March 7, 2022

 Who do you surround yourself with? As simple as this question may sound, it is never an easy answer. Personally, I believe that the answer changes with circumstance and context in our life.
We all have our group of support friends that we trust in our lives, they know much of what we do and how we feel when something happens in our world and surround us with sustenance. These are the people that know what we need sometimes before we do, we trust them. Such an importance should be placed upon this group, because they give us strength and prop us up when we are down. They can laugh with us and hold us when we need love. We choose this group of supporting persons and can count on them always.
Support and surrounding yourself by the people that care regarding your goals as a volunteer are also important. Many times, the group described above is not the same group we are with at club or district. When we choose to give of ourselves in Federation as members, we need a group of surrounding encouragement that we can count on. Know that you cannot do it all, who you surround yourself with will allow you to be at more ease with what you are doing. We can choose our people, however, if you are on a committee or an officer, who participates in your surrounding group may be chosen for you. You must trust in that group you did not choose to have your back and give sustenance to your goals and boost what is needed to be done.
Part of leadership is about allowing people to shine around you while you do not micromanage or diminish their job in any way. This means simply, allowing the group that surrounds you to do what is expected without comment. Now, that is quite difficult, but it must be said. Again: you cannot do it all.
I cannot think of a better example than the one of personal instance as your CFWC President in this Administration. I have missed the past 2 CFWC Executive Board Meetings due to family health issues. Both meetings ran beautifully in my absence, and I feel like the luckiest leader in the world. To have the people that support me in my position able to take on and complete tasks in my absences a phenomenal thing to boast. Now, do not get me wrong, I wanted to be there more than anything, but family and health come first. Isn’t it wonderful that my support team, both chosen and elected are so able? Thank you for that, thank you for electing officers at the CFWC and District levels that I can call on to support me in need.
I am so proud of my chosen surrounding group as well; these Chairs have done a fabulous job! There is a lesson here, choose your supporting team with care. Know that these persons reflect the group and amplify the work you do.
I want to thank each of you in the California Federation Membership, each of you are part of my group and support me in ways you cannot even imagine. It is with your support that I find my strength.
Luv, Pam

Due to weather problems, Marian St Clair was not available to join us in-person at the February State Board Meetings. Marina was able to send us 2 presentations which we have provided below as written by her to the membership of GFWC California. Enjoy.
LEADS from Dori Kelsey, CFWC Leadership Chair

We had a fabulous LEADS in which 6 women attended 16 workshops of all types . They heard from our California Leaders talking about resolutions, parliamentary procedures, planning, how to do a selfie video, club finances, & membership ideas. So as you can see it covered a lot of interesting & different topics. We chose Ginger Osman from Orange District to attend the GFWC Convention in New Orleans in June as our LEADS participant. Good Luck & have fun to Ginger from all of us.
Sunshine and Shadows
Peggy Baumann, CFWC Inspirational Chair and Meeting Timer, has lost her mother to a long battle with cancer. Condolences can be sent to Peggy at: 33056 Sotelo Drive, Temecula, CA 92592 or

We are sad to announce the passing of Charlotte Zika. Charlotte was a 50-year member of the Dublin/San Ramon Women’s Club, past President of that Club, and served various positions as a CFWC Chair during many Administrations. Charlotte will be missed by many of us. Cards may be sent to:
George Zika
8046 Peppertree Road
Dublin, CA. 94568
CFWC Convention
Dates: May 11 – 14, 2022
Where: DELTA HOTELS by Marriott
            12021 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840
Theme: Back in the Saddle Again
The CALL to the 119th Annual Convention will be sent electronically to all club presidents and CFWC[PB1] Board members around March 6. Club presidents, please make sure your delegates receive a copy of the CALL.  If they need assistance downloading or printing, please help them.

