June 21, 2021
What tips have you given to those members that are following your path in a position? Have you tapped a new member to take on a position left unfilled during the past year? These are great questions to answer privately to yourself and work on during these summer months.
Several of us are tasked with mentoring our successor in our positions on Committees and Boards, this is not mentioned as a line-item in either the Bylaws or the Standing Rules. However, it still it is up to us in current positions to give mentoring tips to those following us in our footsteps. I ask you, who better to learn from than the person with the current job?
Every member will bring their own special touch to a position, which is the fabulous way Federation works. While we may think our successor knows what is expected, and they may…it is up to those of us in the current position to share what we have been doing. In other words, it is time to include your successor in your actions that you are doing at club, district, and State. Begin by being the example of how you do it and your successor will appreciate how they will choose to do it when it is their turn. It is up to some of us to lead, but never up to anyone to keep secret what we do. Members share and members mentor, so begin the process of sharing and mentoring this summer.
We had a year of doing a whole lot in a lockdown situation, but I do realize that many of our members have done many jobs other than their own out of necessity. Taking on many positions is never a great idea, even one chosen because of covid. Start to look around and tap members that have come forward of late to help in ways you needed. Look for those members that have been on the Zoom screen and ask if they might like to take on a job in a committee, or a chair. Tapping new people to help us is a fabulous way to take some of the stress off doing it all yourself. If there is one thing I know: It Takes a Team to get it all done.
This week, I ask you all to spend some time musing over possible Tips and Taps, how they can and will work for you and how the can and will work for your group. We are stronger by sharing our knowledge and passion for volunteerism!
Luv, Pam
Attached in this weeks Quick Bytes is some of the information for the Upcoming Western States Region conference in Colorado Springs, CO. Scheduled for September 9 – 11, 2021, we have received information on the Hotel and the Tours that will be offered. As soon as we receive information on Registration, we will provide that as well here in Quick Bytes. In the meantime, get your Hotel and Tour reservations in, get ready to fly and see you there!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and doing the 2020 reports. It is a big task and you all helped do it to the best of our abilities.
Many Certificates of Achievement were issued and we all know each person who did a report is a winner. You should all be very proud of your project accomplishments, being a volunteer, and working together during the pandemic year.
Many of you even made money selling masks and giving them away to those in need.
The Patricia Nash vintage purse is perfect for me, many compartments, and Thank you from my heart to all the CFWC Chairs for being so thoughtful!
Many of you used the 30 pages I sent out for the report writing workshops for the Area meetings in 2020 via zoom, it is the first time we have ever tried to get information to you all in this manner.
With the help of District Dean Lynn Confetti-Ledbetter and Abbey Howell, CFWC Chair, we were even able to screen share the pages so that you could see each page I was talking about. Technology is great!  Thank you, members!
The District Presidents received the certificates, and forwarded to the District Deans, who in turn forwarded to the Club Deans and as a team we got it done!
Please be proud of your many accomplishments in reporting. We are not perfect, but we do try, and next year will be even better in reporting.
The booklet of awardees can be printed from the CFWC website, and for those we missed reporting, please accept our apologies and feel free to print a certificate of accomplishment for that project that might not have made it to the booklet this year.
You are all wonderful, kind and talented.
I sent to GFWC your statistical reports and the Affiliate reports, they were all wonderful and show your commitment to your communities.
Thank you for all you do.
Love in Federation,

Send reservation inquiries to: reservationscfwc@gmail.com
I hope that many of you will join us for the sessions, working hard to provide you with training is a pleasure for those of us planning these and we want to make sure as many of you as possible can join in the fun! These are open for all our Federation members.
