October 11, 2021
Happiness is never and can never be over-rated! I have had the happiest week and feel energized in both my physical and mental wellness. In other words, I have had a week of self-care that has brought me such happiness and I hope I have the ability to put into words my feelings and share them with each of you.
I am proud to be active, that was my dose of self-care: I was with others. This past week has brought smile after smile to my face, and I was able to enjoy those many smiles of others too. As I have stated before, I feel as if I am meant to be out, it is my time of emergence.
Wednesday, October 6th was the first time in 19 months I walked up the steps to the Torrance Woman’s Club Clubhouse…what a great feeling to enter those doors again. Even parking my car was fun, seeing Carol and Gina on the street was a fabulous feeling! The elation and energy of the group inside was something quite tangible and everyone there, either on Zoom-live or there in-person could feel the love. For that is what it was: pure love.
I walked the room and gave out my Administration pins to everyone there. I did not care that this Administration began 16 months ago, I wanted each of my fellow Torrance Club members to have one of my butterfly pins, so I made sure they did. The happiness and laughter, the togetherness in the room was palpable…each lady, all ages, we had fun emerging together for what is meant to be!
Area C met on this past Saturday, and it was just as fabulous. But with more people! Marcia Willett did a fabulous job planning and over 100 members gathered for the camaraderie and Federation frolic Marcia had planned. The meeting was wonderful! Hearing others speak at the tables and having lunch with friends, speakers, welcomes and hugs…more hugs in the span of one week is nothing short of a miracle. I have flooded Face Book with my photos and although they do not convey the feelings we had, they do convey that we cannot be kept down any longer: We Are Back!
I say again that happiness is never and can never be over-rated. Happiness cannot be bought; it cannot be manipulated. Happiness is pure, it is divine, it fills your soul with a feeling of peace and what more self-care could a person wish to find?
I am elated at the memories of my week. I look forward to the next 3 weekends where I shall meet even more members and share my elation with them as well. Never underestimate the power of love and friendship.
See you all soon at the Area Meetings; I want to see your smiling faces and eyes light up behind those masks. We are indomitable in our love for one another. Bee Happy, and Bee There!
Luv, Pam

We are inviting our members to share stories about their personal experiences with breast cancer. Please send them to cfwccommunications@gmail.com. They will be included with others we have received and will be published in the near future. We ask that you note if you would prefer your name withheld.

Thank you for your participation in this project.
We thank CFWC Domestic Violence Awareness Chair, Diane Waterhouse,
for preparing these two brochures for our use
to increase our awareness of domestic violence.
GFWC ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN WEEK coming up October 24 to October 30

What project is your club planning for GFWC ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN WEEK coming up October 24 to October 30? Although our clubs do many things for children all year, one special week in October is designated by GFWC to reach out to the children of our communities, our nation and the world. The Giraffe award will be presented at the 2022 GFWC convention during the Junior Business Session to the one club that enters a service project that does the most for children during Advocates for Children Week. This is a Challenge Project. So, “Stick Your Neck Out” and do a special project for the children the last week of October and try for the Giraffe Award. The application for the Giraffe Award is in the 2020-2022 GFWC Club Manual or contact me for a copy.
Carol Burkhart. Chair
Advocates for Children
It's information that bears repeating just one more time
We have discovered an error in the Federation at Glance booklet dealing with the Finance department. We want to let all clubs and districts know that page 69 and 70 have several errors concerning filing your taxes that will be corrected when the new edition is released in the spring. Currently follow instructions from “Tax Filing and Raffle Info” in QuickBytes for filing all taxes and raffle permits. Notice that CFWC does not do group filing for clubs and districts. October 15 is the deadline for most clubs and districts to file their taxes so please follow the guidelines printed in QuickBytes as these are current. Feel free to call Reggie, Marsha or Jill for any assistance if you have questions.

Editor's note: The last edition of Federation at a Glance was prepared in 2010, there may be other information that has changed and is being addressed by the current administration.
One done and three to go!!!
Patsy Wilson, Vice President

Area D Conference is Coming!

Area D Update
Help Keep California Green

         As we approach the Area D Conference, this Vice President realized the information regarding our Philanthropic Project “Help Keep California Green” was inadvertently omitted when the CALL was sent out. Here’s how you can help.
         The effort of CFWC members to purchase a redwood grove in Humboldt set the standard for our commitment to preserving our national forests here in California. Every year we learn of the ravages of forest fires and this year is no exception. So, at our Area D Conference you will get information on how to make a TREE-WILL DONATION to help Keep California Green. Yes, that’s right – you and your club can help.
         Also, you will receive some exciting information & fact sheet about a new CFWC Environment Project – Homegrown National Park. Chair Jane Thomey shares this is: “a novel new approach to restoring biodiversity on our ailing planet” and “a nationwide program that depends on small steps by many people.” Sounds like it might be a perfect fit for our clubs.
         So let’s Help Keep California Green!
Wendy Curran, Area D VP

         There will be some fun activities! Yes - Vendors and a “Mask-R-ade” (see CALL). Mark your calendars. Looking forward to seeing you on October 23rd. Please contact me with any questions. In Federation, Wendy Curran Area D Vice President

Area A Spooktacular
     October 30, 2021
Coffee at 9am, call to order at 9:30am
    Northgate Village, Banquet Hall,
El Patio Restaurant in Tracy, California

Mission Accomplished

All reports from those in attendance agreed
that the conference was fantastic!