Deadline for Registration, Credentials and Hotel is April 9. 
That means received, not postmarked.
Please read the CALL carefully and follow all directions. This is an election year and voting will be on Friday, May 13. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Priscilla Bolinder & Edie Seger
Convention Co-Chairman
Military & Veterans     Yolanda Petroski, Chair                    
 This is a repeat of prior QuickBytes which was of interest at the state board meeting that I didn’t get a chance to share in its entirety. Check out to order business-size thank you cards for: the military, first responders (All Those Who Wear a Badge) and military families. Thank you to Linda Daniels-Lima for introducing me to the project. And then, go to to learn how they used cancelled postage stamps as hobby therapy for wounded veterans. They are located in Virginia. Thanks to Sonya Matthies for sharing this project and to Toni Lima who printed brochures for me to distribute after the meeting.
Did you know that—
Checks need to be cashed upon receipt. Please do not hold your checks from CFWC for more than 60 days.
The Finance Team would prefer that all checks be cashed within the first week after receipt. It is easy now with banking on line. 
Reggie Mattox
CFWC Director of Finance
Website Contest.
CONTEST DEADLINE - Entry emails must be received by MARCH 15, 2022
Carol Burkhart, chair

St. Jude’s, March of Dimes, Operation Smile and Shot @ Life do many things for the health and wellness of children throughout world. Take advantage of the Webinars presented by the GFWC Affiliates this month and learn more about these great organizations. 
Hats off to San Diego Women’s Club for reporting on watching the GFWC Affiliate Webinars last year. 

April is National Child Abuse Awareness month. What project does your club have planned to raise awareness in your community about child abuse? Last year Elsinore Woman’s club, La Mesa Woman’s Club and Woman’s Club of Rialto and other clubs reported on their “pinwheel gardens.” Clubwomen put pinwheels around clubhouses and in their own gardens. The Rialto clubwomen put banners and pinwheels in their city park and at their clubhouse. Several members of Shafter Woman’s Club went on social media April 1 wearing blue for Prevent Child Abuse America’s virtual campaign. Change starts with awareness. Plan now to do a project to help raise CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS in your community.  
Environment - Jane Thomey, Chair

Today is Arbor Day. California commemorates it on March 7 , rather than in April, to recognize the birthday of our famed horticulturist, Luther Burbank. 
The Arbor Day Foundation’s mission is to “inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees,” a mission more and more important as we experience the effects of climate change.  It has planted more than 350 million trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities and forests throughout the world and aims to plant many more. 
When considering trees, we usually focus our attention on wilderness forests, however, we should consider the benefits of trees in urban forests. Properly placed they can help keep help reduce your energy costs and make our neighborhoods more attractive and safer. They provide animals with critical habitat. In one year, a mature tree can absorb the amount of CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles. Shaded paved surfaces may be 20-45 degrees F cooler than the peak temperatures of unshaded materials, cooling a city by up to 10 degrees F.  Temperatures are further reduced by the release of water vapor into the air through the leaves. These are just some of the many benefits of planting trees in your communities.
A membership to the Arbor Day Foundation provides a choice of options. You may choose the 10-tree membership for a Forest or for a Rain Forest. A third option allows you to plant trees where you wish with 10 free seedlings, the choice of which is tailored to your zip code. 
Whatever your choice, remember that even a small carbon absorbing plant in a window box or patio container will help the environment. 
Women's History Month
From the recent issue of GFWC News & Notes

GFWC’s Thoughts are with the Women’s Club of Ukraine 
Conditions in Ukraine continue to worsen now that Russia has launched a full-scale invasion inside the country. For continuous coverage on this war crisis, visit
The Women’s Club of Ukraine has been busy teaching first aid and doing what it can to give people hope during these precarious times. GFWC applauds the club for continuing to help its community and is keeping all members in its thoughts. 
You can extend thoughts of kindness, unity, and support to the club through its Facebook page.
GFWC Affiliate Organization UNICEF USA is at the forefront of the humanitarian response for Ukraine and is providing essential services to vulnerable children and families affected by the conflict. Donate today to support their efforts and help ensure children have access to clean water, nutrition, health care, education, and safe conditions.

Just a thought ......

 People don't resist change. They resist being changed. 
-Peter Senge