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Discover Safety Talks: A Tailgate/Toolbox, a New-to-fairs Online Training Benefit for Workers'  Compensation Program Pool Participants

CFSA's Loan Program:  You Do Know CFSA Has a Loan Program, Don't You?

CFSA's Contract Insurance Requirements Have Been Revised.  Here's What's New.
Congratulations Lianne Lewellen: Recipient of a CSAC EIA EAGLE Award!

Monthly Reminders:
+ Help CFSA Help You: Send your Fairgrounds' August  Contract Logs to CFSA.
+ Progress Reports: Keep your fair's Risk Control specialist in the loop about  Pre-Fair Inspection Report repairs, improvements and plans of action.  
Introducing Safety Talks: A Tailgate/Toolbox, a New Value-Added Training Benefit for Fairs Participating in CFSA's Workers' Compensation Pool 

Safety Talks: A Tailgate/Toolbox  is a selection of online safety-briefing topics available to you and your fair's staff through CFSA's partnership with CSAC EIA, CFSA's excess insurance provider. (CSAC EIA is California State Association of Counties Excess Insurance Authority.)

Each 10-15 minute online safety talk includes suggested message points as well as thought-provoking questions for meeting attendees. Toolbox talk topics on safe lifting or developing a culture of safety, for example, could be incorporated into your longer meetings, or you could use a specific Toolbox topic as a quick mini-refresher course addressing a safety problem or recent accident on your fairgrounds. Selected Toolbox topics can also help with the implementation of your fair's written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). You will find more than 100 safety-in-the-workplace themed talks to choose from, each with its own documentation/attendance sheet, and an introduction of meeting tips and additional resources from Cal/OSHA.

You can access the Tailgate/Toolbox whenever it's convenient for you. For your fair's  password , please contact Kevin Wright, CFSA manager of business services, at 916/263-6187 or kwright@cfsa.org . Then, log into the Toolbox portal: https://www.csac-eia.org/services/risk-control/toolbox/safety-talks-a-tailgate-toolbox-resource/safety-talks-a-tailgate-toolbox-resource/ .   
There is no additional charge for using this online safety training resource for fairs participating in CFSA's Workers' Compensation pool program. CFSA is serious about fairground safety and the ToolBox is a valuable training resource that can help fair staff stay healthy and safe on the job.
If you have any questions about Toolbox topics for your fair, please contact your Risk Control specialist.    

loanDid You Know CFSA has a Loan Program for Fairgrounds?  
Available to CFSA General Liability and/or Workers' Compensation pool program member district agricultural association (DAA) fairs, county government fairs, and nonprofit fairs (when the borrower is a public entity such as the county), the Loan Program could be one of CFSA's most under-the-radar opportunities.

In 1992, CFSA's board of directors set aside funds from risk pool reserves to fund an Equipment Loan Program.  In 2013, the Equipment Loan Program became simply the Loan Program to better reflect the program's expanding scope and added line-of-credit option. The Loan Program now offers $1.5 million in available funding.  
Loans can be used for:
  • Purchasing and/or leasing equipment.
  • Refinancing a purchase or lease of equipment. Equipment is to be of a fixed asset nature, not consumables. The loan amount is limited to the cost of the equipment plus finance charges, interest and legal services.
  • Funding of a public capital repair project; a public capital improvement project including new construction; and refinancing of public capital improvement projects.
    All capital projects must be inspected by the California Construction Authority.
  • Line of credit to fund operations. The borrower must be a DAA, a department of a county or other public entity within the state of California. The line of credit is to fund fair operations for a short-term period not to exceed 12 months.*
Interest Rates:
For equipment loans, public capital repair loans, and public capital improvement loans, interest rates are calculated:
  • 6 points above the current Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF) interest rate for 
    $0 - $15,000 borrowed.
  • 5 points above the current LAIF interest rate for $15,001 - $50,000 borrowed.
  • 4 points above the current LAIF interest rate for $50,001 and above borrowed.
Interest rates for lines of credit:
  • 4 points above the current LAIF interest rate.

Loan applications are to include:
  • Current year budget authorization and financial statements from two prior years.
  • Current financials (income statement and balance sheet).
  • Recommendation from the CDFA's Fairs & Expositions Branch.
  • Recommendation from CFSA's chief financial officer.
  • Completed loan agreements.
For an application or more information about the Loan Program, please contact Raechelle Gibbons, CFSA's chief financial officer, at 916/263-6143,  rgibbons@cfsa.org or Rebecca Desmond, CFSA's deputy executive director, at 916/263-6161,  rdesmond@cfsa.org.
The line of credit must be brought to a $0 balance for 30 days prior to renewal. Advances may be made from time to time and in amounts the borrower chooses with the total not to exceed a fixed principle amount. Promissory Note and Security Agreements accompany the line of credit agreement, and the Promissory Note is to be secured by a security interest in and to certain revenue sources of the borrower. The borrower must purchase Revenue Protection Insurance. A monthly payment of interest is required and there is no penalty for pre-payment.  

