic acid, Coconut oil, and Vitamin E and has been shown in scientific studies to be 10x more effective than other products containing 3000ppm of silver molecules.

Silver Biotics creams were designed to help soothe and heal many skin issues including rashes, cuts and scraps, eczema, and bug bites. Silver Biotics Skin Cream is safe for children, is pH balanced, smooths and softens calluses, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and is fast-absorbing and non-greasy. Free from parabens, BPA, steroids, harsh preservatives, phthalates, and harmful sulfates, Silver Biotics Skin Cream is a perfect choice for your summer fun backpack, picnic basket, or beach bag. Don’t be caught unaware, pick up a tube of Silver Biotics Skin Cream in unscented, Lavender, or Pink Grapefruit today!

*During the month of May, while supplies last

ha fermale harmony.jpg

Harmonic Arts Female Harmony - Save 15%*

Ease menstrual discomfort and support a balanced cycle with Harmonic Arts Female Harmony formula. It not only soothes menstrual cramps and emotional stress, it also strengthens liver function to balance excess hormones. Oregon Grape, Motherwort and Dong Quai support reproductive health and regulate menses.

Use Harmonic Arts Female Harmony tincture if you're experiencing hormonal imbalance or menstrual-related pain, bloating, moodiness, breast tenderness, or skin flare-ups.


Made with Organic Cane Alcohol, Canadian Spring Water, and *Dong quai 1:4, QCE 71.5 mg/ml,

*Black cohosh 1:4, QCE 35.75 mg/ml, *Blue cohosh 1:4, QCE 35.75 mg/ml, †Oregon grape 1:4, QCE 35.75 mg/ml, *Motherwort 1:6, QCE 35.667 mg/ml, *Ginger 1:4, QCE 17.75 mg/ml

*Organic †Wild Harvested

Recommended Dose:

Take 2 - 4 mL 3 time(s) per dayTake a few hours before or after taking other medications of health products.

For cautions and contraindications please visit the NPN information at:


*During the month of May, while supplies last

May is Fair Trade Month


African Fair Trade Society Creams & Black Soap - Save 20%*

The African Fair Trade Society uses the profits from their shea butter sales to help the small, most impoverished communities in Western Africa. They are working to help fund schools and promote education within the community for all children, support the role of women in their local economies, and to build a local health clinic.

*During the month of May, while supplies last

baraka seha butter.jpg

Baraka Shea Butter

Baraka is a locally based company with direct ties to Ghana offering our store and community Fair Trade and wonderfully formulated bar soap, raw bulk cacao butter, baobab powder, shea butter, shea butter creams, and the most recent addition, black soaps.

For millennia, Ghanaian women have used the seed of the wild shea fruit, one of nature's best-kept secrets, to protect themselves from the blistering heat and hot, dry winds of the Sahara Desert. Baraka Shea Butter is hand-made by the Wali women and families from Kperisi village in Northern Ghana using ancient methods. It is untainted by modern chemicals, is wild-crafted, never tested on animals and is just pure, natural, unrefined shea butter the way nature intended it. Natural shea butter is well known for its amazing skin-healing and protective qualities and is also used around the world as a lubricant, shortening, and as cooking oil. Baraka’s customers rave about how well this authentic shea butter works and how amazing it is in creams, lotions, soaps, salves, shampoos, and many other DIY products.

Baraka works with an African woman’s development trainer and practitioner, Amina Yussef, who train women's groups in small business. Women are trained in basic micro-business strategies, economics, and specific activities that allow them to generate income for themselves and their families. Often the women learn to make products for sale in local markets like soap, bowfruit, natural shea butter and other products that sell well. As much of the profits as possible ends up in the hands of the producers and not in the hands of equipment makers and factory operators. Baraka is proud to help empower women in Africa and supply the rest of the world with the miracle of shea butter!

Untitled design _3_.png

Baraka Black Soap Body Washes - New!

Gentle yet effective, black soap has a wide range of uses and benefits. Baraka Black Soap is handmade from pure, natural, and traditionally sourced ingredients by hard-working Ghanaian women. Truly a circular economy product, their black soap uses by-products from shea butter production, including natural lye sourced from the ashes. We offer these great new body washes in unscented, vanilla, and peppermint.


