May 30, 2022
It is hard to believe, but my time to step aside has come. These two years have flown quickly by in this Administration, and I have had a wonderful time as your President of GFWC California. My heart is full of memories and love for the many Zoom sessions and in-person Meetings we were able to share with one another.
Your faith in my leadership has served to only strengthen the bond we share as volunteers in Federation, and I feel such pride at what we have done in a time when we were told to stay home and do nothing.
This has been an amazing opportunity and experience; one I shall cherish for my lifetime. As the story of life moves along, we must learn to let things go and look forward to the next part of the tapestry we weave for ourselves. So, I bid you each good morrow in the next Administration for your Clubs, Districts, Areas, and State Federation groups. We have no where to go but further…for we are the writers of our own volunteer destiny’s and why should we place a cap on our own wonderous capabilities?
You can do anything for the Good of All that you manifest to do, remember that always. Strive to be more and do more for your communities and neighbors. Be the change you want to see in others and never back down from a challenge. Those challenges once conquered will only make you stronger.
Remember that the individual member is the most important part of our Federation, make sure that our members know that always for that is our strength.
If I have touched your heart a little during this Administration, then I have done my work. Whether for the better, or for the worse, I got you thinking and, thinking is where all our ideas a club members bloom from.
Thank you for your many kindnesses shown to me and know that I shall be here as your co-Facebook Administrator in the 2022 – 2024 Administration under Barbara. I shall be present at meetings when I can be and I shall be the best volunteer, for I have learned from all of you, that I can! This is not a good-bye, but rather a hello: I am Pam Ament, a GFWC California past-President. See you all soon at a meeting or event nearby!
Luv, Pam 
GFWC International Convention in New Orleans:
If you are planning to attend the GFWC International Convention in New Orleans, please let me know at I would love to know how many of us will be attending. This will be my last duty as your GFWC California President, and I am looking forward to the events planned and the Camaraderie!
Both Dori Kelsey and I will be parts of Workshops offered this summer and I do hope you will attend and have fun seeing what we have both planned for our next journey in the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Dori will be part of the Fundraising Workshop and I shall be part of the CSP Workshop. I look forward to seeing your smiles and hearing the laughter in New Orleans!

From GFWC News & Notes -
Have you registered for the 2022 GFWC Annual Convention yet? Time is running out with registration closing next Tuesday, May 31. The good times will roll in The Big Easy throughout Convention, June 25-28, and we hope you’re able to join us to Catch the Volunteer Spirit!
The 2022 Convention has four world-class speakers! After listening to Carol Reese, Seconde Nimenya, and Katie Ray-Jones, you are sure to walk away with an appreciation for horticulture, best practices to build an inclusive culture, and ways you can help stop domestic and sexual violence. And New York Times bestselling author Karen White will speak at the ESO Breakfast, selling and signing books that morning.


With many thanks to the Convention Photography group that worked to share some fabulous memories with us via Dropbox. Below you will find the Thumbnails taking you directly to the 3 files of photos. The Thumbnails are also found on the homepage of our website:
Photos located in the files can be downloaded and printed by you for your pleasure. Make sure you download your favorite pictures by August 1, 2022, when the Thumbnails are deactivated and come off the website.

Photography Thumbnails:
To view a copy of the Awards Booklet from our recent convention click here.
 CFWC Health and Wellness Program, Myrna Binford, Chairman
June is PTSD Awareness Month and June 5th is National Cancer Survivors Day
Both of these illnesses need to be addressed as continuing issues. PTSD has become one issue that many local and federal organizations support and there are speakers that can come to the clubs to let them know what services are available to support in their locales. Club members can form a team to do a 5K run or 1K walk in their community. And, if there is one available, create on.
It doesn’t seem possible that two years have gone by. Most of this time we have spent on Zoom, but did you notice at the CFWC Convention how much we have accomplished during that time with all of our activities? Wow Ladies! Keep up the good work. I will miss talking to you about your projects and look forward to hearing about them at the meetings.
In closing, I shared this short writing with my District at their Convention. It sums up values useful to club women. It is called Advice from a GLACIER:
1.     Carve your own Path
2.     Go Slow
3.     Channel your Strengths
4.     Smooth the way for Others
5.     Keep moving Forward
6.     Avoid Meltdowns
7.     Be Cool
I wish you all the health and wellness possible.

Just a thought ......

"From the end spring new beginnings.” –
 Pliny the Elder

If I may, a moment of personal privilege from the Editor of QuickBytes, please:

As we close this administration, we are also closing a chapter in the life of QuickBytes. It’s not the end of the story, it’s just turning the page to a new chapter. Effective June 1, 2022, we will have a new Editor, Debbie Pietraszko, from Sierra-Cahuenga District.  Those of you in her club and district, those attending ZOOM meetings and viewing the big screen at conventions, know of Debbie’s work. You know what a capable person she is, how creative and how dedicated to Federation. We look forward to having her share her talents and taking QuickBytes into the future.

From a personal perspective, I would like to say THANK YOU to so many of you who have made my term as Editor a truly memorable experience.
  • To Past CFWC President, Kathi McGraw, who put a plan in motion to create a newsletter to share CFWC and GFWC information with all members of CFWC and asking me to help. 
  • To Past CFWC Presidents Valerie Barnes, Chris Herzog, Toby Kahan, Dori Kelsey ad Pam Ament for allowing me to continue as Editor through their administrations
  • To all the officers and chairmen during those administrations for submitting articles and giving creative advice.
  • To the CFWC Communications Committee for their support and understanding.
  • To each of our subscribers for their continued support. It's been a pleasure to share Monday mornings with you.

If I may borrow a phrase from President Pam’s message today: “As the story of life moves along, we must learn to let things go and look forward to the next part of the tapestry we weave for ourselves.” Well, last summer when I made the decision to “retire”, I didn’t know what the future held but I was firm in my belief that QB needed to be recharged, re-energized.  

It’s funny how life works. First, Debbie expressed an interest in becoming Editor (GREAT NEWS for me!). Secondly; our new CFWC President, BBB, asked if I wasn’t doing QB, would I like to do something in her administration. I replied “sure, something small, in the background, anyway I can be of service”. It appears that her definition of "something small and in the background", isn’t quite the same as mine. Despite the discrepancy in definition, I was pleased, and very honored, to be asked to serve as CFWC Leadership Chair during the 2022-2024 administration. I shall endeavor to live up to her expectations.

And so it goes, on to the next chapter in my Federation life!

Best wishes to Debbie, may she enjoy her term as Editor as much as I did.  I know that each of you will do all you can to make her journey a most pleasant one!

Thanks again to all for enhancing this chapter of my Federation life. It will certainly be one for me to remember with great joy!
Vicki Holden
Past CFWC President 2008-2010
Past QuickBytes Editor 2011-2022