May 12, 2022
We're Back in the Saddle Again !
Wow, what a day!

We are indeed "Back in the Saddle Again"! Everyone is in high spirits at the joy of seeing old friends, making new acquaintances and just being in "convention mode" after 2 years of being prevented from attending an in-person event!

And, as happy as we are to see each other, we are missing those of you who could not attend even more.
The day began with committee meetings and the last CFWC Board Meeting of the 2020-2022 Administration. We think that a new world record was set as Parliamentarian, Valerie Barnes noted that by her watch the meeting lasted less than 20 minutes! It does hurry things along when all the reporting officers say "No Report". Lest you think they were not doing their jobs by not reporting, the real reason is that the same report was given later in the day and who wants to listen to (or give) any report twice in one day?
The next event was a meeting of the CFWC Emeritus Club. In case you've never heard of Emeritus, it's membership is made up entirely of members who have served on the State Board in at least one administration.

Special guest speaker was Tamara Miller, author of "What the Hell Just Happened?", her story of the sudden death of her husband is told along with her reactions and necessary actions. It's almost a resource book for those who've lost a loved one unexpectedly. She's also a member of the LaVerne/San Dimas club - one of us!
We were honored to have our very own CFWC Colorguard open our meeting with the presentation of the colors and then the opening. Now you may think this was a run- of-the-mill opening BUT have you ever been welcomed by Marshall Mary, who was conducting a search for the missing Mad Dog Willett.? Quite an experience! Moustache and all!

We did have a very inspiring Opening Speaker, Jodie Grenier from the Foundation for Women Warriors. They provide services for women veterans including child care, financial help for purchasing necessities, and other help in re-connecting with their community More info at
And the day continued - announcement of the slate of officers up for election for the 2022-2024 administration, reports, drawings for prizes (monetary ones at that) bylaws, resolutions, more reports, more bylaws, .... The good news is that most of the business has been completed. Tomorrow is the ESO breakfast, the election and maybe some time to visit the vendors with their enticing displays.
EDITOR'S NOTE: We apologize for this rather mundane version of a fun and interesting day, but it's late, we're tired and my roommate wants to go to bed! See you tomorrow