May 24, 2021
We often hear the word Teamwork used when speaking of leadership, but what does Teamwork really mean in a Federation setting?
There are many definitions of Teamwork, but when I think of Teamwork, I think of the bringing together of ideas, ethic, passion, and dedication to product. Now those are varied descriptions, but if we are to think of Teamwork as an asset to Federation groups, we can indeed see that all 4 of those precepts are true when it comes to a great Team.
One at a time each word describes a great trait to have and emulate if you are a Team builder and Team leader. A great Team leader builds a Team by listening and observation.
  • A great Team has ideas that set the tone of what we do.
  • A great Team works with ethical standards, staying clear of conflict.
  • A great Team is passionate about the job they represent.
  • A great Team keeps their eye on the product & dedicate their time to get things done.
So, why is it then that we have trouble finding great leaders with a clear sight of Teamwork? Well, first: putting together a Team is easy, putting together the right Team is hard and often we choose the easy route. We need to push past that easy-way-out theory and choose to take the path that may be harder when it comes to Teamwork. Simply put, we must put Teams together that are carefully chosen for their commitment to the product. This means not picking Teams based upon popularity, we choose Teams based upon skill and that takes time.
Every member in our organization has a skill: some talk, some listen, some are hungry for work, some don’t want to work, some want to sit for a job, some want to stand. "Unity in Diversity" is more than words, it is who we are as a Team. We need to embrace that diverse talent base and put together a little of this and a little of that to create a balanced Team that works to get the job done.
So, the next time you get the chance to put together a great Team, think about mixing it up, choosing not the obvious, but the hidden gems in your club and district. Don’t build a Team based upon anything but excellence, think about how the group will work together and how they will compliment one another. Choose Team members for listening skills, working well with others and leave off the motor-mouths that cannot hear anybody’s idea because they are talking. Choose those that work towards a goal together no matter their differences.
Teamwork and Teambuilding are changing because of the year we have just come through, embrace the change, and put a kicking Team together for your next Administration.
Luv, Pam

Just a Quick Thank You,
The past week has brought such joy to my mailbox, thank you for all the cards of support and love for this year’s 118th annual CFWC Convention. I must also say thank you to the many e-Cards I have received. I can truly say, all have been kept and stored in my scrapbooks and files to enjoy again & again.
CFWC Chairmen, thank you so much for the lovely brooch, I shall treasure it always and the same goes for the lovely brooch presented to me from the CFWC District Deans. When I wear them, I shall think of each of you fondly.
I have placed the foot stone from the entire CFWC Executive Board and will post a picture soon on Facebook for all of you to enjoy as much as I do.
The kindness bestowed upon me these past days have again and again shown our mutual dedication to making the GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs the greatest organization we could be a part of. Thank you, now that I have rested for the week, I have some thank you cards to send too…I had better get to work.
Luv, Pam

Lu Arredondo
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Champion with Shot@Life. Many of you reached out to us to let us know that you would like to attend the training on the 29th but due to scheduling conflicts were not able to. The number of requests for a second workshop were many. So, due to popular demand, we have created a second workshop with the UN Foundation Shot@Life team. Please select the registration that works the best with your schedule.  
See you soon!
When: May 29, 2021 10:00 am Pacific Time:  Register in advance for this webinar:
When: Jun 8, 2021 05:00 PM Pacific Time: Register in advance for this webinar: 
Jane Thomey - Environment

One of the questions raised at the Convention Environment Workshop concerned seafood sustainability and whether farmed fish is an acceptable substitute.  Farm-raised fish can yield excellent quality when farmed correctly and responsibly. However, as widely reported, fish that are farmed in open pens lead to bad practices such as overcrowding, polluted waters, and lower-quality feed are not acceptable. 
According to the Environment Defense Fund determining if farmed fish are eco-friendly requires diligence on your part. When buying fish deal with a reputable market or fishmonger. Ask questions. The more you ask the more they will recognize the need to provide better information to their customers. Some questions about farm raised fish you may ask:
  • Country of origin? 
  • How was it grown (in a polluting open net pen or in a contained tank or pond)?
  • Are there eco-friendly alternatives?
  • Is this fish really a . . . (red snapper, salmon, grouper, etc.), a service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or, a service of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, are go to references concerning the fish you wish to purchase.
The EDF Seafood Selector ( provides more information about farmed and wild fish.  The bottom line when purchasing fish:  Do your homework and ask your fish seller lots of questions.   
Jill Drescher - CFWC Financial Secretary

Many thanks to the following Districts for sending in dues:
Area A - Alameda, Loma Prieta, Mount Diablo and Shasta. 
Area B - San Gabriel Valley and Tierra Adorada.
Area C - Los Cerritos and Orange. 
Area D - De Anza, Palomar and Southern. 
Looking forward to receiving dues from the other seven Districts. Don't forget I should receive three copies of the Club Information Form (Data Blank) with the remittance form.
GFWC Member Portal FAQs Now Available
Clubwomen have access to a wealth of information, resources, GFWC merchandise, and fun and informative events through the GFWC Member Portal. Whether you are wondering how to sign up for an account of your own, register for a webinar, purchase items from Marketplace, or want to learn more about GFWC Community Service Programs in the Club Manual, you can find answers to these questions and more by checking out the new Member Portal FAQ page.
This resource, which is published within the GFWC Resources section of, includes sections on general GFWC Member Portal inquiries, navigating the Digital Library, registering for GFWC events, and placing orders with Marketplace. The step-by-step answers will help guide you through many common questions and concerns regarding the GFWC Member Portal, from resetting your account password to accessing GFWC logos, emblems, and icons.
However, if you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the Member Portal FAQs, please don’t hesitate to email and someone will assist you with your inquiry as soon as possible.

View the Annual Program Statistics Report
Have you viewed the most recent data available in the 2020 Annual Program Statistics Report within the News & Publications section of yet? Each year, GFWC calculates the total amount of projects, volunteer hours, and both in-kind and dollars donated for the work of its clubs. In addition to the total calculations, the data is broken down between each of the GFWC Special and Community Service Programs and the Advancement Plans that were active in the 2020 calendar year. We are excited to share the hard work of clubwomen throughout the past year with you.
For questions about this data, email


Just a thought ......
Wherever we are, it is but a stage on the way to somewhere else,
and whatever we do, however well we do it,
is only a preparation to do something else that shall be different."
Robert Louis Stevenson