May 9, 2022
I am so glad to be here with you now at the (near) end of a wonderful Administration. It has been quite a wild ride; one I feel I lived up to by being a creative leader who faced the fears of many with kindness.
I must admit that during the past two years: time has flown by quickly. I have learned so much about our members in California’s Federation and their commitment and desire to persevere under the most remarkable circumstances. I have learned so much about myself and my own expectations of leadership and I have to say I have taken my creativity to a level beyond even more than I ever imagined possible.
This was my time, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to lead each of us through this time of great unknowing. If you were touched by something I said or did, even just a little, I did my job.
My time is not done, although it sounds like I am writing you that this is so, I have until the end of May before I hand over the gavel to Barbara…and at the GFWC level, I will be your State President until the end of the International Convention in New Orleans. After that I will face something new and be refreshed!
I hope to see many of you as I continue my path, whether via Zoom or in-person, we’ve a bond that no one can break. Did you know that in this past 2 years, we had over 250 Zoom events? You are phenomenal in your support of how we got things done. Congratulations.
Know each of you hold a special place in my heart, I can only hope that I hold a space in yours as well.
Luv, Pam

Vicki Holden, our wonderful Quick Bytes Editor will be sending daily Convention updates via emails through Quick Bytes. So, keep reading them and stay on top of the information and highlights she shares with each of us daily.
There will be no Quick Bytes edition next Monday, May 16, 2022 because we will all be travelling home again on the day before. Look for Quick Bytes on May 23, 2022, (which will be this Admin’s second to the last).
A black and white copy of the Convention Program will be in each of the Convention Bags for Registrants in Anaheim. If you would prefer a Convention Program in Color, it may be found on the Website: for download.
All Convention Delegates should print a copy of the Proposed Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Resolutions to bring with them to the Convention. There will be no copies available at the Convention.
Thursday Opening Session: Business Casual  
Thursday Banquet: Cocktail
Friday Luncheon: Federation Attire     
Friday Banquet: Cocktail
Saturday Luncheon: Business Casual  
Saturday Banquet: Luau theme: Hawaiian shirts & flower print dresses
We’ve been asked what some of the above means. So here it is in a nutshell, Western, Butterflies, and Bees are all appropriate. If your District or Club has a special shirt or costume accessory to wear on Friday for Federation attire, such as GF or CF shirts, hats, etc.: this is the time.
The Hotel has not given us any Covid Guidelines, so we ask that you still practice safe and clean processes with antibiotic gels and wipes, there will be some stations provided with these items for your use. Bring a Mask if you wish, (we should always carry a few of them anyway). We shall continue to practice what we have learned over the past few years in order to stay safe.
If you need another copy of the CALL, the Proposed Bylaw Amendments and/or the Proposed Resolutions please visit the CFWC Home Page - they are listed hear the top of the page on the right side.
A note to Officers and Chairmen :

CFWC Chairmen and Officers please notice Standing Rule # 19 states, "Chairmen and Officers not presenting bills before the close of the club year, May 31, shall forfeit payment of same.”

I am asking that any bill be sent sooner so that I can have them paid by May 31. The Finance Team would like to have the books closed at the end of our Fiscal year without any outstanding bills. 
A second request would be to PLEASE cash the checks upon receipt. 
Thanks for your help.
Reggie Mattox
CFWC Director of Finance
Civic Engagement & Outreach – Yolanda Petroski, Chair
Information in my March 28th article regarding DMV renewal was a little confusing. What was meant was that  the “driver’s license knowledge test” could be taken online now when renewing. This is not an option for those applying for their first license. 

Environment - Jane Thomey, Chair

Is our food safe to eat? The Environmental Defense Fund recently published a warning about the danger of toxic chemicals in our food that come from industrial processes, packaging and certain additives. Here are suggestions to reduce our exposure to them.
Heavy metals like mercury, arsenic and lead are in the soil, water and air. Accumulations in the body can affect learning, behavior and attention. Rice is one plant that can absorb more of these elements than others. Vary your diet by eating a variety of grains and vegetables.  Avoid brown rice since much of the arsenic is in the bran. 
Root vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, but they are also among the most contaminated by heavy metals, even if home grown or organic.  Wash carefully and peel deeply to cut away chemicals concentrated in the skin. 
Synthetic dyes may make foods look appealing, but the ones widely used in foods are often synthesized from naphthalene, a chemical derived from petroleum and a substance linked to increases in hyperactivity in children. When purchasing packaged foods or candy, choose only the ones using natural colorings from fruit and vegetable extracts.
Phthalates that make plastics more durable and flexible can damage the liver, lungs and reproductive systems. When storing leftovers use glass or stainless steel containers.  Never microwave food in plastic containers since heat can cause chemicals in the plastic to leach into food.
Fast foods may contain phthalates and replacement chemicals. Researchers from George Washington University purchased 64 fast foods from major restaurant chains and found that many of them contained the damaging substances.  Best to make your fast foods at home! That can be said about much of our food. The best defense is awareness and demanding safe practices to prevent health risks.
We wish safe travels to everyone attending our CFWC State Convention

To those who are unable to join us this year, we will miss your smiling faces.
We hope that you will check your emails
each day for the daily convention updates.y

Just a thought ......