September 20, 2021
I have been asked to share my speech prepared for WSR and thought this would be a lovely vehicle for it’s publication. I want to thank Sandi Conrady, Vice President of WSR for reading my speech in my absence. Enjoy.
Click Here to read Pam’s full speech for the 2021 WSR Conference.
Luv, Pam

In case you missed this in last week’s Quick Bytes, here is the information you crave:
So, what’s new? Well, we have announced the addition of Dropbox to the Report Writing process! Dropbox is an additional way to submit your Reports as we go paperless by 2028. Clubs and Districts may still submit their Reports via USPS to the correct recipient parties, they may email their Reports to the correct recipient parties, and: Districts may now submit reports via Dropbox should they chose to do so. Dropbox offers another choice of submittal with the launce announced last week.
We will not forget our promise of 2018 to allow for both USPS and email submission, however, should you want verification or to see what has been submitted then Dropbox is your best bet.
Beginning in November, the CFWC Dropbox password will be changed, and items submitted locked from removal. District Presidents, District Deans, District Membership Chairs, and CFWC Reporting Chairs and/or Officers will be allowed to view, verify, download, & judge submissions. Remember: this is just ONE CHOICE, Reports may still be mailed and emailed.
Our wonderful CFWC Communications Team will help those that wish to have help with Dropbox, so contact them now while time is not harried and hurried to make an appointment.
There will be a YouTube Video released soon on the new Dropbox addition and I hope that it will answer some of your other questions.
I am so proud that this State is doing it’s best to move towards a paperless process for our Report Writing. Since the inception of the process in 2018, we have reached well over a 90% submission rate of paperless Reporting. This is fabulous and we will continue this 10-year inception to allow everyone the time to adjust accordingly. Afterall, Penny Pines really needs all the help we can muster, so a paperless California is a big part of that project we hold so dear to our hearts. And, don’t forget to add this line to your Environment Reports for 2020: we went paperless, or we went paperless again!
Luv, Pam

Mark your calendars and follow registration instructions when they appear.
very big pumpkin on flower from north of thailand

Marcia Willett, Area Vice President
Ladies, attached please find the Information and Registration form for the Area C Conference, Harvest of Information, to be held on October 9, 2021. Any member of other Areas that cannot make their own Area Conference are welcome to register and attend the Area C Conference. Reservations Deadline: September 27, 2021.

Area A Spooktacular
Calling all Area A ghosts and goblins! You are
invited to attend the Area A Conference to be
held on October 30, 2021
When?        October 30, 2021
What time? Coffee at 9am, call to order at 9:30am
Where?       Northgate Village, Banquet Hall, El Patio
Restaurant in Tracy, California
Cost is $35.00 including morning coffee, lunch and soft drinks
RSVP to Cindy Sanders
 State Presidents  Costume contest   Raffle baskets  Silent Auction
Cindy Sanders, Area Vice President
October 30, 2021

If you are sending a buzz to Cindy Sanders,
the Area A Vice President, please use the
email listed below
No, it has not changed but please check
your contact list to make sure that it is correct.
Thank you so much
Your Communications Committee
The Photographer
Last week I started this series of articles from the perspective of who to include in your district/club to create a fun and working communications committee. It can be so inspiring to sit in a group of creative club members and plan out how you are going to tell your Club/District’s story to the community. With everyone’s help, imagine what you could do.
This week let’s begin reviewing each position, looking at what each person is going to do and how important each person is to your committee. Beginning with your photographer (my personal favorite (😊)).
Your photographer - This is a person that knows how to take a photo and is brave enough to ask someone to step in and smile or has an “eye” for photography. When you see their social media, they have photos that draw you in, and they are often the one that is asked by their friends/family/club to take photos. Their photos are balanced and in focus, they have an engaging personality and are easy to direct.
From there, you can sit as a committee and make a communications committee calendar, planning what you want to present in your newsletter/website/social media for the next 30/60/90 days. This would be planned around your giving, actions in the community. your meetings and fundraisers. This photographer can take approx. 50 photos each month and turn them into the committee within 48 hours. (These can be the centerpieces, club members in action, or the behind the scenes of planning your next fundraiser).
This allows the publications/website/social media/newsletter chairman many possibilities for their publications. Just a note, spend the time (we use Dropbox) to put Name, Club, Date, Event, and Photo Description on each photo as a note so that through the history of the club/district you have all this information to refer to at any time. This will save you a tremendous amount of time as a team when it comes down to the writing of the articles.
If you need any help with any of the above, you are welcome to call me, I have been serving as the CFWC photographer for several years and it has taught me a tremendous amount about how to ebb and how to flow. I realize these ideas are new and different. But I don’t want you to be intimidated at all! Call me with questions. I have a request. To help us learn how and what districts/clubs would like to know. I would love one Club and one District to call and request my help, walking through the planning of their club year publications. It would be invaluable for the CFWC Communications Team to work together with you to create a resources file and training for what you would like to learn. What do you think? Let’s do this!
My name is Sonja Hults, my email is I cannot wait to sit and learn with you.
GFWC California Clubwoman Magazine
Lu Arredondo, Editor