From Our Hands - The Baraka Song

The joy of hand-crafting Baraka Shea Butter is celebrated in this video as the hard-working women who make it have created a song and dance to celebrate their joy. The joy and their celebration are the direct impacts all of you in the Baraka community have created when you purchase Baraka Shea Butter to make your products or purchase products that are made with it. Head here to enjoy the video.

bronner castile.jpg

Dr. Bronner’s

One of the Fair Trade pioneers, this family business makes socially and environmentally responsible goods and dedicates their profits to help make a better world.

Dr. Bronner's relationships with their organic suppliers is direct, local, personal, sustainable, tangible, and verifiable. It’s a way for customers to know that the products they’re purchasing will have a real and positive impact on the people and communities who make them. It’s a continuation of founder Emanuel Bronner’s legacy. He wanted to change the world for the better with the label on the bottles, and to do the same with what’s inside. 

The principles that guide Dr. Bronner's Certified Fair Trade Practices include:

Fair Prices - Pay farmers fair and stable prices that cover production costs and guarantee a profit, protecting farmers from volatile global markets.

Good Labour Practices - Safe working conditions, living wages and social benefits at our production plants, treatment with respect and opportunities for personal growth, gender equality, no forced labor, no child labor.

Training - Teach farmers organic practices, methods for composting, improving yield, and integrated pest management.

Fair Trade Fund - Pay 10% premium to fund community development projects, selected and administered by fair trade committees made up of community members and company representatives. 

Environmental Sustainability - Implement crop diversity, organic agriculture (no synthetic inputs or pesticides) and other soil fertility measures (use of mulch, compost) for healthy, productive soil.



We love everything about Kooshoo. Not only are they awesome plastic-free hair ties, scrunchies, and headbands, they are made by a Fair Trade certified social-good garment manufacturer owned and operated by nuns. They use company profits to fund a cancer treatment center for those without access to care, and they donate products and profits to charity. On top of that, Kooshoo works with environmentally conscious suppliers, using organic cotton and solar powered dye houses for their goods. Find their wonderful hair accessories in our Wellness Department!

Apothecary Attraction

ha womens moon.jpg

Harmonic Arts Packaged Women's Moon Tea - Save 15%*

Sip your way to moontime relief with Harmonic Arts soothing blend featuring Cramp Bark, Vitex, and Lady's Mantle. This colourful and fragrant tea creates a harmonizing effect on the fluctuations of hormones around the moon cycle.

Feels: Comforting, cozy, balancing.

Tastes: Floral and fruity with hints of rose and cinnamon.

Use: Steep 1-2 tsp 5-15 mins.


*Vitex (Chaste) Berries, *Cinnamon (Cassia), †Cramp Bark, *Ginger Root, *Nettle Leaf, *Cleavers, *Lady's Mantle and Red Rose Petals

*Organic †Wild Harvested

*Packaged tea only; during the month of May, while supplies last

Homeopathic Heroes

Untitled design _2_.png

Boiron Arnicare - Save 20%*

Tenderness in a bottle for body and mind, Homeopathic Arnica Montana is the first choice to 

facilitate the healing process for most uncomplicated injuries. This remedy will ease the pain

and swelling of a bruise, and speed recovery of muscular strains. It is an ideal choice for healing

of tender gums after dental work or soft tissue after surgery. As well as being a notable first

aid remedy, Arnica provides fantastic support to steady nerves after an injury. It also gives a

cushioning support on an emotional level, when mild shock has one seeking solitude and

not wanting consolation or to be touched. 

Arnicare Sport is a product designed to relieve muscle strain, aches, and cramping. It provides

relief after vigorous exercise, or any activity resulting in muscle over-exertion. It is designed

to relieve lactic acid build-up and speed muscle recovery.

Arnicare Gel is a great choice to quicken the resorption of any bruise and ease pain of blunt

trauma. Reach for this to ease inflammatory oedema, and any pain or tenderness after fall,

or even after surgery. Arnica gels are a bonus pack where you get a free 30ch vial of pellets with the purchase of the gel!

Arnicare Tablets temporarily relieve muscle pain and stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion, and falls; reduces pain, swelling, and discoloration from bruises. They are quick dissolving tablets made from tincture of arnica.

