May 3, 2021
Record Keeping…no, not those LP’s we all have and cannot seem to part with, but the Records we should be keeping for our Clubs and Districts. What does your club do about Record keeping; what does your District do about Record keeping and how are these all stored? Our Records are our History, and it is important to make sure that as such, we protect, keep, and share our History.
Do you know where your club Records are? If you have a clubhouse, they may be stored there, or is it the job of an Officer or Chairman to store the Records. Further, we need to ask are their copies of our Records. These same questions need to be asked of our Districts, and since I am unaware of any CFWC District owning a clubhouse…where are your Records kept? In 2020, 2021, and post covid, we should have spent some time going through our Records, organizing, and making virtual copies and placing them where they are safe, and they are known by the entirety of the membership in your Bylaws and/or Standing Rules.
It is our duty as members to make sure we know what is in a club or district Bank Box, that the Bank Box is inventoried on a bi-yearly basis and the Inventory is placed in your Minutes. Keys…who has them, is it in your Bylaws and/or Standing Rules? Does your club have boxes filled with paper, are they in some members garage and move around from Administration to Administration? And do not forget with a new Administration, a meeting should be called for the reason of handing over the Records and keys to those taking on the new responsibility.
The CFWC Finance Committee can help you with what Financial Records you should be keeping and for how long…call them and ask. The CFWC Parliamentarian can help answer your questions about what Records should be kept pertaining to the running of your club and district. Ask her, she is happy to help guide you to a more paperless place.
If over the past year your inventoried and gathered, re-filed, and placed your Records into order: great! Did you also make virtual copies of these files and Records? We should embrace the fact that with a virtual paperless world, we can have copies of all our Records and keep them on a USB thumb drive to be held in a separate location than the actual Records. What if something happens, where do you go for your History?

Your History, Your Records are everything you need to be guarding. Do not become lax with the preparations or the job that must be done to secure these precious items of importance. Currently, keeping everything, even things you plan to shred is easy with the help of a scanner and thumb drive. Never throw anything away that you can easily make a copy of. Is it tedious, of course; is it worth the effort, of course? Do it anyway, you, your current membership, and your future membership will thank you for the endeavor. This is your history; these are your Records!
We should know where everything is and we should not be storing things we are unaware of, moving boxes about that have not been opened in years. Think about that and while you are sorting, put on an old LP and have some fun…you never know what you may find. In fact, this may be a fun monthly column for your newsletter: 25 years ago (insert your club or district name) we were doing this!
Happy Record Keeping.
Luv, Pam

CFWC Health and Wellness Program,
Myrna Binford, Chairman

There couldn’t be a better Hot Topic for the last year than Health and Wellness!

I hope you have been reading the program information that has been in Quick Bytes. Many clubs have had to scale back activities as it has been difficult to be out in our communities. However, adjustments were made and we have come back stronger. It is now getting to be the time to open up and get out there again. The CFWC Board has made it easy to stay involved with their Zoom meetings. And, many other organizations have made it possible, likewise, to use Zoom to help our members keep in the know. We all look forward to the time when we will be able to hug and be in person. Many things in the Health and Wellness field have taken place this year, not just the masks, social distancing, and hand washing. You need to get vaccinated. The vaccine has been made it available in record setting time. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for others. READ MORE
From CFWC Parliamentarian - Valerie Barnes

Reminder for the District Presidents
:You have elected your nominees for the elections at the AREA meetings to be held during the Convention. As you present your nominees, please be ready with a list of qualifications for your nominees to the CFWC Nominating committee and the CFWC Election Committee.
Military & Veterans  - Yolanda Petroski                                                             
There’s a new stop on the itinerary when Honor Flights resume their schedules to DC this year – the recently-opened World War I Memorial. Built in tribute to the 4.7 million veterans who fought, especially the 116,516 Americans who gave their lives, President Obama signed legislation in 2014 authorizing its creation by the World War I Centennial Commission. A virtual tour of the site is available at The Memorial, which opened to the public on April 17, seeks help to complete the project. Donations may be sent to: The Doughboy Foundation, Donation Department, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20004. Keep this in mind for your next trip!

From GFWC News & Notes

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Just a thought ......
It is not the strongest or the most intelligent
who will survive, but those who can best manage change.