September 5, 2022


Dear Members and Friends:

Thank you all who have registered for the Fall Boards. Looking forward to seeing you soon - September 15, 16, and 17 at the Hilton Costa Mesa. There is a free shuttle from airport to hotel also.


If you are not able to attend the Fall Boards and are scheduled to be there, please let Gina Radocchio know, as well as myself, as she is the CFWC Corresponding Secretary. Also let us know who is coming in your place as a substitute.


This is our membership Board meeting and you will enjoy the program the 2nd VP Wendy Curran and the four Area VP's in charge of membership have planned for you. There will be great speakers and lots of learning at this important meeting and we are expecting a full house at the hotel.


There is a convention survey that will soon be distributed, please take it and send back to Rosette Clippinger, Area B VP. The entire Executive Committee will try our best to accommodate your requests. 


Regarding the District calendar for "Dollars for Delegates" funds to help send members to Board meetings and conventions, we still need collage pages from Alameda, De Anza, Redwood, Shasta. Southern and Sutter. We are almost ready to go to print on our 18 month calendar. I must have photos by September Boards, Thank you.


See you soon. Love and Aloha,



During these times of financial uncertainty, it is time for our clubs to think how this affects children who are on the border line of poverty. Last month I talked about kids on the streets and this month I would like us to focus on the kids living with parents, who do not have enough food or clothes. These children are living in unhealthy conditions. The parents are stressed with these conditions, and it carries over to their children.

As Clubwomen we can help organizations close to home. Many children receive much of their nourishment at school. Think about projects to help take the burden off of some of these children. This would provide better success in schools and in their home life. Not knowing if there will be food in the home is a very vulnerable situation for a child. 

Clubs are starting a new year and we can all help food banks. No child should go hungry, they are our greatest resource for the future. The projects our clubs participate in can help to guarantee the future for these children. Please don’t forget Covenant House California for older children. 

Feeding America is another organization that clubs can support. Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Thanks to donations and support from our clubs, they can serve every community in the United States, including 12 million children.


There are seven propositions on the November ballot. It is important for each of us to understand these propositions before voting. Each week I have told a little about a proposition, but I strongly encourage each of you to do your own research. Encourage your members to be informed voters. 

I apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the article I put in last week’s Quick Bytes about Proposition 27 which will appear on the November ballot. No, Proposition 27 is not supported by CFWC. None of the seven propositions on the November ballot are supported by CFWC. My purpose in writing the short articles regarding the seven propositions is informational and to encourage each member to do their own research. When I stated “How does this relate to CFWC,” my thoughts were going toward the many projects our clubs do for homelessness, but I did not state that. Again, I apologize for any misunderstanding.


Proposition 28 appearing on the November ballot would increase funding for Art and Music PK-12. Funding for the Arts has declined in recent years in many school districts due to budget cuts and an emphasis on reading and math. Proposition 28 would establish minimum funding for arts and music education in all PK-12 public schools by annually allocating from state general funds an amount equaling 1% of required state and local funding for public schools. Some of this funding would be used to employ teachers and pay for training in art and music. The measure would mean increased spending in the range of $800 million to $1 billion annually for arts education in schools beginning in 2023-2024.


Our CFWC LEADS Seminar will be held at the CFWC February Board Meeting. We are urging each District to send a candidate to this Seminar. From this group, one candidate will be selected to represent CFWC at the GFWC LEADS meeting held at the GFWC 2023 Annual Convention.

Applications are available on-line at  Click on the FORMS tab and scroll down to find the CFWC Application and the GFWC Application. Deadline for submitting these applications to attend the CFWC LEADS is January 15, 2023.

We look forward to having a candidate from each of our Districts.

Questions? Email


The ENVIRONMENT is nature's gift that helps in nourishing life on earth. Don't put it at risk. Take part in the following:

Waste Disposal Sites/Recycling

There are 1,263 recycling centers statewide that buy back empty California Refund Value (CRV) beverage containers. When someone in California purchases a regular-sized soda, a 5-cent charge is applied that can be recouped if the container is brought back for recycling; 10-cent for other containers.  Unfortunately, recycle refund sites have closed for various reasons and are now hard to find. Clubs may coordinate a project to identify the recycle refund center closest to their community; publish these locations in their club newsletter, website and other social media.

To read the entire article


Win $100 for a Community Impact Program project and compete for a GFWC $2500 prize

The Community Impact Program (CIP) is GFWC’s longest standing project. It rewards clubs for taking the initiative in providing services that make a large visual, physical or emotional impact at the grassroots level.   Not only do communities benefit, but clubs do also by growing membership, building relationships and creating awareness of the clubs and the Federation.

The steps to develop the program are outlined in the GFWC Manual under Community Impact Program. They include researching an impactful project that addresses a community need. Collaboration at the community level is required as well as coverage by media outlets. Detailed steps will be included in future QuickBytes articles. 

Unlike other GFWC programs, the selection of winners takes place every other year. The current contest period lasts from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.  All CFWC entries will be judged, and the winner will be announced at our state convention in 2024. GFWC will award $100 to each state contest winner – a total of 51 Federation-wide. Additionally, each state winner competes for a national award. A prize of $2500 will be awarded in each of five Categories to be announced at the GFWC convention in Chicago in June 2024. CFWC, the largest state federation, is in Category 1. The prize money is intended to support the winning CIP project.

It's time now to start thinking about a project where your club will make a difference and the prize money that will help advance it.  



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