*During the month of May, while supplies last

Fantastic Ferments

Untitled design.png

Vita Biosa Chaga

This tangy and invigorating beverage is lovingly hand-crafted by the brewmasters at Biosa Inc. It provides 10 probiotic strains plus all the goodness that comes from the triple-fermentation of molasses and a unique herbal tea.

Chaga is a wild, medicinal mushroom considered one of the most powerful of all antioxidants.

Vita Biosa Chaga’s benefits include relieving and preventing diarrhea, settling colitis, Crohn’s disease and leaky gut, improving digestion, and ease irritabble bowel sydrome. It's not just for gut health! This amazing probiotic formula also modulates the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems, relieves stress, prevents infection, balances the body's pH, reduces cholesterol levels, and supports mental health.

Supplemental Spotlight

enhanced collagen.jpg

Organika Enhanced Collagen Pure Beauty - Save 20%*

Enhance your beauty regimen with Organika Enhanced Collagen Pure Beauty - the ultimate beauty blend created with Canada’s #1 Collagen Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Silica and Zinc. This super fortified collagen blend is sourced from grass-fed cattle. Use it like your other collagens, or try something fun and add it to juice or kombucha, or even blend into popsicles for the warmer days ahead.

*During the month of May, while supplies last

wob n.jpg

Garden of Life Wobenzym N

Wobenzym N is the authentic systemic enzyme formula trusted by millions worldwide to provide clinically demonstrated benefits for joint health. Three enteric coated tablets, taken four times daily on an empty stomach, deliver a synergistic combination of plant-based enzymes, pancreatic (non-vegetarian) enzymes and plant antioxidants to help maintain healthy joints.

First introduced in Germany over 40 years ago, Wobenzym N has been updated but still features the time-tested, synergistic combination of enzymes and antioxidants. These powerful yet delicate enzymes are protected by a vegetable-based enteric coating which ensures optimal absorption and utilization in the bloodstream. Enzymes are fascinating and essential biological catalysts that are involved in almost every single process in our bodies.

Garden of Life Wobenzym N is a global leader in joint health and is the only systemic enzyme formula backed by decades of clinical research. If you're suffering from joint pain from osteoarthritis or could benefit from a speedier recovery following exertion, try Wobenzym N!

Herbal Helpers


Aeryon Wellness Restöre - Save 20%*

Aeryon Wellness Restöre Stress Support works to provide you with improved mental clarity and energy so that you can focus on tasks longer and enjoy your day so much more. With ingredients that deliver adrenal support, this supplement will help to reduce the symptoms of stress, enhance your overall mood, and boost cognitive function for a more awake state of mind. By taking Restöre, your body will be able to bounce back from physical and mental stress quicker and attack the day with a much clearer mindset.

Restöre is an all natural remedy that includes a combination of unique ingredients that are designed to increase your energy levels and help you concentrate. With ingredients like Chinese Hawthorn, a centuries old Traditional Chinese Medicine, this supplement targets stress in your body and works as a natural mood booster while helping to prevent hormone-induced depression. Restöre is formulated with Schisandra, Astragalus, and Bacopa, which deliver antioxidants to your body while increasing stamina. Each of these ingredients work harmoniously to improve the balance in your body and contribute to your overall health and well being.

*During the month of May, while supplies last

Tincture Treasure

Untitled design _5_.png

Prairie Doctor Hops

Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve restlessness and/or nervousness (calmative) and as a sleep aid (during times of mental stress). Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as an aromatic bitter to aid digestion and to increase appetite (stomachic). Not only is it used to help relieve restlessness and/ or nervousness, hops is classified as a phyto-estrogen. It can help the body overcome estrogen deficiency. Since hot flashes and night sweats that typically accompany menopause are due to drops in estrogen that occur, hops may help alleviate them.

According to a study from Finland, menopausal women provided an eight-week course of a hops extract experienced a reduction of hot flashes, night sweats, and an increased libido compared to those provided a placebo.

