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  • Monthly Contract Logs - Sending Your Contract Logs to CFSA Helps CFSA Help Your Fair 
  • CFSA's  October Elections: CFSA's Board of Director and Revenue Protection Program  Committee Elections are Coming Up  
Remember to Send a Copy of Your Fairgrounds' Monthly Contract Log to CFSA  

Has your fairground sent its September contract log to CFSA yet? If you have, thank you! If you haven't, please do so as soon as you can. This General Liability Pool requirement (effective March 1, 2018) asks that all General Liability Pool member fairs fax or email a copy of their fairgrounds' contract logs to Lianne Lewellen, CFSA's risk analyst. Ideally, Lianne would like your contract logs by the 15th of each month so that she has ample time to review them and to get back to you if she has questions.   Her fax number is: 916/263-6159, email: llewellen@cfsa.org.

We know you're busy and that this is one more thing to squeeze in, but we wouldn't ask you for the logs unless they played an important role in helping us help you keep claims costs down. And they do!

How this works: When we receive your fair's contract log, we are able to let you know which contracts and certificates of insurance you're required to send to CFSA for review and approval. If you've missed sending in a contract or two, or a certificate of insurance for review, we will catch it and contact you. 

We'll review each contract and its certificate of insurance to ensure they meet CFSA's insurance requirements (developed to help protect your fair). If there's any missing or conflicting information, Lianne will take the steps necessary to bring the contract or certificate into compliance - at no charge to your fair.  Then, if there's an accident and a claim is filed against your fair, CFSA will be able to tender, or to transfer, the claim to the responsible parties.  


In 2017, CFSA reviewed 3,657 fair contracts/certificates of insurance (up from 3,564 in 2016) submitted to California's fairs by vendors, contractors and others wishing to use a fair's facilities for hazardous or nonhazardous activities and events. Of these, approximately 25% contained errors that CFSA caught and corrected. The most frequent error? Additional insured language not listed.

Why is CFSA so insistent on reviewing fair contracts?
Because the review of hazardous and other contracts is a key step in risk management. CFSA is willing to take on the responsibility of evaluating the contracts' indemnification and insurance language and that of the accompanying insurance certificates to ensure that they are appropriate, adequate and complete - even going so far as to work with the contractor (renter, promoter, vendor, etc.) and their insurance company to make sure everything is as required.
Just think of all the aspects of putting on an annual fair or in presenting your fairgrounds and facilities for rent to promoters and private parties. Our fairs and events include activities with a lot of risk - mutton busting; alcohol sales; barbecue stands with hot coals and ash; exhibits and demonstrations with moving parts; open flames; knives; mechanical bulls; sling shot attractions; animals on exhibit or in shows; rodeos; and motorized racing and events. We want to make sure we preserve the ability to have these types of entertainment and attractions at our fairs and events. 
What if the contractor doesn't have adequate insurance coverage or doesn't indemnify the fair
and there is an accident? CFSA has learned through recent claims that even a patron falling off a picnic bench can result in a million dollar claim. Claims cost A LOT in today's insurance world. 
If a contractor doesn't have the proper insurance, and CFSA cannot tender the claim to the responsible parties, then there is the possibility that the fair and the General Liability Pool will have to pay the claim. Another scenario: The fair might have to sue the contractor under various theories, such as equitable indemnity, breach of contract, etc. This is not the way to work productively with a contractor or vendor. 
Sending your contract logs and your contracts to CFSA for review  is a proactive step in protecting your fair and the CFSA General Liability Pool. It costs you nothing but your time. CFSA takes on the responsibility of making sure the insurance coverage is correct and complete. Together we can make sure that fewer and fewer claims impact the General Liability Pool and your fees.
If you have any questions regarding contract logs or need help determining the easiest way for you to send them to CFSA, please contact Lianne at 916/263-6145 or   llewellen@cfsa.org.

CFSA's Board of Directors and Revenue Protection Program Committee Elections are Next Month

This year's CFSA fall election has drawn one of the largest pools of highly-qualified candidates in CFSA's election history.  Ballots to fill seats on both the CFSA board of directors and on the Revenue Protection Program Committee will be emailed to all pool- and program-member fairs by Monday, October 8, and are due back to CFSA by Monday, October 22.

Up for election are two seats on CFSA's board of directors - one representing fair classes I and II, and one representing fair classes III - VII. Participants in the Revenue Protection Program will also be voting to elect a fair representative and two alternates for the Revenue Protection Program Committee. This committee meets as needed throughout the year to review submitted claims in accordance with the claims adjustment procedures specified in the program's memorandum of coverage.

Election results will be announced the week of October 22. New board and committee members will take office on January 1, 2019.  

Mark Your Calendar with Training Dates from the 2018/2019 California Fairs' Training Calendar!
CDFA's Fairs & Expositions Branch, California Fair Services Authority and the Western Fairs Association have teamed together once again to develop a series of training opportunities of benefit to fair CEOs, fair board members, office staff, exhibit and livestock supervisors, maintenance teams, and everyone else instrumental in a fairground's success. 
Check your email for your copy of the 2018/2019 training schedule. Details about each event will be available as event dates get closer. And remember, your training expenses may qualify for reimbursement through the 2018/2019 fair allocation program. Check with Fairs & Expositions for more information.

questionsInquiring Minds Want to Know...
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Maybe you'd like to know more about the claims litigation process or more about why CFSA is so insistent on fairs sending in contracts for review each month, as explained in this edition of fyi. Or, perhaps you'd like to know the least expensive, most effective way to repair a crack in your sidewalk or a pothole in the parking lot. 

Whatever your question, please send it to Melissa Thurber, mthurber@cfsa.org, and we'll include your question* and the answer in a future issue of our newsletter. Chances are, if you have a question,  someone else has the same question, too.

*We won't identify you or your fair (unless you want to be identified, 
of course).  

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