If anyone would like to view the many pictures
- they are on FaceBook at
GFWC California Federation of Women's Clubs.
Special thanks to President Pam
AND our photographer, Sonja Hults!!
Military & Veterans – Yolanda Petroski, Chair                                                                      
 This is good to know, even if you're not shipping to Operation Gratitude. Shipping boxes, labels, postage etc. can be ordered from USPS.com, as well as scheduling a pick-up from your carrier. Print the 14 page Ship From Home Guide on their website and you'll never have to go to the post office again for mailing packages
Communications Committee Defining the Roles Part 5
Your Zoom Chairman
A committee is all about working together towards one goal. The Communications Committee is no different. The Communications Committee is there to assist in all areas of communication for your club/district. On your committee could be the following leaders the; President, 1st VP, Treasurer, Website Editor, Newsletter Editor, Social                                             Media Editors, Zoom Chairman, Powerpoint Chairman Public Relations/Media and your Photographers.  
What would we have done during Covid without Zoom? Remember your first days of frustration? Of course, you do. Here is what is important with your Zoom Chairman. It needs to be someone that can solve problems, go, and find the answers and be willing to call the Zoom company when you cannot figure it out, and then share that information with everyone.
1)   Keep in front of the updates, they happen often and if you do not, you will not be allowed in the rooms as of November 1, 2021.
2)  If you are having a hybrid meeting, ask for help if you need it to set up the first time. Fiverr.com has several consultants to choose from.
3)  During the hybrid meeting have a meeting host. This person is the one that lets people in and keeps the conversation going during the meeting helping to keep the meeting fun and upbeat for the whole time.
4)  Attend the free webinars on dropbox.com and send out tidbits in your monthly newsletters.
5)  Create a Social Monthly on Zoom, have each Club in your District host one month, they can do themes or games, but it gives everyone a chance to get to know one another in a light way.
6)  During the meetings, the presiding officer/chair should not be the host. Their job is to run the meeting and should concentrate on that. The host should be the one behind the scenes and sometimes a second person (co-host) is needed to help. As the Zoom host, choose someone to help who also knows Zoom and clarify their role. If you need a host and my team can help, we would be happy too.  We are here to make you shine.
Can I help you plan the year? We are looking for one Club and one District to volunteer to have a planning session with us. I would like to hear what you need so my Communications Team can put together the resources you need to make your team successful, and your communications thrive. To get hold of me email cfwccommuncations@gmail.com. I am very excited to get to know you and to learn what CFWC can do.
 Sonja Hults,
CFWC Communications Team Chair
Are you ready to write your 2021 Reports ?

Our CFWC President Pam Ament,
1st Vice President Barbara Briley-Beard
and the Communications Team
have recently prepared a video to help you.

This link will be moved to "QuickDocs"
beginning next week for your reference.

As promised at the Fall Board Meeting, I am attaching the Information and Instruction sheet for the GotSneaker Campaign. I am also attaching social media assets for you to use to help share your efforts on Social Media.  
For those of you not at the Fall Board, the GFWC/CFWC Communications Team requested approval for a Communications Team Fundraising campaign to help keep publication costs down. The fundraiser/project was approved and we will be working on it October - December. The best part of the campaign is that THERE IS NOTHING TO SELL AND NOTHING TO BUY, we are only asking for you to help your clubs and their membership collect slightly used, old, or new sneakers and turn them in to you at your October, November, and December District Board Meetings. At the Area Meetings, we will be passing out your District envelope which contains the same info that is provided here AND your collection bags. All you have to do is place the shoes in the bags and drop off the bags for mailing. They have already been labeled and postage paid. There is really NO COST except for the time it takes to go drop off the bag(s). Included in the kit is a template letter you can use (or modify) that can be emailed to your Club Presidents. See documents attached.
The other important note to make is that this fundraiser is also a great project to report in Club and District Reports when you get ready to complete your 2021 Report Writing. By keeping the shoes collected out of the Landfills, we are helping our Environment.  
As always, we thank you for your help and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to email cfwccommunications@gmail.com.  
Lu Arredondo
GFWC/CFWC CA Clubwoman Editor
PS. Please try and fill the bags completely before shipping. If you need more bags, let me know and I can mail them to you. Each of your kits will contain 2 bags - enough for 40-60 pairs of sneakers depending on size.  (more info at Compensation and Footwear Guidelines - GotSneakers)

Just a thought ......

"Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more
real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life."
Carrie Chapman Catt