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for the hard work, long hours and tireless commitment they devote
to protecting and serving their communities in times of intense need.
Camp Fire Nov 2018  

And when California's fairgrounds step up to the front lines, CFSA responds - protecting the fairgrounds and providing the support services they need
to do all that they do even better. 

CFSA and California's Fairs. We are Better Together!

New Special Events Program Rates Go Into Effect January 1, 2019   
By now your fair should have copies of the new Special Events Program rate cards (it's on purple paper) and the updated Special Events Program brochures that you can hand out to vendors and event promoters interested in learning about this low cost general liability program. If your fair needs additional rate cards or brochures, please contact Lianne Lewellen, CFSA's risk analyst at llewellen@cfsa.org or 916/263-6145.  You may also print out copies of the revised Rate Card and the brochure (folding required) from CFSA's website. 

The new rates are effective January 1, 2019. However, if your fair has already provided an event vendor or promoter with the previous rates, CFSA will honor that coverage.

Did you know? You can fill out and submit the Special Events Receipt online at www.cfsa.org/cms/special-events-coverage-receipt/, and your clients can pay with a credit card! Contact Lianne for credit card payment details. 

Tuesday-Thursday, February 26-28, Alameda County Fairgrounds

New! Motivational Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth McCormick, former U.S. Army Black Hawk pilot. Her topic:  You. In the Pilot's Seat. A much decorated pilot, McCormick was awarded the Army Commendation Medal (twice), the Army Achievement Medal (twice), the National Defense Service Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, and the coveted Army Aviator Badge. Her presentation will focus on propelling individuals forward as leaders in their workplace and in their personal lives. Attendees will also receive an autographed copy of her book, The Pilot Method.
Visit  www.maintenancemania4fairs.com  for daily schedules, session topics, online registration, and discounted hotel room information. Attendance is free!
Maintenance Mania is a long-time educational industry event designed especially for fair staff members responsible for the maintenance and operations of their fairgrounds. During the three-day event, participants can get certified on fork lift and scissor lift operation, as well as learn new skills, workplace safety procedures, and tips and techniques from industry experts who understand first-hand the challenges maintenance crews face daily. Thanks to the generosity of 2019's event sponsors, attendance is free. Western Fairs Association service members are also invited to attend at no charge.

Looking Ahead:
California's Earthquake Early Warning System is Successfully Shaping Up 

According to an article in the October 12 Cal-OSHA Reporter ®, California's earthquake early warning system, ShakeAlert®, recently completed yet another successful live testing. The U.S. Geological Survey, along with a group of State and university partners, is responsible for developing and testing the system in authentic environments such as with utilities, hospitals and schools. Once it is established that the mass notification networks can support these locations, work on public notifications - such as on smartphones - can begin. 

ShakeAlert uses thousands of sensors, buried 10 feet deep into the ground along earthquake fault lines, to  detect "P-waves," the fast-moving seismic waves that radiate from an earthquake. The system then builds a map of the most likely-to-be-affected areas and alerts are sent within a few seconds to a minute in advance of those first damaging waves. Even a few seconds of warning, the report notes,  enables employees to move away from hazardous chemicals, to shut down industrial systems, or to take cover in a safe area.

In the most recently conducted test, Bay Area Transit System (BART) trains, using a pre-established protocol, were automatically slowed from 55 miles per hour to 27 miles per hour. In addition, BART drivers have the option of moving their trains to a safer location.  
Sh akeAlert in action: ShakeAlert provided San Francisco with an eight second warning of the 6.0 Napa earthquake in 2014.   

Ultimately, having an earthquake early warning system will help entities such as fairgrounds implement their own emergency response plans  - reducing injuries and property damage during and after an earthquake. (If your fairground is a CFSA pool program member and you need help developing the evacuation portion of your plan, please contact your fair's CFSA risk control specialist.) For more information about ShakeAlert's progress, please visit  www.shakealert.org/.


For Sale: Best Offer -
Folding Partition Walls from the San Mateo County Event Center

Here's your opportunity to expand the versatility of your fairground's facilities. The incombustible folding partition walls, made by the Chaix Company, Model No. 3MC1A4S13, feature:
  • Two sets of bi-parting stacks (stacked depth 3'1")
  • 77'6" wide and 15'6" tall finished opening width
  • One passage door
  • Gray carpet finish
  • Acoustical panels approx. 3½thick with fibrous glass sound attenuating material
  • 16 gauge steel channel perimeter frame with 14 gauge top rail
  • Fixed flexible bottom seal
  • Concealed hardware with magnetic door seals
  • Hardware  
Originally purchased in 2004 for over $160,000. Best offer.

The partition walls are available for buyer inspection; please email Rachael Bruins at rbruins@smcec.co for more information or for an appointment to see the walls.

Purchaser is responsible for all transport, engineering, permitting and installation.

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