CFUW Orillia, with support of the MP for Simcoe North, Adam Chambers, created an online petition urging the Federal Government to take the actions suggested in the Resolution, specifically to amend the bail laws so that repeat violent offenders are not released on bail, thereby improving safeguards for victims of intimate partner violence. The petition closed on December 7th and garnered 972 signatures. Now that the deadline for signing has closed, the Clerk of Petitions will proceed with a final validation of signatures. If there are at least 500 valid signatures, the Clerk of Petitions will issue a certificate to MP Chambers, and the Petition can then be presented to the House. A record of this presentation will appear in the Journals for that day and the petitioner, supporters and signatories of the petition will be advised by email after its presentation. The Standing Orders of the House of Commons require the government to respond to every petition presented to the House within 45 calendar days. The petitioner, supporters, signatories, and MP Chambers will be notified by email when the response is tabled in the House.