August 15, 2022

Dear Members and Friends:
I just finished the two minutes of opening remarks for the GFWC Board meeting in Washington DC this week. I wish you were all going with me. I am getting excited to attend our GFWC Board meeting. I will listen and learn and report back to you GFWC information.
GFWC theme for Deb Strahanoski, International President is: Dream Big, Sparkle More and Shine Bright. You all Sparkle and Shine in my book.
WSR will be hosted by CA State in 2025, and I sent the tentative dates to Pam Briggs who will be WSR President in 2025. As soon as GFWC approves a date, I will let you know right away. We will have fun while working hard together then too. My five-minute speech, which is all about you, is ready for WSR in Alaska in two weeks.

At WSR we are introduced by sharing an interesting tidbit of history for our State Federation, something interesting, unusual or just something we are proud of. Please send me your choices of interest, California does so much, I know we are all proud. I need six tidbits for our two-year administration 2022-2024. Please send to my email:
See you at our first workshop/talk Tuesday, August 16 via zoom. Club Presidents are our first topic in the series of workshops.

Love and Aloha,

You asked for a copy of the Inspiration that was given at the Summer Board meeting. Here it is Blessed, Bright, Bold with a Aloha Spirit

Hello CFWC Members! The Membership Team – 4 Area Vice Presidents and I are taking orders for the newest CFWC T-shirt. They can be ordered in many sizes – all in the same color – turquoise blue with white lettering – for $20.00 each. Membership Matters is printed above the flower lei, with our CFWC and GFWC logos, as pictured.
Please use the order blank attached for your Area – A, B, C, or D and mail your order/with payment to the Area Vice President. For orders received by September 1st, shirts will be available to distribute at the September CFWC Executive Board meeting in Costa Mesa.
For orders after September 1st, and/or taken at the September meeting, shirts will be produced and delivered at the Area Conferences in October.
Thank you for your generous support! Together we can show our pride and action in all that we do for our Clubs and our California Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Zoom Schedule

Don't forget the Zoom Workshops and Zoom Social this week.
Tuesday, August 16 at 9 am - President 101 Workshop
Thursday, August 18 at 5:30pm - Zoom Social
Friday, August 19 at 9 am - Advocates for Children Workshop
Tuesday. August 23 at 9am - 1st VP/Dean Workshop

I’m not saying I’m lazy, but I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.

One of the best resources from GFWC is the LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can obtain vast amounts of information regarding the legislative actions GFWC/CFWC support. We have a strong voice for change. If you are not using one of the easiest tools that GFWC has provided, you are missing some important information. So, if you have not signed up for LAC, do so today. By adding your address and phone number, your Legislator’s contact will appear along with sample letters to send in support of legislature that aligns with GFWC resolutions. 

It is August and most of our California clubs are getting back to work. In November we will have a general election. On the ballot will be seven propositions. During the next few weeks, I will include information about each of these propositions in Quick Bytes. This information will not suggest how you vote; that is your decision, but hopefully this will better inform you and your club members about the propositions.  Many members will want to do more research into each proposition.

PROPOSITION 1: California legislators have been trying to protect the right to reproductive freedom and privacy, including the choice to have an abortion or use contraceptives. This ballot measure puts that question to the voters. No official support or opposition committees have been announced. 

IMPACT: This measure will add language protecting abortion rights to California’s constitution, as the Supreme Court’s decision allowed states to set their own restrictions. Nearly two dozen states have laws that ban or restrict abortions, with more expected after Roe’s official overturning, and California has been preparing for the influx of out-of-state patients seeking abortions.
ESO - Reggie Mattox, Chair                            
ESO Suggested Books as the school year begins--

As summer comes to an end and you begin to look for something new to read that will advance your ESO level, here are two great books for Fall reading that can be reported in the Education Category. “The Priority List: A Teacher’s Final Quest to Discover Life’s Greatest Lesson” by David Menasche will be especially interesting reading for teachers. Life is precious and everyone needs to appreciate it and enjoy every moment is the message of this biograph. This book can be reported also in Health, or Biography and Memoirs.

The second book this chairman would like to recommend is “The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal” by Jonathan Mooney. This story is another biography about a young man with a learning disability who travels across the United States visiting 13 other people who have struggled with disabilities. This is a wonderful story and can also be reported in the Travel Category. Continue searching for exciting books to complete your Reading Categories. Have fun!

Attention: All Raffle Permit Holders

Your raffle permit will expire on August 31st, please go online and renew today.
The Nonprofit Raffle report (CT-NRP-2) is to be filed no later than Oct. 1st.
The form and other raffle related information is available on the Attorney General's website:  
Start Planning for the Area Meetings in October:

Area A - October 1

Area B - October 8

Area C - October 15

Area D - October 22
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She who laughs at herself never runs out of things to laugh at.

-Fortune Cookie