The extract appeared to do so without some of the adverse effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), such as bloating, leg cramps, indigestion, headaches.

for more information about hops please visit: https://www.verywellhealth.com/the-health-benefits-of-hops-89058 or


For risks visit: https://www.prairiedoctorbrand.ca/products/hops-tincture-organic?_pos=1&_psq=hop&_ss=e&_v=1.0

Essentials & Essences - Coming Soon


Bach Original Flower Remedies

We are excited to be bringing in the whole Bach Original Flower Remedies line to help you balance your emotions and fulfill your potential this spring! These remedies were designed to capture the positive potential of flowers and plants to help you rediscover your inner sense of peace and serenity. As you navigate the highs and lows, know that Bach offers a collection of natural flower essences to help better our emotional changes as we ride the ups and downs of life. Based on emotions these flower essences are great for helping to assist you in transitioning into a new job, a big move, changing family dynamics, or even just navigating the daily hustle and bustle with more ease and flow.

 Not sure which one is right for you? Have a look here here to see which one(s) call you, or come in and ask us to help find the right combination for you

The Bach Flowers' Story

The system of plant and flower-based essences was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician, and homeopath who was convinced that emotional well-being was key to overall health.

Dr. Bach devoted his life to exploring the use of flowers and plants to create a simple, natural, and gentle approach to emotional balance. He eventually went on to establish The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, England, where he developed the essences as we know them today.

As demand for the essences grew, The Bach Centre partnered with Nelsons Pharmacy to help make and bottle the essences, and Nelsons have been responsible for the signature brand essences ever since. Nelsons is the owner of the Bach Original Flower Remedies brand and is the only maker authorized by The Bach Center.

Bodacious Body Care

viva ha serum.jpg

VIVA Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Save 20%*

Treat your Mum, or another special lady in your life this Mother's Day to VIVA Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This ultra hydrating serum encourages your skin to retain its natural moisture from morning to night, leaving you with a beautiful complexion all day, every day.

Scientifically proven to increase your skin's hydration by 50% after just one application, this luxurious serum acts like a sponge, drawing moisture in while also stimulating the production of collagen. Hyaluronic Acid also helps to repair damaged skin while softening fine lines and wrinkles. Treat yourself to something exceptional this spring and enjoy a radiant outer glow!

VIVA's Pure Hyaluronic Acid is plant sourced and vegan. Many people don't realize that most hyaluronic acid products are not. They contain ingredients derived from animals, specifically collagen produced by roosters. While these products might still deliver effective results, their ingredient lists are bad news for vegans looking to up their skincare game.

*During the month of May, while supplies last

Pet Wellness

bio joint.jpg


BiologicVET supplements are a carefully designed holistic system, formulated to work synergistically to maximize the nutritional content of your pet’s diet. The naturally-sourced ingredients are chosen for their high bioavailability of nutrients and the formulas are specifically designed to meet the unique gastrointestinal and metabolic needs of canines and felines.

The foundation of each powder formula is a prebiotic, lignan-rich blend of organic defatted flax, sunflower and sesame seed fibre, which supports healthy immune and metabolic function. The free-form non-medicinal nutrients ensure an improved delivery of nutrition, facilitating greater use of the active ingredients, both in BiologicVET products and in your preferred brand of raw, dry or moist pet food.

We proudly carry BioJOINTBioSKIN & COAT, and BioFATS to provide your cats and dogs with the best that nutritional science and nature have to offer.

Brilliant Books

Two-Little-F-Words-Cover-2 _1_.png

Two Little F Words

Your genes are not your destiny. In Two Little F Words, Red Seal Chef and Holistic Nutritionist, Christina Acevedo shares her passion for optimal health and Alzheimer's prevention through her own experience and research on fasting and feasting with delicious gluten free whole food recipes. Christina teaches you how to incorporate two simple but powerful optimal health pillars (time restricted eating and feasting with whole foods) to get you on your way to your optimal health. She helps you understand the detrimental effects on consuming a diet high in refined food and how they contribute to our chronic state of disease in today's world.

Once you start eating consciously and eating within a daily time restricted window you will naturally want to create more wholeness in your life and pay more attention to other pillars of optimal health such as quality sleep, exercise and daily detox. Allow the knowledge in this book to awaken your awareness to a life that can be lived optimally without your genes being your health destiny. This is a lifestyle, not a diet!

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