July 12, 2021
Wow, what a great week! I’ve been so busy, how about you? Planning is in full swing for the upcoming Back to the Basics Workshops, the GFWC Convention, our own CFWC Executive Board Meeting in September, the Western States Region Meeting, and our October Area Meetings for members of the California Federation. When we come back to life, we do it BIG for sure!
I have been sorting through my closet for dry cleaning and ironing…I definitely don’t want to leave it to the last minutes. I have also sorted through make-up, especially anything that was opened and left unused for over a year…and have trashed those items. Packing ideas are already going into the Journal because for 3 of those meetings mentioned above, I will have about 2 days between travel…not even enough time for laundry. So planning ahead is essential.
What are you up to as far as planning is concerned? Many of our clubs and districts are opening up to summertime activities and in-person-meetings. Some of us are ready to get out again, some of us are not. I want to let you know that I firmly believe we take it at our own comfort level…if you are ready: great, if you are not ready: great. Do what is right for you!
It is so important that we live in the moment and make our choices based upon what is right for ourselves and our families. I refuse to let stress become a component of emerging into what will be for the Ament Family…just not going to happen.
So as you plan and get ready for whatever you are facing ahead remember that it is up to you. You choose your pace and comfort level, for no one else can choose for you.
But please, if you do choose to join us in Atlanta: I need a head count, so shoot me off a quick email and let me know you are coming and don’t pack away the Butterfly paraphernalia just yet: pack it to wear as a California Member!
I send each of you love as we get further into the heat of summer. Take care of yourselves and do let me know if any members or clubhouses suffer damage through the rages of Mother Nature.
Luv, Pam

Deadline for reservations: August 16, 2021–
(The conference rates are available 3 days pre and post,
based on availability).
Attached please find the FINAL CALL for the upcoming Western States Region conference in Colorado Springs, CO. Scheduled for September 9 – 11, 2021,

Send reservation inquiries to: reservationscfwc@gmail.com
We carefully put this series together with just the right balance of training session and workshops, hopefully you will be attending all of them as they are FREE!

Also, just a quick reminder that we shall be continuing our Open Houses for all members on the 16th of every month this summer between 5 – 7 pm. See you there!
If every one of our CFWC clubs added only ONE new subscriber to QuickBytes, our total number of subscribers would exceed 2,000! And, if each club added a minimum of two new subscribers - well, you can do the math.
Looking forward to watching the numbers rise.
Thank you,
the Editor
Have you met our CFWC Communications Team?
Sonja Hults, Chairman and FaceBook Manager
Lu Arredondo, California Clubwoman Editor
Debbie Pietraszko, our ZOOM Manager
Linda Queen, Website Manager
Vicki Holden, QuickBytes Editor
AND our additional members: Pam Ament, Barbara Briley Beard and Reggie Mattox

You're invited to join us for our Workshop on Sunday, July 18th. We'll be talking about almost everything related to communications on the club and district level. In addition, we are hoping to have a bit of time for questions and, in order to use our time more efficiently, we're asking you so submit any questions ahead of time to cacommunications@gmail.com

Thank you and we'll see you on the 18th at 1:00PM
CORRECTION: Lynne's email is LYNNE5150@AOL.COM
From the recent GFWC News & Notes

Women’s History and Resource Center Staffing Update
As GFWC continues to evaluate its internal operations, the Women’s History and Resource Center will remain closed through 2021. The WHRC Committee, led by Chairman Hope Royer, will continue to serve as the lead contact on WHRC publications and for the Heritage Pin fundraiser to restore or replace the International Past President Portraits. Informational requests from clubwomen will be addressed as time allows, and the WHRC will remain closed to the public.
The pandemic has created an opportunity to review how Headquarters is best able to connect with and serve the membership. The transition of the staff position overseeing the WHRC has drawn renewed interest in the purpose and goals of this vital resource and how to best maximize its impact for both the membership and historians. We appreciate your patience as the Executive Committee sets the pathway to reopening the WHRC.

Just a thought ......

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live a life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau