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The CFSA Fall Election Results are In!
CFSA Board of Directors Election Results
Join CFSA in welcoming Lori Marshall, CEO of the Grand National Livestock Exposition, Horse Show & Rodeo, to CFSA's board of directors. Elected to represent fair classes 3 - 7, Lori fills the seat previously held by Pat Conklin, CEO of the Dixon May Fair, who chose not to run for re-election after eight years (two terms) on the CFSA board. 

Stephen J. Kenny, CEO of the Butte County Fair, was re-elected to the board to represent class 1 and 2 fairs. Stephen's been a board member since September 2016 when he was elected by Class I and 2 pool program member fairs to complete the final two years of retiring board member John Scurfield's four-year term. 

Lori and Stephen will begin their four-year terms on January 1, 2019. Continuing on the board are Dan Jacobs, CEO of the Antelope Valley Fair, representing  class 3 - 7 fairs; Michael Olcott, CEO of the Kern County Fair, the at-large member representing class 3 - 7 fairs; John Quiroz, branch chief of CDFA's Fairs & Expositions; Jim Wolcott, CEO of the Lassen County Fair, representing class 1 and 2 fairs; and Jack Blyskal, the board's public member.  Jack brings more than 40 years of claims management experience to the board, including 15 years in public entity/joint powers authority service. 

Revenue Protection Program Committee Election Results
Congratulations  are also in order for T.J. Plew, CEO of the Salinas Valley Fair. She is the new fair representative on the Revenue Protection Program Committee. David Dillabo, CEO of the Yuba-Sutter Fair was elected as  first alternate, and Laurie Giannini, CEO of the Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee, is the second alternate. 

Also new to the committee is Jim Wolcott, CEO of the Lassen County Fair, and a current CFSA board member. During the board's October board meeting, Jim was appointed by the board to be its committee representative. For the past six years, Rich Persons, CEO of the Santa Barbara County Fair, was the board's designated representative. Rounding out the committee are John Quiroz, branch chief of CDFA's Fairs & Expositions; and Becky Bailey-Findley, CFSA's executive director.   

Please join CFSA in congratulating our new board and committee members, and in thanking our outgoing representatives for their years of commitment to CFSA and to the fairs they have so conscientiously represented. 


Maintenance Mania is Coming to the Alameda County Fair, in Pleasanton, Tuesday - Thursday, February 26-28, 2019  

Attendance is free! Visit www.maintenancemania4fairs.com to register online. 
Everyone involved in the many aspects of fairground maintenance and operations is encouraged to attend, including fair CEOs, and maintenance supervisors and staff!
Maintenance Mania is a long-time educational industry event designed especially for fair staff members responsible for the maintenance and operations of their fairgrounds. During the three-day event, participants can get certified on fork lift and scissor lift operation, as well as learn new skills, workplace safety procedures, and tips and techniques from industry experts who understand first-hand the challenges maintenance crews face daily. Thanks to the generosity of 2019's event sponsors, attendance is free. Western Fairs Association service members are also invited to attend at no charge.
Mark Your Calendar: Maintenance Mania 2019 is Tuesday - Thursday, February 26-28 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.
Day one is an optional day of equipment operator certification testing, followed by two days of skills training and convenient opportunities to take state-mandated training. There's also a trade show, networking lunches and just-for-fun team competitions. 
Visit   www.maintenancemania4fairs.com for daily schedules, session topics, online registration, and discounted hotel room information.   
Note: Attendance is limited for the Tuesday certification sessions; please register early to secure a testing time.
Remember too, travel/training expenses may qualify for reimbursement through the 2018/2019 fair training allocation program. Check with Fairs & Expositions for details, 916/999-3000.

New Special Events Program Rates Announced for 2019  
Coming to the CFA Fall Managers' Conference in Sacramento next week? Remember to pick up a copy of the new CFSA Special Events Program Rate Card along with copies of the new brochure to hand out to fair vendors and promoters interested in purchasing the coverage.  Unable to attend the Conference? Watch your mail. Lianne Lewellen, CFSA's risk analyst, will be sending Rate Cards and brochures to fairs not at the Conference. In the meantime, you can also find a copy of the new brochure and the new Rate Card on CFSA's website. 

The new rates are effective January 1, 2019, however, if your fair has already provided a vendor or promoter with the previous rates, CFSA will honor that coverage.

Questions? Please contact Lianne at llewellen@cfsa.org or call her at 916/263-6145.

RVDoes your Fairground have an RV Park? And If So, How are Camping Fees Collected? 

Brian Bullis, CEO of the Mariposa Fair & Homecoming is on the hunt for an automated kiosk system that accepts credit cards around the clock for his fairground's busy RV park.  

If you are using a kiosk system like this or know of one, please contact Brian at 209/966-2432 or at bbullis@sti.net. Thank you!

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