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  • Ontario Council President's Message
  • Notice for the Ontario Council 2021 AGM
  • CFUW Stratford's Long Term Care Campaign
  • OC Resolution Reminder
  • Reports from the February Speakers Series, Mental Health - From Prevention to Wellness
  • Advocacy - SWHR Committee Report; Climate News; Notable Women in Advocacy
  • Ontario Clubs News & Events/OC Recognition Award

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Ontario Council President's Message
President's Message

Spring. Hope. Renewal….for Education, Action and Advocacy.

The pandemic has clearly shown the regressions for the rights of women and girls. Loss of jobs, economic opportunities, career advancement, increase of gender base violence, etc.  It is clearly a time of “rebuilding the lives of women and girls…it is not an occasion for leaving women behind.” This quote is attributed to Phumzile Mlambo-Ngucka, Executive Director of UN Women.

Our voices must be heard.

I am asking all presidents and leaders of OC clubs to send this newsletter to their memberships. We have an ongoing campaign for Long Term Care and we are asking every individual member to complete a very short survey. Though the recently announced Ontario budget has dedicated funding for this sector, follow through will be needed. The survey results will help us to formulate a response to the government.

Secondly, we have an Ontario Council resolution on Human Trafficking. Globally this has increased, attributed to the pandemic, and Canada, especially Ontario, is not spared the shame. The deadline for amendments is April 1.

Many clubs have accomplished amazing and incredible projects and events in support of women and girls to causes for rebuilding lives and/or sustaining them. Be recognized by applying for an Ontario Council Recognition Award. Deadline is April 15.

And our Annual General Meeting and Conference! Please see details below and register via Zoom for the CFUW Orillia host Reception on Friday, May 14 and via One Cast for the Business meeting on Saturday, May 15! Please note: if your club cannot attend, you will need a proxy for voting.

Lastly, stay safe and be safe as we navigate through the zones and phases for vaccinations.

Sandra Thomson, President, CFUW Ontario Council President

Notice of the 2021 CFUW Ontario Council Annual General Meeting
May 14 & 15
Notice of the 2021 CFUW Ontario Council Annual General Meeting

LEAD 2021

Step into your Power

A virtual conference hosted by CFUW Orillia

March 26, 2021
To: CFUW Ontario Council Club Presidents and Club Leaders
From: Sandra Thomson, President CFUW Ontario Council

You may register for the AGM at the links below. All attendees must register on or before May 12th, 2021.

The executive of CFUW Ontario Council wishes to notify you that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Ontario Council will take place virtually on May 15th, 2021.

Saturday, May 15, 2021
·    Business Meeting: 8:30 am to 10:30 am
OC Resolution*
Reference: CFUW OC Bylaw Section 9 - Members' Meetings, it is stated:
9.01 Annual General Meeting
The annual meeting shall be held on a day and at a place within Ontario fixed by the Board. Any member, upon request, shall be provided, not less than twenty-one (21) days before the annual meeting, with a copy of the approved financial statements, auditor’s report or review engagement report and other financial information required by the Bylaws or articles.
The business transacted at the annual meeting shall include:
1. receipt of the agenda;
2. receipt of the minutes of the previous annual and subsequent special meetings;
3. consideration of the approved financial statements;
4. report of the auditor or person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement;
5. reappointment or new appointment of the auditor or a person to conduct a review engagement for the coming year;
6. election of Directors if required;
7. consideration and approval of Ontario Council Policy for advocacy related activity, if any;
8. consideration and approval of any Article or Bylaw amendments, if any; and
9. such other or special business as may be set out in the notice of meeting.
No other item of business shall be included on the agenda for annual meeting unless a Member’s proposal has been given to the secretary prior to the giving of notice of the annual meeting in accordance with the Act, so that such item of new business can be included in the notice of annual meeting.
9.04 Notice
Not less than ten (10) and not more than fifty (50) days written notice of any annual or special Members' meeting shall be given in the manner specified in the Act to each Member and to the auditor or person appointed to conduct a review engagement. Notice of any meeting where special business will be transacted must contain sufficient information to permit the Members to form a reasoned judgment on the decision to be taken. Notice of each meeting must remind the Member of the right to vote by proxy.
9.06 Voting Delegates
Each club shall designate one of its individual members in good standing as its voting delegate and shall notify CFUW Ontario Council of the name of its voting delegate, prior to the start of an annual or special general meeting. Each voting delegate has a single vote.
9.11 Persons Entitled to be Present
The only persons entitled to a Members’ meeting are the Members, Board Members, auditors of the Corporation (or the person who has been appointed to conduct a review engagement, if any) and others who are entitled or required under any provision of the Act or the articles to be present at the meeting. Any other person may be admitted only if invited by the chair of the meeting. The following persons are also entitled to attend Members’ Meetings as observers:
1. individual members of CFUW Ontario Council Clubs,
2. individual members of CFUW Clubs outside of Ontario.
Clubs unable to have a voting delegate at the AGM shall be entitled to vote by proxy by completing a Proxy Form - Club Delegate. Proxy forms must be submitted by e-mail to on or before May 12th, 2021.
Teri Shaw, Secretary
CFUW Ontario Council
*Amended OC resolution will be sent mid-April along with the Financials.
March 10 to April 10
Long Term Care Campaign
Ontario Council is promoting a multifaceted campaign to support tackling two of the main issues with the ongoing tragedy in Ontario Long Term Care Homes. All clubs in Ontario will work together to compile a survey to be released to the press through Ontario Council and our results will be sent to the Premier and his Ministers.  Learn more about the campaign at CFUW Stratford. And encourage all your club’s members to take the survey on or before April 10, 2021.

