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Hello loyal fyi readers. Here's what's in this month's fyi newsletter: toc

CFSA Pool Program Participants to Receive 2019 Pool Fee Estimates.    

Take Advantage of CFSA's Value-Added Services  provided at no extra charge to pool program participants.  

Wash Your Hands Reminder Buttons! Ideal for Fair Time; Free for the Asking.   

For DAA Fairs: State Increases Universal Fee for the Administration of Several State Employee Benefits.
  September Reminders:
+ Help CFSA Help You: Send your Fairgrounds' September  Contract Logs to CFSA.
+ Progress Reports: Keep your fair's Risk Control specialist in the loop about  Pre-Fair Inspection Report repairs, improvements and plans of action.  

CFSA Risk-Sharing Pool Program Participants to Receive 2019 Pool Fee Estimates   

CFSA understands that fair budgets are now in development and that having your fair's 2019 risk-pool fee estimates in hand is an important part of the budgeting process. We wanted to let you know that the CFSA board of directors is meeting on Wednesday, October 2 to review staff recommendations for estimated 2019 base rates/fees for both the Workers' Compensation and General Liability pool programs. (Final fees are set at the April 2020 board meeting after we have received our pool program actuary reports.)
Watch your email for a letter from Becky Bailey-Findley, CFSA's executive director, providing you with your fair's 2019 fee estimates.  

There's More to CFSA than Insurance Coverage: Take Advantage of these Value-Added Services Designed to Support Your Fair's Risk Control Efforts

Not only do CFSA's specialized risk-sharing pool programs cover the business and operating needs of California's fairgrounds, they also offer pool program participants a wealth of added-value risk control and training services on-site and online! Designed to help prevent accidents, reduce claims, and to keep annual fees down, each of these services is provided at  no extra cost to pool program participants.  Take adv antage of:
  • Year-round comprehensive risk control services including pre-fair and fair time facility inspections, custom program development and data-driven risk analyses.
  • On-site fair staff training - safe workplace practices to emergency planning.
  • TargetSolutions™ - online business skills, safety and compliance training for your entire staff.* 
  • Safety Talks: A Tailgate/Toolbox - more than 100 10-15 minute online safety presentations with talking points and discussion questions - ideal for safety meetings and safety refresher courses.* 
  • Custom risk control program development including Cal/OSHA Title 8: IIPP, hazard communication and Lock Out/Tag Out training.
  • Large equipment operator proficiency certifications.
  • CPR/First-Aid training and certifications.
  • Ergonomic evaluations of work areas.   
  • Contract/certificate of insurance reviews and transfer of risk analyses.
  • The Master Insurance List - a current list of fair contractors and vendors with approved master insurance certificates on file with CFSA.    
  • CFSA's Claims and Loss Reporting Guide (the Red Book) in hard copy and online.
To learn more about how these services will benefit your fairgrounds, please contact your fair's CFSA Risk Control specialist or Tom Amberson, CFSA Risk Department manager, at 916/263-6180 or tamberson@cfsa.org. 

*For more information about these services and for your fair's password, please contact Kevin Wright, Business Services manager, at 916/263-6187, kwright@cfsa.org. 

Value-added services are dependent on pool participation.

Just in time for next year's fair! 

According to the United States Census, an estimated 80% of all Americans live in urban areas. And while hand washing may be second nature to those of us lucky enough to be around livestock on a regular basis, it may not be the case with all of your fair's visitors. 

To help educate visitors and to remind all others about the importance of hand washing, CDFA's Fairs & Expositions Branch is providing
Wash Your Hands after visiting animals  reminder buttons to all California fairs at no charge. Who should wear them? Fair staff, volunteers, animal exhibitors, even food vendors - they are all fair ambassadors.  

If your fair has yet to receive a supply of Wash Your Hands buttons, please contact Melissa Thurber at CFSA, mthurber@cfsa.org,  916/263-6163 or your fair's Risk Control 
specialist with an estimate of how many buttons you would like for your team.
UniversalState Increases Monthly Universal Fee for Administration of DAA Fair Employee Benefit Programs 

By now all District Agricultural Association (DAA) fairs should have received a letter from the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) announcing an increase in the state's monthly Universal Fee. This is the fee the state assesses for administering various state employee benefit programs. Because the state controller's office doesn't process payroll for the DAA fairs, the fairs are responsible only for CalHR's portion of the fee, which is $1.58.

The Universal Fee applies to each DAA employee that has a dental, vision or pre-tax deduction under the state's Flexible Benefit Plan. As a partner with CalHR, CFSA assists DAA fairs with CalHR's administration fees by serving as a pass-thru agency - we bill the fairs and then pay CalHR on the fairs' behalf. Going forward, the Universal Fee  will be incorporated into your fair's monthly employee benefits statement (fairs don't need to do anything new on their end) beginning with November's statement.

Questions? CFSA can help! Please contact Martha Manriquez at 916/263-6142 or mmanriquez@cfsa.org

Remember to Send a Copy of Your Fairgrounds' Monthly Contract Log to CFSA by the 15th of Every Month

Has your fairgrounds sent its September contract log to CFSA yet? If you have, thank you for helping us help you keep claims costs down! If you haven't, please do so as soon as you can - ideally by the 15th of each month. Doing so gives Mario Castagnola, CFSA's risk analyst,  ample time to review your log and to get back to you if there are any questions. Fax your contract logs to: 916/263-6159, Atten. Mario, or email them to Mario at:  mcastagnola@cfsa.org

Keep Your CFSA Risk Control Specialist in the Loop with Post Facility Inspection Updates

After you have repaired, adjusted or developed a plan of action for any problematic areas identified in your fairgrounds' Pre-fair Inspection Report, remember to send a copy of the updated correction sheet to your Risk Control specialist.  (The correction sheet is attached to your Pre-fair Inspection Report.) 

Have questions about your fairgrounds' report or not sure where to begin? Contact your fair's Risk Control specialist or Tom Amberson, Risk Department manager, at 916/263-6180 or tamberson@cfsa.org.      

Thank you for reading the  fyi newsletter. If there is something we can do to make  fyi more valuable to you, or if you have a fair photo we can use in the newsletter's banner, please  let us know: mthurber@cfsa.org.