September 19 2022


Dear Members and Friends:

What a Grand Board meeting we had this weekend!  CFWC truly is Blessed, Bright and Bold! There is so much to be excited about!

An attorney litigator, Jana Hoffman of Orange County, told us about laws to protect children in CA, and Kelly Carroll of the American Cancer Society explained the new pediatric gold program.

From Bright Membership skits and testimonials. Bold workshops from Libby Buckley on Policies, procedures and Protocol and from Joyce Opjorden, CFWC Parliamentarian, teaching us all about parliamentary rules and regulations.

We all learned a lot, spent time with each other getting to know each other better, we ate and laughed and talked a lot, with delicious meals from the Hilton/Orange County in Costa Mesa.

Convention 2023 is in the planning stages so save the dates May 18, 19 and 20, 2023. We will be at the Doubletree in Santa Ana. Airport close as we continue to share and learn together.

I just received three texts from Ellen, Kathy and Nancy thanking us for great ideas to take home to their districts and clubs! You are so welcome.

Special purse totes are being given away, as a Thank You gift just for coming to the Boards and being with us. We will have totes at every Board meeting and Convention. Thank you to Debbie Pietraszko for the idea and Sonja Hults for securing the purse totes.

Many Thanks for the long hours to meeting planner Carol Lopez Lucey and ticket sellers Mary Sprague, Kathi McGraw and Edie Seager. Bring lots of $5. bills for these ladies, they will find you!

Executive Committee, you are smart, talented and admired and respected by many of us members for the fine job you do each and every day to help CFWC run smoothly.  To the entire Board, we can't do this without you, our most important member! You are valued more than you know! Or maybe I have told you, once, twice, many times and I sincerely mean it.

Thank you for the lovely President's reception Orange District, Sandy Tessier, Linda Queen, and helper Kat George Chu on Saturday evening.

Please join us at the next Board meeting and check us out! I think you will enjoy it.

Love and Aloha, 



Just a reminder for everyone who acquired a raffle permit for last year that the yearend report is due to State of California no later than October 1, 2022. The report form is CT-NRP-2, and you can find the form at

​Start gathering your information for your tax filings . If your club/district year ended May 31 the tax returns are due October 15th. Information is located on CFWC website.

Any problems, questions email me at


There are seven propositions that will appear on the November ballot for California. None of the propositions are supported by CFWC, but it important that we understand the propositions presented to California voters. Here is a brief overview of proposition 30.


Beginning January 2023, Proposition 30 requires taxpayers with incomes above $2 million each year (annually) to pay an additional tax of 1.75 percent on the share of their income above $2 million. This additional tax would end by January 2043. The tax could end several years earlier if California is able to drop its statewide greenhouse gas emissions below certain levels before then.

Proposition 30 requires that the revenue from the new tax go to increasing funding for zero emission vehicle programs and wildfire activities. The money would go to several state agencies to manage the programs and activities.

·      Most of this money must be used to help households, businesses, and governments pay for part of the cost of new passenger ZEVs (such as cars, vans, and pick-up trucks). The rest of the money would be available for other programs. These include payments to businesses and governments to help buy large ZEVs (such as trucks and buses) and programs that encourage less driving and improve local air quality.

·      This money would be used to install and operate ZEV charging and fueling stations at places such as apartment buildings, single-family homes, and public locations.

CFWC WORKSHOPS - Just a Reminder:

The Officer Workshops are part of a series of 3 workshops. The first (or 101) would be what to expect if you took that job and didn't know what to expect. The second (or 102) would cover additional aspects of that job. The third (or 103) would cover how to wrap up and pass it on to your successor. Anyone who wants to learn more about that position at the Club, District or State level are encouraged to attend.

The Chairman Workshops are intended to cover what that Community Service Program or Advancement Area is, what the State Chair hopes to accomplish and how you can incorporate those ideas in your Club or District activities or projects All members are encouraged to attend. 



September 20 - 9:00 AM

Officer Workshop:

Finance 101

September 24 - 10:00 am

Chairman Workshop:

Domestic & Sexual Violence




Secretary 101

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Just a thought ......

 "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe