April 25, 2022
As I sit down to write my message for the coming week, I am both buoyed and tired! What a fast, fabulous, and fun time I have had these past 3 days. Visiting District Conventions either to speak and be part of the festivities or attending to fulfill my duties of District Committee positions, (other than that of your CFWC President). So, you can understand that I am tired, but it a tired that is energy filled with much love for the membership of Federation! The fun is not over yet, more to come with visiting District Conventions is still on my horizon as I ready to travel next weekend as well.
Each of our Districts are currently celebrating their hard work with recognition, elections, Installations, and outright fun. I hope you have or are intending to attend these events. Now that we are coming out of our proverbial cocoons into what is to be in a Federation California volunteer State, I am seeing the smiles, duty, selflessness, and camaraderie that attracted me to GFWC from the start. Those feelings and the will to enhance the loves of those in our communities and world will not ever change. Volunteerism is something that covid and lockdowns could not squelch. We will always hold the needs of others in our hearts as volunteers and give as much of ourselves as possible to bring aid to those that need it.
I have begun to read through all the club and district Reports submitted for the 2021 Reporting Year. WOW! I am so proud of each one of our 10,615 members in the California Federation of Women’s Clubs. Clubs did not shy away from reaching out to create impact in their Areas. The ways that our members found to work through the minutia of what others might find daunting was nothing short of miraculous.
Thank you all for your dedication to enhancing the loves of others. I am so proud to be your President and represent you as individuals.
Luv, Pam
Certificates for Parliamentary Law Study

Please forward to the CF Parliamentarian the names of all members who have completed at least 20 hours of study in Parliamentary Procedure for the years 2020-2022.. Please forward the members names and district by a deadline of May 1, 2022.
Send to Valerie Barnes
CFWC Parliamentarian
at 7366 Ione Court
Dublin CA 94568
or text to 925-200-1607 


The Finance team will be presenting a workshop at Convention
on Friday, May 13 at 9 a. m.
How can we help you? if you are planning to attend our workshop and have a specific question or topic you would like
to have the team address please send it to Reggie Mattox, CFWC Director of Finance. We have allotted some time at the end of our presentation to address club issues. 
Thank you—Reggie, Marsha and Jill

For those of you who are about to begin filing for year-end (clubs whose year ends Dec. 31) tax returns are due on May 15th, There is a new fee that affects all clubs and districts. When you file the RRF-1 (Registry of Charitable Trusts. the new fee is $25 for all revenues less than $50,000 and for revenues between $50,000 and 100,000 the new fee is $50.
Please file timely,
Marsha LaRusso


Emeritus Club Membership

The object of this club is to bring together at each State Convention an annual reunion of past and present Board members, for relaxation and social enjoyment and to renew and perpetuate their interest in Federation. 

Membership is open to those who have served a minimum of
one year as a member of the Executive Board of the California Federation of Women's Club.

Emeritus Club dues are $10.00 per year. Make check out to CFWC Emeritus Club. Send your check and this form to Treasurer Julie Lehenbauer, 41 West 53rd Street; Long Beach, CA 90805.
Please send prior to meeting on May 12, 2022.

* You will pay for your meal with your convention registration


UNICEF Continues to Support Children and Families in Ukraine
Over the past several weeks, GFWC Affiliate Organization UNICEF USA has continued to provide essential services to vulnerable children and families impacted by the ongoing war crisis in Ukraine. As of early April, GFWC members had raised more than $20,000 for UNICEF’s humanitarian response, but there is still much to be done. You can help those in need by donating to support UNICEF’s efforts to ensure children and families have access to clean water, nutrition, health care, education, and safe conditions.
GFWC continues to hold the Women’s Club of Ukraine in its thoughts. For continuous coverage on this war crisis, visit apnews.com.


Just a thought ......

“Some changes look negative on the surface
but you will soon realize that space is being created
in your life for something new to emerge.”
― Eckhart Tolle