contractsCFSA's Insurance Requirements Have Been Revised. Watch Your Email for an Insurance Alert and New Operating Memo

Due to circumstances that have arisen in a handful of our recent general liability claims, CFSA has revised its Insurance Requirements document that all General Liability pool members are required to attach to all rental and services contracts. Please watch your email inbox for an Insurance Alert that will include General Operating Memo #19-01 and the new CFSA Insurance Requirements document.
The changes, which go into effect for any contracts executed on or after August 29, 2019, are as follows:
  • CFSA has been added to the list of Additional Insureds on the contractor's insurance certificate:
" T hathe State of Californiathe California Fair Services Authority, the DistricAgriculturaAssociation, County Fair, the County in which the County Faiilocated, Lessor/Sublessor if faisitileased/subleased, Citrus FruiFairCaliforniExposition and StatFair, or Entitie(public or nonprofit) operating California designateagriculturafairstheir directors, officers, agents, servantsand employeeare made addit i onal insured, but onlisfaathe operations undethicontracare concerned." 

This addition is due to CFSA being named in lawsuits along with fairs.
  • The following language must also be included:
"The Certificate of Insurance shall list the applicable policy forms, including endorsements. Any exclusions or coverage limitations, including sub-limits, that apply to the contractor/renter's activities, or business to be conducted under the contract or rental agreement/lease, must be listed in the Certificate of Insurance. If there is a self-insured retention or deductible in the contractor/renter's coverage equal to or in excess of $100,000, the self-insured retention/deductible amount shall be included as part of the Certificate of Insurance. A copy of the contractor/renter's policy declaration page containing this information as an attachment/exhibit to the Certificate of Insurance will be acceptable, provided it contains all the aforementioned information." 

This is to ensure that the contractor has actual coverage for the activity listed in the contract.
If you have any questions, please contact CFSA Risk Department Manager Tom Amberson at 916/263-6180 or tamberson@cfsa.org.

awardJoin CFSA in Congratulating Lianne Lewellen, Recognized with a CSAC EIA Eagle Award for  CFSA's Innovative Contract Review Service   
Now a vital part of CFSA's successful general liability risk transfer program, the Contract Review Service was developed and managed by Lianne Lewellen for more than 20 years before she retired earlier this year and passed the service's reins on to Mario Castagnola. Currently back with CFSA a few days a week to work on special projects, Lianne was surprised to learn that not only had she been nominated by CFSA for an EAGLE Award, but that she had won the award for her expert work with the review service. CSAC EIA -  California State Association of Counties Excess Insurance Authority - is CFSA's excess insurance provider.

Created as a value-added benefit for fairs participating in the General Liability pool program, the Contract Review Service enables CFSA to serve as a second set of eyes on certain contracts and certificates of insurance submitted to fairgrounds by promoters and vendors using fairgrounds facilities. By approving the renter's documents, CFSA is able to provide fairs with the assurance that they are sufficiently protected in the event of an accident or incident involving the renter.

Fairs now submit more than 3,000 contracts and certificates of insurance a year to CFSA for review and approval. Should an error or omission be discovered, CFSA works on the fair's behalf to correct the issue at no extra cost to the fair.

The CSAC EIA EAGLE (Exemplary Achievement in Government Leadership and Enrichment) Awards Program recognizes an EIA member or its affiliated agency "for the development, management, and/or the implementation of an innovative idea, approach or program that enhances the goals and purposes of risk management within the public sector." Information about the review service will be shared with other CSAC EIA members, giving Lianne and CFSA recognition for innovative thinking and program performance! 
When notified of the award, Lianne said, "I'm truly humbled by this award - it's been a team effort and with CFSA's help and support we were able to grow the review service into the innovative and effective program it is today." 

CSAC EIA will present Lianne with her award during its October board meeting in Fish Camp, California. CFSA will be sure to share any photos taken during the awards ceremony!

Remember to Send a Copy of Your Fairgrounds' Monthly Contract Log to CFSA by the 15th of Every Month

Has your fairgrounds sent its August contract log to CFSA yet? If you have, thank you for helping us help you keep claims costs down! If you haven't, please do so as soon as you can - ideally by the 15th of each month. Doing so gives Mario Castagnola, CFSA's risk analyst,  ample time to review your log and to get back to you if there are any questions. Fax your contract logs to: 916/263-6159, Atten. Mario, or email them to Mario at:  mcastagnola@cfsa.org


Keep Your CFSA Risk Control Specialist in the Loop with Post Facility Inspection Updates

After you have repaired, adjusted or developed a plan of action for any problematic areas identified in your fairgrounds' Pre-fair Inspection Report, remember to send a copy of the updated correction sheet to your Risk Control specialist.  (The correction sheet is attached to your Pre-fair Inspection Report.) 

Have questions about your fairgrounds' report or not sure where to begin? Contact your fair's Risk Control specialist or Tom Amberson, Risk Department manager, at 916/263-6180 or tamberson@cfsa.org.      

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