August 29,2022


Dear Members and Friends:

Anchorage, Alaska Western States is wonderful! We visited the Pioneer School House built in 1915 by the GFWC Anchorage Woman’s Club. The members had a lovely reception and tour for us.

The business sessions were informative, with nine State Presidents reporting. We had a membership, leadership and communications interactive workshop. LEADS graduates spoke and there was lots of fundraising.

We got to hear great motivational speeches from International President Deb Strahanoski and GFWC President Elect Suellen Brazil sharing their visions on membership, projects and the GFWC strategic plan for the next two years.

"Awakening the power within us" got us all enthusiastic on membership.

Speaking of membership, the Fall Boards are in just a couple of weeks. Please register soon. Attendance is required for:

   * elected and appointed officers for this administration.

   * District Presidents or alternate members of their district,

   * District First Vice Presidents or alternate members of their district,

   * CFWC Program Chairmen, Administrative and Special Appointment  Chairmen, and

   * Past CFWC State Presidents.

I will be home late Monday night and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Love and Aloha,



Hello Members and Friends: 

Working with the Chairmen and District Deans has begun and I am so excited to learn of your projects and accomplishments! We are so blessed that every day offers us the opportunity to make a difference in our communities and beyond. 

This past year has been a bit challenging for me due to the necessity of a full hip replacement. But finally that has come to fruition and I can’t wait to become more active and have the opportunity to travel and get to know more of our members and share all that you do. Please “toot your own horns” and let your communities know of your events and efforts. We are a mighty force and it is important to move forward. Join with other clubs in your Districts to work together to reach new goals. I believe in you and know how dedicated and caring you are. Treasure this time together sharing President Barbara Briley-Beard’s “Blessed, Bright, and Bold” with Aloha Spirit.

Love you, Sonya


Don't forget the workshop on Tuesday, August 30 at 9:00 a.m. Sonya will be conducting the 1st VP/Dean 101 Workshop. Be sure to use this code:

ZOOM code for 1st VP/Dean Workshop


Hello CFWC Members! The Membership Team – 4 Area Vice Presidents and I are taking orders for the newest CFWC T-shirt. They can be ordered in many sizes – all in the same color – turquoise blue with white lettering – for $20.00 each. Membership Matters is printed above the flower lei, with our CFWC and GFWC logos, as pictured.


Please use the order blank attached for your Area – A, B, C, or D and mail your order/with payment to the Area Vice President. For orders received by September 1st, shirts will be available to distribute at the September CFWC Executive Board meeting in Costa Mesa.


For orders after September 1st, and/or taken at the September meeting, shirts will be produced and delivered at the Area Conferences in October.


Thank you for your generous support! Together we can show our pride and action in all that we do for our Clubs and our California Federation of Women’s Clubs.

                                          Order Form and Where to Mail


Aloha! From Area A


In keeping with our President’s Hawaiian theme, the membership team has chosen to use the "Aloha Spirit" as our Theme. Now just what is the Aloha Spirit? Aloha is much more than just a greeting or farewell. It means mutual regard, affection and caring with no obligation.


So, how can we translate that to membership and recruitment? Greet each person with kindness. Have a friendly person to welcome not only new or prospective members, but all members to your meetings. Don’t let anyone be alone at any function. If you see someone perhaps a bit shy, ask them to join you, or crash their table. If a member has missed meetings, call them, ask if they are okay? Do they need help?


Try to be a friend and mentor. You don’t have to know it all to mentor someone, explain things as they come up and encourage questions. Explain acronyms, your guests don’t know what “CFWC” or GFWC means. When we are talking about programs, give a quick overview of what they are and why the club is supporting them, they may not have heard of Operation Smile or Penny Pines. Members want to understand and be involved, use their talents. Every member needs to belong.


The Area A Conference will be held October 1st in Roseville at the Polish American Community Hall, 327 Main St. Please follow the link to the call for all the information.


Area A Call 10/1/2022


On the California November ballot, there are two propositions regarding gambling-propositions 26 and 27. You will want to do your own research on these propositions.

PROPOSITION 27-allows online and mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands. State law currently only allows tribal gambling, the state lottery, cardrooms and horse racing betting. Proposition 27 would allow tribes and gambling companies to allow online or mobile sports betting.

FISCAL EFFECTS: it is unclear how much proposition 27 would impact state and local government revenues and costs. This proposition would increase regulatory costs. 

How does this relate to CFWC? After state regulatory costs, revenues from Proposition 27 would go toward homelessness programs, gambling addiction programs and tribal economic development and other purposes.


LESSONS FROM THE PENCIL!   Did you ever have one of these in your hand and say, “Oh, it’s just a pencil” Several important leadership lessons can be learned from the simple pencil!

1.   Everything you do will always leave a mark.

2.   You can always correct the mistakes you make.

3.   What is important is what is inside of you.

4.   In life, you will undergo painful sharpening, which will only make you better.

5.   To be the best pencil, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the Hand that holds you for the specific intended purposes

Like the pencil, Federation members have within themselves the potential to impact life and improve circumstances for the many thousands we serve globally. Who we are and the mark we make show how Federation members are Living the Volunteer Spirit!


The September State Board will be a great time to exchange the books you have read for some new ones. There will be a “Bring one—Take one” table with hopefully lots of new books for you to select from. Join the fun and bring a book to exchange.  Make your home your classroom and continue to learning something new every day through your reading.



"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes,

including you."

— Anne Lamott, writer


Don't forget to take care of yourself as you help everyone else.

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Just a thought ......

"Take a deep breath. It calms the mind."

= Regina Brett-