June 2021
Tuesday, June 15 from 10 am - noon: SECRETARIES; RECORDING & CORRESPONDING
Friday, June 18 from 10 am – noon: NEW CLUB PRESIDENTS & PRESIDENTS-ELECT
Monday, June 25 from 10 am – noon: PRESIDENT’S OPEN FORUM
July 2021
Thursday, July 1 from 1 – 3 pm: CLUB & DISTRICT FINANCE
Tuesday, July 13 from 1 – 3 pm: AMENITIES, PROTOCOL & PRESIDENT’S AIDE
Sunday, July 18 from 1 – 3 pm: COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR MEMBERS
Monday, July 19 from 1 – 3 pm: COMBINING IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL MEETINGS
Tuesday, July 27 from 1 – 3 pm: KEEPING PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES
August 2021
Friday, August 6 from 10 am – noon: THE ROLES OF A CLUB & DISTRICT DEAN
Wednesday, August 11 from 10am – noon: THE CHAIRMEN
Saturday, August 14 from 1 pm – 3 pm: NAVIGATING WITHIN GFWC
Tuesday, August 17 from 1 pm – 3 pm: THE MEMBERSHIP OFFICERS
Monday, August 23 from 6 – 8 pm: WALKING AWAY & LOOKING AHEAD
We carefully put this series together with just the right balance of training session and workshops, hopefully you will be attending all of them as they are FREE!
Also, just a quick reminder that we shall be continuing our Open Houses for all members on the 16th of every month this summer between 5 – 7 pm. See you there!
AND A Leadership Minute
As I write this it is 104 outside. Summer is here; we are in the middle of June. Let’s start thinking of our new club year. I have a couple of new booklets coming for you that I hope will help you as leaders. One is Gratitude for Leaders & the other is The Leadership hints from US First Ladies will be out soon. . I hope you will find them interesting & fun. I laughed when I read the quote from Florence Harding. I think you will get a chuckle out of it too. There’s some good stuff in both of the booklets. They all can lead you to doing more research on your own if you find them interesting or fun.
I have two more in the works about being a President & Dean or First Vice President with the help of both President Pam & President-Elect Barbara. It takes a little time to wade through all the things that go in each booklet. What you need to know in my mind and boil it down to what is important, and you really need to know. Give me a little more time to do them for you. If you have some suggestions on further booklets, please let me know. Louie say Happy 4th of July & remember the Pets. He is scared of fireworks. Louie is now 3 years old and a big boy. I just say have a happy summer & I’ll have more ideas coming your way soon. Love to all.
What exactly is Civic Engagement? Yolanda Petroski, Chairman
Civic Engagement can be defined as participating in activities that improve one’s local community or even addressing wider social concerns. It means working to make a difference in the life of our community by promoting the quality of life in the community. It can take many forms – from individual involvement to political participation. Women’s Clubs have long been a driving force in promoting the issues of citizenship, safety and local concerns among others. In a nutshell, civic engagement means being invested in what happens in your community. Typical examples of civic engagement would be participating in the electoral process, volunteering, and advocacy or activism – all germane to the goals of our organization.
Example of award winning projects from 2020 include: 
1. SLEEPING MATS FOR THE HOMELESS GFWC Ebell Club of Irvine created sleeping mats for the homeless by crocheting strips of plastic bags into a 3’x6’ mat.
2. PENNIES FOR A PIG – GFWC Federated East Valley Woman’s Club passed around a “Piggy Bank” at meetings to collect spare change which they used to buy a pig from  Heifer International. 
3. JOEY POUCHES FOR AUSTRALIA – GFWC Mira Mesa Women’s Club responded to a call to sew Joey pouches for Koalas, Bats and Sugar Gliders (a palm-size possum) who had been injured in the Australian fires.
4. STAR REMEMBRANCE PROGRAM  - Wasco Woman’s Club partnered with the local VFW in choosing this as a “Done in a Day” Project.
5. POPPIES FOR THE VFW – The Woman’s Club of Lakeside provided poppies to the Lakeside VFW for Veteran’s Day. In total, 8,938 poppies were created. 
If you would like to learn about more award winning projects, please reach out to me. Yolanda Petroski
Now that we have mostly weathered the Pandemic storm, lets see what a difference we made! Many clubs made masks and distributed them for free to many institutions.  We want to know how many masks you made (hopefully you kept track}. To whom they were given too, and how many hours were spent as well as how much it cost you ($).
I hope to write an article for the Clubwoman so if you have any interesting stories, include those also. I hope to have all the information compiles by August 1 so I would appreciate the information as soon as possible. You can email me at mbenzel@att.net
Mary Lou Benzel
CFWC Art Show Chairman                             

Just a thought ......
Today, if you're not confused, you are not thinking clearly.
Irene Peter