Ladies, now is the opportunity to express your views in this very short survey on LTC. Help us advocate to the Ontario Government on this important and critical issue!
Survey Link:

OC Resolution Reminder
Deadline April 1, 2021
All amendments to the OC resolution on Human Trafficking Awareness, Prevention and Detection are to be sent to Lisa Long, Resolutions Chair, by April 1, 2021. Please see for more details.

February 27th Speakers Series
Mental Health - From Prevention to Wellness
Our February 27th Speakers Series featured three compelling speakers: Jennifer Pereira-Ashawasegai, an Anishinabek citizen from Henvey Inlet First Nation in Ontario, Kendra Fisher, a women’s ice hockey goaltender, and Lori Spadorcia, Chief Strategy Officer at CAMH. The topic was mental health, moving from prevention to wellness. All three gave very powerful, moving and informative presentations. If you missed it, the session was recorded. Please contact Ingrid Sproxton to obtain the recording link and password. As well the Standing Committee Chairs have written reports about the February 27th presentations, focusing on their Committee's unique perspective. Click on the links below to view.

Advocacy - Status of Women & Human Rights Committee Report C
In the February SWHR report read about:

  1. Battered Woman Syndrome Used as Defence in Nunavut – Inadequate Shelters for Women Fleeing Abuse
  2. A Silent Challenge for Canadian Women During COVID – Reproductive Health
  3. Impact of COVID on Mental Health of Women
  4. Sex Workers’ Rights
  5. General – Canadian Women’s Foundation Facts
  6. Should Vaccination Against COVID (SARS COV-2) Be Mandated for Healthcare Workers? [US Data]
  7. What Does It Take to Make a Sweat Shop? Canada Goose!
  8. Child Labour – Warning: Your Groceries may Contain Child Labour
  9. Human Rights Watch Canada – Report 2021 (covering 2020)
  10. Disability Discrimination in Hidden Places
  11. Terrorist Groups in Canada
  12. Animal Rights
  13. New Measures for Economic Prosperity – Bringing in the Environment as a Component in the Measure of Prosperity
  14. Significant Dates for Status of Women and Human Rights in Canada

Advocacy - Climate NewsC
Residential emissions are a significant factor in overall GHG emissions. In Ontario, residential emissions were steadily declining until the later part of 2018 when the loss of the cap-and-trade carbon pricing system, or any programs to shift consumer choices to cleaner alternatives, occurred. The rise in GHG emissions was greater than it would have been with climate programs at work. A new such program has recently been announced. The ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise Pilot Program for new construction is a new five-year certification program in Ontario that recognizes buildings that are at least 15% more energy-efficient than those built to the provincial energy code and meet other program requirements.

Notable Women in Advocacy
Do you Remember? June Callwood, 1924-2007- Canada’s Conscience.
Toronto writer, journalist, and feminist. Callwood established:
  • Nellie’s, a shelter for women in crisis;
  • Jessie’s, a centre for teenagers, now the June Callwood Centre for Women and families; and
  • Casey House, the first AIDS hospice in Canada.
June was a fearless, formidable leader. She exposed the rights that women lost when they married--financial assets and ownership of property. And when they divorced, they lost all rights to their children.
Club News & Events
Applications are now open for the 2021 Ontario Council Recognition Awards and for the Carolyn Day Award for Environmental Action. Please complete the 2020-2021 application form and e-mail to President Sandy Thomson on or before April 15th.

On International Women's Day CFUW Georgetown, Milton and Mississauga share their pics as they #ChooseToChallenge!
CFUW Orillia hosted an in-house event on the afternoon of March 8th via Zoom, in honour of International Women's Day. The two members who developed the 'Guess Who Game /U-tube video' last year hosted the event.  Donations from the event supported Orillia’s scholarship fund. The event included segments on why IWD is worth celebrating, the 2021 version of the Guess Who game about 10 amazing Canadian women, what comes after we have conquered Zoom, a yoga stretch break, recharging your 'needs' bank account - the inner you, and a baking demonstration to make squares to give to an inspiring woman of your choice. The event was a huge success and good fun! 
Both CFUW Burlington and CFUW Georgetown are supporting the women of Afghanistan by participating in the Kabul or Bust virtual trek. From March 8 to April 24, the clubs will be trying to reach Aghanistan virtually by logging their kilometers.
CFUW Burlington March 8, 2021
On March 8th, CFUW Burlington launched their Kabul or Bust challenge in support of Afghanistan women. The Club's Healthy Living/Healthy Eating interest group [IG] challenged all other club IGs to walk, ski, swim or skate the most kilometers.
CFUW Georgetown March 8, 2021
On March 8th, CFUW Georgetown launched their Kabul or Bust challenge in support of Afghanistan women.

CFUW Leaside-East York Wassail Virtual Party!
Due to the great generosity of Leaside-East York CFUW members, the East York YWCA Women’s Shelter received $3370.00 this Christmas. A very successful Wassail party was held on December 10, attended by 39 members. This photo shows the amazing Hat Contest.  

CFUW North Toronto Sistering & Coldest Night of the Year Once again, through The Coldest Night of the Year event, CFUW North Toronto raised money for Sistering, a local multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women. Led by team members Helen Penfold, Moira Hudgin and Anne McCutchan, donations as of February 21st, 2021 from members and friends totalled $3,790.00. Way to go ladies! 
CFUW North Toronto Scholarship Fundraiser
Please take a look at this wonderful collage of the members of CFUW North Toronto, from their successful photo portrait fundraiser, taken by the talented photographer, Shelley Hassard at the Toronto Camera Club last November. The proceeds went to our Scholarship Fund. 
Women Helping Women
Our vision for Ontario Council can be summed up in the following key words: 
Education. Action. Advocacy.
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May 14 & 15
2021 Ontario Council AGM
Step Into Your Power!