The GFWC California Clubwoman is a magazine designed to inspire, educate, inform, and entertain individuals in the works of humanitarian service. It is a lifestyle magazine that features information about technology, health, leisure, club life, culture, & community development. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme. In addition to our feature articles, we also like to highlight Club Life for our external audience. We have 5 reporters from across the 4 Areas in Federation - A, B, C, and D that look for potential feature stories.  
The GFWC California Clubwoman magazine is a great place to advertise your business, a club project, stories of interest and impact. It is a publication where you can be seen and heard. We want your stories and your advertising. For more information about Article and Advertising Submission Guidelines please see attached links. Please note that one of the benefits of being a Clubwoman or Man is that you receive Advertising discounts. Contact us at for more information.
Legislation - Deborah Bushnell, Chair A REMINDER

The General Federation of Women’s Club’s Legislation & Public Policy Committee has issued a challenge to all Members, Clubs and Regions. The Committee has been given the numbers of members and clubs who have joined the Legislation Action Center (LAC). Totally, nationwide, there are 7,458 member registrations. We want to increase that number to 10,000 by May 2022. 
California has 911 members in the LAC. That is only 8% of our membership. 
Every State and Region has been issued a challenge to increase our membership in the Legislation Action Center. Unfortunately, due to privacy conditions, GFWC cannot give names of Members and Clubs who have signed up. So I cannot tell who is or who is not signed up.
Important Information: You do not have to go through the Member Portal to register. The direct email to the GFWC Legislative Action Center is

Let’s work on getting more members and clubs to participate in the LAC. There will be rewards, but we don’t know what they are yet. But we could get bragging rights.
Let’s have California outshine the Western States Region (WSR) and the General Federation of Women’s Club’s (GFWC). Let us raise our LAC State membership to at least 50%. Come on, I know we can do it!
Please click the link in "QuickDocs" for excellent information from Linda Queen, CFWC Web Manager, for creating and maintining your Club website.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention
 Diane Waterhouse
Success for Survivors Scholarship
On October 1, 2021 the GFWC Success for Survivors Scholarship Application process opens. The application form will be available from GFWC beginning on or shortly after October 1, 2021 with the deadline in early February 2022.
Each year, GFWC awards scholarships to help intimate partner abuse survivors obtain a post-secondary education that offers a chance to reshape their future by securing employment and gaining personal independence.
This scholarship was created in 2012 to lend a helping hand to those impacted by intimate partner violence who are pursuing higher education. The scholarship aims to provide survivors with a means to achieve both financial and personal independence. Since its inception, GFWC has awarded more than $80,000 in scholarship funds.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and at the beginning of the current GFWC administration, three new categories were added. Along with Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Military Sexual Abuse, Violence Against Native American Women was added. On October 1st, the Tillie Black Bear Women Are Sacred Day Webinar by the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, will be shown online.
This would be a great way to educate ourselves about this addition to our projects in Domestic Violence Awareness. I have registered for it and I encourage others to do the same.

Just a thought ......

"There are no gains, without pains"
Benjamin Franklin