July 25, 2022

Dear Members and Friends:
We are getting excited to see those of you who are able to attend the July Boards in San Ramon this weekend. Lots of energy in presentations and learning from District Presidents and Chairmen their ideas on how to have a good administration two years. We are open to your ideas and want you to have fun and follow policies and procedures.

Protocol is also important; it is our etiquette and how we honor our officers and guests according to rank. We have orderly procedures when we follow the rules of etiquette.The office is honored, not the person.

Over the next few weeks, we will use Quick Bytes to speak of different protocols for Rank, Processionals, Head Tables and Meals. Head tables for a business meeting and receiving lines, (if you still do them), as well as courtesies to Visiting Officers, Our organization, (Members as a Group).
The President, Introduction of Speakers, When You are the Guest, Flowers, and Luncheon or Dinner meetings.

We will give ideas for Newspaper Interviews and/or Pictures, and Correspondence.

We will cover club members in Federation Leadership Positions, and that is each and every one of us. Club members is our topic for this week.

Assist club members with expenses, if your club treasury allows, and it is in your bylaws and/or standing rules. Offer to do typing, photocopying, faxing, scanning, if you are able and have the time.

Mary Sprague has offered to be the President's Secretary, and she does so much for me in typing the Call, agendas, scripted agenda for the July Boards. She lightens my load every day so I can answer your many emails and website inquires. Listening is my number one job, to your thoughts and ideas, and to research the results of your dreams for CFWC.

Be proud of your Club Members, and tell them so, every chance you get. Give them recognition at meetings, always allow club members a time to speak, but put a time allotment on that open time, maybe one minute per member. (Make it the President's brag time, toward the President of the Club's project, or for Dollars for Delegates). 

Take advantage of the club member's knowledge as they assist you.
Every member brings Honor to our clubs, districts and the CFWC State.

We are Blessed, Bright and Bold.
Love and Aloha,
Communications Meeting - Friday, July 29 at 10:00am

This meeting will be more like a workshop and is open to everyone. We will be doing some workshop planning including time frames of the Zoom workshops, and how the presenters can plan for them. We will also go over the Dropbox information for District Deans and State Chairmen. So you will have a head start on understanding the process for the 2022 Reports.

We look forward to seeing you!
NOTE: There will NOT be a QuickBytes issue on Monday, August 1, 2022.
The deadline for articles is Thursday and we will all be at the Summer CFWC Board meeting at that time. Regular weekly issues will resume on August 8.
Start Planning for the Area Meetings in October:

Area A - October 1
Area B - October 7
Area C - October 15
Area D - October 22

Just a thought ......

:"Be bold. Do what the ordinary fear."